Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 326 - Yearn Most For

Mu Yingxue stood with a dazed expression. A huge piece of wood came flying down, crashing down toward her. However, she forgot to dodge, so Qin Mu pounced over and dragged her away.

Just as they left, that piece of huge wood landed, and the airwave threw the two of them away.

Soon after, they came to a halt, and Qin Mu placed the woman down. When he turned his head back to have a look at where she had stood earlier, he saw a huge pit where the huge piece of wood had crashed. The soil and rocks had flown in all directions.

Mu Yingxue had yet to recover from her shock when she suddenly came to her senses. She took out a couple jade bottles and said in a hurry, "There's poison on my body, so you might have gotten poisoned when you carried me."

"No need."

Qin Mu quickly matched a few antidotes to detox himself.

The two of them looked around, unable to help the slight numbness that entered their hearts. The valleys in the surroundings had all piled up with black wood, which accumulated into mountains.

Under their feet were the roots of the root demon. They were countless as they lay twisted and motionless.

Qin Mu then immediately looked toward the dragon qilin and the rest. When the unimaginably huge tree collapsed, they who were at the roots were lucky to not end up injured or buried.

"You've won." Mu Yingxue's expression turned dim as she said dejectedly, "The number one poisoner of West Earth still cannot compare to a little brother from Great Ruins. I'm ashamed to be the number one in West Earth."

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "You don't have to be sad since I've picked up a bargain this time. There's Rolan's Golden Palace's shaman poison in my poison, and in addition, you had poisoned the root demon beforehand and injured its vitality. Only then was I able to poison it to death."

"It had swallowed the Green Dragon Bead and could restore its vitality at any time, so I was not of any help," Mu Yingxue said in a bleak voice.

"Actually, I'm not that proficient in poison and am more skilled in curing illnesses and saving people. Furthermore, I'm not just anybody, my reputation is quite loud," Qin Mu explained in consolation.

Mu Yingxue suffered another blow from this. He wasn't proficient yet he had still defeated her?

"You might as well not console me," she said coldly. "Now that you have won, how are you going to deal with me?"

Qin Mu was bewildered and shook his head. "Why do I have to deal with you? I'm very happy that the two of us got to compete and in the process got rid of this strong foe that is the root demon. We are both from the same path, so exchanging pointers is something we should do."

Mu Yingxue stared at him with her shiny black eyes, then suddenly tiptoed to kiss him on the lips. She then stuffed a small bag in his hands and turned to leave while chuckling. "I've poisoned you now with the poison of yearning! If you go to West Earth, don't forget to find me, but don't walk through the front door. You need to flip in through the window!"

Qin Mu stared blankly, feeling that the lips of the girl had been wet, soft, and fragrant. His head was slightly blank.

However, this wasn't due to poison.

As a young divine physician from Eternal Peace Empire, Qin Mu knew his body like the back of his hand, so he was calmly analyzing his condition. 'These are the symptoms of lack of blood to the brain. When I got kissed by her, my heart stopped for a beat, causing the brain to have no blood flow, so my mind is all blank.'

Mu Yingxue went straight for the dragon qilin, Xiong Xiyu, and the rest, so the surprised Qin Mu hurriedly gave chase.

The Green Dragon Bead had popped out from the root demon's body when it crumbled and landed in the middle of everyone. Xiong Xiyu, this Nai Kui of True Heaven Palace, was struggling with all her might to move her body toward it.

The two white bats were also crawling over. The poison in their bodies that had been planted by Mu Yingxue had gradually faded away, so they could move once again.

On the other side, the effects of Lost Fragrance on Yu Bochuan and the rest were also fading away. Thus, they were also crawling toward the Green Dragon Bead, trying to grab it before the other side could do it.

The dragon qilin crawled the fastest. This behemoth with an obese body was very lazy and would only move when fire was burning his buttocks, but at this moment, he looked like he had to get this Green Dragon Bead no matter what. He forced himself forward with great effort, surpassing the rest.

However, his endurance was lousy, and he began panting for breath after crawling for a short while. His speed then gradually slowed down.

The two groups of people were getting closer and closer to the Green Dragon Bead. An expert on Celestial Being Realm was the closest to it, so he stretched his hand out, trying to grab it.

The dragon qilin saw the situation and immediately opened his mouth to stretch out his tongue. His tongue grew longer and longer, getting closer to the Green Dragon Bead. From the looks of it, he was going to sweep it up.

When Mu Yingxue came to this place, Qin Mu was a step late. Yet he waved his hand and his vital qi flew out, sweeping the Green Dragon Bead up.

Mu Yingxue didn't make a move to snatch it, but instead swept her sleeves to collect Yu Bochuan and the rest, sending them to the back of the white elephant.

The woman in black stamped her feet, and her body floated upward to stand on the nose of the huge white elephant that was raised up. She waved at Qin Mu. "The master of Yu Family is my benefactor so I'm bringing them as well! The young man that I yearn most for, come to West Earth as soon as possible!"

Qin Mu was in a daze. He waved back at her with a weird emotion in his heart.

The small bag that Mu Yingxue stuffed into his hand wasn't big, similar to a scented bag. However, it was black. On the side of it, a pair of mandarin ducks swimming beside a lotus with their necks together were embroidered in a gold thread.

Qin Mu opened the scented bag to find a handful of bright red beans. They were like ripe apples, but way smaller.

"The red bean grows in southern lands, their slender tendrils twining together in spring?" Xiong Xiyu stumbled to her feet and looked at the red beans in his hand while chanting softly, "Gather for me some more I pray, of fond yearning is this the sign. Cult Master Qin, Poisoner is inviting you for a visiting marriage.

Qin Mu sniffed the red beans and shook his head. "There is poison in the red beans, so she is probably trying to poison me! Could it really be Yearning Poison? That's right, she kissed me on the lips. Hers was a little wet, so there has to have been some kind of medicine there that once fused with the red beans becomes deadly… Yes, that must be the case!"

Xiong Xiyu was flabbergasted. This previous palace master of True Heaven Palace stared at the cult master of Heavenly Saint Cult with shiny black eyes, her heart full of doubt. 'Isn't red beans used to express yearning and love? How did this Great Cult Master Qin link it to poison? Even suspecting Mu Yingxue of trying to poison him?'

She finally realized that this Great Cult Master Qin had some misunderstandings in regards to the feelings between men and women. Furthermore, they were quite severe!

'He seems to have been taught wrongly by someone.' Xiong Xiyu thought to herself.

However, Qin Mu still put the poisonous red beans back into the black silk scented bag and put it away with care, making Xiong Xiyu feel that he wasn't beyond redemption.

Qin Mu raised the Green Dragon Bead up and examined it. He saw that the color of the green dragon's body was that of jade, having a sparkling and translucent feeling to it. The whiskers were also green in color as if it was a jade dragon.

The soul happily swam around in the bead.

This was the dragon soul of a true dragon, not a mixed breed like the hen dragon, dragon qilin, or the green bull. Instead, it was a pure-blooded green dragon whose abnormally powerful divine energy Qin Mu could feel even from within the bead.

Even though the root demon had absorbed part of the energy in the Green Dragon Bead, this item seemed to be able to continuously absorb the vital qi lingering in nature, replenishing itself. It was very strange.

'Truly a great treasure. Could the dragon soul inside belong to a dragon god?"

Qin Mu circulated his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, and his vital qi automatically transformed into Green Dragon Vital Qi. He then tried to mobilize the energy in the Green Dragon Bead, but he soon realized that he couldn't do it. This puzzled him, and he said, "I guess only by using the unique technique of True Heaven Palace could I be able to control the energy of the Green Dragon Bead. My Green Dragon Vital Qi is probably just food for the green dragon soul."

To use the power of the Green Dragon Bead, he would need to communicate with the green dragon soul inside. To do it, the technique of all things having spirit and soul might be the only way.

'The sacred ground of West Earth is pretty remarkable!' he exclaimed to himself.

The poison in the dragon qilin's body had decreased quite a bit, and he could finally stand up. He then immediately swung his long tail to and fro, raising dust behind him as he shouted, "Cult Master, give me the bead!"

Qin Mu didn't pay attention to him and threw the Green Dragon Bead to Xiong Qi'er, that little girl, with a smile. "For you to play."

Xiong Qi'er caught the Green Dragon Bead and smiled sweetly. "Thank you, big brother!"

The dragon qilin's saliva flowed down continuously, and he wagged his tail at Xiong Qi'er. "Big sister, let me play with the bead! Don't worry, I won't eat it, I promise you!"

Qin Mu immediately fetched a couple jade bottles to collect the dragon saliva and thought to himself, 'I should collect a few more bottles to sell in the capital city so I would have money… Right, I'll have to return to the village first to fetch Ling'er back. She's much better at managing finances than me.'

He collected over a dozen bottles until Xiong Qi'er placed the Green Dragon Bead into her undergarment. Only then did the dragon qilin stop drooling.

Qin Mu threw a glance at the little girl. Even though Xiong Qi'er was still small, she was very intelligent. She took out the Green Dragon Bead again, and the dragon qilin's tail began to swing again, his saliva flowing down like a waterfall once more.

After collecting over twenty bottles of dragon saliva, Qin Mu was finally satisfied. He was afraid that the quality would be affected if too much flowed out, so he signaled for Xiong Qi'er to put away the Green Dragon Bead.

The two white bats and Xiong Xiyu had also recovered their strength, so Qin Mu brought them to head east.

Xiong Xiyu had been too deeply poisoned. If it was something simple, the toxicity would be mild and curing her would be very easy. However, the Coiling Poison had penetrated deep into her divine treasures, so it was difficult to remove it.

To others, this could be considered beyond cure, but Qin Mu felt that she was still savable.

He searched for spirit herbs throughout the journey to refine spirit pills, and after using ten kinds of spirit pills and changing the prescription ten times, he finally got rid of the Coiling Poison in her Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, Six Directions, and Seven Stars Divine Treasure.

After walking for over ten days, they didn't encounter Yu Bochuan or any of his people. It was probably because the Green Dragon Bead had been snatched away, so they felt that they weren't a match for Qin Mu and the rest anymore. Because of that, they should have gone back to West Earth for reinforcement.

Suddenly, the sound of bubbling water came from the front, and Qin Mu's eyes lit up as he smiled. "We have reached the source of Surging River."

Not long later, they saw steam coming from above a cliff while below it was a several thousand feet deep drop. Xiong Xiyu and the rest immediately looked around and saw Great Ruins stretching from the west to the east from where the land had suddenly broken off, forming a natural moat spanning thousands of miles from north to south.

The natural moat had split Great Ruins into two, and the West Great Ruins was thousands of feet higher than East Great Ruins.

"What kind of power could have formed these sections?" Xiong Xiyu muttered.

"A huge earthquake." There was no expression in Qin Mu's face as he spoke. "An unimaginable earthquake."

Xiong Xiyu couldn't help shuddering.

Qin Mu jumped down from the cliff, and his feet landed on air, walking down step by step. Xiong Xiyu brought her daughter to catch up, and when they reached the middle of the cliff, they saw that the first stream merged with other streams that came pouring down from the sky, forming a huge waterfall. As they went farther down, they saw that the crashing of water had formed a huge pool below.

The river poured out from there, but it wasn't wide. Its beginning was only ten yards wide, but as it continued forward, other rivers flowed into it, speeding up the current and widening the riverbed.

Xiong Xiyu turned back to take a look and saw that from the natural moat, which was the cliff behind them, there were countless waterfalls pouring down. The flowing water would then gathered below to form a huge river.

Surging River!

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