Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 317 - No Righteous Person

"This is not Ghost Valley."

Fu Yuchun looked around. The two white bats were slightly reserved as it was their first time leaving Ghost Valley. They wanted to hang upside down yet felt too shy to do it.

Qin Mu raised his head to look at the dilapidated hall and roof over them before saying, "You guys can hang on the roof and take a break, don't alarm the others. I'll bring you guys back to Ghost Valley tomorrow, once we reach it, I'll give you guys the antidote."

The two white bats let out sighs of relief and flew up silently. They hung under the roof, their hands crossed in front of their chest.

Fu Yuchun opened his eyes and said in a low voice, "This brat lied to us, we were not poisoned at all."

Fu Yuqiu was astonished. "We were not poisoned? Impossible, we were clearly in pain when the toxin flared up!"

Fu Yuchun rolled one of his eyes. "The toxicity should have been undone long ago. When he first gave us the antidote, he must have already undone the poison. The rest was just to scare us. Otherwise, we would already have already died from poison after the passage of two month plus."

Fu Yuqiu was furious. "This brat lied to us to get us to work for him! Let's eat him well-done!"

"Oh well, oh well," Fu Yuchun said. "Even if we hadn't allied with him, we still would have been chased by Pangong Tso and his lackeys. They wouldn't have let us off. By allying with the brat, we instead got to live on, so it isn't bad for us. It's also because of him that we know our old ancestors are still alive. Now our white bat race won't have to go extinct. Let's go back to wake our ancestors and have them give birth to girls for us."

Fu Yuqiue was excited. "Give birth to two females! No, no, it should be a nest of females, I want to hug them left and right… Wait a minute! Brother, we are generations away from our old ancestors, so even if they give birth to two girls, in terms of seniority they would be our great great great grandmothers, this seniority…"

Troubled expression filled the faces of the two white bats, and they could no longer fall asleep.

In the ruins, Qin Mu leaned against the dragon qilin's body to rest. There were over a dozen god statues guarding the place, and their rays lighted up the entire ruins. Qin Mu still didn't know where this ruin was located in Great Ruins. He would have to fly into the sky during the day to observe the surroundings, only then could he determine his location.

Pangong Tso took a glance at him then also sat down. The dozen of great shamans, shaman kings, and the remaining few soldiers of Barbarian Di Empire that were lucky to be alive surrounded him.

Qin Mu looked around and saw many strange beasts. There was no lack of strong existences among them, and their physiques were huge. They were even larger than the dragon qilin in his full form.

"Eh, these people are slightly interesting…"

His pupils slightly contracted as his gaze landed on the bodies of some travelers. There were three groups of them, and one of them consisted of three eminent monks. They were rugged-looking, but they had kind gazes, even if there was a strong demonic air about their bodies.

'Little Thunderclap Monastery's monks!'

Qin Mu felt the demonic air about their bodies and immediately realized who they were. Little Thunderclap Monastery was a sacred ground, but it belonged to the demon race. Their head was revered as Little Rulai, and he was a junior brother to Old Rulai. He had exceptional abilities and had also achieved the realm of rulai.

Little Thunderclap Monastery was referred to as Little Western Paradise and was even more west than Great Thunderclap Monastery on Mount Meru. It was located on the westernmost side of Great Ruins.

'Since I can see the demon monks of Little Thunderclap Monastery, could we be at the west of Great Ruins?'

Qin Mu's heart sunk slightly. It was his first time going to such a far-off place, since Great Ruins was extremely vast. This place might be even farther away than Rolan's Golden Palace.

The second group of travelers only had two people, a man, and a woman. They were both very young and looked like a married couple. There was nothing dangerous he could see about them.

The two of them wore outfits of different tribes. The man had a white cloth wrapped around his head, revealing his black hair on the top of his head. On the other hand, the woman donned gold and silver, wearing numerous accessories made from those two metals and jade on her body. She had tied her head with a black head covering, and it hung down with her beautiful hair in front of her slightly bulging chest. There was also a little red flower fastened to the top of her head.

Her hand was very fair. The sleeves of her shirt were quite short, revealing more than half of her small arm. It wasn't thick, yet there were over a dozen gold, silver, and jade bracelets of different thickness on her wrist.

These two people were guarding a magnificent carriage of a very strange shape.

Qin Mu had seen some magnificent carriages before, and most of them were very squarish. Some of them had a yurt top with an octagon top. The yurt top represented the square earth and spherical heavens while the octagon top represented the eight points of a compass. They were both symbols which signified status.

This carriage, however, was circular, with a circular base and a circular top. The ornaments hanging around the carriage also had the feel of a different tribe.

The third group of people was a hundred divine arts practitioners. Their appearance and clothing were also of a different tribe. All their pupils were blue, but Qin Mu also didn't know from which country they came.

These divine arts practitioners had murderous intent leaking from their eyes and would glance toward the young married couple and the carriage from time to time.

"Cult Master, the atmosphere isn't right," the dragon qilin said after opening his eyes secretly. "There are way too many spirit weapons on that woman's body, and the abilities of those divine arts practitioners are all very strong!"

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows. The eyesight of the dragon qilin was indeed not bad. The gold, silver, and jade accessories that the woman was wearing were all spirit weapons.

When Qin Mu glanced at them with his Green Heaven's Eyes, each and every spirit weapon was giving off dazzling spirit ray which showed that their power wasn't weak.

To hang so many spirit weapons on her body, her abilities couldn't be weak.

Pangong Tso had also noticed these people and gave instructions to two of the great shamans in a low voice. One of them immediately rose and went to the side of the young couple, greeting them before inquiring about their origins. He then came back to report. "They said they are from True Heaven Palace of West Earth. They asked if we could assist them."

"True Heaven Palace of West Earth?" Pangong Tso said. "Since they are qi refiners of West Earth's True Heaven Palace, we have no association with them and no need to guard against them. As for their matter, we won't help."

The other great shaman also came back from inquiring and said, "Those divine arts practitioners are from True Heaven Palace; they wish we don't interfere with them."

"They are both from True Heaven Palace?" Astonished, Pangong Tso smiled. "It seems like an internal strife, so there's no need for us to bother with them. Those three demon monks are from Little Thunderclap Monastery and there's some grudge between them and our Rolan's Golden Palace, so we should guard against them."

Rolan's Golden Palace frequently captured humans and demons to cultivate and had quite a number of clashes with Little Thunderclap Monastery due to capturing quite a number of demon monks from there and using their souls to cultivate.

The three monks also saw through the origin of Pangong Tso and his followers. They looked at each other, but they didn't make a move.

Pangong Tso said in a low voice, "Since we met with people from Little Thunderclap Monastery and West Earth, it means that this place is in the west of Great Ruins. It shouldn't be too far from Little Thunderclap Monastery so the three monks can't be left alive. After the sun rises, we'll get rid of them immediately!"

Everyone acknowledged.

"As for Cult Master Qin…"

He looked towards Qin Mu who was currently rummaging through a taotie sack. He sensed his gaze and raised his head to give him a radiant smile. He looked like a sunshine bright boy.

The taotie sack that Qin Mu was holding was that of Pangong Tso. He took out items from the inside and examined them over and over again, playing with each and every one of them.

"What a huge hammer!"

He raised a white bone huge hammer and gently swung it. Instantly, countless skulls came out from the huge skull on the top, spewing soul fire in all directions.

Qin Mu shook it again, and the huge skull opened its mouth to suck the smaller skulls back into its mouth.

"There's actually also a sword pellet inside!"

Qin Mu returned the white bone hammer into the taotie sack and took out a sword pellet. Once he executed it gently, countless fine swords that were like hair surrounded his palm.

"Cultivating to such a fine realm, your technique sure is profound! Is this the refining method of Dao Sect's Dao Sword? Doesn't seems so." Qin Mu shook his head. "Dao Sword only needs one sword and that's it, Old Brother Pan, your cultivation isn't there yet. No wonder your Dao Sword is only so-so and not as good as that of Dao Master."

Pangong Tso grunted and sneered. "The taotie sack you stole was merely a fraction of the wealth I have accumulated throughout all my lifetimes."

He lowered his voice and instructed the shamans on his left and right, "Tomorrow morning, you shaman kings shall get rid of the two white bats and that fat cat, the rest will work together to get rid of the Qin brat!"

Qin Mu checked the items in the taotie sack before standing up and walking towards the three demon monks. He greeted them. "Senior Brothers."

The three demon monks that had been meditating hurriedly got up to return the greeting. "Senior Brother!"

The three monks wore wide robes with large sleeves, but even though their robes were big, they still couldn't cover their legs, revealing razor sharps talons and thick bird legs that were covered in feathers.

"Are the three of you from Little Thunderclap Monastery?" Qin Mu asked. "Does Little Rulai have a disciple that's a devil ape, his name in religion Kong?"

The three demon monks were astonished for a moment, then nodded. "Senior Brother, Rulai bestowed him the name in religion of Zhan Kong, and he's indeed Rulai's disciple. May I ask how do you know Zhan Kong?"

Qin Mu smiled. "I'm Heavenly Saint Cult Master, and he's my sworn brother so I naturally know him."

"I see." The three monks let down their guards and smiled. One of them said, "My name in religion is Ding Jue, and these are my brothers, Ding Zhi and Ding Ming. We pay our respects to Heavenly Saint Cult Master."

Qin Mu took a look and Pangong Tso and said, "That youth is the grandmaster of Rolan's Golden Palace and has three shaman kings beside him. Two of them are on Celestial Being Realm and one of them is on Life and Death Realm."

The three monks were shocked, their faces turning ashen. "What can we do then? We are still not at Celestial Being Realm, we can't fight them!"

Qin Mu smiled. "Don't worry, there's me. I'll bring you guys out tomorrow. Follow me, let's rest over there."

The three monks relaxed and followed him to dragon qilin's side. They immediately greeted him. "Senior Brother."

The dragon qilin was already asleep so he didn't bother replying.

The three demon monks had good tempers so they didn't take it to heart. They greeted the two white bats that were hanging from the roof as well. "Senior Brothers."

The two white bats cupped their fists and returned the greeting. "Senior Brothers."

Only then did the three demon monks sat down to continue meditating.

Pangong Tso saw the situation, and his face turned slightly black. He humphed to himself.

Qin Mu asked with a pleasant expression, "Have the three of you heard of Heavenly Saint Cult before?"

Ding Jue shook his head. "We have only moved around in Great Ruins so we have not heard before."

Qin Mu was ready to speak more when the male divine arts practitioner that was guarding the carriage walked over and bowed. "This Senior Brother…"

Qin Mu rose and returned his greeting before shaking his head. "Please hold your tongue."

The divine arts practitioner asked in astonishment, "Senior Brother, why do you say so?"

"You guys are being chased by these strong practitioners, having escaped to Great Ruins, I won't ally myself with you guys." Qin Mu shook his head. "They have too many people and not one of them is weak. I have enough trouble just protecting myself, so I would only be seeking death by allying myself with you. Please go back."

The man revealed a disappointed expression and returned back to the carriage, saying something to it in a low voice.

The voice of a little girl came from the carriage. "Mother, does that big brother not want to help us?"

Another charming voice came from the carriage after a sigh. "There is not one righteous person in Great Ruins to save us mother and daughter…"

Qin Mu raised his eyebrows. 'Righteous person? I'm definitely not a righteous person. I'm the Heavenly Devil Cult Master, if I don't do evil, people should already be celebrating. Yet they ask for me to still be a righteous person? Chey, I only did good deeds when I was young and hot-headed, now that I've grown up…'

The night seemed to pass by very slowly, with everyone in the ruins having different intentions. It was hard to say how much later a hen dragon flapped its wings among the strange beasts and rose to the roof of a dilapidated hall to crow toward the sky.

Instantly, the darkness withdrew, and a ray of sunlight shone over from the east, hitting the mountains outside the ruins and lighting up the mountain peak.

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