Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 307 - Outstanding Shamelessness

"Qin your head!"

Qin Mu stabbed forward with one sword, and instantly eight thousand swords moved together, overwhelming Pangong Tso. While he did that, he shouted out ruthlessly, "Qin Gongtso, you and I cannot live under the same sky!"

'Qin Gongtso? Why is he calling me Qin Gongtso?'

Pangong Tso was stunned, but he didn't think much about it. He immediately smacked the taotie sack around his waist, and a huge banner leaped out. He grabbed it and turned around while shaking the banner, causing countless locusts to fly out. The locusts buzzed around him before shifting toward Qin Mu's sword rain.

The locusts pounce on his flying sword as well as all the others. They gnawed on them with kacha kacha sounds, but they couldn't bite through.

Qin Mu's refinement of eight thousand swords had nearly depleted all the highest quality materials in Heavenly Devil Cult. Even though the eight thousand swords were mostly made of black gold, every sword came from the hands of Qin Mu, a forging professional. When he was tempering the swords, he added the highest quality metals that were even better than the materials used for Junior Protector Sword and the other first ranking high officials' swords.

Even though Qin Mu's cultivation was limited and he couldn't raise the power of the eight thousand swords to the level of Junior Protector Sword, they were no inferior to it due to their hardness.

Qin Mu operated his sword energy to slash at the locusts only to hear endless clanging sounds. With sparks flying in all directions, his swords actually didn't harm the locusts at all, surprising him, 'This guy also has some treasures!'

Qin Mu's own taotie sack had been stolen from Rolan's Golden Palace as well as most of that place's treasures. However, Pangong Tso was the grandmaster of Rolan's Golden Palace, so his position far surpassed that of Grand Shaman, and he had his own treasure vault and wasn't robbed by Qin Mu.

He had numerous spirit weapons, and the locusts actually came from a technique that belonged to Venomous Insect Hall of Heavenly Devil Cult's Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. It was an unusual treasure which was refined with the technique of venomous insect refinement.

Pangong Tso had entered Heavenly Devil Cult once and learned Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. Even though he had not received Unity Technique, he had learned all of the techniques in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures.

The venomous insects in his taotie sack were a cult legacy level treasure, and they had been fused with the skill of soul cultivation. Every venomous insect was refined to not only attack the corporeal body, but also the souls of the enemy. The offensive soul insects of Rolan's Golden Palace's Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures had been derived from the path of venomous insects in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures.

The hardness of the locusts exceeded metal, and they could change their sizes at will since when they had been refined in his previous life. An ordinary spirit weapon would be cleanly eaten by the flying locusts without a scrap left.

Since the locusts had shaman spells that attacked souls, they were proficient in tainting other people's spirit weapons as well. Once this happened, the owners would lose control of their spirit weapons, which would make it easy for other to slaughter them.

The most important point was that normal cult master level treasures exhausted quite a lot of cultivation in their execution, while the use of locusts didn't burden Pangong Tso much. This was why he used this treasure the instant he clashed with Qin Mu.

He knew that Qin Mu's cultivation was abnormally dense and even surpassed his. Even if he was recultivating after a reincarnation and his speed of cultivation was much faster than that of Qin Mu, he didn't dare to underestimate him. He didn't think he could overwhelm Qin Mu with just cultivation.

Qin Mu had a lot of flying swords and there was also quite a number of flying locusts. Both of them were actually executing sword skills, both flashing in the air all the time. What Qin Mu had executed was Dao Sect's third writing of Dao Sword, and Pangong Tso had also executed the third writing of Dao Sword.

Five Colored Auspicious Clouds Cover, Celestial Sounds Tinkling on the Three Heavens!

These moves and sword skills in the hands of Dao Sect's disciples could be said to be magical and out of the mortal world.

However, in the hands of the two on this battlefield, the sword qi and flying locusts had no celestial breath. Qin Mu's sword lights were overbearing as eight thousand swords formed five colored auspicious clouds; his three aeons and five qi were also incomparably overbearing. When the flying swords collided, there was no celestial atmosphere, the cadence having turned into the rumblings of battle drums when soldiers marched into battle with their murderous intent!

Pangong Tso, on the other hand, had executed the third writing with shaman spells, the flying locusts turning into the clouds. The gorgeous five colors rolled with demonic nature and looked like all kinds of poison spreading about. With the addition of strangeness of shaman spells and shaman poison as well as the weird chirping of locusts, the celestial sounds were defiled.


The powers of the third writing of Dao Sword burst forth as the swords clashed with the locusts. With the explosion of the two moves, the bodies of the combatants trembled violently as they fell back, smashing against the walls of the bridge. Blood dripped down the corners of their mouths.

"Qin Gongtso, your death is due!"

Qin Mu's body jolted and broke free from the wall. With both of his hands raised high above his head, his little and ring finger clasped inwards, his middle and index finger stretched straight out and his thumb clasped inwards, he clutched the sword formula.

Carefree Sword instantly flew over with its sword tip pointing upwards. Eight thousand swords came whooshing over, forming a large sword. The eight thousand swords took Carefree Sword as their core while they swirled around it continuously, executing both Drill Sword Form and Hack Sword Form.

Qin Mu's hand slashed downwards.


A huge sword came falling on Pangong Tso!

"Cult Master Qin, for you to control so many swords, is your cultivation going to be enough?"

Pangong Tso swung his Ten Thousand Locusts Banner left and right. Countless flying locusts flew back, attaching themselves onto the backs of one another, forming a giant shield. The sword and flying locusts clashed, and the sword skill transformed. Countless swords started spiraling as they changed to Spiral Sword Form. The locusts that were refined until they were like steel made the swords unable to drill through, but Spiral Sword Form could tunnel into the gaps in between to slash at Pangong Tso who was at the back.

"Qin Gongtso, your magic power isn't enough as well, right?" Qin Mu said ruthlessly.

Pangong Tso was bewildered inside. 'Why does this brat keep calling me Qin Gongtso? My surname is not even Qin, weird…"

What he didn't know what that the owner of this ship was called Qin, and he had come from the Qin Family of Carefree Village. On top of that, the behemoth whose eyes were nine hundred yards apart guarded this ship while waiting for the people of Carefree Village to come back!

Qin Mu had deceived that terrifying entity with difficulty, acting as a muddle-headed explorer that had found his way here. Just as he was about to walk out of this trap though, Pangong Tso had to call him Cult Master Qin, which was clearly pushing him into the pit of death!

Therefore, Qin Mu brought him down with him, dragging him into this mess by purposely calling him Qin Gongtso. It was basically the mentality of 'if I have to die, you will be accompanying me'.

Qin Mu wasn't wrong in his previous words. Pangong Tso's magic power was somewhat unable to make ends meet. Even though the requirement for cultivation for his Ten Thousand Locusts Banner wasn't high, it was still a cult legacy treasure. Since he was still on Six Directions Realm, it was pretty exhausting to execute a treasure that was on Divine Bridge Realm.

Competing with the third writing of Dao Sword against Qin Mu had exhausted pretty much all of his vital qi; otherwise, he wouldn't have used Ten Thousand Locusts Banner as a shield to block Qin Mu's sword moves.

Qin Mu's exhaustion also ran extremely deep. Otherwise, he wouldn't have used basic sword forms like Drill Sword Form, Spiral Sword Form, and Hack Sword Form. Instead, he would had used big moves like Dao Sword.

The two of them controlled their spirit weapons strenuously, but since both of them were extremely astonishing and surpassed the category of Six Directions Realm, the two people would definitely die miserably if they weren't careful in defending against the opponent's spirit weapon, thus it was impossible to stop halfway. They could only struggle with their lives to rouse their vital qi to fight each other.

"Qin Gongtso, can you give way please?" Qin Mu gritted his teeth. With his vital qi cultivation, it was difficult for him to control so many treasured swords. Because of that, several thousand swords fell to the ground or stabbed themselves into the walls.

However, it was time for him to attack. Several thousand flying swords flew up to execute all kinds of sword moves with fierce momentum.

Pangong Tso couldn't control all of his locusts, so several thousand of them landed on the ground. They wanted to fly up, but there was simply not enough vital qi to control them. Pangong Tso could only control several hundred locusts to clash with Qin Mu.

"As long as Cult Master Qin takes down the helmet on your head, I'll let you off!" Pangong Tso sneered.

The spirit weapons that the two of them could control became fewer and fewer in number. Suddenly, Qin Mu executed Rulai's Mahayana Sutra, transforming into a huge buddha to fight close combat with Pangong Tso. With a huge mudra pressing down, the gods and buddha of eight heavens appeared behind him with resounding buddha voice.

The first form of Thunderclap Eight Strikes, Spring Thunder on the Lonely East Sea!

"Vajra Unbeatable!"

Pangong Tso sneered and also executed Rulai's Mahayana Sutra, executing Vajra Unbeatable Technique. Gold flowed throughout his whole body as if vajra was protecting him as he clashed with Qin Mu.

He had learned the technique and divine arts of Rulai's Mahayana Sutra, but Qin Mu had only learned the technique, so he was definitely inferior to him in divine arts. To Pangong Tso's surprise, even though Qin Mu had executed Rulai's Mahayana Sutra, his leg skills changed and became unpredictable. They had myriad changes, and his body frantically circled around like a phantom!

Pangong Tso was caught off guard and got kicked in the groin by Qin Mu's raised knee. The sudden pain caused him to tear instantly and suck in a cold breath.

Thud, thud, thud.

Qin Mu landed numerous kicks on his face, forcing him to move back continuously until his back hugged the wall. Just as death was imminent, Pangong Tso's body suddenly transformed into a shadow, and he escaped through the wall. What he executed was Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures' Phantom Illusion Technique, which allowed him to avoid Qin Mu's Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs.

Qin Mu sprinted toward the door of the bridge in delight while controlling his swords at the same time to stab at the shadow. Just as he reached the door and was about to open it and rush out, his legs were fixed in place. It was Pangong Tso who had used his flying locusts to block his flying swords before sticking his shadow close to the ground, stretching out two shadowy hands to grab his ankles.

"Cult Master Qin should leave the helmet!"

Pangong Tso gave a forceful pull, and Qin Mu transformed into a black shadow which went down to the ground. Both of them had executed Phantom Illusion Technique to transform into two shadows, flashing here and there on the walls and the floor to attack each other ruthlessly.


The walls of the bridge trembled violently, and Pangong Tso was blasted into the wall, transforming back into his physical body from the shadow. He immediately sent his flying locusts to bite Qin Mu's shadow that was on the wall.

Qin Mu swam quickly through the wall before dropping down from the ceiling of the bridge. His legs were still shadowy, but his body had already returned back to normal as he gave a mudra and forced Pangong Tso to tumble away.

Pangong Tso leaped up, but he didn't attack. Instead, he stared blankly behind Qin Mu as droplets of sweat rolled down his forehead.

Qin Mu was about to attack him when he suddenly felt something wrong as well. He froze when he felt two terrifying eyes land on his body.

He couldn't help dispersing his Phantom Illusion Technique to land back on the floor and turn his head to look behind him with difficulty.

In the darkness outside the bridge, two huge eyes appeared. One of them was on the left side of the bridge while the other was on the right. The distance between the eyes was nine hundred yards.

The pupils of the two eyes were vertical and looked strangely evil as they gazed at the two men.

Pangong Tso's body trembled, and his legs became shaky. In a hoarse voice, he said, "Cult Master Qin, now I know why you want to leave this place…"

"Qin Gongtso, you son of a bitch!" Qin Mu gritted his teeth. "If not for you, I would have left long ago!"

An unpleasant voice came from below the two pupils. It was a screeching sound that was like nails scratching steel. "Which one of you has the surname Qin?"

"Him!" Qin Mu and Pangong Tso raised their hands at the same time to point at each other.

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