Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 299 - Weird Thing

"From what the two white bats said, there seems to be quite a number of great shamans coming from Rolan's Golden Palace. I will have to guard against them."

Qin Mu's expression was grave as he opened up a small opening in the taotie sack on his back so he could draw his sword out if anything bad happened.

"Cult Master, those two fellows just now were very strong." The dragon qilin walked forward and avoided the huge rocks floating in the sky while saying, "Those two fellows are not weaker than me and they are extremely ancient."

Qin Mu looked around and said in a low voice, "They should be offsprings of some god, descendants of gods or devils. You're bragging by saying they are not weaker than you. Ten of you couldn't beat either of the two bats. Their aura is too strong."

The dragon qilin was rather unconvinced and said resentfully, "That's because I'm still young. Once I reach adulthood, ten of them won't be able to beat one of me. I'm very useful!"

Qin Mu ignored the dragon qilin that had become as fat as a ball and yet still wanted to brag. He pondered and said, "Strange, why are there still such creatures like white bats in Great Ruins? Could they have been left behind by the bat gods from before the catastrophe? Had the descendants of gods and devils survived the disaster?"

There were temples in Great Ruins worshiping divine statues of bat gods as they were gods of prosperity, blessing the people.

He had once seen a stone statue of a bat god in Border Dragon City. That statue had had a bat head and a human body, with flesh wings and a membrane growing under the arms. The appearance of that bat god was slightly similar to these two white bats, but these two looked more primitive. If not for the head and wings of the bat, the bat god looked like a human.

If those two white bats were the descendants of the bat god before the catastrophe, could there be other descendants of gods and devils in other places of Great Ruins?

However, Qin Mu had never seen any of them in Great Ruins. He thought of something then and asked, "Fatty Dragon, where were you living at before you met Patriarch?"

"Great Ruins." The dragon qilin recalled the past and was filled with reminisce as he said, "Not long after I was born, my mother disappeared. I was giddy-headed from all the starving and was almost dead when I met Patriarch. I saw that he was quite handsome and was swindled by a spirit pill. It was a single slip up that caused everlasting sorrow."

Qin Mu was between laughter and tears. "Clearly Patriarch saw you there so pitiful from hunger that he gave you a spirit pill which made you cling you him, shamelessly sticking around and making him unable to shake you off! But come to think of it, Fatty Dragon, you're also considered an offspring of a god, right? Could the offspring of gods before the catastrophe have become the strange beasts of Great Ruins today?"

He had a weird expression. Great Ruins had to have been an incomparably prosperous era in which gods and humans lived together. Because of that, their descendants also lived here. Then, the great disaster struck, and the gods went extinct while their descendants slowly transformed into the current strange beasts.

This guess was truly shocking, but it wasn't impossible.

In the ravine in front, the two sides of the cliffs were covered in dense vegetation. Forests growing on the cliffs gave people an extremely preposterous feeling while the rocks floating in the air clearly showed the distortion of the magnetic force here.

Suddenly, Qin Mu felt movement from his taotie sack, and his heart stirred slightly. He opened his taotie sack and saw Carefree Sword gently trembling, giving off a crisp and clear sword cry.

Qin Mu's vital qi went in and brought out the sword.

He had planned to use Carefree Sword as the mother sword, refining it into sword pellet, so he had not made a sheath for it. However, it wasn't convenient to hold Carefree Sword in his hand all the time, so he stretched out his hand and Carefree Sword flew up to chop off a branch of an ancient tree.

"What a durable wood!"

Qin Mu cut off a branch and tried to use his vital qi thread to slice the wood, but he couldn't do so, which made him exclaim in astonishment. The quality of this wood could be compared to black iron.

He executed Carefree Sword to shave the branch and soon made a wooden sheath, in which he inserted the sword. The blade was still trembling, but it was no longer as eye-catching.

'Seems like it wasn't only the broken sword and divine metal that dropped from outer space sixteen years ago. There is still another item which is resonating with Carefree Sword!' Qin Mu thought to himself.

The people of Rolan's Golden Palace had already entered Ghost Valley, so would they find that item a step ahead of him?

They two came to the end of the ravine, and the area in front of them suddenly widened. Qin Mu walked in there without a hurry and looked around himself in alertness. At the two ends of the ravine were two huge stone statues that were carved along the mountain ranges. These two statues were as high as the mountains.

The two sculptures had solemn expressions and looked dignified and divine. Their gazes were deep and each of them stood upright with their swords propped.

The bubbling of water came from afar, and it the sound of streams flowing down the sculptures' shoulders. The power of those waterfalls was immense as they surged three thousand yards down, landing onto the hands of the sculptures before flowing down the swords and gathering below to form a river.

Two rivers flowed down from the legs of the sculptures and formed the image of two dragons in the forest before vanishing into the center of the valley.

The two sculptures had bat heads and human bodies. They were no one else but the bat gods.

'Two bat gods guarding Ghost Valley? What's the relationship between these god statues of two bat gods and those two white bats earlier?'

Qin Mu looked into the distance, stunned. 'Could these two rivers flow into the ground? Cyan Heaven's Eyes, awaken!'

Another heaven instantly appeared in Qin Mu's pupils, and he looked at the place in which the two rivers vanished. He couldn't help frowning when his vision seemed to be blocked by something. He couldn't see clearly what was there in the distance.

"Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes, awaken!"

Qin Mu gathered his vital qi and formed the rune formation of Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes, making a circular vermillion red marking in his pupils. Another layer in, it was a cyan green color of Cyan Heaven's Eyes, and another layer in was the green of Green Heaven's Eyes. One more layer in was the Heaven's Eyes that were formed by white light, while the middle contained the pupil.

Blind had imparted Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skills to him, and he had already learned them. However, with his cultivation, he could only awaken Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes at most, and the consumption during their use was very huge. He would not use this skill on a normal day.

In an ordinary situation, Green Heaven's Eyes were enough, so there was no need to awaken Cyan Heaven's Eyes and Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes.

However, even if it was Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes, he still couldn't see what was at the place where the two rivers vanished.


Qin Mu's heart trembled slightly when he saw a few corpses in front of the forest. They belonged to Rolan's Golden Palace's great shamans. The corpses were not far from each other, but the strange thing was that some of them were vivid and lifelike as though they had just died while the others had rotted until only bones were left, yet their clothes were perfectly fine.

As Qin Mu's gaze went deeper into the forest, he saw another few corpses. It was obvious that those people had encountered misfortune and died unnaturally!

With Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes, he suddenly saw something moving beside one corpse before vanishing in a split second. His Heaven's Eyes suffered a violent impact, and layers and layers of them rapidly closed one after another!

Qin Mu was left dizzy by the impact. He felt as if there were countless miserable screeches in his brain, nearly tearing his soul apart!

Luckily for him, he had already succeeded in cultivating primordial spirit and could endure this attack head-on.

However, he didn't manage to see what had attacked him.

"Amida amida, maha amida!"

The miserable screeches in Qin Mu's brain became louder and louder, so he immediately executed Rulai's Mahayana Sutra. The buddha rays around his body shone brilliantly as the gods and buddhas of the six heavens appeared behind his head to chant loudly in unison. As the buddha voice lingered around him, it instantly purified the peculiar screeches that were attacking his soul.

The soil under his feet sizzled as green smoke rose with a stink from the soil. Qin Mu stretched his hands out. As he hugged the void in front of him, a rumble sounded out as his vital qi transformed into an emerald green Bodhi Tree descending from the sky, crashing onto the land in front of him. Thousands of branches and roots slammed into the ground with the trunk and the roots flailing as they tunneled into the soil.

Miserable shrieks came from underground, and the ground in front of Qin Mu started to roll as though there was something escaping there. When it passed by the huge tree, it rustled loudly from being shaken by something below it.

"Even my Bodhi Saha divine art can't kill this creature?"

Qin Mu gave a low shout and suddenly his body became like jade, sparkling and translucent. A Bodhi Tree faintly appeared behind his back, and he looked like a bull-headed buddha which was achieving enlightenment under the tree.

In Great Thunderclap Monastery, he only received Rulai's Mahayana Sutra's teachings and not the divine arts. However, the teachings were enough for him to start mulling over the divine arts.

Rulai's Mahayana Sutra's divine arts were actually included in the twenty heavens of Rulai's Mahayana Sutra with Thunderclap Eight Strikes being one of them. Thunderclap Eight Strikes was a divine art that belonged to Sakra Realm and was considered a top-notch divine art that was only inferior to Brahma divine arts.

Bodhi Saha divine arts belonged to Bodhivrksa Devata Heaven. The fourteenth heaven counting from the top down and the seventh heaven counting from the bottom up.

Even though Rulai's Mahayana Sutra was not Qin Mu's main in cultivation, he had not neglected his comprehension of it even if we didn't spend more time on it.

What he was executing now was the true body of Bodhi Jade Buddha, using buddha nature to suppress the weird creature under the ground, preventing it from coming near.

That strange creature was one moment there and the next over there, moving at an extremely fast speed. Furthermore, what's strange was that Qin Mu could feel that creature splitting and gathering from time to time. Sometimes it would tunnel into the tree and even the corpses.

"What exactly is that thing?"

At this moment, two breaths closed in from behind, and the Carefree Sword on Qin Mu's back came out of its sheath, transforming into Wave Sword Form to swirl around his body.

The two breaths went around, flying at him from two sides. It was the two white bats.

They separated and came to the top of the two sculptures. They hung down from their nostrils, and one of the white bats chuckled. "The foolish bull doesn't know that there's a large troop coming from behind, a few hundred experts have entered…"

"Silence!" The white bat on the nostrils of the other sculpture grumbled, "What are you warning him for?"

'Large troop? Few hundred experts?'

Qin Mu was astonished. The ones coming in were definitely not the troops of Eternal Peace Empire. The military power of Qingmen Pass was okay, but they didn't have additional troops to deploy into Ghost Valley!

'It's the troops of Barbarian Di Empire!'

Qin Mu could no longer hesitate and immediately walked into the forest, rushing to the center of Ghost Valley.

Clashing with the army of Barbarian Di Empire was definitely seeking death. That country's soldiers were wild and overbearing. The cooperation between the troops was very good, and they had the support of battle formations. When Qin Mu had followed Chancellor Ba Shan into Rolan's Golden Palace, they had met the troops of the prairie and seen their extremely powerful abilities. Eight hundred people could then fight against a cult master level existence such as Ba Shan.

Upon hearing the bats' words, Qin Mu could only avoid the several hundred experts from Barbarian Di Empire.

"The foolish bull is going to die!" The two bats on the sculpture laughed in unison. "Collapse, collapse!"

The buddha rays lingering around Qin Mu's body protected him and the dragon qilin, so he didn't collapse.

The two white bats were bewildered, and one of them flew down from the nostrils of the sculpture. It grabbed onto a branch and hung in front of Qin Mu while asking in bewilderment, "Why are those things not attacking you?"

Qin Mu raised his head. "Dao friend, what's under the ground?"

The white bat was about to reply when it suddenly flew toward the nostril of the white bat god's sculpture without a word. Several hundred soldiers of Barbarian Di Empire and dozens of brilliant gold great shamans and shaman kings walked into the entrance of Ghost Valley.

"Prince Pangong Tso, please!"

A shaman king bowed, and Pangong Tso slowly walked out from the back. With his gaze sharp as lightning, he swept through Ghost Valley and saw Qin Mu who was sitting on the dragon qilin's back. He couldn't help being stunned and revealing a smile.

"I trust you have been well since we last met, Cult Master Qin?"

His voice was soft and immature, but it was loud and clear, exhibiting his incomparably dense cultivation.

Qin Mu heard him, and his heart trembled slightly. 'His cultivation speed is even faster than mine! When we had clashed outside the capital city, even though he was on the same realm as me, his cultivation wasn't as dense as mine, but now he's already caught up!'

"I'm well." Qin Mu laughed and said, "I'm very well! Little Prince looks good as well, I was quite worried that those couple knives might have chopped you to death at that time. I'm now relieved to see that you're still alive."

Pangong Tso smiled. "Cult Master might have been well earlier, but not now."

A shaman king raised his head and said after examining the bat gods' sculptures, "Prince, there are two bats up there."

Pangong Tso said nonchalantly, "Kill them."

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