Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 323 - Poisoner and Divine Physician

What the strange beast had spat out from its mouth was a bead that gave off a green glow. It lit up the surroundings with a lush green shine. However, it wasn't the bead that was glowing, but what inside, which looked like a green dragon swimming around. It was the rays of this green dragon that lit up the surroundings.

Xiong Xiyu saw the green light, and her complexion changed slightly. She hurriedly turned her head. "The Green Dragon Bead of my True Heaven Palace!"

Qin Mu turned his head and saw that the perimeter the bead covered had already reached three yards. The green dragon in the bead had also become much clearer as it swam happily. The maidens in the flowers that had pounced at Yu Bochuan and the rest got hit by the light, and they lignified, turning into wooden sculptures. With their bodies stiff, they paused in midair.

Popping sounds came from them, and green sprouts soon popped out from the lignified bodies. Branches then sprouted out, decorating their hosts with lush flora.

The tentacles that were the roots of the root demon had become hard wood and couldn't move at all.

Yu Bochuan led everyone forward as the violent ape strange beast with horns on its head followed closely with the bead held high up. Where the rays of the bead shone, the maidens in the flowers were frozen in all kinds of weird poses, without any two being the same.

"Green Dragon Bead?"

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. This bead was a remarkable treasure to actually be able to counter monsters such as the root demon.

"The sacred treasure of my True Heaven Palace has been snatched by them!"

Xiong Xiyu sneered and stretched her hand out. The strange beast felt that the Green Dragon Bead flew up and couldn't help becoming astonished. It hurriedly jumped onto it, trying to press it down.

The Celestial Being Realm's strong practitioners beside Yu Bochuan also burst forth with their vital qi to grab the Green Dragon Bead, fighting with Xiong Xiyu. The Green Dragon Bead then floated in midair, with the two sides in a temporarily into deadlock as they both wanted to control the sacred treasure.

The two white bats immediately changed direction and circled around in the air. Countless fine hairs shot out toward Yu Bochuan and the rest as they tried to help snatch the treasured bead.

In the blink of an eye, the two white bats' hairs had fallen off cleanly. They had been refined into unusual treasures and were like needles. If they hit flesh, those fine hairs would become abnormally soft, tunneling into the body and taking their host's life in an instant!

The dragon qilin trembled his body, and the scales on his body that were akin to an incomparably sharp shield whooshed through the air as they sliced toward Yu Bochuan and the rest.

The dragon qilin was instantly butt naked, having only some qilin hair at the tip of his dragon tail and big head.

Xiong Xiyu's face lost color, and she immediately said, "Don't make a move!"

Before her voice even fell, the fine hairs of the two white bats were touched by the green light of the Green Dragon Bean. It immediately lignified them and all of them fell to the ground.

The two white bats wanted to call back their fine hairs, but they lost their connection with them. The two brothers stared with wide eyes at this situation and hugged their shoulders, at a loss.

The dragon scales of the dragon qilin also lignified, turning into wooden shields that dropped onto the floor. The fat dragon was also struck dumb, and his big belly fell to the ground. There had been scales covering it before, so it didn't hang down too much. However, without the scales, the flabs hung down uncontrollably.

"Cult Master…"

The dragon qilin was at a loss and immediately turned to look at Qin Mu who was on his back.

Qin Mu had originally planned to unleash his eight thousand swords over, but after seeing the situation he abandoned that idea.

The Green Dragon Bead of True Heaven Palace was strange beyond conjecture. Even though the dragon qilin's cultivation was not yet at Celestial Being Realm, his strength was no different when compared to those on Celestial Being Realm. His skin and flesh were also very thick.

Back at the battle of Heaven Wave City, when Dutian Devil King had descended and fought fiercely with the dragon king, the aftermath of the collision had scraped the dragon qilin's butt, but had only broken the scales, causing no heavy injuries to the dragon qilin. This showed how strong was the defense of the dragon scales.

The abilities of the two white bats were even stronger since they definitely reached the peak of Celestial Being Realm. They would also not use the fine hairs on their bodies recklessly.

None of them would have ever expected that their treasures would lignify and lose control just by encountering the green light from the Green Dragon Bead.

If Qin Mu's eight thousand swords flew over, Carefree Sword would probably be the only one that wouldn't lignify. The other swords would all turn into wood.

Xiong Xiyu grunted as her magic power could no longer fight against Yu Bochuan and the rest. The Green Dragon Bead was about to fly over to Yu Bochuan and the rest when the ground suddenly trembled and countless roots poured out from underground, filling the sky. The roots formed a huge pitch black wooden callus which wrapped around the Green Dragon Bead before pulling it underground.

Xiong Xiyu and Yu Bochuan were caught off guard and both sides couldn't pull back the Green Dragon Bead in time, letting that root demon snatch it away!

Yu Bochuan said sternly, "Green Dragon Bead is the treasure of my True Heaven Palace and sealed inside it is a true soul of a Green Dragon. This old demon won't be able to swallow it!"

Suddenly, the ground trembled even more violently, and everyone had a hard time keeping their footing. The ground shook nonstop and was actually rising upward as if there was a behemoth below.


The soil and rocks flew in all directions as vegetation flooded out from underground, lifting them up higher and higher. The dragon qilin immediately leaped to one side, and a tree crown with a radius of several hectares flooded out, brushing past their bodies.

The two white bats hurriedly flew up before remembering that their bodies were still bare. They then immediately used their two hands to cover their lower parts. This caused them to fall straight down and head first into the dense tree.

The two white bats were slightly stunned. They saw that the tree was still growing frantically, the tree crown getting larger and larger. The trunk was also becoming taller and taller; therefore, not long later, the white clouds floated passed by the tree crown.

The air became cooler and cooler while the sunlight became more and more intense. The two white bats found it difficult to breathe and immediately flew down from the tree crown.

This flight was a long journey down as the tree crown was actually incomparably huge and thick. Even though their speed was very fast, they still spent quite some time flying out.

Below them was a head-spinning height. Out of the foliage, they saw an incomparably thick tree that was much taller than the mountains around it!

The two white bats immediately flew down, but only saw the ground after a while.

Rumbling sounds kept coming from the huge tree in the meantime, and every once in a while, countless branches would grow out frantically to form a second, third, and fourth tree crown.

The two white bats avoided obstacles repeatedly. At one point, lightning crackled in midair, striking here and there. Rain then slowly started pattering down.

When the two white bats landed on the ground, they immediately covered their lower bodies and turned to look around. They didn't see Qin Mu and the rest, only a majestic trunk that was like a mountain blocking their vision.

The ground split continuously as roots that were as thick as dragons pushed through. They crackled and spread into the distance. Even some mountains that were far away got tangled by the roots until they were sealed tight.

By then, the sunlight was completely covered, so there wasn't much light.

The Fu Brothers flew onto the trunk and climbed the tree rapidly, searching for Qin Mu and the rest.

Suddenly, a familiar voice came from the bottom layer of the tree crown and fibrous roots came hanging down from the tree crown. They swung to and fro with huge flower buds.

"This should be the original body of the root demon, right?" Qin Mu said.

Fu Yuqiu and Fu Yuchun hurriedly crawled over where they heard his voice and only let out sighs of relief when they saw him, the dragon qilin, and the rest. They leaped off from the trunk of the tree and used their wings to cover their bodies.

Qin Mu raised his head to look at the transformed root demon and was ineffably astonished. He went forward to peel open a huge flower bud hanging down.

Inside it, there was a maiden hanging motionlessly with her arms dangling.

This maiden opened her eyes weakly and took a look at Qin Mu, saying with a weak breath, "Heavenly Saint Cult Master…"

Qin Mu closed the maiden's eyes, but she opened them again to stare at him fiercely.

Qin Mu went to open other flower buds and inside all of them were maidens hanging upside down. They were the strange things that Lonely Mountain Ridge Root Demon had born and weren't independent life forms; these girls were just a part of the root demon's body.

"The root demon was just a bunch of roots that had absorbed the blood of a god and devil to become a great demon. It didn't have a trunk, but now that it had absorbed the energy of Green Dragon Bead and grew its trunk, it will only be even more terrifying."

Qin Mu was worried. "Let us leave this place as soon as possible!"

The white bat brothers saw that there was some of their hair on the floor which was no longer in their lignified state and were delighted. They trembled their bodies and pulled their hair back.

Noticing it, the dragon qilin swayed his body and the scales that had returned to normal flew back as well.

Xiong Xiyu shook her head. "In the Green Dragon Bead there was a true soul of a Green Dragon, and this great demon won't be able to absorb it. It's most likely controlled by the energy in Green Dragon Bead and can't move. As long as we find the Green Dragon Bead that it had swallowed, we will be able to turn the tables and kill Yu Bochuan with his rebels!"

Xiong Qi'er was curious. "Mom, if we take out the Green Dragon Bead, will this root demon come back to life?"

Xiong Xiyu shuddered. Now that the Green Dragon Bead was suppressing the root demon, if they took it, the root demon would recover its mobility and they would be in danger once again.

Suddenly, a voice spoke. "Young Master, the Green Dragon Bead is here!"

Qin Mu's expression changed drastically. "Crap! We can't let them dig out the Green Dragon Bead!"

They looked toward the source of the voice and saw Yu Bochuan and the rest of the strong practitioners of True Heaven Palace looking at a piece of trunk. It was glowing with a lush green color, just like jade, lighting up an area of a hectare.

It was obvious that Lonely Mountain Ridge Root Demon had swallowed the Green Dragon Bead, and the terrifying energy within it had instantly lignified it, causing the trunk to grow out from the roots and pressing them down. The roots had also turned stiff and were unable to move.

"Don't take out the Green Dragon Bead. If you do it, the great demon will regain its mobility and none of us will live!"

After saying this, Yu Bochuan looked toward Qin Mu and the rest. He frowned slightly while the people beside him waited while protecting him.

Qin Mu smiled. "Fellow senior brothers, how do you do? Can you still use the divine arts of True Heaven Palace here? If you can't, I can only send all of you on your way."

Yu Bochuan's body suddenly flashed and came to the origin of the green light. He stretched his hand and reached into the trunk of the tree with a sneer. "Heavenly Saint Cult Master, if I'm to die, we will all die together… Such fragrance, what's this smell?"

Just as he said this, the world started spinning for him and he collapsed.

"The smell of Lost Fragrance," Qin Mu answered while beaming.

Thud, thud.

The people of True Heaven Palace collapsed to the ground, with only the three experts of Celestial Being Realm able to barely endure it. However, their faces were all flushed and with Lost Fragrance suppressing their cultivation, there wasn't much magic power they could mobilize.

Suddenly, there was the voice of a woman, and she was speaking while laughing. "Lost Fragrance, it's a kind of anesthetic, right? Let me take a whiff!"

Xiong Xiyu's expression changed drastically, while the three strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm were delighted.


"Mu Yingxue!"

Qin Mu looked toward the source of the voice and saw a black-clothed woman with gold and silver accessories and a jade bead crown on her head. When she walked past the women hanging from the branches, they would wither and turn into a pile of ashes.

Qin Mu took out a jade bottle and threw it over with a smile. "It's an anesthetic, take a whiff and see."

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