Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 321 - Act Straightforwardly

The strong practitioners of True Heaven Palace quickly fell back and vanished, leaving behind a mess.

Qin Mu frowned slightly. This youth called Yu Bochuan was a ruthless character, and his decisions were firm, without any hesitation. Such an outstanding youth was rarely seen in the current times.

'A very outstanding youth.' Qin Mu rather admired him as he placed the mother and daughter down.

The dragon qilin walked over and grumbled, "Cult Master, haven't you caused trouble? Now that we antagonized these people, if they decide to fight with us outside the basin, they can just transform any mountain into a mountain giant and crush us to death."

"This is Great Ruins, not West Earth," Qin Mu said while shaking his head. "To fight with me in my territory? There won't even know how they died. Besides, the bond between the mother and the daughter has moved me. If I didn't act straightforwardly, wouldn't it be considered heresy?"

The dragon qilin stared at him blankly. To act straightforwardly, to be free from nature, this was a good way to summarize the Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures. Furthermore, the next sentence was 'that's the meaning of path'!

This was the path!

'This then is Heavenly Saint Cult Master,' The dragon qilin sighed ruefully in his heart.

He didn't understand Qin Mu's actions, but every move and action he took was according to the teachings of Heavenly Saint Cult. To act straightforwardly, to be free from nature, that's the meaning of path. Qin Mu had already achieved this step and started to walk on his own path. No wonder the young patriarch had chosen him as the next cult master and no one else. It was also no wonder that the hall master and elders of Heavenly Devil Cult were willing to accept him.

Qin Mu checked the injuries of the young woman and asked, "This lady, what exactly is your background? Why are the people of West Earth's True Heaven Palace after your lives?"

The young woman was holding onto her last breath when she raised her head up. "I'm the Nai Kui of True Heaven Palace…"

Qin Mu turned around and asked the dragon qilin, "What's the meaning of Nai Kui?"

"Nai Kui means Princess Mother. The women are the ones in charge of the family in West Earth's True Heaven Palace, having visiting marriage with the men. At night there would be a banquet, and after the songs and dances, if both sides take a liking to each other, they will go to the woman's house to consummate," the dragon qilin explained.

"The next morning, the man must leave. This would happen a few more times, the man and woman spending a few nights together until the woman gets pregnant, giving birth and raising the child. The child would then usually know their mother but not their father. Patriarch had gone for a visiting marriage there before, that old degenerate…"

Qin Mu gave him a stare. "Don't talk bad about Patriarch! Say the important stuff!"

The young patriarch had an extremely high image in his heart. Even though he looked like a young man that was about the same age as him, he was a flawless person to Qin Mu and couldn't be tainted.

"Patriarch was a casual and dissolute old degenerate before, wearing the outfits of different tribes to flirt everywhere in West Earth. And he didn't even have to take responsibility! That old degenerate was so happy that his buttocks jolted here and there…"

The dragon qilin then saw that Qin Mu wasn't pleased and immediately changed the topic. "The mistress of True Heaven Palace also needs to go through visiting marriage. If the palace master of True Heaven Palace is pregnant or has a child, if the child is a female, she will be the princess and the next successor. If it is a male, the child will be let out of the palace. The True Heaven Palace Master that has a child will be called Princess Mother or Nai Kui in the language of West Earth.

"The abilities of Nai Kui are usually extremely strong; after all, the technique they cultivate is all things have spirit, all things have soul. Women are usually stronger than men in the attainments of this field."

Qin Mu squatted down and took out silver needles to stab into the woman's body. He asked curiously, "Since you're True Heaven Palace Master, the mistress of True Heaven Palace, how did you land into such a state? Aren't you an expert on Divine Bridge Realm?"

He then took out some spirit herbs and applied medicine according to the symptoms, refining spirit pills to cure her injuries.

"Don't waste your efforts." The woman shook her head. "My injuries are already incurable. If my cultivation was still with me, I wouldn't have landed in this state. I was poisoned by Mu Yingxue, the most well-known poison maker. The poison she used on me is called Coiling Silk."

The dragon qilin chuckled. "Don't worry, if Cult Master doesn't want you to die, not even Earth Count can take your soul away!"

Qin Mu's hand techniques changed as he skillfully refined the spirit pills while shaking his head. "Don't brag, be a little more humble. My medical expertise isn't the number one in the world, I'm only number two. As for poison, at most number three in the world. Little Poison King, that guy, is still stronger than me by a little."

The young woman felt herself become more comfortable under Qin Mu's treatment and was bewildered. She said, "My mother was the palace master. After she passed away, True Heaven Palace elected me as the successor. My cultivation realm was somewhat okay, so I could succeed with difficulty. However, an unforeseen event happened at the succession ceremony. I was poisoned by Mu Yingxue and my cultivation was reduced to nothing. The same happened to everyone in our Xiong Family. Yu Family then took this chance to eradicate my Xiong Family. I could only bring my daughter away…"

Qin Mu refined the medicinal energy while sighing ruefully. "There's something wrong with how your True Heaven Palace manages things."

The young woman was slightly angered and asked, "What is wrong with the way we manage things?"

Qin Mu fused the medicinal energy and gathered it into a pill. "There are three big sacred grounds in Eternal Peace: Great Thunderclap Monastery, Dao Sect, and my Heavenly Saint Cult. I'm the cult master, and when I succeeded as such, I was only on Five Elements Realm, yet no one rebelled against me. The new Dao Master Lin Xuan of Dao Sect has a cultivation realm similar to mine yet no one in Dao Sect had rebelled and dethroned him. When Old Rulai of Great Thunderclap Monastery left, the seat of Rulai is empty, but everyone is still living together in harmony, no one fighting one another to snatch the seat of Rulai. My Heavenly Saint Cult is sometimes called Heavenly Devil Cult in Eternal Peace, but even if we are fiendish, our inheritance is still in order. Comparing that to your True Heaven Palace, you guys are inferior. That's why I said that there's something wrong with the way you guys manage things."

The young woman stared at him blankly. She wanted to retort, but she really couldn't find a way to do it.

Qin Mu pinched open her mouth and fed her a spirit pill. His two fingers slid down her throat, and the vital qi on his fingertips brought the spirit pill all the way to her abdomen. With a few flicks, he catalyzed the medicinal energy of the spirit pill.

His sleeves fluttered, and the young woman floated upward. As his ten fingers danced around, he tapped countless times on her body, refining all the medicinal energy inside her body.

When he stopped, the young woman landed on the ground. She staggered, but her internal injuries were already healing rapidly.

Qin Mu turned around to look at the little girl who was adorable. She looked four to five years old and had two small braids. On her body were numerous gold, silver, and jade accessories, and they were all pretty good spirit weapons.

He examined her and saw that she had only suffered some superficial wounds. She wasn't badly wounded and just need to apply some dragon saliva.

"Little sister, what's your name?" Qin Mu asked.

The little girl blinked her shiny black eyes and said in a loud and clear voice, "Xiong Qi'er! My mom is called Xiong Xiyu."

Qin Mu smiled. "Your mom is True Heaven Palace's Master so I can't call her by her name; I can only call her Palace Master. On the other hand, I can call you Qi'er. My name is Qin Mu."

The young woman Xiong Xiyu immediately said, "Greet Uncle Qin!"

Qin Mu's expression instantly blackened, and he said to Xiong Xiyu, "I'm only fifteen years old, calling me big brother is fine."

Xiong Xiyu said with a troubled expression, "Big Brother Qin…"

Qin Mu immediately said, "I said to let Qi'er call me big brother, not you."

Xiong Xiyu's face immediately turned beet red.

Qin Mu laughed out loud and made her stretch out her hand. He pricked her finger and took a drop of blood. Once he spread his hands apart, the drop of blood instantly swelled up by ten thousand times and transformed into a huge blood cell.

Four formation markings appeared in Qin Mu's pupils and transformed into Cyan Heaven's Eyes. After examining the cell in detail, he said, "So it's a poison that affects the vital qi, but doesn't do much damage to the body. Palace Master, pardon me, I'm going to enter your body and check your divine treasures."

Xiong Xiyu wanted to say something, but before she could, Qin Mu transformed into a black shadow and entered the heart of her brows.

Xiong Xiyu instantly felt the heart of her brows swell up, then the area of her heart, as if there was a tiny human tunneling to and fro in her body.

Qin Mu checked all the way from Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure to Celestial Being Divine Treasure. When he came to Life and Death Divine Treasure, he couldn't help being astonished. It was actually open!

'Could she be a great expert on Life and Death Realm?'

He transformed into a black shadow and entered Xiong Xiyu's Divine Bridge Divine Treasure, and his heart trembled violently. The Divine Bridge Divine Treasure of this woman was actually open!

'I saved a female expert on the cult master level, and she actually called me big brother…'

Qin Mu became slightly giddy, but he composed himself before leaving Xiong Xiyu's body. It was no wonder that she could become the palace master of a big sacred ground when she was an existence on Divine Bridge Realm.

Xiong Xiyu felt the abnormal feeling in her body vanish and immediately asked, "Cult Master Qin, the poison in my body…"

"The poison has already entered your divine treasures through the circulation of your vital qi, tainting your divine treasures." Qin Mu calculated for a moment, then said, "If you had immediately closed off your divine treasures, the poison wouldn't have gone in so deeply and would be easy to remove. But now that it has entered the divine treasures, there will be some difficulty in refining it away."

Xiong Xiyu looked gray. "Mu Yingxie's Coiling Silks Poison is unrivaled in the world. The longer I drag it out, the more exhausted will my vital qi become and my cultivation will drop even lower. Not long after that, I'm afraid I will become useless…"

"Unrivaled in the world?" Qin Mu smiled and said, "I only dare to call myself number three in the world in regards to poison, so how could she dare to call herself number one? Don't worry, I can help you suppress the toxicity so this poison won't continue to exhaust your cultivation. However, I don't have enough spirit herbs, so I will need to gather some."

A thread of hope rose up in Xiong Xiyu's heart. She struggled to get up while holding her daughter's hand. "Cult Master Qin, thank you very much! What I said yesterday was speaking and doing anything in a crisis, so I purposely tried to agitate Cult Master Qin…"

Qin Mu waved his hand, not minding it. He smiled. "Righteous person? I'm not one. Truth be told, my reputation isn't good in the eyes of the righteous path in Eternal Peace Empire. If you told them that Cult Master Qin of Heavenly Saint Cult is a righteous person, they would laugh their heads off."

He picked Xiong Qi'er up and placed her on the dragon qilin's back. "Let's go."

Xiong Xiyu immediately said, "Yu Bochuan and the rest…"

"This is Great Ruins and not West Earth," Qin Mu said leisurely. "Coming to Great Ruins means coming to my home. There, they can forget about playing any tricks."

Xiong Xiyu felt worried but could only follow after him. When she thought of it, it was quite weird that during the time she had been talking to him, her injuries had become much better and her footsteps also gradually felt lighter.

When they walked out of the basin, her injuries had already healed.

Qin Mu in the meantime looked around for spirit herbs. Whenever he saw some, he would go to pluck them. On the way out of the basin, he actually gathered hundreds of spirit herbs. As he plucked them, he refined them as well. Xiong Xiyu was bewildered at the sight of it. Qin Mu had refined dozens of herbs, but he had stuffed all of them into his taotie sack, so she didn't know what medicine he had refined.

They came to a hill zone, and Qin Mu frowned slightly. There were verdant hills and limpid water, creating a pleasant scenery. There was actually no traces of strange beasts nor even little birds.

"Something's wrong."

At this moment, they heard songs coming from ahead of them. The voices of the singers were charming and gentle, tugging at the heartstrings.

Qin Mu threw a glance at the two white bats, and they immediately flew forward, toward the place from which the voices came. After a moment, the white bats flew back and said, "There's a lake ahead of you, and there are many naked girls bathing there."

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