Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 300 - Strange Ghost Valley

Several hundred experts of Barbarian Di Empire didn't say a word and just drew their spirit weapons. In an instant, several hundred gleaming knife pellets rose into the sky. Countless knife lights swept like waves toward the nostrils of the bat gods' sculptures in mid-air.

The divine arts practitioners worked together to form a formation, drastically increasing the power by making their moves together. It was truly stunning!

Back then, Chancellor Ba Shan had defended against eight hundred soldiers on the prairie by himself, and his divine art, Heavenly Spirits Escarpment, had been broken numerous times. However, that was because the troop had some experts of the prairie on Celestial Being Realm and Life and Death Realm.

Even though the experts Pangong Tso had brought from the army were all divine arts practitioners, the ones with the strongest cultivation were still the four shaman kings that had cultivated to Celestial Being Realm and Life and Death Realm. These four shaman kings didn't make their moves, so even though the formations' power was immense, it couldn't be compared to what Chancellor Ba Shan had faced.

The two white bats flew out in a hurry and opened their mouths. Circular sound waves came bombarding at the soldiers, the divine art they executed being one that used sound waves. However, what was weird was these sound waves couldn't be heard when they reached the ears.

In the sky, countless curved knives were bombarded by the sound waves and came clanging down to the ground. The several hundred experts from the army below were struck by the silent sound waves and instantly turned into a complete mess.

Suddenly, the heads of Barbarian Di Empire's soldiers grew bigger and bigger before exploding with a bang. The noise rang in the air without stopping, as the heads of the soldiers exploded one after another. The blood splattered in all directions, making the situation really shocking.

The two white bats flew down from the sky and rushed toward the army with sound waves coming out from their mouths without stop.

Suddenly, one of the shaman kings snorted and took out a white banner. He shook it at the two white bats, and they instantly felt their souls wavering. They fell from the sky and landed among the troops.

The still-alive soldiers felt the pressure in their heads suddenly vanish and hurriedly controlled their knife pellets. Countless curved knives slashed toward the place where the two white bats had descended, and the clanging rang endlessly!

After a wave of knife rain, everyone controlled their curved knives back into the knife pellets that were spinning in the sky rapidly.

The place where the two white bats had landed had been carved into a huge pit by the countless curved knives. Even the rocks were sliced into fine powder.

Two divine arts practitioners from Barbarian Di Empire went forward to check if the white bats were dead when dust suddenly filled the air from the pit. The two white bats flew out from the dust and flapped their wings, coming to the two divine arts practitioners in a flash. Their speed was so fast that no one could react, allowing them to grab the two soldiers before flying away.

A shaman king saw this and jolted his shoulders. Golden rays shone brilliantly behind his back as they transformed into two golden wings. With a flap, he rose into the air and chased after the two white bats.

While flying, that shaman king grew a bird's head and six arms. He wielded a vajra scepter in his hand, which he smashed toward the two white bats with the rumbling of thunder. The speed of the bats who carried two divine arts practitioners was greatly decreased. The shaman was about to close in on them because of that, so the white bats could only throw their prey away. With an increase in speed after, they shook off their pursuer.

The shaman king transformed his vital qi into a huge hand that caught the two divine arts practitioners. At that moment, he saw that these two people had already been sucked dry of their blood and died from unnatural causes.

The two white bats landed on huge trees with their mouths open. Silent sound waves came from again and turned their pursuers into a complete mess.

One of the shaman kings raised a mirror and hung it in the sky. When the light from the mirror shone onto the body of one of the white bats, both of them fell from the trees.


Knife lights came down like rain and slashed toward the place where the white bats had fallen. One of the shaman kings shook his body and transformed into a golden giant with an elephant's head. He raised a huge rock that was like a small mountain and threw it where the two white bats had fallen.

The primordial spirit of another shaman king showed its form behind him, and his vital qi transformed into a huge palm. With a mudra smashing down, the huge rock was smashed into smithereens, and the ground trembled endlessly as the trees in the surroundings got blown away.

"Now they should be dead, right?"

Everyone didn't even have to time let out a sigh of relief. As the troops rushed over, the two white bats flew up again before they even got there. They flew into the forest in a drunken manner, but were not yet dead.

A shaman king shook the white banner once again, and the souls of the two white bats were bombarded once again. They fell down, and the knife rain landed on them once more.

When the wave of attack was over, the two white bats flew up again. Even though their bodies weren't stable, they were still not dead.

"Pretty impressive."

Pangong Tso couldn't help being astonished. These two white bats had truly thick skin and flesh. Even the most famous knife pellets of the prairie couldn't injure them. The only ones dealing damage to them were the shaman kings of Rolan's Golden Palace.

The white bats withstanding the attacks of the shaman kings and not dying right away was actually out of his expectation.

Qin Mu, who had already gone into the depths of the forest, smiled and asked to the dragon qilin, "Fatty Dragon, do you still think you are an opponent for these two white bats?"

The dragon qilin snorted. "They are very strong, but aren't they still getting the crap beaten out of them?"

The soldiers of Barbarian Di Empire had already rushed into the forest of Ghost Valley to chase after their prey. The two white bats were heavily injured and were flying up and down in the forest from time to time. The divine arts practitioners of Barbarian Di Empire scattered and searched for them in all directions.

At this moment, a rustle came from the forest, and a divine arts practitioner from Barbarian Di Empire executed his knife pellet in alert. It spun round and round, making fine curved blades fly out and revolve around itself. Some of those curved blades were big and some small.

The rustling suddenly stopped, but that divine arts practitioner still didn't dare to relax. As he walked over carefully, more and more fine curved knives came out, sometimes bright and sometimes dark.

He walked into a forest that was full of fruits. Most of them were apples that were the size of a fist.

The divine arts practitioner carefully walked in deeper, until he heard the rustling coming from his back. He immediately turned around, yet he still didn't see anything. The rustling then came from his front.

He suddenly wrung his head to look before himself, but he still didn't see anything. The next moment,, the sound came from his back once more.

However, he was a perceptive person. Without a change in his behavior, a curved knife appeared in front of his face and gradually became larger. Since the blade was shiny to the point of being mirror-like, it reflected the situation behind the man.

The apples on the trees were currently turning their 'heads' over to face him. On one side, they actually looked similar to human faces. They had noses, eyes, and mouths with strange smiles aimed at the man.

The divine arts practitioner shuddered, and all the curved blades flew out from the knife pellet, slashing toward the apples all around him!


The red apples suddenly fell from the trees as the leaves swirled in the air. Countless apples flew towards the divine arts practitioner, but he was strong. His knife lights rained heavily and sliced apart countless apples. In a split second, the ground was filled with sliced apart apples which were giving off a fruity fragrance.

Right then, an apple suddenly rolled on the ground. It avoided the knife light aiming at it and pounced to bite the man's leg.

The divine arts practitioner felt his leg go numb and lost all feeling in it. Then, half of his body turned numb. When he was about to chop the apple that was on his leg, his head was also paralyzed, and so all the curved knives dropped to the ground.

The other apples rose back into the air and returned to their trees. The apples turned their heads back and looked at the collapsed divine arts practitioner with strange smiles.

The man couldn't move at all, and his heart was thumping violently. He felt that his neck was very itchy, and then saw a face growing out from there.

That new face had a nose and mouth which opened wide to gasp for breath while smiling. "Caught you, caught you!"

The face squirmed and grew outwards. Soon, there were two necks and heads on the man. Then, an upper torso grew out for the new head.

The divine arts practitioner felt tearing pain and opened his mouth to scream, but he couldn't make any noise. Meanwhile, the man that was born from that apple was crawling outward with both his hands, dragging himself out. His crawling speed was quick, and more body parts soon emerged.

Finally, the two people were completely separated. The newborn one was identical to the divine arts practitioner, but for the fact that he was naked. Picking up a curved knife from the ground, the newborn person stabbed it into the man's chest before stripping off the clothes on his body.

"Hehe, freedom!"

The apple man grabbed the knife pellet and skipped out of the forest while the other apples watched him leave in envy.

Miserable shrieks came from the forest. All of the divine arts practitioners of Barbarian Di Empire who had entered the forest of Ghost Valley had encountered all kinds of unimaginable dangers.

Among them, some encountered strange insects that were translucent and looked like jade. They could fly around with great agility and tunnel into people's nostrils before reaching their brains to take control of their bodies. There was only death waiting for the people who ended up like that.

There were some incomparably tiny leeches that hid in the dew on the tree leaves. When a droplet landed on a divine arts practitioner's body, the person wouldn't find anything abnormal at first. They would only feel their body becoming heavier and heavier while they themselves became giddy.

On their backs, there would be a huge leech that was continuously sucking them out. After a moment, that leech would grow a face and four limbs yet still remain on the person's body. The leech would look exactly like their host, and it would seem as if a human was carrying another human.

Once the essence and blood of the divine arts practitioner were sucked clean, he would collapse dead while the leech would run away happily.

The serene forest was full of danger. The arrival of Barbarian Di Empire excited the dangerous inhabitants there, and many people that had barged in lost their lives.

Even though the divine arts practitioners of Barbarian Di Empire had remarkable abilities, they had no way to guard against this place!

Qin Mu walked through the forest with incomparable alertness. He used the true body of Bodhi Saha to protect the dragon qilin and himself, so they've been safe this far.

At this moment, he saw a monk sitting cross-legged under a tree. It was unknown when he had died, but his body had not yet decomposed. Behind him was a Bodhi Tree, and it had brilliant lights and vibrant colors. It was evident that it had been transformed by an unusual treasure.

'The Bodhi Saha True Body of this eminent monk was even stronger than mine, but he still died. Rulai's Mahayana Sutra can't counter the danger here!'

Qin Mu's skin crawled, and he immediately dispersed Bodhi Saha True Body. With both of his hands spread out before himself, he intertwined his fingertips as he gently moved them through the air, with one hand raising to the heaven and the other hand facing down to earth!

The first form of Dao Sword, A Dot Threading the Vast Movements, Yin and Yang Come and Go Within Two Modes!

The vital qi threads on his hands transformed into swords when an incomparably complicated calculation was launched. The sword lights transformed into two faces of the taiji diagram, with one on top and one below, protecting the dragon qilin and him in the middle!

The sword lights continuously flickered as the taiji diagrams swirled, changing yin and yang over and over again. Trails of sword lights also hung from the borders of the two taiji diagrams!

"Foolish bull isn't that foolish after all."

The Bodhi Tree rustled as two white bats covered in wounds hung down from the crown of the tree. One of the white bats coughed up blood and phlegm. In a weak breath, it said, "This bald donkey barged into this place over ten years ago. By relying on the blessing of buddhism, he thought he could enter this place without worry but ended up dying from tree insects."

"Tree insects?" Qin Mu was slightly stunned.

"They're the seeds of a type of tree. Akin to insects, they leap and frisk about. They hide underground and tunnel into people's anus when they encounter them, planting their roots into the flesh. The muscles of this bald donkey have long been devoured, so only his skin is left. The tree insects have already germinated in his body.

The other white bat stretched out its claw to slice at the eminent monk's head, and exuberant foliage burst out from the eminent monk's head, turning into a small treetop.

"This is the tree insect; however, it has already grown into a tree." That white bat was quite clever, and it looked at Qin Mu. "Foolish bull, we're injured. If you can protect us, we can point out the safe path for you so you don't meet danger!"

Qin Mu smiled. "Two Dao friends, actually, I'm also an apothecary that's proficient in curing injuries. Why don't I treat your injuries so both of you can protect me after you have recovered?"

The two white bats looked at each other and landed onto the ground from the Bodhi Tree. They asked in bewilderment, "Physician Bull Head? There are physicians in your Mars Family? Aren't you always sticking your noses up to the sky and spewing fire everywhere?"

Qin Mu stuck his bull nose toward the sky and spewed out two trails of flames while saying, "How's my suggestion?"

"Great!" The two white bats agreed right away while thinking to themselves, 'After Physician Bull Head cures us, it won't be too late to fall out with him!'

Qin Mu's gaze flickered as he thought to himself, 'The best time to poison a person is while treating their injuries. These two fellows will no longer have a choice then and have to listen and protect me!'

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