Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 310 - Mysterious Corridor

They barged into the room, but the elder in the painting didn't stop. He went into another room, and Qin Mu quickly followed after him. There, he came face to face with another person, and the two of them nearly collided as they avoided each other in a hurry.

At the instant the two figures met, they were both astonished.

"Heavenly Devil Cult Master!"

"Barbarian Die Empire's soldier!"

Qin Mu's reaction was faster. At the instant they crossed each other, his palm was raised, sounds bursting off it. With thunderous rumbles, his mudra was imprinted on the back of that person's heart.

Tempest of the Nine Dragons!

His palm landed on the back of that person's heart, and his strength poured out. Only then did that person react. When the knife pellets rose into the air, the power in Qin Mu's move had already burst forth. The dragon-shaped force bombarded the person. The first wave crumbled the vital qi protecting his body, the second wave destroyed the structure of the muscles at the back of his heart, the third wave crumbled his bones, the fourth wave shattered his heart, and the fifth wave pierced his chest, transforming into a blood dragon that burst out from his body!

The knife pellets of that soldier from Barbarian Di Empire rose into the sky, and fine curved blades hummed as they separated. At this moment, Qin Mu raised Carefree Sword, and it sliced the knife pellets into halves.

They instantly broke down and transformed into hundreds of broken knives that dropped to the floor. The vital qi of that Barbarian Di Empire's soldier dispersed, and he collapsed to the ground, dead.

Pangong Tso was a step too late, unable to save that soldier. By the time he got close, Qin Mu had already closed in and killed that person. Pangong Tso couldn't help becoming furious and shouted sternly, "Cult Master Qin, that was my man!"

Qin Mu's Carefree Sword returned back into its sheath, and he shook his head. "Your man's first reaction in seeing me was to kill me so I only defended myself. If I didn't make the first move, I'd be the one lying down there. If Grandmaster is not happy, why don't you walk in front? If your men meet you, they won't make a move."

Pangong Tso was hesitant. If he was to walk in front of Qin Mu, he would show him his back. Seeing how the brat had killed that Barbarian Di Empire's soldier with nimbleness, it was clear that he would be even more nimble if there was a chance to kill him.

He didn't dare to hand his back to Qin Mu.

Furthermore, Qin Mu only mentioned one situation. If the next person wasn't Pangong Tso's man but the two white bats or the dragon qilin, Pangong Tso could already imagine his end once he got trapped between the two forces.

However, it was a horrible plan to run around aimlessly. Qin Mu was barging into rooms at random without any pattern. It was clear that he hadn't solved the integration on the treasured ship. If Pangong Tso continued to go through room after room with him aimlessly, he would probably also lose his direction and would have to recalculate the structure of the rooms on the ship.

'I can't let this brat lead the way,' Pangong Tso thought while opening a room. "Here!"

Sound of a door opening came from his back, and he saw that Qin Mu had already run into another room. Pangong Tso was furious, but he could only chase after. In the end, the silver helmet that controlled this ship was still with Qin Mu.

The two of them came to the next room and suddenly stopped. Qin Mu lifted his feet, noticing that there was some sticky liquid stuck to it.

The room was covered in green sticky liquid that filled the ground and walls. Even the table was covered with it.

Qin Mu looked around and saw that the elder from the painting was also in the room. He was carefully avoiding the sticky liquid, moving through places that did not have it.

He was a human from a painting, and this sticky liquid was dangerous to him as it could glue him to a place, thus he had to avoid it.

Pangong Tso also saw the old man from the painting and was astonished. He hurriedly waved the Thousand Locusts Banner in his hands and violent clanks sounded out as Qin Mu executed his flying swords to block the flying locusts.

Pangong Tso was furious and looked at Qin Mu while asking in a stern voice, "Doesn't Cult Master Qin owe me an explanation?"

Qin Mu said indifferently, "My surname is Qin, this is the best explanation."

Pangong Tso's heart trembled violently as he instantly caught the crux of the matter.

The terrifying entity whose eyes were nine hundred yards apart had been waiting for a person with the surname Qin. The reason why the two of them had caught its interest was because they were 'both' Qin!

He was extremely clever; otherwise, he wouldn't have survived for so long. He thought to himself, 'Could the owner of this ship have had the surname Qin? This brat and the owner of the ship are from the same family? If that's the case, then he must also be from Carefree Village! No wonder this guy came all the way here, but wait a minute! Sixteen years old, that terrifying entity had been waiting for a youth that has the surname Qin and is sixteen years old! This brat is also sixteen years old! Sixteen years ago, this ship crashed here so there has to be a connection between all this!'

He suppressed his astonishment and waved his Thousand Locusts Banner. Qin Mu then pulled back his flying swords.

The old man in the painting found another path and went through another door.

The two of them immediately followed after him, and when they pushed open the door, they saw a long long corridor. Pangong Tso was stunned. He had calculated out the spell of integration used by these rooms, so he was able to find where the bridge was, but he hadn't expected such a corridor.

'By right, the total number of rooms should be what I had calculated, so why is there some place I don't know about?' He was confused.

If he did not solve the spell of space integration, how did he find the bridge?

If he had solved it, then why wasn't this long corridor present in his result?

In his calculation, there was absolutely no way this long corridor could exist!

In that case, there was only one possibility. The spell of space integration was just an outer structure used to fool people. This was to make people who entered to think that they had searched the whole ship and neglect the true secrets hidden below!

Even the silver helmet that Qin Mu possessed might only be a treasure to fool people and couldn't truly control the ship.

'The gods of Carefree Village are indeed extraordinary, even I was fooled. Luckily the Qin brat is here; otherwise, I wouldn't have discovered this secret.'

Pangong Tso's gaze flickered. In the last room, there had been a lot of green liquid, which meant that the unknown existence had also found this place and killed its way in.

The old man from the painting was sprinting through the wall of the long corridor, moving up and down from time to time, seemingly avoiding something.

Qin Mu and Pangong Tso looked over and saw numerous markings left on the wall. There were deep palm imprints as well as other types of palm imprints. There were also strange imprints of weapons that were incomparably terrifying. It seemed like just a slight touch would cause their destructive energies to activate and wipe out everything in the surroundings!

These were marks left behind by divine weapons!

Other than marks of divine weapons, there were also imprints left behind by divine arts. They were not big, but still contained a terrifying power that emanated a pulsing glow which could make people's hearts palpitate.

The glow of the imprints was due to runes, and they were sometimes bright and sometimes dark. They were complicated and profound, hard to understand.

When a person looked at them for the first time, they wouldn't understand anything, but once their mind slowly seeped inside, they would instantly feel the marvel of the world flooding over, sending them into a trance.

"It's different from the stone wall of Dao Sect's Dao Sword, but it has the same result!"

Qin Mu and Pangong Tso couldn't help exclaiming in admiration. The imprints from the divine arts and divine weapons were simply a treasure vault of techniques. Even though these weren't comparable to the Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword from Dao Sect, if one could comprehend all the marvels contained in the imprints on the corridor and attain the techniques and divine arts there, they could probably found their own sacred ground!

Both their hearts stirred, but they had no choice but to hold their minds back. Their enemy was right beside them, and if they fell into comprehension, they would definitely be killed by the bad egg beside them.

Even though they would have very much liked to get rid of the other party and take this place for themselves, the imprints on the walls were not very stable. If someone came into contact with the imprints accidentally, the explosion from power contained in them could easily kill them hundreds or thousands of times!

That old man from the painting was still leading the way. The long corridor seemed to have no end. Since the time they had stepped in it, they should have long walked out of the ship but there was still no sight of the end.

This was an even superior spell of integration which used great magic power to warp space, folding it and stretching instead of using the skin and bones of taotie to expand the space.

It was such a narrow corridor, but there were numerous imprints of divine arts and divine weapons on the walls. From them, it could easily be imagined how fierce the battle had been. But the most crucial point was that when these strong practitioners had made their moves here, the power of their divine arts was condensed and would only explode when it hit the enemy. If it didn't hit the enemy, not an ounce of power would leak out.

This was extremely terrifying.

It meant that their control of power had reached an extremely intricate step, using the least amount of power to create great damage. It was extremely difficult to achieve this step.

Even if it was a divine arts practitioner of Six Directions Realm, the explosion of a divine art could sweep a radius of numerous yards. If a divine arts practitioner was to condense the damage to their palm, not many people would be able to achieve it. But if they did that, the destructiveness of the attack would probably be multiplied by a hundred times.

If gods shrank their divine arts to such a state, how terrifying would they destructive power be?

Qin Mu and Pangong Tso's eyes lighted up, and they immediately realized the strength of this. If both of them had similar cultivation, but one could shrink the explosion of their divine arts, wouldn't the other party be killed when the two of them clashed again?

Furthermore, the power wouldn't leak, and and the exhaustion of magic power would be cut to the minimum. It would allow one to fight for an even longer time.

However, both of their techniques and divine arts didn't have such a fine method of control. To be able to control divine arts to such detail required extremely high attainments in algebra,

Dao Sect had extremely high attainments in algebra, but even its people couldn't achieve this step; otherwise, Dao Sect would be invincible.

'I guess only by being proficient in calculations can one control their power to such an extent, right?'

A gentle breeze suddenly came through the long corridor. Qin Mu and Pangong Tso both grunted, and their bones cracked. This wasn't the breeze putting pressure on their bodies, but the air of a god that had come with the breeze putting so much pressure on them that they almost couldn't catch their breaths.

Qin Mu immediately transformed into a black shadow and sunk into the wall to move through it. Pangong Tso saw this and found this to be clever. He also hurriedly transformed into a shadow to sink into the wall. The both of them then avoided the imprints in the wall, moving forward until they soon saw the source of the air of god.

It was a divine corpse, one that belonged to a god. His head was pierced through, and half of his body was petrified while the other half was still corporeal. He had been killed by the enemy before he could finish petrifying.

The fierceness of the battle in the corridor was slightly out of the two's expectations.

They slithered through the wall and followed the old man from the painting. After dozens of yards, they saw a second divine corpse, followed by the third, fourth…

Qin Mu and Pangong Tso's hearts palpitated as they moved forward while trembling with fear. Finally, they came to the end of the corridor and saw a door.

It opened automatically with a creak.

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment before coming down from the wall and entering.

Pangong Tso was a step later as he wanted Qin Mu to first test out if there were any dangers inside. After he had entered and didn't seem to meet any danger, Pangong Tso came down from the wall. But just as he wanted to walk through, the door suddenly creaked and shut itself, blocking him out.

Pangong Tso immediately went to bang on the door, but it wouldn't open no matter what. Suddenly, he remembered that doors had to be pulled open, and the moment he did so, he rushed in and raised his head to take a look. An ice cold feeling swept across his heart, and beads of cold sweat rolled down his forehead.

Outside was the Youdu world filled with darkness and glowing lights swimming around the sky like the stars.

He was currently standing on the deck of the treasured ship. Qin Mu and the old man from the painting had vanished.

It was obvious that after the door had shut, the spell of space and time integration had shifted the space so it was no longer the room Qin Mu had entered!

"Damn it!"

Pangong Tso was furious and turned around to open the door, but the room behind it was no longer the mysterious corridor. It was a new room.

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