Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 301 - How Poor

Qin Mu's taotie sack always contained all kinds of herbs for emergency, to make sure that he would be able to treat himself when he got hurt. Of course, as a divine physician of a generation, he always had some poisonous herbs as well.

Anyway, even if he didn't have any poisonous herbs, he could still create a poisonous substance with just spirit herbs alone.

The white bats stood upright like humans, and Qin Mu went forward to check on their injuries. He frowned slightly. The injuries on the two bats' bodies weren't severe. It was their souls that had suffered heavy injuries from the shaman kings' attacks.

The great shamans of Rolan's Golden Palace used the souls of other living beings—humans included—to cultivate. Even if their spells and divine arts were all-inclusive, their attainments on the divine arts of souls were still the strongest. Their battle divine arts were still slightly inferior compared to them.

When Pangong Tso had fought with Qin Mu, he hadn't used the soul divine arts which he was best in. Instead, he used Dao sword and techniques from Little Jade Capital and the rest of the sacred grounds to compete with Qin Mu. This ended up with him losing the upper hand and being miserably defeated by Qin Mu.

If he had used the divine arts of the soul, it would be hard to say who would have come out victorious. Qin Mu wasn't certain if his Heavenly Devil Creation Technique was able to defend the other's soul divine arts.

Rolan's Golden Palace's soul divine arts were called shaman spell divine arts due to being cultivated to the extreme. This was why that place was referred to as the sacred ground on the prairie.

The two white bats were struck countless times by the shaman king's shaman spells, and the lowest cultivation among their opponents was Celestial Being Realm. For the two white bats to be still alive after receiving several attacks from their shaman spells, it showed that the descendants of gods were truly extraordinary.

"So strong, I will have to apply a heavy dose…" Qin Mu muttered to himself.

The two white bats were instantly alerted. "What did you say?"

"I said your injuries are very heavy so I have to apply a heavy dose. How should I refer to the two Dao friends?"

To deal with Pangong Tso and the shaman spells of Rolan's Golden Palace, Qin Mu had researched about medicine and nourished his soul. In Apothecary's teachings, there wasn't much about shaman poisons that were targeted at the soul and what was wasn't too detailed Even if Apothecary was the Poison King, he usually moved around Middle Earth and would rarely run to the prairie, thus he didn't have much understanding regarding shaman poison and injuries to the soul.

However, Qin Mu had had a number of encounters with Rolan's Golden Palace, so he slowly came his understanding.

By combining the Seven Writings of Creation in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, he researched a treatment that consisted of both herbs and techniques.

"I'm called Fu Yuqiu, and this is my elder brother Fu Yuchun," the white bat with the longer ear said.

When the two white bats saw that Qin Mu didn't need a pill furnace to refine pills and medicine and just used hand techniques and vital qi to extract the medicinal energy out from the herbs while using hand techniques to complete the medicinal roles, they couldn't help crying out in surprise. "Physician Bull Head is truly extraordinary, we're dazzled."

Not much later, Qin Mu succeeded in refining the first batch of spirit pills.

The short-eared Fu Yunchun didn't immediately consume the spirit pills but said alertly, "Apothecary Bull, you shall taste one first!"

Qin Mu burst out laughing. "Brother sure is cautious. My surname is not Bull, my surname is Qin and my name is just Mu." When he said that, he picked a spirit pill and ate it.

Only then were the two white bats reassured and ate the spirit pills. Qin Mu then used Ghost Creation Technique and Earth Aeon Creation Technique to smack the two white bats to catalyze the medicinal energy and strengthen their souls. The two white bats felt much more comfortable, and their injuries indeed lessened.

Qin Mu refined another batch of spirit pills, and Fu Yuchun made him eat one first again. This white bat was much more cautious than his younger brother Fu Yuqiu.

Qin Mu complied and ate one spirit pill. Only then did the two white bats eat the rest, healing more of their injuries.

At this moment, a few great shamans who had chased until here came attacking without a greeting. The two white bats still had heavy injuries, their external ones having been treated in the least. Qin Mu stretched out his hand and pointed with a finger. Carefree Sword rushed out at the great shamans.

The great shamans saw the cheap attack and all laughed loudly. "How poor is Heavenly Devil Cult's Cult Master Qin to actually have only a spirit sword of Six Directions Realm. Well, it's fine, it'll make it much easier for us brothers to achieve a great merit!"

Before they could finish their words, a piece of shining white rain came from Qin Mu's back as eight thousand swords moved in unison and rushed into the sky from the taotie sack. The swords turned in the direction of the shamans and rushed over, drowning out their targets with a whoosh.

Qin Mu flicked his index finger up, and Carefree Sword flew back into the sword sheath. The seven thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine swords then soon followed into the taotie sack.

At the place where the treasured swords had landed, there wasn't a single complete corpse that could be seen.

The two white bats stared with their eyes wide open, unable to utter a word.

It was a majestic sight when the soldiers of Barbarian Di Empire had executed their knife pellets and had countless curved knives slash at the enemies, but this Physican Bull Head was actually a hundred man army by himself, sending thousands of swords flying over at his enemies. The great shamans had suffered and died unjustly under his attack.

"Since these great shamans found their way here, the shaman kings should be close, it's not good to stay here anymore!" Qin Mu's gaze flickered, and he said to the two white bats, "Dao friends, let us quickly head forward."

The two white bats followed him while glancing at one another. Fu Yuqiu smiled and asked, "Just now the two people said you're Cult Master Qin of Heavenly Devil Cult?"

Qin Mu sat down on the dragon qilin's back and continued to refine his spirit pills without concern. "That right. However, we call ourselves Heavenly Saint Cult."

"We have once met people who called themselves Heavenly Saint Cult in this place. The bunch of golden people who faced them also called them Heavenly Saint Cult. If you are the cult master of humans, are you not from Mars Family?"

Qin Mu dispersed his Mars Sovereign form and regained his true appearance with a smile. "That's right. I'm originally a human, I just used the god transformation of Heavenly Saint Cult to transform into the form of Mars."

The two white bats salivated, and their hearts were connected. 'When our injuries are cured, we'll eat him!'

'We'll eat him rare!'

Qin Mu finished refining the spirit pills, but he didn't give them to the two white bats. He just ate one himself without giving the remaining ones away. Fu Yuchun was bewildered. "Why doesn't Cult Master Qin give us the spirit pills?"

Qin Mu smiled. "This batch of spirit pills is used to detoxify my poison so there's no need to give any pills to the two of you."

"Detoxify poison?" Fu Yuchun quivered and stuttered, "W-what poison?"

"Of course it's the poison in the two batches of spirit pills I've given you," Qin Mu naturally explained.

The faces of the two white bats instantly blackened, but just as they were about to pounce on him, they felt their souls turning numb and their bodies convulsing from the pain. The two of them collapsed to the ground and twitched endlessly.

The dragon qilin snickered and said, "Two foolish birds, to actually dare to eat Cult Master's spirit pills, truly acting recklessly."

The two white bats were furious and said in unison while lying on the floor, "Damned fatty, you're the foolish bird!"

"Fatty Dragon, not all that grow wings are birds, they aren't birds." Qin Mu grabbed the two white bats up and placed them on the dragon qilin's back, "Dao friends…"

"Bah!" The two white bats were very unyielding.

"My poison has merely infiltrated both of your souls. It's a new soul poison that I've developed and both of you are experiencing the first flare up. After ten flare-ups, your souls will be torn apart by the unbearable pain!"

Qin Mu beamed at them. "Soul poison is different from normal poison as it reproduces itself in the soul. Each time it flares up, the toxicity will become ten percent greater. I have the antidote here which can negate precisely the extra ten percent of toxicity."

He took out two spirit pills and sliced a small piece from each of them, stuffing them into the mouths of the two bats. He then gave a smack and smashed the two spirit pills into powder.

He didn't leave the antidote on his body in worry that the two white bats would suddenly make a lethal move on him, killing him to snatch the antidote. Only if he refined the antidote right before the soul poison in the white bats would flare up could he control them.

The soul poison in the bodies of the bats was suppressed by the antidote, and the great pain vanished. They stood up with darkened faces.

After a moment, Fu Yuchun said, "We admit defeat; however, we'll only protect you in Ghost Valley. Once you are out of it, we'll go our separate ways!"

"Deal!" Qin Mu agreed without a moment's hesitation and refined another batch of pills, throwing them to the two white bats. He then threw a bottle of dragon saliva to them as well to cure their external injuries while saying, "Apply the dragon saliva on the outside and consume the spirit pills, your injuries will then be basically healed."

The two white bats consumed the spirit pills and applied the dragon saliva on their wounds. In no time, their injuries truly recovered almost completely.

Fu Yuqiu's ears twitched, and he warned, "Be careful, there are soul insects underground! Damned fatty, don't step on the ground!"

Fire clouds immediately appeared under the dragon qilin's feet, lifting him off the ground. Qin Mu lowered his head to take a look and saw snow white tentacles having tunneled out from the ground, waving around gently.

This kind of wonderful organism was very strange. Twisted faces sometimes appeared on the snow white tentacles, and they would open their mouths to give off miserable shrieks that attacked people's souls.

The two white bats screeched in unison, and the silent sound waves bombarded the ground. Violent tremors instantly came from below, and a huge insect that was covered in tentacles popped up with half of its body above the ground and the other half underground. It was shaken to death by the two white bats' sound waves.

The bug melted and soon became a pile of water which was absorbed by the soil. When it happened, numerous small humans tunneled out from its body and the faces ran in all directions, turning into wisps of green smoke.

Qin Mu was flabbergasted. What was this weird lifeform?

"The origins of Ghost Valley are very ancient. I've heard from my ancestors that this is a place which is connected to Youdu. The ancient gods had opened a path to another world, the Youdu world," Fu Yuchun explained,

"This ended up letting some things from Youdu to run in. The gods had spent painstaking effort to seal this place and our white bat god race was ordered to stay guard here, to not let the lifeforms of Youdu to break through the world barrier and enter this place. However, in our generation, it's only us two brothers left."

The two white bats looked at each other with bitter expressions. Both of their faces wrinkled until they were like two dried up mandarins.

They were both male and how to reproduce future generations had become their biggest problem.

Qin Mu was stunned for a moment, then said, "I didn't expect Dao friends to be the guardians of this world. However, you're both brothers and male, who will guard Ghost Valley after you die…"

"Don't mention it!" the two white bats said in unison.

"Alright then." Qin Mu didn't talk about this again and instead asked, "Do you still remember the incident sixteen years ago? Did something like a meteor come from outer space, crashing into this place?"

"There was such an incident, the unknown thing had penetrated through the seal left behind by our ancestors of white bat god race," Fu Yuqiu said.

"We had gone to take a look before, but that place was very dangerous. Some people came afterward and we ate a few of them. However, there were more who went in deeper, but few of them came out."

Qin Mu's spirit was greatly roused, and he asked immediately, "What fell from the sky?"

"A ship. Half of it is now stuck in Youdu and the other half in the ground here."

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