Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 303 - Overlord Body Giant

The space underground was vast, and there was a mountain in front which looked like the upper body of a giant sculpture. It was incomparably huge, and its whole body was covered in pitch black rocks, but the nose, eyes, mouth, and ears were all sculpted in detail.

Since only the upper body could be seen, the lower body had to be buried in the ground. Otherwise, not sculpted at all.

Behind the sculpture, an ancient ship floated in mid-air. Half of it was in the space underground while the other half had gone through a huge gate. There were beehive seals on it, but the bow of this ship had pierced through them, entering the other world.

That seal had to be the Youdu seal that the white bats had mentioned.

The ancient gods must have opened a passage from the real world to Youdu world which resulted in the invasion of life forms from Youdu, so the gods had no choice but to seal this place. The white bat god race had then been ordered to stay guard, and life was peaceful around there until the ship arrived and broke the seals.

From the looks of it, the seals were loosening, especially at the place where the ship was touching upon them. Numerous cracks had appeared there.

Not only that, there was also the problem of the life forms of Youdu entering Great Ruins through the ship!

Strangely shaped, they would come down the ship from time to time. Some spread their wings to fly while others jumped down from the ship. However, they didn't make it far before the beehive seals would flash with a bright light, silently severing the heads of those life forms.

A huge god sculpture, a gate, a large ship, beehive seals, Youdu's life forms—this underground world seemed to be grotesque and variegated.

'This gate looks a little familiar…'

Qin Mu examined the huge gate up and down, feeling that he'd seen it somewhere before, yet he couldn't remember where he had seen it.

"How did the two eminent monks die?"

He frowned slightly. The abilities of the two eminent monks were way superior to those of the two white bats, and ever since they came to guard this place under Rulai's orders, everything had been peaceful, so why had they suddenly died?

The two white bats said that they had died from exhaustion, but from the looks of it, there was more to it than just that. For the corporeal bodies of the old monks to be able to defend against the devil qi of Youdu with their buddhism after the two monks had died, their abilities had to have reached an extremely high realm. Even if they weren't cult masters of Divine Bridge Realm, they couldn't have been far from it.

It would be difficult for such existences to die from exhaustion against the invasion of the devil qi.

Could it be that there were some terrifying life forms which entered this world through the ship and killed the two old monks? Or was it because something had attacked the seals furiously and the two monks had exhausted themselves to death by using all their power to defend?

No matter what it was, this was not a good thing. If Qin Mu was to approach the ship, he was certain that there would be dangers hidden one beneath the other.

'Youdu, the world of Earth Count, the place where the souls belong. The envoys of Earth Count guide the souls that have died in this world to Youdu, and they are the messengers of death. I once saw messengers of death, and they are the strange elders folding paper boats in the darkness of Great Ruins. Even though they are strange, they are considered peaceful. As long as one doesn't interfere with their tasks, they won't cause trouble to the living.'

Qin Mu examined the surroundings. It seemed that the Youdu world of Earth Count had its own unique rules and regulations. The messenger of death operated according to them, and Earth Count didn't interfere with the real world.

In that case, what were all these Youdu life forms in Ghost Valley?

They were powerful, strange, demonic, sinister, and even more evil than the Heavenly Devil Horde Qin Mu had met before!

Compared to Youdu life forms, Heavenly Devil Horde would still be considered kind.

The Youdu life forms and the messengers of death were two extreme opposites!

He looked up at the ship which was not in the sky and not on the ground. The beehive seals had fixed it in place, and the hexagon pillars were inlaid in the air, layer upon layer. They were translucent like colored glass, forming the seal that was left behind by the ancient gods.

However, there was devil qi and other strange auras leaking out from the ship, and an unnerving sound could be faintly heard coming from inside there. It was like numerous damned souls that were suffering in Youdu were screaming.

Qin Mu composed himself, and his body suddenly trembled. He transformed into a creature with the snake's body and a scroll in its hand while the Gate of Heaven Influence appeared behind him. His snake tail slithered forward, rising up into the sky, avoiding the god's sculpture in front to enter the ship.

The two white bats jumped in shock and immediately flapped their wings to examine Qin Mu curiously. "Transformed, he has transformed again! He was a cow, then he turned into a human, and now he has turned into a snake!"

"This door is weird, let me go in and take a look!" Fu Yuchun said curiously, planning to push open Gate of Heaven Influence to take a look.

"Behind the gate is the Youdu world. If you want to die and let your soul enter Youdu, you can go and open the gate." Qin Mu said sternly.

When he said this, his heart trembled violently as he paused in mid-air while looking at the huge gate in front of him in a daze.

Gate of Heaven Influence.

This gate that was sealed by the beehive was a Gate of Heaven Influence!

Since that was so, then what was the sculpture?

Qin Mu turned his head back with difficulty and looked at the sculpture of the god.

Didn't the sculpture and the Gate of Heaven Influence match Qin Mu's current appearance?

"This is not a sculpture, it's someone who has perfectly cultivated the form of Saturn Sovereign, like me!"

Qin Mu's mind was blown. Even though the form of Saturn Sovereign always had a human head and snake's body, not everyone could cultivate Gate of Heaven Influence and the scroll in hand. Even Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor who was known as the saint that appears once every five hundred years had not managed to cultivate this form.

This was the most perfect form.

Qin Mu had once thought that this was the symbol of Overlord Body and also the reason for his confidence that Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor could never be as strong as him.

And now, he met another existence that had succeeded in cultivating Gate of Heaven Influence.

"Is this an ancient Overlord Body? Why is he petrified, why has he turned into such a state?"

Qin Mu stood in the air silently and looked at the god's sculpture. But it wasn't a god sculpture, though. It was a god in Saturn Sovereign's form that was petrified. Half of his body should be buried underground.

His Gate of Heaven Influence had become the gate which linked Youdu and the real world, but it was hard to say why the gate had lost control. This resulted in the life forms of Youdu flooding out from the door and creating havoc in the real world, thus the ancient gods had no choice but to seal this gate.

'In that case, how was he petrified and who petrified him…'

Qin Mu was slightly puzzled. What had this ancient Overlord Body encountered to fall into such a state? Why didn't Gate of Heaven Influence close and vanish after he died? Why had it become a gate between Youdu and reality?

The white bats said the ancient gods had opened a gate between Youdu and reality, but what did that mean?

Did the two bats know about the incident that had happened back then?

Qin Mu composed himself and abandoned all the messy thoughts in his head. He turned his body around and slithered toward that ship. Many things that the current generations viewed as strange had happened in the years before the disaster of Great Ruins. Those incidents had long become histories that lay in the dust, turning into mysteries that were waiting for the future generations to uncover the truth.

Qin Mu was still very weak though and didn't have the ability to uncover the secrets behind everything.

He flew at the ship from outer space, carefully closing in on it. The closer he got, the more he felt the immensity of the ship.

Of course, when compared to Sun Ship and Moon Ship, this ship wasn't considered anything, but when compared to Eternal Peace Empire's flying ships, this one was way larger.

This ship didn't seem like it was something from the mortal realm. There were all kinds of strange runes imprinted on its body. Even though many of the runes had been destroyed, there were still some runes that flashed with life once in a while. Between the lighting up and going out, the shapes of the runes would change. If Qin Mu observed them in detail, he was likely to conjecture some marvel from their transformations.

However, he had no time to observe the rune markings. He secretly boarded the aft of the ship and saw many parts of the ship that were already destroyed. The main body was still intact, though.

The beehive seals left behind by the ancient gods didn't target him or the bats. Those seals should only be targeted at Youdu life forms and pose no threat to life forms of the real world.

Qin Mu landed on the ground. Behind him, the dragon qilin and the two white bats had also landed on the deck. There was green liquid everywhere on the deck, giving off a faint glow. Qin Mu accidentally slithered into one puddle and immediately dodged to one side. He discovered that silk like objects was being pulled out from the sticky liquid.

Fu Yuqiu grabbed a handful of sticky liquid and took a sniff. "It should be the remnants of the killed insects."

The dragon qilin shook his body and balls of true fire flew out, burning away all the sticky liquid on the deck.

Suddenly, a ball of devil qi flew out from the bow of the ship, and the true fire of the dragon qilin was instantly extinguished. Fu Yuqiu and Fu Yuchun hurriedly flashed to the front of Qin Mu, opening their mouths to give off silent screeches, which clashed with that devil qi.


An unimaginably huge force came sweeping over to blow the two white bats away. Even Qin Mu and the dragon qilin behind them were lifted up into mid-air.

Each of them landed on the ground and looked head with worry.

The darkness flooded forward as if it had a consciousness, closing in on them. The dragon qilin growled and trembled. Crackles came out from his body as he expanded, and the dragon scales gave off piercing sounds as they scraped against each other. In an instant, he revealed his true form and transformed into a half dragon half qilin behemoth. Flames and lightning burst off from his body and surged toward the depths of the ship.

The dragon qilin opened his mouth, spewing out flames and lightning.

His abilities were superb, and even experts of Celestial Being Realm would have to temporarily avoid the cutting edge of this strike. However, it landed into the flooding darkness like a clay ox entering the sea, making no ripple at all.

The two white bats flapped their wings and spun in mid-air. The fine white hair on their bodies instantly flew out like rain, shooting into the darkness like countless white needles.

After that, the two bats called the hair back, yet no matter what they did, the hair wouldn't come back. For an instant, they were like two huge rats that had shed all their hair, standing in the open and shivering.

The darkness still continued to pour forward at a pace that was neither fast nor slow. A gentle laughter came from inside it and said something incomprehensible.

It wasn't a god's voice, nor was it a devil's voice, and it definitely wasn't a buddhist incantation.

Suddenly, Qin Mu's expression changed slightly, and he spoke the only Youdu words he knew.

The darkness suddenly halted and stopped flooding toward them. Instead, it rapidly retreated. Countless fine hairs flew back and returned to the bodies of the white bats, making them seem like hedgehogs.

The two white bats were bewildered, but they immediately trembled their bodies to allow their white hair to enter back into their pores.

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