Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 308 - Sabotaging Each Other

Pangong Tso was angry and anxious as he stuttered, "Cult Master Qin, don't joke with me, my surname isn't Qin, I'm from the barbarian tribe…"

Qin Mu was furious and shouted, "Qin Gongtso, are you not acknowledging your ancestors of Qin Family? You even said you were born in Carefree Village…"

"Little liar, shut up!"

Pangong Tso attacked with overflowing anger, and Qin Mu immediately defended. One of them executed Grand Shaman Ruda Scriptures to transform into a bird-headed mutant while the other one executed Nine Dragons Monarch Technique to look like an awe-inspiring emperor. With the roars of dragons and cries of birds, the dragon-shaped divine arts clashed numerous times with the bird feather swords.

The two of them may have looked young, but they were both ruthless. Each of their attacks was lethal, and every move wanted the other party's life. Based on the intricate moves, there were no divine arts practitioners in Six Directions Realm that could be compared to them.

However, because the battle earlier had exhausted too much of their strength, their vital qi wasn't as dense as earlier. The power of their moves was still no small matter, though.

Even if they fought fiercely, looking like they didn't want anything more than to beat the other to death, their feet were still inching closer and closer to the door.

They knew what each other was thinking about, and they fought closer and closer to the door. Just as they were about to open it and escape, the treasured ship trembled violently. The owner of the two eyes outside the bridge was slightly angered, so it shook the ship and caused it to tremble endlessly.

Suddenly, an invisible force came over and bound the two, pulling them to the windows of the bridge. They immediately stopped and didn't dare to resist. The abilities of this mysterious entity were a profound mystery, and even Pangong Tso felt his scalp crawl Even at his strongest in his previous lifetime, he wouldn't have been its match.

The two huge eyes outside of the ship had a hint of anger. The sinister voice next made them shudder without even feeling cold. "Which one of you has the surname Qin?"

Qin Mu and Pangong Tso pointed their fingers at each other in unison. "Him!"

That voice spoke again. "Both of your surnames are Qin?"

Pangong Tso shuddered and immediately said loudly, "My surname is not Qin, I'm the grandmaster of Rolan's Golden Palace, senior can ask around…"

The foreign voice was very strange and seemed to brush across their souls. It was ear-piercing and shaking them into numbers. "Since your surname isn't Qin, there's no need for you to stay alive."

"Looking at how things are now, it seems like I can't hide it from senior anymore," Pangong Tso said with a resolute expression. "That's right, I'm none other than Qin Gongtso! This guy beside me is the grandmaster of Rolan's Golden Palace, taking other people's bodies through reincarnation, he's called Pan Mu. May I invite senior to make a move to immediately get rid of this useless person!"

Qin Mu sneered, "You called me Cult Master Qin just now, so could your words be bullshit?"

The two people looked at each other furiously and gritted their teeth, wanting to dig into each other's chests to pull out that black heart out to gnaw on.

The voice was silent for a moment before asking, "Which one of you is sixteen years old?"

Pangong Tso and Qin Mu looked at each other in the eyes, then Qin Mu immediately said, "I'm sixteen years old!"

Pangong Tso also said in a hurry, "I'm also coincidentally sixteen years old!"

Even though Qin Mu was fifteen years old in name, his age was counted since when Granny Si had picked him up. The people in the village were always debating about that. Some felt that he was fifteen and some felt that he was sixteen, so Qin Mu didn't know how old he was exactly.

Pangong Tso was only thirteen years old, but because he was a person of the prairie, staying in the wind and sun daily had made him look much more mature. Therefore, both of them looked like fifteen to sixteen years old.

The pair of vertical pupils revealed a confused expression, not knowing what to do with the current situation.

It was different from what he had imagined. He had guessed that it would be either people from Carefree Village or a sixteen years old boy with the surname Qin who would come to take the treasured ship back to Carefree Village. Yet now there were two youths that looked to be the same age with surnames Qin!

Who was real and who was fake, he couldn't determine it.

"You guys shall activate this ship and head to Carefree Village!" the voice declared. "No matter which one of you has the surname Qin, as long as you can get this treasured ship to Carefree Village, you won't die."

Qin Mu immediately took the silver colored helmet off and stuffed it in Pangong Tso's hands with a sincere expression. "Qin Gongtso, didn't you always want this helmet? Now you can take it away."

Pangong Tso picked the helmet with a headache. He wanted to reject yet Qin Mu kept pushing it to him so he couldn't help scolding him countless times in his heart. However, he still put the helmet on.

His gaze wavered. Even if it was him who had lived for ten thousand years, experienced countless historical moments, had lots of knowledge and secrets, he still didn't know much regarding Carefree Village, let alone where it was located.

He only knew from the records of Dao Sect, Great Thunderclap Monastery, and Little Jade Capital that it was a place to become a god. Gods were active there, and they were the remnants of Founding Emperor Era.

Him coming here this time was also in hopes to rely on this ship to bring him to the mysterious place so he could become a god. Now that he had received the control helmet that he had dreamed about, how was he going to go to that so-called Carefree Village?

He wore the helmet and felt his brain become several times larger, making his groan uncontrollably.

What a sabotage.

He was sabotaged by Qin Mu.

No wonder that fellow had called him Qin Gongtso the moment he met him. He had been waiting for him here!

'However, if you think I will die here, you're underestimating me too much! In ten thousand years, countless geniuses had died. No matter whether they were Dao Masters, Rulais, or immortals, didn't they all just die when their time was up? Over the ten thousand years, only I survived, and what I relied upon wasn't my comprehension or aptitude, but my extraordinary abilities! The reason I survived for so long isn't because of luck!'

Pangong Tso's gaze flickered, and he quickly figured out the controlling method of the silver-colored helmet. He tried to dot the geographical map on top of the helmet, and the treasured ship trembled, but it still didn't pull itself out from the beehive seals.

"Senior," Pangong Tso immediately said, "this ship is stuck and can't be moved."

Suddenly, the treasured ship trembled violently and shook off the beehive seals in the surroundings. It was obvious that the terrifying entity had made a move to shake this treasured ship out.

The beehive seals loosened from the vibration and numerous cracks appeared. The seals then crumbled like colored glass, and the devil qi of Youdu poured into Great Ruins.

At this moment, the two white bat god sculptures trembled, and the mountain rocks rumbled, falling off the three thousand yards sculpture.

Where the mountain rocks once were, the two white bat god sculptures revealed the color of flesh. Blood could faintly be seen running under their skins.


The sound of heartbeat suddenly came from the bodies of the two sculptures, and it was deafening.

In front of the treasured ship, the huge sculpture that was half buried underground was also trembling. The black rocks on its body flew off in all directions and smashed onto the cliffs in the surroundings, splitting open the stone cliffs with loud cracking noise!

The black rocks that came off the sculpture also revealed the color of flesh underneath. It looked like a god that was petrified was waking up again!

Pangong Tso was delighted. He knew many secrets that others didn't. In regards to Great Ruins, he also knew quite a lot. During one lifetime, he had found a treasured land and encountered an unimaginable change of events when he was exploring it.

There was a seal in that treasured land at that time, and he thought there would be some world-shaking treasure there. Never would he have expected that after he broke the seal by force, it was not treasures inside. Instead, it was a devil god!

However, right when he thought he would surely die, a sculpture of a divine beast suddenly transformed from stone to flesh as if the divine beast had revived and beat up that devil god that wanted to kill him half dead, sealing him once again.

After that, the divine beast returned back to the stone platform and its body gradually petrified once more. It changed back into a stone sculpture.

From that time onwards, Pangong Tso rarely stepped into Great Ruins. He knew that there were too many secrets buried there, and too many dangers as well as murderous intent. Any carelessness and he would die inexplicably.

However, this time, he borrowed the strangeness of Great Ruins to fight against the mysterious entity!

The treasured ship was embedded in the seals, so if it was moved, the seals would be broken and the gods and devils that had created this seal would revive from their stone statue state!

With this, Pangong Tso would be able to resolve the danger in front of him!

From the tremors outside, the current situation was progressing as he had expected. The god statues that were reviving would soon clash with the terrifying entity, and when that happened, that entity wouldn't have the time to take note of him!

Furthermore, he would be able to attain this ship and the silver-colored helmet that controlled it!

As expected, the tremors outside became even more violent. Even though he couldn't see what was happening, from the pulses of the clashes, he could imagine how the terrifying entity was discovered by the sculptures that had revived and were clashing against each other!

"Hahaha, this ship is finally mine…"


Before he could even finish laughing, a punch smashed ruthlessly onto his chest, and the helmet fell off his head. Qin Mu grabbed the red tassels and laughed loudly as he punched his opponent away.

Pangong Tso was furious and sent his flying locust to attack.

Qin Mu raised his hand, and Carefree Sword brought other its flying swords to block the attacks of the flying locusts while he himself walked towards the cabin door. Pangong Tso guarded the cabin door, his face filled with murderous intent as he attacked ruthlessly.

The two of them clashed once more and exchanged hundreds and thousands of blows in an instant. Suddenly, the treasured ship gently jolted and slid off from the shattered beehive seals, landing into the Youdu world shrouded in darkness.

The two of them were astonished and hurriedly looked out the bridge only to see the ship in darkness, floating away silently. Meanwhile, behind the ship, the beehive seals were currently disintegrating, their glows extinguished one after another. They were getting farther and farther away from them.

Qin Mu hurriedly put on the helmet and tried to control the treasured ship to sail back. The beehive seals were the gate for them to leave Youdu world. If they floated deeper into this land, no one could tell what dangers they would face.

Never did he expected to get hit by Pangong Tso the moment he put on the helmet, which resulted in him being smacked ruthlessly into the window. The helmet was then snatched by Pangong Tso, who put it on his head.

Qin Mu sent a sword out and flicked Pangong Tso up, then threw him to the side the next instant and took the silver helmet back for himself.

The two of them landed on the ground and looked at each other ruthlessly. Suddenly, the last beehive seal shattered and the light vanished. The treasured ship continued moving, and the hearts of the two people turned cold. Neither of them knew where the entrance to the real world was anymore.

"It's your fault!" Qin Mu and Pangong Tso said in unison.

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