Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 315 - This is Bad

'This brat got beaten so miserably, could he have met the terrifying entity hidden on this ship?'

Pangong Tso gave chase with a slight suspicion in his heart. 'But didn't that terrifying entity already run away?'

When Saturn Sovereign had escaped from the treasured ship, a lot of activity was happening throughout the ship. Pangong Tso was searching through the rooms for his followers that were still scattered. Some of them were still waiting on the deck, but when he came there, the people on the deck had disappeared. They had to have been swept off into Youdu world by the gale which was raised by Saturn Sovereign's escape.

This had happened two months ago.

During this period of time, Pangong Tso had brought everyone to search through all the rooms and collected all the treasures that could be moved. Only when he wanted to ransack the bridge did he meet with a hindrance, the dragon qilin and the white bat brothers. They blocked off the way, making it impossible to enter the room.

There was only one door into the bridge, and Pangong Tso would have had to go through it if they wanted to enter the room. However, the two white bats and the dragon qilin were not weak. Once they decided to guard the door, even the shaman king of Life and Death Realm couldn't break through. Due to that, in the last few days, Pangong Tso had them attacked continuously so they wouldn't be able to get any rest.

The moment Pangong Tso barged into a room, he immediately executed Ten Thousand Locusts Banner, and numerous locusts started to circle around his body, protecting him.

At this moment, the sound of a door closing came from behind him. Qin Mu had stayed next to to the door and had just closed it.

Pangong Tso rushed forward a dozen steps before turning back with a smile. "Cult Master Qin, why have you lured me here?"

The bruises on Qin Mu's face were obvious traces of being thrashed, and his voice was full of resentment. "I had suffered numerous beatings over the past two months, and my confidence is severely crippled. Old brother, you should also know, if a person fails too many times without succeeding once, their hearts will become twisted and they will become perverted."

Pangong Tso was astonished. "What kind of person could actually beat Cult Master Qin into such a state? This is starting to interest me. Other than me, who else in this world can actually defeat Cult Master Qin repeatedly and make him feel such a strong sense of defeat. Could that person be a divine arts practitioners of Seven Stars Realm?"

Qin Mu touched the injuries on his face. "What he used was his cultivation of Six Directions Realm."

Pangong Tso was even more astonished and let out a shaky breath as he praised, "This person truly has great abilities."

Qin Mu said very sincerely, "Therefore old brother, I can only take the chance to find you during a break. To prevent my spirit from becoming twisted and my mind from becoming perverted, won't you let me give you a beating?"

Pangong Tso's eyebrows drooped, and his gaze fell on the Ten Thousand Locusts Banner he was holding. With a low laugh, he said, "Cult Master Qin, I usually don't fight battles that I know I can't win, so I usually use dirty tricks in such situations. However, when I saw you waving at me sneakily, I ran over immediately, do you know why?"

He raised his head. "I have cultivated diligently for the past two months and have improved extremely compared to two months ago. You also know I'm the grandmaster of Rolan's Golden Palace and have already reincarnated eighteen times. Two months of my cultivation is equivalent to two years of your cultivation! I've chased after you not to listen to your rubbish and not to get beaten by you as well, I'm here to kill you!"

He erupted in fury, and his black hair rushed upwards. Swinging his Ten Thousand Locusts Banner, he attacked Qin Mu while shouting sternly, "I'll beat you to death! Hand over that silver helmet and I'll let you die peacefully!"

Ding, ding, ding, ding.

The flying locusts and the sword rain collided. The thin wings of the golden-colored locusts were like knives while Qin Mu's flying swords were incomparably heavy. In that instant, the collisions filled the entire room with sparks shooting off in all directions.

Among the sword lights and flying locusts, Pangong Tso stabbed the Ten Thousand Locusts Banner onto the ground, and his feet flashed as he moved left and right among the sword rain and flying locusts to close in on his target.

Qin Mu's footwork was also changing unpredictably while he closed in on Pangong Tso as well.

The room they were in wasn't very large, so with all the places having flying swords and flying locusts clashing with each other, any carelessness would lead to being stabbed or even losing one's life.

Qin Mu and Pangong Tso had been researching on how to transform their divine arts to become fine, so due to the room's size, their flying locusts and flying swords were all shrunk to the smallest possible size. The flying swords were no more than three inches long, while the flying locusts were no more than five fingernails long.

The smaller they got, the more dangerous it would become to move through the room. The action would require extremely great eyesight and judgment to avoid the sword rain and the flying locusts.

The next moment, the two people exchanged palms and fists, bursting forth with force. A crisp cry of thunder instantly sounded in the room.

Pangong Tso revealed a smile. "With my current cultivation… Hnnnng!"

He gave a grunt when he felt the opponent's terrifying strength, astonished. He had cultivated diligently these days, and his cultivation had increased tremendously. Thus, it should have had an overwhelming advantage. Instead, when he exerted his full strength, Qin Mu still had a slight upper hand!

How was this possible?

Was this brat also someone who had reincarnated?

However, he noticed that something wasn't right. Qin Mu hadn't surpassed him in the cultivation of magic power. Instead, his vital qi had become even purer and the way he used his moves and divine arts had improved by a level. Even his corporeal body had become stronger.

This meant that Qin Mu could use less vital qi to have his divine arts burst forth with a greater power. He had gone ahead in terms of finesse in his divine arts. When his attacks didn't hit, the power would rarely leak out, while when they did hit, the force of the explosion would be even stronger!

Pangong Tso and Qin Mu had gone into that mysterious corridor together and both of them had seen the markings of the divine arts and divine weapons on the wall. However, both of them had only gained a superficial understanding from the cursory observation and hadn't researched it deeper.

Yet Qin Mu had surpassed Pangong Tso in the attainments of this path.

'This is bad!'

Pangong Tso was stupefied. He had a bad feeling about this. Now that Qin Mu's cultivation had increased and his vital qi had become purer, he would exhaust a lot less magic power. With his corporeal body improving as well, it was obvious that Qin Mu's battle prowess and endurance would both surpass him.

Even though it wasn't much, it would be enough for him to achieve victory as long as he was an inch superior.

The battle was fine for the moment, but once it dragged out, Pangong Tso was going to be in deep shit!

When their big moves clashed, the eight thousand swords and Ten Thousand Locusts Banner both exhausted a great amount of magic power. This made their vital qi deplete at a rapid pace, and so the numbers of flying swords and flying locusts they could control declined.

Yet Qin Mu's corporeal body was still going strong as he unleashed his moves unhindered. He split mountains and rocks with his punches and kicks that contained astonishing power, forcing Pangong Tso to fall back continuously.

Suddenly, Pangong Tso crashed backward and threw open a door on his way there. He took this chance to close the door. Before it could happen, a huge force came bombarding over, blowing him away and smacking him into the wall on the opposite side!

'I just need to hold on until my subordinates find me. As long as they come, this brat will surely die!'

Pangong Tso remained calm. In the past two months, he had taught some shaman kings how to calculate the spell of space integration to find the treasures on the ship and that mysterious corridor.

Those shaman kings would definitely find their way over!

However, the wisdom and algebra of those shaman kings were inferior to his own, so they would definitely take some time to find their way over to him. Thus, he needed to hold on until they did.

Qin Mu came whooshing over and attacked him from a distance, engaging in hand to hand combat once he was close. The number of flying swords and flying locusts they used in this clash was even lower. Qin Mu controlled nine swords, each of which was extremely fine as it swam to and fro around his body. Those swords were like flying fish that were the length of a finger. Pangong Tso's nine flying locusts were also extremely fine, and they looked like real golden locusts.

Even though the two fighters' vital qi was severely depleted, their attacks were still extremely fierce. When they were attacking from a distance yet close to each other, any carelessness would result in that person dying.

Pangong Tso dealt with the attacks carefully, but his cultivation was still depleting too rapidly until it was finally exhausted.

Qin Mu's cultivation was also exhausted, but his corporeal body was still as strong as a bull. Pangong Tso could only block over a dozen attacks before his defense was broken. In an instant, his entire face was bruised.

Qin Mu pressed him against the floor and beat him until his eyes could no longer open. Pangong Tso shouted out, "Well done! Come and beat me some more if you have the guts!"

Qin Mu gave two more punches before he heard a door opening. His heart wavered, and he immediately stopped.

Pangong Tso shouted, "Come and beat me some more!"

Qin Mu put away his flying swords and turned around with a laugh. "Older brother, I'm satisfied, I'll find you another day. That's right, the taotie sack that's on your waist, I'm taking it!"

Astonished, Pangong Tso grabbed towards his waist, his heart turning cold.

However, the taotie sack on his waist had already vanished without a trace.

He actually didn't realize when Qin Mu had undone it!

'My craft is still slightly inferior to that of Grandpa Cripple; otherwise, he wouldn't even know if I had taken off his pants.'

Qin Mu tossed the taotie sack up before catching it again and sighed to himself about how Cripple's craft was too excellent.

"Kill him!" Pangong Tso's voice sounded out as some shaman kings finally came into the room.

Qin Mu revealed a smile and turned around to close a nearby door behind himself. On his way out, he collected the flying swords that were scattered on the ground and placed them back into his taotie sack. He also picked up the Ten Thousand Locusts Banner.

Opening the taotie sack of Pangong Tso, he looked inside and frowned slightly. The books in the study room weren't there, just all the other treasures from the ship: an incense burner, tea set, candlesticks. Pangong Tso didn't seem to have carried the books with him.

'What exactly is recorded in those books from the bookshelves? Techniques of gods? Or is it something else…"

Qin Mu hung the two taotie sacks around his waist and returned to the study room while thinking, 'When I beat him up the next time, I should ask where he hid the books.'

Pangong Tso struggled to walk out of the building and come onto the deck. When he saw the gazes of the shaman kings, he knew what they were thinking of him. Once they saw him beaten up to such a state by Qin Mu, their respect for him started to fade.

Pangong Tso said indifferently, "Cult Master Qin isn't in a good condition as well; he was severely injured by me. I know his name and surname, so when my cultivation recovers, I shall cast a spell to take his life!"

When his cultivation recovered, he immediately cast his spell. Yet something weird happened. Even though he knew Qin Mu's name and surname, he couldn't find him. It was as if he had vanished from this world.

Pangong Tso cast his spell again, but his shaman spell still couldn't find Qin Mu.

'Impossible, he's clearly on the ship, yet the shaman spell can't find him. Could he be hiding in some secret space which blocks off my spell?'

Qin Mu returned to the painting, and the man there continued to feed him moves. Even though Qin Mu was still defeated time and time again, he was starting to last longer and longer.

Time went without anyone's notice, until one day, the treasured ship trembled. Even though Qin Mu was in the world in the painting, he could still feel those tremors.

The old man revealed a worried expression and called him over. Qin Mu quickly followed him out and onto the deck.

A distance away from the treasured ship, countless Youdu life forms were flooding over. The tremor came from the treasured ship increasing its speed to escape them.

The old man from the painting stood on the door and waved at Qin Mu.

Qin Mu was stunned. Were they going to part just like this?

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