Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 306 - Trap

"There's something looking at me!"

Qin Mu's heart leaped. Even though he didn't see the two eyes hidden in the darkness, he could feel their gaze.

He turned around, away from the bridge, and closed his eyes while slowly walking outside. His footsteps weren't slow nor fast, and even though he had closed his eyes, he had still walked a circle, a perfect circle.

After he did so, Qin Mu stopped. The reason he walked in a circle was to calculate the precise location of the gaze. This involved using algebra skills to calculate space.

To other people, he would only be pacing around while thinking of some problem. No one would expect that he was actually calculating the location of the watcher.

His mind was greatly shaken. In the few steps, he had determined the source of the gaze and some extra information.

What was watching him was a pair of eyes, the distance between which were nine hundred yards! What a humongous entity!

'Could it be the Youdu life form that was scared off by my one phrase of Youdu language when I boarded the ship?'

Qin Mu composed himself, his expression remaining normal. He didn't reveal any hint of panic as he turned to walk toward the bridge.

He wanted to scout out the bridge first. If something happened, he would leave immediately and not stay around!

The bridge was the control room of a ship, the place where its direction, route, command battles, and evade attacks could be determined. This was the central administration of the treasured ship.

As long as Qin Mu entered the bridge and found the route map, he would be able to control this ship according to the map.

His heart was ablaze, for this ship carried his dreams of returning to Carefree Village.

Just as he walked into the bridge, a door suddenly opened and a great shaman barged after him carelessly.

When the two of them came face to face, they were both stunned. The great shaman was an expert that had been through many battles, so he reacted instantly and opened the mouth of the bottle gourd behind him. Countless souls instantly flew out, pouncing at Qin Mu!

At the same time, the great shaman shone with golden light as he executed Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures of Rolan's Golden Palace. His body swelled up and transformed into a one-eyed four-armed giant.

His eyes combined into one and still grew larger. Because of that, the mouth was squished and pushed to the bottom of the left cheek while the nose moved to the lowest part of the right cheek. He held a vajra truncheon in his hand, and the sections of the vajra pillars spun. They looked like four long and slender pagoda that came smashing as Qin Mu!

'Grand Shaman's disciple?'

Qin Mu could see that what he executed belonged to Rolan's Golden Palace from a single glance. The cultivation of this person was extremely dense, and the wandering souls spewing out from the bottle gourd on his back was his method of attacking.

Great shamans refined the souls of other people into wandering souls, and each one had great power. When a wandering soul entered the opponent's body to bite on their soul, even divine arts practitioners of Six Directions Realm would find it hard to defend themselves.

If dozens of wandering souls came attacking together and invaded the body, there was no way for divine arts practitioners of Six Directions to resist!

However, the wandering souls bottle gourd was still the best on the battlefield. Countless wandering souls could slip here and there, invading human bodies and eating away their souls. Only corpses would be left after they were done. This kind of attack was said to be successful in every way and had an astonishing power!

In front of Qingmen Pass, the most terrifying thing wasn't the knife pellets of Barbarian Di Empire, but the great shamans of Rolan's Golden Palace. Their attacks were simply strange and hard to guard against.

Countless wandering souls from the bottle gourd flew over with miserable shrieks. Behind Qin Mu, Gate of Heaven Influence opened up, and a cold wind blew out, sweeping away all the wandering souls with a swoosh!

As long as it were the souls of the dead, it was hard for them to escape the control of Youdu. Even if Rolan's Golden Palace had secrets arts to make the souls stay behind, using the souls of others to cultivate, and their attainments on this path were at a point that other sacred grounds couldn't reach, Gate of Heavenly Influence was their natural bane!

Gate of Heaven Influence swallowed all the wandering souls and shut itself. The miserable shrieks on the bridge instantly vanished.

The great shaman was astonished, and the bottle gourd behind him fell to the floor with a thud and shattered into pieces. His four arms moved up and down as the vajra truncheon on his hand transformed into four vajra pagodas. With his immense strength, he smashed them against his opponent.

Qin Mu didn't receive it head on but moved back to dodge. The Carefree Sword on his back flew out from its sheath, and the great shaman sneered. A beam of light shone from the vajra pagoda and hit Carefree Sword, sucking this treasured sword inside.

The great shaman's four golden truncheons might have looked like truncheons, but his spirit weapon was actually four pagodas that were refined to change their sizes at will. Once they were shrunken to the smallest possible size, they looked like truncheons which could be held in one's hands.

However when in battle, the great shaman could use the terrifying power of the pagodas to overwhelm his enemies, using invincible strength to smash the opponent into a pile of mush!

The pagodas were also unusual treasures that could take away the opponent's spirit weapons. If the opponent was not careful, their spirit weapons would be sucked into the pagodas. If this happened, the opponent could only die!

The great shaman had just taken away Qin Mu's Carefree Sword with his pagoda when he saw treasured swords flying out from behind the other and stabbing into the pagoda.

He was stunned and didn't react before the sword lights came flooding over like a sea, drowning him out. In an instant, the surroundings of the pagoda became filled with swords!

The arm of the great shaman gave in first. Even with his immense strength of a cyclops, he still couldn't carry such a heavy thing. A crisp crack came from his arm as his bone snapped.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

Several thousand treasured swords stabbed neatly around the pagoda to form an unimaginably huge sword pellet that had a radius of several yards. The great shaman had already disappeared by then.

Qin Mu walked toward the helm of the bridge, leaving behind the great shaman which had been stabbed to death under the gigantic sword pellet. Beneath it, there was a leg sticking out.

Qin Mu came to the front of the rudder. In this treasured ship, it was structurally different from those of Eternal Peace Empire's flying ships. The latter had one rudder which was used for changing the direction, rising, and descending, but the rudder of this treasured ship had other strange contraptions. There was also a silver helmet with red tassels.

Frowning, Qin Mu examined the contraptions in detail, but he still couldn't understand their usage. He hesitated for a moment before picked up the silver helmet and placing it on his head.


Suddenly, his vision lit up, and the vast space in front of his eyes expanded and spread out. In a split second, the heaven and earth transformed, revealing the geographical features of Great Ruins, as well as Eternal Peace, the prairie, and the world of ice and snow in the north!

Qin Mu was stunned. 'The person who forged this ship truly had the hands of god. They stored the geographical features in the helmet, so it could be used to control the course of the treasure ship!'

He stretched out a finger and gently made a dot on the geographical map in front of him. IN an instant, the treasured ship trembled. It seemed to want to fly out from the beehive seals and toward the direction he had pointed.

However, the ship was firmly stuck in the seal between the two worlds and couldn't fly up.

'So that's how you control the movement of the treasured ship!'

Qin Mu was delighted and blinked a few times Suddenly, the scenery in front of him changed and an unfamiliar world appeared. It was the geographical map of another world. It had dark voids while the land was hidden in the depths, looking mysterious.

'What is this place? This isn't Eternal Peace nor is it the prairie…'

Qin Mu examined it again to be sure that he had really never seen this strange place before. He blinked a few times, and the scenery changed again, presenting a magnificent and wonderful world that was neither Great Ruins nor Eternal Peace.

He blinked his eyes again, and the scenery changed once more. This time, it was a water world with underwater mountains everywhere.

Qin Mu tried over ten times, and there were over a dozen or so geographical map that he saw. However, it was different from what he had imagined. These maps didn't specify what world they portrayed and had no indicated routes. It left him clueless regarding which world had Carefree Village, and how to find it even if he went to the right world.

'There definitely has to be a compass with the record of the route to Carefree Village, so as long as I find it, I will be able to fly this ship back to Carefree Village!'

Qin Mu looked around, and his gaze landed on the place where the compass should be placed. There, he should have seen a mirror similar to the one Village Chief had given him, but that place was empty.

'The compass mirror was shattered? Luckily I still have the compass mirror Grandpa Village Chief gave me; however, I wonder if I can solve the seal on it.'

He stretched his hand into the taotie sack to look for the compass mirror when he saw the shattered pieces on the floor.

The mirror had been deliberately smashed by someone so that other people couldn't know the location of Carefree Village!

'Could the man in white have been the one that destroyed the mirror?"

Qin Mu was slightly stunned and pulled his hand out of the taotie sack. There were many gods that were chasing after the man in white. They had defeated him, and Carefree Sword had been shattered so he would have no more strength to fight against the gods. Yet he had still stayed to cover the escape of his passengers. While doing that, he must have destroyed the compass mirror with the route to Carefree Village before he died, not wanting people to find it.

'In that case, this ship is a trap!'

A chill passed down Qin Mu's back of the head, and his hair stood up on end. He pretended to search and started inching toward the door of the bridge.

'The people who escaped into Youdu might still be alive. The aim of this trap is to capture them and find the route to Carefree Village! I have the mirror Grandpa Village Chief gave me, so if they get hold of it, they will be able to find Carefree Village!

He passed by his sword pellet and it loosened up. The sword hilts started to fly outward= and break down, but the feeling of being watch swept over him again. The two eyes that were nine hundred yards away from each other had landed on his body again, applying terrifying pressure on him!

It was evident that the owner of the gaze was suspicious!

Qin Mu pretended to be startled and turned his head back as if he had just felt something. At that moment, the invasive gaze suddenly faded away.

"Which senior is hidden in the darkness?" Qin Mu asked loudly. "Much thanks to senior for your guidance, allowing junior to enter this treasured ship! Could senior please show himself?"

He waited for a moment, but no one replied.

Qin Mu revealed a look of disappointment and continued to collect his treasured swords one by one while sighing. "Since senior isn't willing to show himself, this junior can only engrave this evet in his heart.'

He walked toward the door of the bridge, his heartbeat slightly faster than before. He used his vital qi to suppress his heartbeat, making it come back to normal.

Just as he was about to leave the bridge, the door suddenly opened. Pangong Tso walked in and blocked the door with a smile. "Cult Master Qin, you have two choices: you can either take off the helmet or lose your head."

Qin Mu almost blurted out vulgarities, wishing for more than anything to stab the guy's chest with thousands of swords!

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