Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 309 - Grandmaster is Wise

In the bridge, two figures moved up and down as Qin Mu and Pangong Tso was still beating each other up and struggling for their lives.

They thought that since they couldn't find the entrance to the real world, why shouldn't they just get rid of their hindrance first. Only by killing the other party could they continue to control this treasured ship to find the exit.

Otherwise, it would be quite a headache with such a great enemy watching their every move and free to stab them in the back at any time.

Pangong Tso was a person who had reincarnated. His advancement in cultivation was amazingly rapid, and Qin Mu didn't want to leave him alive. If he dragged this out, Pangong Tso's cultivation might just surpass his, so he had to get rid of him as soon as possible.

Pangong Tso, on the other hand, realized the dreadfulness of this new human emperor. The potential of his growth was astonishing, and his character was sinister and cunning. It was hard to scheme against him, so he might end up the one getting duped. The longer he dragged this out, the more dangerous it would become, so he had to get rid of Qin Mu as soon as possible.

The two of them had already exhausted their cultivations, no longer having the ability to swiftly kill each other. As they tried to kill each other, their vital qi exhaustion increased even more drastically. Not long later, the two of them were covered in wounds and gasping for breath.


The two of them clashed for the final time, and then fell to the ground on their backs. Neither of them had any more vital qi or strength to stand up.

Qin Mu crawled with difficulty to one of the flying swords and grabbed its hilt as he revealed a smile. It froze soon, though. 'Si Yunxiang, I'll definitely smack your bum into three segments and make you unable to lie down on the bed for half a month!'

He had grabbed the sword hilt, but since his flying swords were all made from Black Gold Essence, each one was about three hundred pounds in weight. With his current strength, he couldn't even drag one!

As for why they were so heavy, it was naturally Si Yunxiang's great doing!

On the other side, Pangong Tso was trying his best to gather a trace of magic power to execute a flying locust to get rid of Qin Mu. However, his vital qi kept breaking off, causing the flying locust to not be able to fly. It could only slowly crawl towards Qin Mu, its speed not any faster than that of an ant.

Qin Mu turned around and tried his best to crawl toward Pangong Tso. On his way, he took out a bunch of toxic herbs from his taotie sack with a strange smile on his face.

The flying locust that Pangong Tso had controlled finally caught up to Qin Mu's thigh and landed on it to take a bite. However, since his vital qi was simply too weak and the strength of the flying locust wasn't big, it took it a very long time only to bite through the pants.

Qin Mu by then crawled forward while enduring the pain, and Pangong Tso became flustered. He tried his best to flip over and use both his arms and legs as well as his chin to push himself away from Qin Mu.

One of them hurried away while the other gave chase at a speed that was slow enough to raise hackles.

They pushed themselves for a long time and crawled some three to six yards. Suddenly, Pangong Tso pulled out something from his taotie sack. It was a bottle gourd that stored shaman poison.

Pangong Tso was delighted. This was the shaman poison he had refined in his previous lifetime, and its toxicity was fierce. It was easy to use it to get rid of Qin Mu, so he stopped crawling away and turned back to reach his opponent.

Qin Mu saw this and immediately turned around, which took him quite a while. The poison in his own was only a half-complete one, while the one Pangong Tso held was completed shaman poison, its toxicity to not to be underestimated.

"Rascal, you're dead!" Pangong Tso moved quickly and finally caught up to Qin Mu's legs. He tried to open the mouth of the bottle gourd with excitement until his face turned red from holding his breath, but he still couldn't pull it open.

Qin Mu thought he was definitely going to die and turned back to look. Pangong Tso then immediately repeated himself, "Rascal, you're dead!" He hoped that it would scare him off.

"Little Prince, you're already out of strength, aren't you?"

Qin Mu sent a kick over and stuffed his foot into the other's mouth, trying to choke him. Pangong Tso's eyes almost rolled backward from disgust. He then hardened his heart. 'I've already reincarnated so many times, so why am I still bothered by the insult of the corporeal body?'

He bit down onto Qin Mu's foot, and Qin Mu pulled back his feet from the pain. He sneered before applying poison onto his foo, preparing to stuff it back into his mouth once more.

Pangong Tso took the chance when he was applying poison to crawl over. The two of them twisted their bodies around as they tried to choke each other; however, they had no strength in their hands.

Furthermore, the breath of divine arts practitioners on Six Directions Realm was astonishingly long. After choking each other for more than an hour, they still couldn't choke each other to death. Instead, they had exhausted the last bits of strength they'd had left.

The two of them turned completely limp, only their fingertips, toes, and eyeballs still slowly moving.

They were doing their best to adjust their breaths to recover a little of vital qi, wanting to get rid of the other party before they could recover.

As time slowly ticked by, Qin Mu recovered some strength. He took out dragon saliva to apply on his wounds. Even with a body forged by iron wouldn't be able to endure letting blood to just flow out from the wounds.

On the other side, Pangong Tso took out a jade bottle and consumed some medicine. As an existence which had lived for ten thousand years, he had learned a lot of stuff and had very deep attainments on the path of healing. He had also researched famous shaman poisons and could even poison a soul.

Qin Mu took a glance at him and revealed a fearful look.

Pangong Tso was a jack of all trades that was rarely seen. He was proficient in all kinds of skills. Even though they didn't reach the highest possible levels, they weren't ordinary. If he was able to combine all he had learned into one, he would definitely have an astonishing improvement. Of course, that was very difficult.

Pangong Tso had no hope in fusing all that he had learned. Even though he had superior abilities and wisdom, his drive had long been obliterated; there was no more heart to improve within him.

Pangong Tso didn't continue to attack. After going through so many lifetimes, he still couldn't hold an upper hand against Qin Mu.

When he met him for the first time, he was pressured by him and nearly lost his life. This time, both sides resulted in utter defeat. This really set him back.

In his body was the power of his previous lifetimes, but he couldn't touch it carelessly. He had to continue raising the durability of this body, polishing its foundation so that it could endure more power.

The power of his previous lifetimes was too terrifying, so if he was careless, he would explode his current body. However, as long as he improved it, his cultivation would reach the peak it once had. Because of that, his speed in cultivating was still superior to that of Qin Mu.

However, it had been five months since they had last met, so according to logic, his cultivation should have left Qin Mu far behind. Never had he expected that they would still be evenly matched.

The two of them didn't say anything and just looked out of the windows.

The Youdu world looked no different whether one looked up or down. There were no four seasons, no earth, sun, and moon, and naturally, there weren't any north, south, east, or west. Any other world would have the differences in six directions, but this place didn't.

In the lonely Youdu, the treasured ship floated aimlessly in the darkness.

The farther it floated away, the harder it would become for it to return to the real world. In this kind of loneliness, its passengers would probably go crazy before long!

Outside the ship, a light flashed in the darkness of Youdu. It was a life form of Youdu, flashing its light in the darkness to attract prey.

However, what was weird was ever since the treasured ship had entered Youdu, there had been no terrifying Youdu life forms coming near it.

Qin Mu and Pangong Tso suddenly thought of the reason and were astonished, 'There's probably another terrifying existence on this ship which is why the life forms of Youdu don't dare to come near!"

The terrifying thing was naturally something else that was on the ship and not them.

Qin Mu recalled the devil qi that had poured forward when he just boarded the ship. This confirmed to him that they weren't the only ones on the ship. There were other things hiding somewhere!

'The human heart is really sinister. This world is so challenging. My bones might get cleanly eaten if I let myself be a little careless.'

Qin Mu stood up shakily, and Pangong Tso immediately became alert. He hurriedly went into a defensive pose, but Qin Mu didn't attack. Instead, he took down the taotie sack from his back and opened it, then put all of his flying swords back inside.

Pangong Tso sighed and also put his flying locusts back. "Cult Master Qin, there's still an unpredictable danger on this ship so we should work together and walk through this crisis in as one instead of continuing to fight each other to the death. What do you think?"

Qin Mu beamed. "I had the same idea as well. However, it's hard for me to be at ease working with you."

Pangong Tso's gaze flickered, and he said, "I'm not reassured about you as well. Cult Master Qin, you and I are opponents, and I had underestimated you in the past. However, from now on I won't underestimate you anymore. This journey was different from what I had imagined: entering Youdu world muddle-headed, and there are still secrets on the ship as well as a terrifying existence in hiding. You and I have to bury the hatchet and work together, only then can we manage to leave this place alive. If we continue fighting like this, we will only die here!"

Qin Mu then said reluctantly, "In that case, we will cooperate only on this ship. Once we are off it, we'll return to being enemies."

Pangong Tso revealed a smiled and nodded. "Deal!"

"Deal!" Qin Mu hesitated for a moment. "Do we need to sign the Pact of Earth Count?"

Pangong Tso smiled and said, "No need for so much trouble, we're only temporarily cooperating."

Qin Mu nodded in agreement. "It seems to be so."

Pangong Tso let out a sigh of relief to himself. 'This new human emperor is still young; he can't outwit me. If I signed the Pact of Earth Count with you, I could only ally with you. How would Il have the chance to get rid of you then?'

Both of them had ill intentions, but Pangong Tso was the first to speak, "We need to find my subordinates so we can regroup, only then will we have the strength to protect ourselves."

Qin Mu nodded and said, "Grandmaster is right. We'll do as you say. That's right, Grandmaster, this silver helmet…" He took out the silver helmet with the red tassels and gave it a troubled look.

Pangong Tso wanted to snatch it, but he was afraid that Qin Mu would sneakily attack him when he put on the helmet and shook his head. "Now that you and I are working together, we will naturally have to trust each other. You shall safe keep it for now and follow me. I have calculated the marvel of the rooms in the ship, what's used there is the spell of integration."

Qin Mu was sincerely impressed. "Grandmaster is wise!"

The two of them finished packing up and walked out of the cabin only to see the ship completely empty. There was nobody else, no sign of any life. There was only some green liquid glowing on the deck.

The treasured ship was huge. The white bats, the dragon qilin, the great shamans, and shaman kings that Pangong Tso had brought as well as the soldiers of Barbarian Di Empire were most likely still trapped in the rooms.

The two of them consumed some spirit pills and tried their utmost best to recover their cultivations. As they walked side by side into a room, Qin Mu executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique to catalyze the medicinal energy. His cultivation recovered twenty to thirty percent, and the wounds on his body had already scabbed over. Those scabs started to fall off because of the dragon saliva he'd applied earlier.

Pangong Tso's injuries were also much better. His spirit medicine wasn't inferior to that of Qin Mu.

Suddenly, Qin Mu saw the old man from the painting flashing across a wall and his heart couldn't help stirring, making him give chase immediately.

Pangong Tso immediately shouted, "That's the wrong way!"

However, Qin Mu had already opened another door and rushed into the room!

Pangong Tso forced himself to follow after him, furious in his heart. 'If there was a place in which I could still use you, I would have gotten rid of you long ago! Rascal, if you land in my hands, I won't let you have an easy death!'

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