Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 302 - Abyss of Ghost Valley

'A ship? Could it be from Carefree Village?'

Qin Mu was slightly excited. Village Chief and the rest had found an incomparably enormous ship, but it was destroyed so they couldn't go to Carefree Village. If this ship was from Carefree Village, wouldn't he be able to go to his hometown?

The two white bats led the way in a strange temper. They flew around silently, so if Qin Mu was not careful, he wouldn't notice where they had flown. The next moment, there would be some rustling and the two bats would hang down from a tree or cliff before flapping their wings away silently.

The lifeforms in the Ghost Valley were incomparably peculiar, and their attacks were very strange. However, as the two white bats were the guardians here, they knew every detail about this place. With them leading the way, Qin Mu's journey was free of any danger.

Sometimes, the two brothers would even capture the strange lifeforms in Ghost Valley to eat them.

"Heh, when luck comes, nothing can stop it, to actually meet a borer turtle!"

Qin Mu saw the two brothers flying above a lake before diving into the water to drag out a behemoth. It was a hexagon-shaped insect with weird hexagon markings on its body that had a regular pattern. At the front, it had two huge pincers that were very powerful.

There were white insect eggs that were the size of a human on its back. Some of the eggs had already opened, and it looked like someone had neatly opened them from the outside.

That borer turtle's abilities were astonishing, and it wasn't willing to be carried away by the two brothers. Its pincers rushed forward and caused thunderous explosions. Bolts of lightning appeared from compressed air, and lightning crackled while surrounding the borer turtle. It was a terrifying sight.

The borer turtle even spewed out toxic liquid which melted everything on the ground, be it soil or rock!

Qin Mu's heart shuddered. The abilities of this borer turtle were not weaker than those of the dragon qilin. The toxic liquid was especially terrifying since it could melt everything!

The abilities of the dragon qilin were strong, and he was situated between Seven Stars Realm and Celestial Being Realm. However, even Celestial Being Realm wouldn't be able to withstand the toxicity of the borer turtle.

The abilities of the two white bats were even stronger, however. The impact of the sound waves from Fu Yuqiu's mouth made the borer turtle dizzy from the vibration. The two brothers then jumped onto the borer turtle's back and opened up two insect eggs as if they were opening doors in eggshell pods.

The two white bats jumped in and moaned. They then waved at Qin Mu and the dragon qilin. "Come in, come in quickly!"

Qin Mu hesitated before bringing the dragon qilin onto the borer turtle's back.

Fu Yuchun popped his furry head out from the eggshell like a rat that was just born and twitched its ears. "Find an egg and quickly hide in it, since this borer turtle is about to wake up. This fellow is an expert in swimming and the overlord in the water. He will bring us to the river from the lake and swim toward the deep pit in the lake! Its nest is there!"

Qin Mu hesitated. "Can't I stand on its back?"

"This fellow is very alert, but his love for his children is the greatest. If we hide in these eggs, he won't attack us. Also, any other things that attack us will be killed by it," Fu Yuchun explained.

Qin Mu looked at the dragon qilin and asked, "Can you shrink your body?"

The body of the dragon qilin was only six yards smaller than the borer turtle, so he definitely couldn't hide in an egg with his current size.

The dragon qilin snorted and shook its body, causing it to shrink slowly. "Cult Master is underestimating me. I was taught by Patriarch, so of course, I can change my size at will."

He shrunk to the size of a huge dog, which was his limit. With his big tummy, he continued to execute the technique, but to no avail. After a moment, he mumbled, "Cult Master, do you think this is okay?"

Qin Mu looked at the ball-shaped fellow and picked the biggest egg. He opened the cover and carried the dragon qilin up, trying to stuff him in.

"It's been a while since I got carried," the dragon qilin said while reminiscing about the past.

Qin Mu forced the guy's tummy in and pushed down with strength, but the dragon qilin was stuck and couldn't go in any direction anymore.

Qin Mu was furious and placed the white egg-shaped cover on the dragon qilin's head. "Stay in this position and don't move!"

The dragon qilin didn't dare to move with the shell on his head. He said pitifully, "Cult Master, you won't decrease my food right? I'm still growing…"

Qin Mu opened up an eggshell for himself and jumped in. There seemed to be something like egg white inside and it was actually very comfortable. It was the feeling of consuming spirit pills and spirit medicines.

He could feel some fine energies entering from his pores and going into his muscles, blood vessels, meridians, five viscera, and six bowels, nourishing his body, hair, and skin.

Those energies even entered his soul and nourished it!

Qin Mu stood with astonishment and tried to execute Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and instantly felt even more energy coming from the egg white, allowing his primordial spirit to grow stronger.

'This egg white is better than any spirit pill or miraculous medicine. If I could hide inside here to cultivate for a very long time, my primordial spirit would probably become abnormally strong!'

He looked toward the other eggs and saw that most of them were already empty. It was most likely that the other borer turtles had matured and left the shell. There were only two to three other eggs that had yet to mature.

'Good stuff, I shall steal these eggs when we reach our destination!'

Just as he thought this, the huge borer turtle woke up and swayed its head before diving back into the lake.

This lake was one of the tributaries of the rivers, and as the borer turtle dived into the water, it swam into the mainstream and went with the river, swimming to the place where two rivers converged.

The water of this river was very strange. There were all kinds of Youdu lifeforms living in it. There was a long insect with eyes over its whole body, a huge fish that had muscles and no scales on its body, a weird insect that was covered in tentacles with mouths with hooks at their ends, and also some things that were floating around like souls.

Qin Mu also saw some lotuses floating on the river surface. Some of them had withered and grew out a lotus seed head. From that seed head came out white and chubby babies. Their buttocks were bare as they danced around and giggled, looking pure and innocent.

Suddenly, one of the babies opened his mouth wide, and a twenty yards long tongue swung out and wrapped around a weird fish in the water. The tongue then swung back into the air, and the baby ate the weird fish in an instant, leaving only fish bones to sink into the riverbed.

Once that baby was full, he once again danced and giggled. Soon though, a huge bird dived down and picked the baby up, raising its head to swallow him down.

'What are all these monsters from the world of Youdu!' Qin Mu shuddered.

Finally, this borer turtle brought them to the deep pit that the two white bats had mentioned. Instead of being called a deep pit, it would be better described as an abyss. The two rivers converged there, and water descended down into the abyss, rumbling continuously.

When they were about to drop into the abyss, the borer turtle suddenly leaped out of water and into mid-air. With a swoosh, it opened two hard wings and below which were two soft wings.

The latter were sharp like razor blades. They trembled and hummed as the turtle flew down, straight into the abyss.

Qin Mu and the rest were thrown against the insides of the eggs, which were stuck on the hard wings. When the borel turtle flew, the hard wings didn't move, only the soft wings were flapping continuously.

From inside the egg, Qin Mu looked around and saw huge mushrooms hanging on the walls of the abyss, spewing spores. They glowed and floated in the air like dandelions.

Huge fish sometimes jumped out from the raging waterfall to eat the glowing spores. The moment they did that, their bodies would swell in mid-air and explode. Huge mushrooms would then grow out from their bodies.

Those mushrooms were very weird. They only exploded the lower half of the fish or the insects, leaving the upper part of their bodies fine. Due to that, the creatures were still alive. Only their aesthetic appearances had been destroyed, since their lower bodies had become mushrooms.

Long roots grew out from the mushrooms, and they flailed around in mid-air. Some of them landed on the cliffs and immediately grew their roots there. The fish and insects that were then growing from the mushrooms helped to hunt, creating a strange kind of symbiosis.

The borer turtle continued to fly downward with the illumination of the weird mushrooms. They were the only ones that prevented the abyss from being totally dark.

After countless miles downward, they finally came to the bottom of the abyss. It was very humid there, and the surroundings were filled with glowing crystal pillars. They were translucent and sparkling, with a charming shine that lighted up the entire underground.

The borer turtle had built a nest on a piece of a huge crystal pillar and landed there. Just as it did so, it was once again stunned by Fu Yuqiu's sound waves.

Qin Mu, who had absorbed all the energy inside, jumped out from the egg looking refreshed. He immediately went forward and plucked the other three eggs that were still full, putting them into his taotie sack.

"Cult Master, I can't get out!" the dragon qilin called over pitifully.

Qin Mu went forward and pulled on the dragon's two ears, spending out all his strength to pull him out. He said angrily, "If you continue to be so fat, I'll start feeding you dirt!"

"I'm just a little sturdy, I'm not fat," the dragon qilin muttered in a small voice

The two white bats flew upward silently and said, "The ship crashed from outer space and created this deep pit. When it reached underground, it slid quite a distance more and cracked the barrier sealing Youdu.

"That ship is right in front, not much farther away. However, most of Youdu's lifeforms are living there. By following the underground stream, we will be able to reach them."

Qin Mu followed the two white bats, and they really didn't walk far before seeing corpses washed up on the shore. They belonged to Rolan's Golden Palace's strong practitioners, and based on the bodies' state of decay, they should have died not long ago.

Qin Mu had the two white bats to lead him, so he didn't meet any danger, but if he had wanted to cross Ghost Valley and reach this place by himself, it would have been much more dangerous.

Those that reached this place were basically all experts, and the lowest of them would be on Seven Stars Realm. It was a pity though that they couldn't see the ship before they died.

Not a long time later, Qin Mu saw some skeletons, and from their belongings judged them to be disciples of Heavenly Devil Cult.

He sighed and was about to pick up a few stones to bury them when the 'stones' suddenly ran away, vanishing with a plop into the river.

They walked ahead then, until suddenly they heard a buddha voice lingering in the space underground.

Not much later, they came to where the buddha voice was coming and saw two old monks in yellow robes sitting cross-legged on stone pillars. Two shrines had been chiseled out from the stone pillars, and the two old monks sat there with their long eyebrows hanging out of the shrines. Buddha voice rang continuously from their bodies, while the buddha rays were sometimes bright and sometimes dim, defending against the devil qi surging over.

"Great Thunderclap Monastery's monks!" Qin Mu said in astonishment. "They are already dead?"

The two white bat brothers were also astonished. Fu Yuqiu said, "These two bald donkeys ran here with their extremely high abilities. They had said that they came here on Rulai's order to help us suppress the unusual movements from Youdu, preventing Youdu's lifeforms from running out to harm all living things. We were not happy, but we couldn't defeat them, so we let them stay here. They sat here for over ten years and helped us quite a lot. There were a few times the seal had almost been broken and they helped us suppress it. Never would I have expected for them to die from exhaustion…"

Fu Yuchun sighed. "We once thought they were delicious, but now I don't want to eat them at all… That ship that fell from outer space is right in front."

Qin Mu raised his head to look over and his body trembled slightly.

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