Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 331 - Peeking

Qin Mu's gaze landed on the dew on his fingertip. It left him slightly at a loss. A sword skill could actually reach such a level?

The sword skill that Village Chief executed this time was different from those in the past. The Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers showed back then taught him how to execute the whole process flawlessly, allowing him to learn how to execute the sword skill.

Even though the Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers this time was the same one he'd been taught, there was something additional in it that made it different.

It was like executing the creation of heaven and earth to create all things.

Dao Sect's Dao Sword used the method of algebra to analyze all things in nature, and then the Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword recreated all things in nature, which gave it unimaginable power.

The sword skill of Village Chief, however, seemed to have taken an opposite path. He was creating all things in the world while his sword skill to interpret them.

It was hard to say which method was superior, but from a conceptual point of view, there was an obvious choice. Dao Sword worked under the expression of Dao follows the nature, while Village Chief's Sword Picture created nature, which showed that the conception of Sword Picture should be superior.

Interpreting nature was a kind of learning, a learning from nature. Creation, on the other hand, was the act of making something out of nothing. Based on the summary of Dao Sect's teachings—the path produces one, one produces two, two produces three, and three produce all things—Village Chief's sword picture had mastered the path to produce all things. The Dao Sword of Dao Sect was interpreting all things, but exhausting all possibilities.

Qin Mu focused his gaze on the drop of dew, which was sparkling and translucent, looking incomparably glossy. In the surface of the dew, he could actually see the reflection of boundless universes presenting themselves in fine detail.

"Cyan Heaven's Eyes, awaken!"

Layers of formation markings swirled in Qin Mu's pupils, and with Cyan Heaven's Eyes, he tried to see the fine sword lights which formed the dew. However, what disappointed him was that he couldn't see anything even with his skill.

However, he noticed a marvelous point. The dew reflected external objects, and looking at it in detail, he could actually see even more details of the reflection.

Through it, he looked at Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor who had entered some marvelous realm. His gaze may look blank, but when looking into his eyes through the dew, Qin Mu could see countless changes in the arrays of his eyes.

By looking even deeper, he seemed to see a world produced inside the transformations of the arrays.

Qin Mu stirred up his spirit and maintained the operation of Cyan Heaven's Eyes. Looking over, he could see everything even more clearly, and the transformations of the arrays in Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's eyes seemed to open a new world, demonstrating the magic of creation!

He had the feeling of being there personally, situated in the world that was born in Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's eyes. He was experiencing the comprehension of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor.

He was comprehending the sword path, and he was indeed a person brimming with talent. It was no wonder that Heavenly Devil Patriarch, Old Dao Master, and Old Rulai had sympathy for a talent such as him the moment they laid eyes on him and imparted the ultimate arts of their respective sacred grounds to him.

Qin Mu was inferior to him in terms of comprehension and aptitude. When Imperial Preceptor first saw Village Chief's sword path, he was able to comprehend new things by analogy and grasp his own sword path. Faced with such a heaven-defying aptitude and talent, Qin Mu acknowledged that his own ability falling short.

However, Qin Mu was currently using the dew's power to enter Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's state of comprehension, borrowing it to improve himself.

"Truly marvellousĄ"

When Village Chief saw this, he sighed ruefully to Cripple. "Even though Qin Mu's aptitude and comprehension aren't comparable to those of the saint that appears once every five hundred years, but this kind of quick wit and diligence is not something the saint can match."

Cripple was proud. "As expected of the one I taught!"

"It's as expected of the one we taught!" Village Chief added as well.

"How do you view Imperial Preceptor? Can he be the human emperor?" Cripple asked.

Village Chief was silent for a moment, then said in a soft voice, "He's not inferior to me and might be even more outstanding than me in the future."

Cripple looked at him with doubt. "I know you never finish your sentences, but why don't you say what you want to say all at once?"

Village Chief sighed. "I'm very strong and have reached the extreme of sword skills, but look at what severed my limbs - a sword."

Cripple no longer said anything, so Village Chief continued, "My limbs were severed, severed by someone with a sword. Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, this saint that appears once every five hundred years, might be stronger than me, but if he doesn't have any chance meeting, he will be trapped on Divine Bridge Realm like me. If he can't connect the divine bridge, there'll be no way to reach the other realm and he will just face the same end as me."

Cripple's body trembled. He looked at Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor before turning to Qin Mu. With a questioning look, he asked in a low voice, "After you and I die, if Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor also dies, what's going to happen to Qin Mu?"

"I had originally wished for him to be an ordinary person, a normal person who will live a normal life. Yet he had exceeded my expectations time and again, destroying all my plans for him one after another. I can't be sure about his future. At first, I thought that he was an ordinary human, but ever since I went to search for Carefree Village, I became aware that he might have some extraordinary points."

Cripple broke into a grin. "Ordinary? Village Chief, you're getting muddle-headed. Is there ever an ordinary Overlord Body? Mu'er is the Overlord Body, so how is he ordinary?"

Village Chief's expression froze, and he gave a forced laugh before continuing, "That's right, I've forgotten that he's the Overlord Body, so it's natural for him to do stuff that is out of the ordinary. Yet he still exceeded my expectations this time. I thought he would comprehend some profound stuff from my sword path, yet he saw the process of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's comprehension in that drop of dew. This is too… too…"

He didn't know how to continue. Cripple laughed. "Too inconceivable!"

Village Chief nodded, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. "It's indeed too inconceivable! Mu'er, this little fellow, I thought he would never awaken his spirit embryo yet he did it. I thought he would be stuck on Spirit Embryo Realm and never progress yet he found the follow-up technique of Overlord Body… Ehem, Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. I thought he would be like everyone else yet he defeated all three hundred and sixty hall masters of Heavenly Devil Cult and became their young cult master. I thought he wouldn't be able to learn what we teach him yet he learned very well, with the momentum that surpasses us."

He smiled bitterly. "I thought I would never acknowledge him and never hand my legacy down to him, yet I acknowledged him and imparted my legacy to him. I even handed my burden and responsibility to him."

He reminisced about the past with a feeling of wanting to laugh. "At first, I didn't trust him and didn't think he could accomplish anything extraordinary, yet every time he raises my expectations higher and higher. In the end, I realize that is still the one I trust the most. In truth, as we raised him up, we also grew from that."

Cripple asked with a smile, "What you're trying to say is?"

Village Chief's wrinkles gathered together on his forehead, and he revealed a sincere smile from the depths of his heart. "What I mean is that in comparison to Imperial Preceptor, I think more highly of Mu'er who we all raised together. The child that was given to us by Surging River in the darkness fifteen years ago was born extraordinary! His aptitude isn't as astonishing as that of Imperial Preceptor and his comprehension isn't as heaven-defying, but there's something about him that I can't see through…"

"It's Overlord Body!" Cripple said excitedly.

The smile on Village Chief's face froze, and he had a myriad of emotions as he muttered, "Maybe it's because of Overlord Body. An ordinary person creating a miracle once might be by chance, twice might be by luck, but after three or four times, it won't be chance or luck anymore. Instead, he is indeed different from others, an Overlord Body that's worth our respect. Our Mu'er has inherited the good points of us failures who have hidden in Great Ruins and learned from our lessons. He will definitely be able to walk farther than any of us!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor comprehended the path, his understanding growing deeper and deeper. With the drop of dew to peek at him comprehending the path, Qin Mu managed to see the entire process as it happened.

With Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor comprehending the sword path, he would gain a lot of benefits due to the man being on a way higher realm than him.

Even though Qin Mu was still at the primary stage of skill, by borrowing Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor comprehending path, he could peek into the stage of sword path. The benefits he gained from that were unimaginable!

Compared to a giant like Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, Qin Mu was only a small child. Yet this small child could stand on the shoulders of this giant to attain a wider horizon.

Even though all the people in Qingmen Pass were comprehending Village Chief's Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers, those that were able to grasp the paramount marvel within it were few and far between. Most of them could comprehend a move or two, and it may be extraordinary enough for them to last the rest of their lives, but there was absolutely no one that had receives as huge a benefit as Qin Mu!

It was equivalent to learning about paramount marvels in regards to the sword from Village Chief and Imperial Preceptor, these two great sword gods!

After a long time, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor woke up from comprehending the path, and there was an indescribable bearing about him.

Upon reaching the highest peak, all mountains could be held within a single glance.

Now that he had stepped onto the peak of sword skill, looking at all the sword skills and divine arts in the world gave him a sense of depression. There were no more sword skills and divine arts in this world that could light up his eyes.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor revealed a sorrowful expression, but soon after, he noticed something different. He could actually feel someone peeking at him, into his Dao heart, into him comprehending the path!

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was astonished and looked toward the source, his gaze landing on Qin Mu.

He was stunned for a moment, then broke out laughing while shaking his head. "I see, Heavenly Saint Cult Master is really great at using others for his own gain."

Qin Mu immediately felt his gaze. There was a light sting in his eyes, and he immediately redirected his gaze. When their gazes crossed paths, Qin Mu revealed a radiant smile. "Heavenly King, sorry to disturb you."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor smiled in return. "No worries."

Suddenly, the mountains and rivers dispersed as all sword lights vanished. Village Chief pulled back his sword lights and said to Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, "You have already attained the path."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor bowed to express his thanks. "If not for Dao brother's guidance, I still wouldn't know when I would be able to enter the realm of the path."

The arms and legs of Village Chief that were formed by vital qi dispersed automatically as he said, "Come forward and take a look at the severed section of my arms and legs. I had always left these sword scars alone, never erasing them. In the future, you might meet the god that left me these wounds."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor walked forward solemnly, squatting down to examine the wounds in detail.

What he saw were sword scars which had been left behind on Old Human Emperor by a sword that was stronger than his. A practitioner proficient in sword had been injured by the sword. In Imperial Preceptor's eyes, Village Chief's sword skills had already reached the realm of the path, which meant they were above his. It's just that his qi and blood were exhausted and not flourishing like his. Yet from these injuries, he could see sword skills and a sword path that was even stronger!

"Do you have confidence in defeating him?" Village Chief asked.

"Not now. However, I might in the future! You imparted your sword path to me and you are also the enlightenment of my sword skills, so you are my teacher. Thus, would you hand the burden that you're carrying to me?" Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor asked with a grim face

Village Chief shook his head and smiled. "There's no need to hand it to you, I have already given it to someone else."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's heart trembled violently, but then he came to a sudden realization. He looked at Qin Mu and asked in a low voice, "The new human emperor?"

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