Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 322 - Attack of the Root Demon

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. "Many girls are bathing? What's so interesting bathing in the wilderness… Wait a minute, I've met girls bathing in the wilderness before!"

He was suddenly reminded of an incident and couldn't help shuddering. He muttered, "It couldn't be that old demon, right? Impossible, it couldn't survive so long in Great Ruins. I must be worrying too much! But to be careful, let's take a roundabout way."

Suddenly, a loud voice came from behind. "Dao friend, it's a small world, eh?"

Qin Mu turned his head back and saw Yu Bochuan leading all the divine arts practitioners of True Heaven Palace over to kill them at an extremely fast speed.

Those divine arts practitioners of True Heaven Palace cast their spells as they ran, and huge trees uprooted themselves, transforming into tree giants that sprinted forward with wide steps.

At the same time, the ground trembled as mountain rocks rolled forward at a rapid speed, gathering together to form rock giants.

Even the hill under Qin Mu's feet was trembling, the soil started to roll down. The mountain rocks in the hill rose up into a taller and taller structure until a hill giant was gradually formed.

"Looks like I can only rush forward! Hope it's not that old demon!"

Qin Mu gave a command, and the dragon qilin immediately sprinted forward. The hill beneath their feet had already stood up, and the fire clouds under the dragon qilin's feet blazed as he ran frantically down the arm of the hill giant.

The giant turned its body and swung the other huge arm toward them. The dragon qilin leaped into the sky, and a world-shattering rumble rang out behind them. The two arms of the hill giant smashed together and broke, which resulted in countless rocks flying away in all directions!

Qin Mu turned his head back to take a look and saw that the moment the rocks landed on the ground, they tumbled back at the body of the hill giant as if they had grown legs. Not much later, the two arms grew back.

"Palace Master, the ultimate arts of your True Heaven Palace are indeed extraordinary!" Qin Mu exclaimed in admiration.

Xiong Xiyu gathered her remaining magic power, and her palm smashed backward before rising p. Instantly, a miserable shriek came from the hill giant's body. Green rays flew out the hill that formed the giant, and it vanished without a trace.

The giant then also crumbled down, and huge rocks rolled away, returning to the shape of a hill.

"This spell is remarkable!" Qin Mu's eyes lit up, and he asked, "Can you teach me?"

Xiong Xiyu hesitated for a moment before nodding. "You're the benefactor of us mother and daughter, if you want to learn, I will naturally teach you."

Qin Mu smiled and said, "I won't learn from you for nothing. True Heaven Palace is the sacred ground of West Earth, so I will also take out cult the legacy technique of a sacred ground to exchange with you. But let's leave this place first!

While the dragon qilin sprinted forward, the two white bats circled around, releasing sound waves to hit the experts of True Heaven Palace. "Fatty Dragon, faster, faster!" the bats hurried the dragon qilin.

"Shut up!" The dragon qilin went into a fury and shouted back, "I'm already doing my best!"

Blazing flames came from his body that grew larger and larger, transforming in a hundred and twenty yards behemoth. When he sprinted, he was as fast as lightning. In a few breaths' time, he crossed the mountain in front of them and came to the lake where the white bats said numerous girls were bathing.

This lake was extremely clear, like a transparent jewel embedded within the mountains. From above, the bottom of the lake which was dozens of yards deep could be seen. There were no water plants or fish there. The lake was unimaginably clean.

Trees were surrounding the huge lake in an orderly manner, while white cloths and pants hung on their branches. On the ground, there were embroidered shoes with white soles and brightly colored peonies at the front.

The sounds of girls laughing and playing in the lake reached the group, along with melodious songs. It was as if this place was a paradise in the mortal world.

The dragon qilin barged into this place and got shocked. He didn't dare to break the serene atmosphere here, so he shouted out loudly, "Maidens in the lake, come to shore quickly!"


The girls in the lake all cried out in astonishment when they saw this behemoth barging in, while some of the more daring ones raised their fair arms and chuckled. "Big fella, come down and play!"

Qin Mu looked at the girls in the lake, and his face turned ashen. He hurried the dragon qilin, "Fatty Dragon, it's indeed that old demon from Lonely Mountain Ridge! Go quickly, go, we have to go around it!"

He wasn't scared of Yu Bochuan and the rest, but he was scared of that root demon from Lonely Mountain Ridge, the old demon that Heavenly Saint Cult had suppressed for a long time!

"The old demon from Lonely Mountain Ridge?"

The dragon qilin jumped in shock, and all the dragon scales on his body stood up, nearly pricking Xiong Qi'er's feet. He immediately went around the lake and sprinted frantically in a straight line, his speed far surpassing what it was before!

The mountain ridge behind them rumbled in the meantime, and mountain rocks flew in all directions. They came tumbling down from the top of the mountain, and it was obvious that it was Yu Bochuan leading the experts of True Heaven Palace to transform this mountain into a giant to attack them!

This mountain was much higher than the hill before, so if it transformed into a giant, it would be quite easy for it to catch up to the group!

At that moment, the elegant mountain suddenly crumbled and countless white skeletons rolled out from within it. Among them, there were both beast and human skeletons that piled up into a mountain of their own!

There were so many of them that nearly the entire mountain had been hollowed out to hide them. This sight made Yu Bochuan and the rest who were in the back, flabbergasted.

"What thing could eat so many people and strange beasts?" Yu Bochuan couldn't bother to think about it though and said sternly, "There are spirits in bones, so execute the secret arts to kill Nai Kui!"

Everyone cast their spells, and countless bones crawled rapidly to form a white giant that was as tall as a mountain and which strode toward the lake for the shortest path toward the group.

Yu Bochuan and the rest rose into the sky and landed on the white bone giant. Some women that were bathing in the lake couldn't avoid the giant's feet in time and got crushed to death.

Yu Bochuan and the rest controlled the white bone giant to cross the lake in the chase after the dragon qilin who was sprinting frantically around the shore. At this moment, the water of the lake churned as several hundred women flew out into midair. Behind them were pitch black tentacles, and they all shrieked in unison, "Heavenly Saint Cult Master!"

Pak, pak, pak.

Loud snapping sounds rang out continuously as the white bone giant got entrapped by the pitch black tentacles. With a tight squeeze, the giant crumbled into pieces and countless shattered bones flew off in all directions. Over a dozen divine arts practitioners on Six Directions Realm couldn't avoid them due to their low cultivation and got pierced through and fell into the water. Those with a slightly stronger cultivation also didn't have it easy defending against the shattered bones that came shooting over, each and every one of them vomiting blood from the impact.

When divine arts practitioners that fell into the water tried to struggle out, the water of the lake started to bubble as countless pitch black things that were like huge pythons swam over and coiled around them to pull them to the bottom of the lake.

Yu Bochuan and the rest were dumbstruck. They hurriedly flew into the air to escape the lake. The peaceful scenery had suddenly become incomparably bustling. Naked women with tentacles kept coming from the lake and grabbing people to drag them into the depths.

Some people immediately executed the divine arts of True Heaven Palace to try to control these strange roots. True Heaven Palace believed in all things having spirits and souls, so their divine arts could control all things no matter if they had life or not. All things could be controlled to transform into offensive attacks. Yet when they encountered such strange roots, their divine arts were completely useless.

Over a dozen people got caught by the women on the roots, their life and death unknown as they got dragged into the lake.

"Heavenly Saint Cult Master, I finally found you!"

Yu Bochuan and the rest finally flew out of the huge lake and landed on the ground. Before they could even catch their breaths, they saw the huge trees on the shore uproot themselves and run frantically in the direction the dragon qilin had escaped.

Yu Bochuan and the rest were startled and immediately began to run as well. The few strong practitioners of True Heaven Palace that were on Celestial Being Realm immediately unleashed their primordial spirits to execute their divine arts and withstand the attacks of the huge trees.

After running for a hundred miles away, they finally escaped the attacking range of the weird trees and roots. Everyone let out sighs of relief and slowed down their pace.

If they traveled at a steady pace, they wouldn't feel tired even if they covered a thousand miles, but when they escaped with all their might, a hundred miles was enough for them to be out of breath.

The dragon qilin also slowed down his pace as he panted heavily. He wasn't too far away from them.

"We should have escaped." Qin Mu let out a sigh of relief and said, "The distance that the roots of this root demon can cover is merely a hundred miles or so… Wait a minute!"

His expression became grim when he examined his surroundings. He saw that the vegetation was dense here and the trees created shade. This kind of forest was commonly seen, but as they passed through it, Qin Mu saw plants he'd never seen before.

They were large flowers that were the height of a human, their tender buds closed up, but standing tall and upright. Two large leaves grew on the sides of each stalk.

Even though Qin Mu had learned medicinal knowledge from Apothecary and could distinguish all kinds of plants and spirit herbs, he had never seen this kind of weird flowers.

Yu Bochuan and the rest also barged into this flower forest and frowned when they saw the situation. However, they didn't stop chasing after Qin Mu and the others.

Suddenly, a huge flower leisurely sprouted its stamens and its bud whirled as the petals slowly opened up. The color of those white petals gradually became darker, turning from light pink to pink before turning to bright red.

When the flower completely bloomed, the maiden kneeling in the middle of it slowly rose and looked at Qin Mu, giving off a miserable shriek. "Heavenly Saint Cult Master, your Heavenly Saint Cult has made me so miserable!"

In the flower forest, the huge flowers bloomed one after another, and in the center of every one of them stood a maiden that looked as charming as jade. They all looked at Qin Mu and screeched, "So miserable!"

Qin Mu's scalp started to crawl, and he hurried the dragon qilin, "Fatty Dragon, set them on fire! Fu Brothers, use your sound waves to attack!"

The dragon qilin spewed flames from his mouth while true fire also surrounded his body. The two white bats flew into the air and spat out sound waves. Qin Mu, in the meantime, executed Carefree Sword, and the divine swords swooped to and fro like lightning, slicing the roots that were attached to the buttocks of the women pouncing over.

At this time, any other treasure sword would have been useless. Only this divine sword could defend against the roots of Lonely Mountain Ridge Root Demon.

But if it was the true body of the old demon, Qin Mu wasn't certain that even Carefree Sword could defend against it.

"The cultivation of this old demon seems to have improved!" he said with worry.


Countless maidens rose into the air, carrying the flowers and leaves to attack the people that had stepped into their forest.

A divine arts practitioner of True Heaven Palace executed a jade tree, and a thousand roots and branches of the jade tree attacked the maiden, only to see the petals and leaves wrapped around her tightly.

That divine arts practitioners was delighted and used the roots and branches of the jade tree to coil around her. However, the flower bud was slippery and escaped with a pop, a stamen then pierced through the head of that divine arts practitioners.

Yu Bochuan's expression changed drastically, and he shouted out, "Sacred treasure, please!"

The strange beast that looked like a violent ape with horns and was only a foot long jumped off his shoulder and beat its chest with its fists. Its body grew larger and larger before the creature opened its mouth to roar loudly. A treasure overflowing with green light then came out from its mouth.

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