Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 305 - Divine Snake

Pangong Tso and the rest finally reached the treasured ship. Along the way, twenty-thirty more people had lost their lives due to the strange attacks from the life forms of Ghost Valley.

"Your Highness, the cultivation of these two monks isn't weak, they are nearly at the realm of rulai!"

Shaman King Gongmu saw the two old monks sitting on the two cliffs and his eyes lit up. "Their corporeal bodies can be used to refine quite a decent treasure! I'll fetch them over!"

Pangong Tso didn't express his opinion, so Shaman King Gongmu immediately led his men up to the shrine on the cliff, toward the corporeal bodies of the two old monks.

Even though the old monks were already dead, they still gave off buddha rays. With the vibration of the buddha voice, they defended against the devil qi that was pouring inside. The moment the corporeal bodies of the two old monks were taken away, the devil qi behind the beehive seals instantly trembled violently, causing the seals to waver from the endless bombardment!

The devil qi poured out from the beehive seals all of a sudden, and the impact caused more cracks to appear on the seals. The old ones in the meantime became much larger.

An indistinct dull sound came from the back of the seals, and the devil qi suddenly withdrew back behind the seals, and the terrifying impact quietened down.

The silence was out of the ordinary.

"I'm finally here, next to the ship that carries my hopes to become a god!"

Pangong Tso looked at the ship from outer space and the calm heart of his was slightly excited. With lotuses blooming under his feet, he rose up into the air.

Everyone came onto the ship and looked around. Suddenly, a great shaman discovered an open door and immediately reported it.

Pangong Tso brought everyone into the room while a few soldiers remained to scout out the way. When they returned to enter the room, the door suddenly closed before them, and when those soldiers opened it again, they couldn't find Pangong Tso and the rest.

The people around Pangong Tso tried to go out to scout and gradually lessened in number. Even if Pangong Tso didn't care about their lives, he couldn't help panicking at this moment.

"Don't walk away!" Pangong Tso had a grim expression as he examined the doors in details and sneered. "Integration spell, space integration, layer interlocking layer—I once saw records of this kind of spell in Little Jade Capital; it's a spell from the period of Founding Emperor!"

Shaman King Gongmu had not lost his way and said in glee when he heard Pangong Tso's words, "Your Highness definitely knows the method to solve it!"

Pangong Tso shook his head. "Little Jade Capital had no records of the method to solve it. However, a spell of integration is a kind of spell of space and algebra. My attainments in the path of algebra are very high, to the point that even Dao Master might not even be stronger than me. Calculating the method to solve this isn't difficult for me! Let us go, I want to see if the spell of integration will be able to block me or not!"

In the study room of the treasured ship, Qin Mu closed the family register. 'The last person of Founding Emperor's bloodline is called Qin Fengqing. Could the owner of this ship be this Qin Fengqing? Founding Emperor's Qin Family goes back to the dim and distant past. It's a family that's been influential for generations. The owner of this ship, Qin Fengqing had the surname Qin, so did he have a blood relation with me?"

Qin Mu was about to put the family register back on the bookshelf when a strange force made him stop and stuff this family register into his taotie sack.

Just as he placed the family register, he saw that old man from the painting popping out and running onto the table, appearing on the papers that were there.

Qin Mu was about to capture the weird person from the painting when a figure suddenly flashed in front of his eyes. A young man appeared in front of the table and walked toward him. It was too late for Qin Mu to avoid him, but then the young man passed through his body. He was an apparition.

The man had an extraordinary bearing, and his appearance gave Qin Mu a familiar amiable feeling when he passed through him.

Qin Mu was astonished and turned around in a hurry. He saw the young man in white walking unhurriedly until he stopped before a wall and made the motion of opening a door. Then he vanished.

Qin Mu immediately went forward and indeed saw a door. He opened it and walked through, and saw the man in white again. The place they were in was a hall in the building that suddenly filled with people walking to and fro. There were countless bodies moving about, and Qin Mu had no idea where they had come from out of nowhere.

He was caught off guard, and numerous people passed through his body. They all looked very busy, so something must have happened. Among them, there were some who couldn't stabilize themselves and were falling left and right.

It seemed like the ship had suffered an impact that was extremely violent and caused many of the people in the hall to fly around. There were some who got heavily injured and vomited blood.

The man in white raised his hands, and all of the people were suspended in the air before gradually landing on the ground. Even though the ship was still trembling violently, everyone stood steadily where they were.

A woman with a graceful and elegant bearing quickly walked toward the man in white, but Qin Mu couldn't hear what the two were talking about. The young man seemed to be consoling the woman before walking out, though.

Qin Mu's gaze landed on the body of the woman, and confusion took root in his heart. He felt an indescribable familiarity with her, like she was someone close and dear.

He hesitated for a moment, but in the end, chose to follow the man in white.

The man walked through the long corridor, passing through doors after doors. Later, he waved his hand and a sword flew over, landing on his back. Qin Mu followed him step for step.

Slightly stunned at the last action, he called his Carefree Sword. It gently trembled as Qin Mu saw it seemed to be the same sword as the one before him.

That man in white walked to the bow of the ship and raised his head toward the sky to say something. Suddenly, the sky shook violently, and an incomparably huge snake appeared with its mouth wide-open.

The snake seemed to be extremely far from them, but it was very huge. In the black sky, only its head and neck could be seen while the rest of its body was hidden in the darkness.

On the head of the huge snake stood terrifying existences that didn't look like humans. They looked like the god statues in the temples of Great Ruins but were the actual living gods.

They were currently attacking the ship, and each strike felt like the destruction of a world.

Qin Mu was attracted by the sword skills of the man in white since they didn't seem like they were from the mortal world. They had a wonderful charm. This kind of charm gave Qin Mu a feeling of the Dao that Village Chief and Dao Master had mentioned before.

What was different though was that Village Chief said that sword skills were close to Dao while Dao Master said that mathematical reasonings were to Dao.

The sword skills of the man in white had a different path from that of Village Chief pr Dao Master. There was a different kind of sword path in it, but Qin Mu couldn't see what it was exactly.

His judgment was still not at that kind of level yet.

He was obsessed with watching it, though. What he had learned in the past were all techniques, and he'd learned them to the extreme so his sword skills could be praised to be powerful. When Village Chief had made him take over as the human emperor and polished his swords skills in the village, he had entered the stage of skill, the beginning of founding sword skills.

After that, he had been under the guidance of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and his attainments on the stage of skill grew, becoming more and more profound.

At his stage of skill, he could be known as a grandmaster.

Above skill, there was still the level of path. It was the level of Village Chief that not even Dao Master had reached. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was also a step away from it.

Now that Qin Mu was looking at the sword skills of the man in white from the height of skill, he could see the exquisiteness of the sword skills. As for the realm of the path, even though he couldn't comprehend it, he could still grasp the marvel of it.

The sword skills of the man in white were close to Dao and contained true marvel. His enemies were truly strong—they were gods, after all—but they were all still blocked by him!

Suddenly, an unforeseen event happened. A terrifying power trembled the time and space. A palm collided with Carefree Sword, smelting it. The body of the sword melted and broke off, causing that ship to fall from the sky after the broken sword and descend into the darkness.

Behind the huge palm, the snake carried the gods over to chase after the falling ship.

Qin Mu was on the ship, and he could feel the tremors as it fell from the sky. The white bat god statues flashed by before the ship crashed into the ground and forced its way underground.

He then felt violent tremors as the ship passed through the god underground and smashed onto the beehive seals.

Qin Mu could see many casualties on the ship from the tremors; most of the people had died in the collision. The woman walked out and gathered the people that were still alive, bringing them to leave the ship and escape to Youdu.

The man in white was severely injured, but he chose to stay behind on the ship and guard the entrance to Youdu.

Outside, a huge snake was stretching its head down the abyss while majestic gods stood on its forehead.

The huge snake slid down and slithered through the underground, getting closer and closer to the bottom.

Suddenly, the apparitions in front of Qin Mu vanished, leaving him standing alone on the deck. With a cool wind blowing against his face, his clothes flapped loudly.

Turning back his head, he saw only the darkness of Youdu.

He was now at the bow of the treasured ship, having entered the world of Youdu.

He didn't see a huge eye appearing beneath the ship, or that it was even larger than the ship. It was watching him with interest.

Qin Mu looked at Youdu world that was in the darkness. It was monstrous and multicolored over there, with life forms of all kinds of colors giving off all kinds of glow from the distance.

A bunch of people had entered Youdu under the lead of the woman while the man in white had chosen to stay guard, stopping the huge snake and the gods from coming after them.

Was the man in white still alive?

Did he die in battle or did he manage to stop the gods and went into Youdu to look for his family?

Were they from Carefree Village?

Their surnames were also Qin, so were they Qin Mu' kin?

Who were those after them?

Qin Mu roused his spirit. Maybe he just needed to make this ship float and he would be able to return to Carefree Village!

With his heart ablaze, he walked toward the hold of the ship. It definitely had to have things like a compass to record the route to Carefree Village.

Village Chief had once given him a mirror and said it was the map to Carefree Village, but he'd sealed it for the time being. Only when Qin Mu had the ability to break the seal could he see the route.

That mirror had been found in the huge ship that was unmatched in the world. It was the ship heading to Carefree Village, but it had been destroyed, whereas this ship was still mostly complete. In that case, there had to be something similar - a map that was not sealed!

Qin Mu pushed open a door and walked into the ship's bridge. At the bow, the huge eye gradually rose up, and another eye became bright as well, revealing two vertical pupils.

A huge snake head appeared in the darkness and spat out its fork tongue silently as it stared at youth who was at the bridge.

Qin Mu seemed to feel something and turned back to have a look, but he didn't see the two eyes hidden in the darkness.

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