Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 480 - It’s a Small World

"Once I learned Cult Master's Primordial Spirit Guide, I was greatly influenced. Primordial Spirit Guide is a marvelous technique that cannot be measured. It opens up numerous possibilities for the future!"

Xu Shenghua, Qin Mu, the devil ape, and the rest sat in a temple on the golden peak and talked about Primordial Spirit Guide which Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu had founded. Even this visitor from High Heavens couldn't help smiling in exultation at it. He was in high spirits and clapped his hands in admiration.

"Primordial Spirit Guide pushed what can be done in Seven Stars Realm forward to Six Directions Realm. In regards to how to cultivate and unleash the power of the primordial spirit in Six Direction Realm, it's still a blank piece of paper. There are many things that could be done inside, for example, creating all kinds of primordial spirit divine arts. Every kind of divine art created is a huge advancement in the paths, skills, and divine arts. This would then affect all of the realms beyond, like Celestial Being, Life and Death, and Divine Bridge! This is what I admire the most in Cult Master!"

After saying that, even he couldn't help looking over with respect. "Cult Master and Princess Xiu's Primordial Spirit Guide could make them teachers of the whole world! He definitely lives up to his reputation as Human Emperor! I revere you, yet at the same time, am frightened. You and I are Overlord Bodies, but you already achieved something like that, so what must I do to not fall behind you?"

Xu Shenghua smiled and said leisurely. "Your Primordial Spirit Guide has created countless possibilities for the paths, skills, and divine arts so I chose the biggest challenge, and it was to merge Seven Stars Realms and Six Directions Realm."

"Merging two realms together involves too many things; it's equivalent to destroying a realm. How did you do it?" Qin Mu asked solemnly.

"There are a total of seven treasures: Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, Six Directions, Seven Stars, Celestial Being, Life and Death, and Divine Bridge. Among them, Spirit Embryo awakens the spirituality, allowing spirit embryo to take shape as the core for opening up the heaven and earth."

"When the spirit embryo is set on the spirit platform as the core, five elements are born. Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, these five stars orbit around the spirit platform.

"Then, when it gives rise to land, there will be north, south, east, west, up, and down—these six directions.

"Once they come into existence, sun and moon is born, which increases the number of stars to seven.

"With seven stars and the spirit embryo complete, they become a celestial being.

"The primordial spirit of a celestial being is strong enough to connect life and death. Death is Youdu under the primordial spirit's feet, hidden under the land of the spirit platform. When Youdu is formed, that's life and death.

"Life is then the divine bridge which stretches above the primordial spirit and leads to the celestial palaces. After entering them, a person will leave the control of Youdu and no longer have a limited lifespan."

While Xu Shenghua explained the marvel of the seven great realms, Qin Mu nodded repeatedly. His understanding of the realms that Xu Shenghua had explained was pretty similar. However, there was a slight difference on Seven Stars Realm.

The sun and moon in Qin Mu's divine treasure were long formed, before Seven Stars Realm. This point had seemed different from ordinary cultivation, but Qin Mu treated it as a unique point of the Overlord Body and didn't put it to heart.

"In that case, how did you merge Six Directions and Seven Stars into one?" he asked sincerely.

Xu Shenghua smiled and said, "Reverse deduction."

Qin Mu's body trembled and he let out a shaky breath. "Smart!"

"I imagined myself standing at the Southern Heavenly Gates of the celestial palaces, overlooking the seven great realms. From that height, the seven great realms were ultimately just one," Xu Shenghua said leisurely.

"Seven Great Divine Treasures is actually only one divine treasure separated into seven. If a person was strong enough, they could turn seven divine treasures into one, opening all just by opening one and enter the celestial palaces directly! However, no one can possess that terrifying power when they are born. But the Primordial Spirit Guide that Cult Master and Princess Xiu founded makes it possible for Seven Stars and Six Directions to become one divine treasure."

"It's easy to say but hard to execute. Between different divine treasures lies a realm and a barrier separating them. Merging the divine treasures means to merge the realms and break the barrier. How did you manage to break the barrier between the two divine treasures and make them into one?" Qin Mu said.

"To merge the two great divine treasures into one and break the barrier in advance, one has to mainly rely on their primordial spirit to forcefully merge the two great divine treasures into one. For this, I founded Seven Stars Six Directions Primordial Spirit Technique on the foundation of Cult Master's Primordial Spirit Guide."

He executed his primordial spirit technique, and a violent aura instantly rushed into the sky. His vital qi formed visions.

A lotus was born under Xu Shenghua's feet, and his spirit embryo appeared inside it. The lotus was the spirit platform. It swirled and bloomed, transforming into a lotus land in an instant.

At the same time, his five elements flew out, and the five stars orbited around the lotus land. Five gods stood on the five stars, and they all had different kinds of faces.

The qi of yin and yang then transformed into sun and moon to soar into the sky. When they joined the five elements, there were seven stars.

The spirit embryo became larger and larger while standing upright on the lotus land. Multicolored sunlight shone from the lotus and connected Five Elements with Seven Stars!

Qin Mu instantly felt his primordial spirit standing upright between the heaven and earth. With it as the hub, vital qi moved along bizarre trajectories, and the barrier between the divine treasures could no longer be seen!

What Xu Shenghua had opened was the connection between heaven and earth!

Seven Stars and Six Directions were two separate great divine treasures, but Seven Stars Six Directions Primordial Spirit Technique connected the heaven and earth and obliterated the barrier between the heaven and earth completely!

Qin Mu rose, and his vital qi raged as he shouted, "Brother Xu, let me see to which step your cultivation has risen after merging the two great realms!"

He executed Thunderclap Eight Strikes's Spring Thunder on the Lonely East Sea and punched. Furious sea waves surged while spring thunder exploded and rang throughout the mountain range.

Xu Shenghua raised his hand to receive his move, and both of their bodies shook. Qin Mu took a step back with a look of astonishment.

The density of Xu Shenghua's vital qi had been a line lower than his, but after merging the two great realms, he was actually a line higher than him!

The merger of the two great realms was indeed extraordinary!

Xu Shenghua dispersed the vision and explained the technique he had founded.

Qin Mu's expression changed. Xu Shenghua's Seven Stars Six Directions Primordial Spirit Technique mainly relied on the spirit embryo. Its fusion with the soul would transform it into the primordial spirit.

The primordial spirit would then become the center of the four great divine treasures and connect the hub of Seven Stars and Six Directions, mobilizing all of the energy in the four great divine treasures. It would refine the barrier between the heaven and earth, merging the two realms into one.

'In that case, all of the barriers between the divine treasures can be broken. When it comes to Divine Bridge Divine Treasure, the seven great divine treasures would become one…'

Qin Mu was in a daze.

His Primordial Spirit Guide was a start, and Xu Shenghua's Seven Stars Six Directions Primordial Spirit Technique was taking two to three steps from that point. What lay before them were countless possibilities, for Seven Stars and Six Directions were no the only ones who could merge. Even the barrier between Spirit Embryo and Five Elements could be removed!

Celestial Being, Life and Death, Divine Bridge—the barriers of these realms could also all be removed!

If one cultivated to Divine Bridge Realm and fused Celestial Being Realm to create access to Life and Death, the Seven Great Divine Treasures would all become one. There would no longer be any difference in realm!

If that was the case, it would definitely lead to a huge reform!

The abilities of all the divine arts practitioners in the world would rise by a lot!

And the change brought by the rise of the divine arts practitioners' abilities would also be extraordinary.

"Wanting to break all of the barriers, that would probably take dozens or even a couple hundred years of hard work; however, now we're seeing the dawn. Brother Xu, you have done a remarkable deed…" Qin Mu muttered.

"If it wasn't for Cult Master's Primordial Spirit Guide, I wouldn't have been able to take this step. Cult Master, it was you and Princess Xiu who did a remarkable deed," Xu Shenghua said humbly

Qin Mu laughed loudly. Xu Shenghua had no idea that the reason he was able to comprehend Primordial Spirit Guide was mainly because of the encounter on the pleasure boat. When the two of them had met for the first time, they had clashed to test the other. Only with his mind agitated from the encounter was Qin Mu able to cultivate the primordial spirit with Ling Yuxiu.

Based on that, Xu Shenghua had some indirect credit in Primordial Spirit Guide founding.

Suddenly, rumblings of thunder came from their side as the devil ape's body expanded. He couldn't help revealing his true form, changing into a pitch black violent ape that was as big as a small mountain!

After Xu Shenghua explained Seven Stars Six Directions Primordial Spirit Technique, the devil ape had executed his primordial spirit and operated it according to the technique.

Everyone jumped in shock and moved back, watching as the primordial spirit of the devil ape rumbled. Xu Shenghua's technique was actually operated smoothly by him, and he was planning to merge Six Directions and Seven Stars!

Xu Shenghua's heart trembled, and he took a look at Qin Mu. "Cult Master, isn't the aptitude of Senior Brother Zhan Kong a little too good?"

Qin Mu suppressed the astonishment in his heart and raised his head to look at the abnormally huge body of the devil ape. "His thoughts are without any impurities. In the past, he had also learned Thunderclap Eight Strikes of Great Thunderclap Monastery much faster than me. Because his thoughts are focused, his advancement in cultivation is extremely fast and fierce."

"Could he be Overlord Body as well?" Xu Shenghua asked suspiciously.

The physique of the devil ape was naturally strong, and his cultivation was dense. When executing the primordial spirit, he was brave and fierce as well as incomparably overbearing.

He had received Old Rulai's teachings who taught him Rulai's Mahayana Scriptures. He then followed Little Rulai to cultivate. He had received the teachings from the two supreme masters of Buddhism so the foundation of his cultivation was very deep.

However, even though his thoughts were pure, he was much inferior in breaking new ground compared to Qin Mu and Xu Shenghua. Qin Mu's thoughts were complicated, but he could usually comprehend new things by analogy and found new cultivation methods.

Xu Shenghua's thoughts were much more conforming, but what he learned was more heterogeneous. His unyielding spirit was also forced out by Qin Mu, so he was able to found his primordial spirit technique on Qin Mu's foundation.

As for the devil ape, he didn't have this kind of comprehension, but he learned other people's techniques extremely fast.

The three of them cultivated in three different kinds of way.

The devil ape only learned and didn't seek to understand. As long as he could cultivate, he would immediately cultivate. Xu Shenghua was fusion, seeking to understand and gain more understanding. Qin Mu, on the other hand, was a pathmaker: When there was no path ahead, he would open up one.

Qin Mu also has his weak points. After opening a path, he would usually go and do other things instead of continuing on that path. Because of that, the one who founded Seven Stars Six Directions Primordial Spirit Technique was Xu Shenghua and not him.

The techniques and divine arts that Qin Mu and Xu Shenghua founded, the devil ape was, however, the fastest to learn. Before Qin Mu could even start to cultivate the primordial spirit technique, Zhan Kong was already starting to break the barrier of the realms.

Qin Mu immediately abandoned other thoughts and focused on cultivating the primordial spirit technique, striving to break the barrier between Six Directions and Seven Stars Realm.

Two days later, he finally broke through, and only then did he open his eyes. He saw Xu Shenghua and the devil ape fighting among the mountains with abnormal fierceness. Beside them, there were demon monks of all sizes standing in a circle and cheering.

Qin Mu was about to rush over when he heard a familiar voice coming from the bottom of the mountain. "Little Thunderclap Monastery, what big guts you've got! How dare you steal the primordial spirit of my master? Listen up, bald donkeys on the mountain, hand the primordial spirit of my master over or I will wipe out your whole sect!"

Qin Mu looked down and saw Pangong Tso walking up the mountain with his legs bent backward. His half-crooked and half-squatting movement was extremely eye-catching when he walked.

'This brat, didn't I chop off just one of his legs? Why is his other leg changed as well?'

Qin Mu was overjoyed to see him and sent his sword flying without any warning. It whizzed past dozens of miles toward its target.

Pangong Tso had just attached his buck's legs, so he couldn't react in time. When he saw the sword light and wanted to avoid, it was already too late. After sprinting two steps, he saw that the sword light had already come to his front from the back.

He hurriedly looked back and saw his two buck's legs sprinting frantically behind him.

"You motherf*cker!"

Pangong Tso's body fell to the ground and became a huge chunk shorter. He raised his head to shout angrily, "Qin brat, you and I cannot exist together!"

"It's a small world!" Qin Mu called his sword back where he stood on the golden peak with his arms on his waist. He laughed loudly and said, "Grandmaster is really courteous, even bringing two buck legs to treat me. How can little brother bear to reject you? I can only accept it!"

At that moment, a youth carrying a chest walked over from the mountain gate and raised his head to look at Qin Mu at the golden peak. There was a smile on his pure face.

"Great Divine Physician Qin, it really is a small world. We meet again."

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