Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 320 - Right and Wrong

"Nai Kui, so what if you escaped to Great Ruins?"

The youth had his hands behind his back and looked at the other divine arts practitioners of True Heaven Palace attacking the woman protecting the little girl. With a calm expression, he said, "You guys have already lost, and True Heaven Palace now belongs to the Yu. Don't blame me for being heartless. There's a good saying in Middle Earth: If the roots are not removed during weeding, the weeds will grow back up when the winds of spring begin to blow. True Heaven Palace no longer belongs to your Xiong family."

Their current place was considered to be the remains of Great Ruins' West Heaven Palace, so the practitioners of True Heaven Palace had to be careful in executing their divine arts here. What they cultivated was the idea that all things had souls and spirits. Mountains had mountain spirits, water had water spirits, grass, trees, and wild beasts had their own spirits as well, with no one being an exception. There was nothing that couldn't become a divine art.

Because of that, they naturally had sharp senses in regards to nature and in the remains of Great Ruins' West Heaven Temple, they could feel a danger. Everything here contained immense power as if there were ancients gods lying asleep somewhere below!

Their divine arts could awaken all things in the world to fight for them, but if they awakened the gods in this land, they would only bring great danger upon themselves.

The power of West Heaven Palace wasn't a power they could control.

Therefore, they had to be careful not to stir up this imposing but for the time being, lying dormant power. Luckily, they had all refined their own spirit weapons. They were different from the spirit weapons of Eternal Peace Empire's divine arts practitioners, however. Most of them were in the shapes of grasses, trees, mountains, flowing water, and white clouds. There were also strange beasts that had been refined into spirit weapons by them, so after they activated their vital qi, the bodies of the tiny strange beasts would swell up by ten thousand times and swallow living humans, which was very unusual.

Thus, even if these people couldn't use their divine arts, they could easily get rid of the couple escapees. With one of the plum blossom deers dead and the other one heavily injured, the woman would have to protect her child by herself. She wouldn't be able to move and avoid their attacks, only able to stand there and hold on against their beating!

The woman vomited blood and collapsed on the ground, yet she soon crawled up with to her feet to continue protecting the little girl.


The man flew up and revealed his true form, transforming into a huge buck to face the attacks from the crowd while shouting sternly, "Palace Master had treated you guys well yet you guys took the chance when Palace Master passed away to rebel. Where's your conscience? Why are you still being so ruthless?"

Bang, bang, bang!

In an instant, countless attacks landed on his body, and he was killed up in the sky. Before he died, though, he tried his best to swing his huge antlers out to stab at the youth!

The abilities of the two deers were extremely brilliant, not in any way inferior to those of the dragon qilin. It was only a pity that there were too many people on the other side and they could only meet with such a miserable end.

Over a dozen divine arts practitioners rose into the sky and grabbed onto the branches of the antlers. The dozen or so people landed on the ground yet they still couldn't stop the force from the swing of the antlers and were pushed back. The soil and rocks under their feet overturned, and the antlers continue to crash towards their target.

The youth was unmoved and sneered, "Xiong Family has dominated True Heaven Palace for so many years that it should be time to give up the position of the palace master. Blood must be seen when killing a person and weeds must be uprooted. If your Xiong Family isn't extinguished, our Yu Family will have to worry about you guys making a comeback."

In front of him, a puppet-sized strange beast suddenly swelled up and gave a world-shaking roar as it beat its chest with both of its hands. It grabbed the antlers that were crashing over with both of its hand, and the antlers came to a stop.


The corpse of the buck landed beside the doe.

The youth laughed and said, "Kill Nai Kui and the little princess so we can go back and finish our mission!"

The divine arts practitioners of True Heaven Palace walked up, and their spirit weapons flew into the air. The woman gave them a dark look and turned to hug the little girl in her arms while saying in a gentle voice, "Little darling, it's going to be fast…"

"Mom, can we meet grandpa and grandma?"

The woman's heart trembled. "We can…"

"What about dad?" The little girl's eyes were sparkling as she asked.

The woman shed tears when she said, "We will meet him…"

The little girl calmly consoled the young married woman, "Mom, I'm not scared, so you don't cry either. I miss grandpa and grandma. Before dad died, he looked so scary covered in blood, he made me cry from shock, but I think he will be smiling when we see him later…"


The spirit weapons transformed into spirit trees and strange beasts in the sky, then pounced at them. But just as they were about to land on them, a ray of light flashed by and Qin Mu appeared in front of the mother and daughter. When he spread out his arms, the embroidered gown on his body automatically flew out in front of him.

The youth gave a smack with his palm on the embroidered gown, and Qin Mu's arm swirled. The embroidered gown rotated, becoming larger and larger, transforming into a gown that had a radius of over thirty yards. The spirit weapons of True Heaven Palace crashed into this embroidered gown and got wrapped up, after which they vanished along with the gown!

Afterward, three hundred yards away from them, countless sword lights shone as eight thousand swords moved in unison, slashing the spirit weapons and the embroidered gown into pieces!

The divine arts practitioners of True Heaven Palace were astonished as they lost their connection to their spirit weapons. Among them, there was no lack of strong practitioners on Celestial Being Realm whose spirit weapons were extremely powerful. Yet even these were sliced into pieces.

Everyone wanted to move forward to attack, but the youth hurriedly stopped them and probed, "Dao friend, these are the family matters of our True Heaven Palace."

Qin Mu felt his heart in pain as he thought about his embroidered gown. It had been 'bribed' by him from Incense Master Qu and Venomous Insect Hall Master in Secret Waters Pass. Ever since it was tailored, it had saved Qin Mu from harm several times. Furthermore, his teleportation formation markings were imprinted on that embroidered gown.

Now that it had been destroyed along with the spirit weapons of True Heaven Palace's strong practitioners by his Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers, how could his heart not be pained?

'I should have known there would be nothing good from doing good, what a great loss…'

Qin Mu squeezed out a smile. "How do I address this little brother?

"Yu Bochuan of True Heaven Palace's Yu Family."

The young master was full of smiles, making people feel like they were bathing in the spring wind. He said, "Dao friend must have felt pity when seeing an orphan with a widowed mother, therefore, you wanted to save them; however, you don't know that this mother and daughter have done much evil, killing countless people in their daily lives. Our West Earth's True Heaven Palace place righteousness before family, so I was ordered to lead everyone to come and annihilate them."

Qin Mu nodded solemnly. "So I see. I'm the one being reckless, may Brother Yu pardon me."

That youth Yu Bochuan smiled. "One who does not know is not guilty. May Senior Brother please give us face and let us finish this difficult mission. To kill these two rebels, we have already lost countless brothers."

Qin Mu put on a righteous face and said, "Your matters are of course important, but I can't just take your word for it. I still need to ask them if they are like what you have said."

Yu Bochuan smiled with a pleasant look on his face. "Dao friend, I've already given you a ladder to step down, so don't fail to appreciate my kindness."

Qin Mu also smiled with a pleasant expression. "Heavenly Devil Cult Master doesn't need anyone to give him a ladder to step down. If it's truly like what you have said, I'll just turn and leave, and you guys can continue to deal with your traitors. If—"

"No need for that!" Yu Bochuan raised his hand and instructed those to his left and his right, "Kill him and finish the mission."


Most of the qi refiners acknowledged the command in unison and leaped towards Qin Mu. He laughed loudly and turned around to run after picking up the mother and daughter.

One of the strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm shouted out angrily, "Can you even run?"

A towering tree appeared behind him, its roots like coiling green dragons. This was his primordial spirit. The cultivation method of West Earth's True Heaven Palace was also different from that of Eternal Peace Empire. The primordial spirits of Eternal Peace Empire's strong practitioners were usually split into Green Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise. Once someone cultivated to Celestial Being Realm, their primordial spirit would appear behind them and usually be one of the four great spirit bodies after god transformation, which was similar to the four kinds of stone statues in Disabled Elderly Village.

Even if there was a difference, it wouldn't be a huge one, since they all belonged to the four major types.

The primordial spirits of True Heaven Palace's strong practitioners were peculiar. Even though that strong practitioner on Celestial Being Realm belonged to the green dragon bloodline, his primordial spirit looked like a tree, which was rarely seen.

The roots and branches of the huge tree flailed like green dragons dancing in the sky, spreading towards Qin Mu's back. Their speed was extremely fast, and rays of green lights flashed across the sky.

Even though Qin Mu was carrying two people, his movements were extremely fast. Like flickering lights and passing shadows, his speed surpassed the speed of sound and exploded with a thunderclap!

Cripple's Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs was considered to be the number one movement skill in the whole world, but Qin Mu was still on Six Directions Realm and couldn't execute it to Cripple's standard. Furthermore, the abilities of the strong practitioners on Celestial Being Realm were simply too strong. The roots caught up to Qin Mu in a blink of an eye and stabbed towards the back of his heart.

Yet at that moment, sword lights burst forth once again in the surroundings, and the eight thousand swords rose up like a storm again, instantly unscrolling a picture of mountains and rivers behind Qin Mu. Endless sounds of collision rang out as the swords slashed at the roots and branches that were trying to pass through.

The power of Sword Picture was extraordinary, and in addition to that, Qin Mu's swords were all made from the best materials. Because of that, there were quite some roots and branches of the divine tree primordial spirit that got chopped off.

However, Celestial Being Realm was still Celestial Being Realm. The divine tree primordial spirit crashed over with a world-shaking rumble. Sword Picture instantly crumbled, and the eight thousand swords flew off in all directions!

"Fatty Dragon!" Qin Mu shouted out loudly.

The dragon qilin came sprinting over from the front, but even though his speed was very fast, his speech was very slow. "Cult Master, you've created trouble again."

The body of the dragon qilin became larger and larger until it collided with the divine tree primordial spirit. True fire blazed around his body, and the flames with extremely high temperature burned down the divine tree primordial spirit!

The Celestial Being Realm's strong practitioner immediately called back his primordial spirit, and a burly man wearing a lined jacket rushed forth with heavy footsteps. Behind him, a rock giant appeared, which was his mountain god primordial spirit that had boundless strength. With a punch, he sent the dragon qilin flying.

The dragon qilin tumbled back in midair. Because he was too fat, he couldn't help when he couldn't control the fire clouds, thus he immediately pulled himself into a ball and shouted out, "Fu Brothers!"

The two white bats flapped their wings to fly over and let out silent soundwaves from their mouths. Those soundwaves turned the pursuers into a complete mess.

The dragon qilin crashed onto the ground and pulled out his head before shaking it. He roared in anger, "I had called you guys to catch me!"

The two white bats flew around nimbly to avoid the attacks from below, until they grabbed two guys and went to hang upside down on a tree, hugging their victims to drink their blood. Yet the tree ended up transforming as it was the primordial spirit of another strong practitioner, binding the two white bats securely.

Qin Mu took out a huge white bone hammer and shook it gently. In an instant, countless skulls came out from the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose of the white skull, filling the entire sky. The skulls squeaked weirdly and pounced forth, shuttling among the crowd and biting whoever they found before tunneling into their bodies.

The dragon qilin rushed over again and spewed out blazing true fire towards the green tree primordial spirit, saving the two white bats.

Yu Bochuan saw the situation and immediately shouted out, "Retreat! We can't execute our skills here, we'll have to fight them outside!"

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