Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 332 - Divine Cannon

The new human emperor!

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had a somewhat complicated gaze, and a murderous thought even arose in his heart. As the human emperor of the previous generation, Village Chief didn't care about fame and fortune nor did he desire power; his goal was much further away. He didn't set his gaze on the power of the mortal world, thus he was respected by everyone.

However, will Qin Mu, this new human emperor, be like Village Chief?

Human emperors held massive power, and it surpassed even that of Emperor Yanfeng. Their charisma was even higher than that of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor as well!

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had gone to Little Jade Capital before and knew some secrets, like the power of the human emperor. He and Emperor Yanfeng wanted to unite all the sects and sacred grounds in the world, but there were not many that would submit to them.

However, it was possible for the human emperor.

He could make the sects submit to him. The power of the human emperor wasn't won through a fight, but was instead given to him by all of the big sects and sacred grounds!

Even if it was Little Jade Capital, if they knew Qin Mu was the new human emperor, they would probably support him as well.

If Qin Mu got drunk on power, he could snatch the throne of Eternal Peace, completely destroying the great cause of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Emperor Yanfeng!

"If you and Emperor Yanfeng fail, the human emperor will still be around, giving the hope of a hope for a comeback," Village Chief said.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's heart shook, and he pulled back his gaze. "I won't fail."

Village Chief smiled. "I hope you won't fail. I don't want Mu'er to suffer."

Qin Mu walked over so the two of them closed their mouth and stopped talking.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's gaze landed on the youth again, and there was a weird feeling in his heart. This fifteen or sixteen years old boy in front of him could be said to hold the greatest authority in the world yet he knew nothing about it.

Qin Mu was the current Heavenly Devil Cult Master, Imperial Academician of Imperial College, the successor of Disabled Elderly Village, but his greatest identity to date was the current human emperor.

His authority was even higher than that of the emperor and Imperial Preceptor, but Qin Mu didn't seem to know what it meant, which was really strange.

Cripple caught Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's expression and was secretly pleased. 'Imperial Preceptor probably doesn't know that Mu'er has the treasure that symbolizes the imperial power of Ling Family. If he knew Emperor's Disk was with Qin Mu, he would probably jump up and down in fury.'

Cripple had handed Emperor's Disk to Qin Mu for fun. He had studied that jade disk for dozens of years, but he could never comprehend the marvel of it, so it was useless for him to keep it.

However, he did know what Emperor's Disk symbolized. This jade disk was granted to Ling Family by a god which represented a god giving imperial power to them. It was said Nine Dragons Monarch Technique of Ling Family was comprehended from Emperor's Disk.

When it was stolen, it was quite a huge incident, but it was suppressed by Emperor Yanfeng so no outsiders knew.

No one would thus expect that this Emperor's Disk would actually be in Qin Mu's hands!

With Emperor's Disk and Human Emperor's Seal, Qin Mu was the person with the most authority in this world, yet he knew nothing about it.

'If this foolish boy learned of this, he would definitely be shocked to the point he couldn't close his mouth!' This thought pleased Cripple.

Assistant Minister of Ministry of Works Shan Youxin walked over and greeted Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor before saying to Qin Mu in a low voice, "Cult Master, the cannons in the flying ship need to be repaired after the huge battle. Can I invite Cult Master to go over and have a look?"

"Your forging skills aren't any inferior to mine, so why do you need me to go over?" Qin Mu asked in bewilderment.

"There are problems with the formation markings in the cannon barrel. After the cannon is activated for eight-nine times, the barrel becomes red-hot, and the formation marking in the cannon gets disturbed, causing the power of the formation to decrease drastically and even blow up."

Shan Youxin was Heavenly Works Hall Master, so he quickly led the way in front while saying, "While fighting with Barbarian Di Empire this time, over a dozen cannons have already exploded and over a hundred divine arts practitioners died from that. The formation markings of these cannons were designed by Hall of Heavenly Works and Hall of Array Elements together. I think it might be caused by the weariness of the black gold, it might not be able to handle the strain…"

Qin Mu shook his head. "I don't think it's the weariness of black gold. It should be problems with the formation that caused thermal decay. Let me go and take a look."

"Thermal decay?" Shan Youxin's eyes lit up, and he praised, "It's possible! But the design from Hall of Array Elements is perfect, I'm afraid it would be hard to improve it."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor raised his eyebrows when he saw the two walking away. "Cult Master actually knows the path of forging treasures so well that even Assistant Minister Shan needs to consult him!" he said in astonishment.

Cripple smiled. "Mu'er learned to forge before."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor took a glance at him and remembered how this shameless old thief had shat on his bed and peed in his teapot, causing his face to become slightly green. Furthermore, the picture of Sword God's back had also been stolen by him!

Qin Mu and Shan Youxin came onto a flying ship and saw numerous officials from Ministry of Works hurrying to repair the damaged parts on the ship. There were a few cannons that had exploded, and there were still some bloodstains on the barrels of the cannons.

These kind of cannons were called True Origin Cannons. There was none on the merchant ship and Fan Yunxiao really wanted to get a few, but they couldn't be bought on the market.

Qin Mu first checked where the explosion had originated, then examined what energy had caused it. After that, he checked the section of the metal before taking a look at the batteries. He mumbled to himself "Besides the problems in forging, the formations are wrong as well. However, they are hard to change. With the war at hand, we won't have time to reforge the batteries and redo the formations. In that case, we can only make changes to the cannon. In my opinion, we should add ring-shaped treasures at the cannon's opening and the depths of its bore, using them to concentrate the light."

He sliced down a huge chunk of metal from the cannon's body and melted this piece of black gold with his vital qi, forging it on the spot.

Numerous officials from Ministry of Works came over and looked as he forged the treasure. They were all full of praises as they took out paper and brush to record his forging methods.

Not long later, Qin Mu forged two rings and made formation markings on them.

The formations he had marked on the rings were the Heaven Markings from Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Technique that Blind had taught him. These two rings looked like the irises of an eye, just without a pupil.

One of the rings was placed in the depths of the cannon's bore, and the other at its opening.

Qin Mu transformed Vermillion Bird Vital Qi into blazing fire and connected the formation markings of True Origin Cannon with the formations on the two rings while saying, "Hall Master Shan, try activating True Origin Cannon."

The energy for True Origin Cannon was supplied from the pill furnaces of the flying ship. After improving the pill furnaces on the flying ship, True Origin Cannons could release their strongest power.

Shan Youxin immediately gave orders for the soldiers to start the furnace and rise into the air. The flying ship floated in midair and shot down toward Duck Tongue Zone.

A beam of light that was brighter than before shot out in a straight line and hit a soldier of Barbarian Di Empire that was cleaning up the battlefield.

That soldier had been relying on his fast speed to clean the treasures off the corpses on the battlefield, yet he didn't expect a beam of light to shoot over. He was pierced by the light, and his corpse fell to the ground.

The officials on the flying ship were all stunned. They looked each other in the eyes, seeing their own astonishment there. The beam of True Origin Cannon could only reach thirty miles originally, but now it could actually cover a hundred miles and more!

Shan Youxin personally adjusted the battery again and fired once more. Another beam of light shot out, and another Barbarian Di Empire's soldier collapsed onto the ground, dying an unnatural death.

The other soldiers of Barbarian Di Empire immediately scrambled for their lives as Shan Youxin fired repeatedly, killing the soldiers of Barbarian Di Empire one after another. None of them escaped alive, leaving only their mounts to sprint back alone to the mountain pass on the opposite side.

Shan Youxin touched the cannon's barrel and said in astonishment, "After firing seventeen times, the barrel is still cool! Imperial Preceptor, Imperial Preceptor! Quick, invite Imperial Preceptor over!"

After a moment, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor came to the ship with a look of inquiry.

It was hard for Shan Youxin to cover up his excitement as he bowed. "Imperial Preceptor, we can now capture Barbarian Di Empire!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's heart trembled violently, and he said with a grim face, "Assistant Minister Shan, there's no joking around in the military!"

Shan Youxin smiled. "Imperial Preceptor, this is definitely no joking matter! The True Origin Cannons on our flying ship could only shoot thirty miles, and on the battlefield where there are many experts, strong practitioners on Seven Stars Realm can execute their sword pellets to take the lives of people thirty miles away. This is why the True Origin Cannons on the flying ship could only be situated in the middle guard, and they could only fire eight to nine times. Now a True Origin Cannon can shoot a hundred and sixty miles; it had increased by five times!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor jumped in shock and cried out, "A hundred and sixty miles? Are you sure it's a hundred and sixty miles?"

Shan Youxin nodded heavily and said, "It's a hundred and sixty miles. Furthermore, after Cult Master Qin's improvement, the barrel won't become hot, and this is the most crucial point, we can fire as many times as we want! The flying ships were originally in the middle guard, but now, they can totally line up and be used to pave the way! Our army has over two hundred flying ships and there are two rows of True Origin Cannons on both sides of the ships. Each row has eight cannons, and there are also four cannons in the front and back of the ships, coming to a total of forty cannons. With over two hundred flying ships—eight to nine thousand cannons—we can kill enemies from over a hundred miles away, purging them wave after wave. We can directly push to the area outside of the city!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor sucked in a cold breath and muttered, "Hall Master Shan, this cannon of yours will save a lot of our rations as well as countless soldier lives…"

Shan Youxin bowed. "This is all Cult Master's work, I don't dare to take his credit."

Qin Mu was currently drawing the formation blueprints of Heaven's Eyes. When he finished, he handed them over to an official from Ministry of Works.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor went forward and took a look before asking with suspicion, "This is some kind of pupil divine art! You used a pupil divine art on the True Origin Cannon?"

Qin Mu washed his brush and nodded. "The opening of the cannon is the pupil, and the cannon's light is the gaze, this can really work."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was first stunned, then said, "There are over a hundred pupil skills in Imperial College's Floor of Heavenly Records, and among them, the strongest one is called Sunshot, which even I might not be able to cultivate. I have recorded the formation markings of Sunshot Divine Eyes, but could you create such a huge cannon?"

His vital qi burst forth and layers of formation markings appeared, transforming into an incomparably complicated pupil.

Qin Mu examined it in detail, and his body suddenly shrank. He walked among the formation markings, then his body returned to normal and he landed on the ground. He said, "This cannon requires many people to create and needs two to three manufacturing factories to work together. I reckon only one can be made within two months' time. Furthermore, this kind of cannon would be extremely huge, much heavier than any other spirit weapon! Where did Imperial Preceptor get such a complicated divine eye?"

"Great Ruins," Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said in a deep voice. "I was also shaken when I first saw this kind of pupil skill, but can you see what it is used for?"

Qin Mu shook his head.

"Slaughtering gods," Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said calmly. "If you can create it, you will be the number one in heavenly works in the world. The cannon you will make might be able to kill gods!"

Qin Mu immediately waved his hand and said extremely sincerely, "I don't dare to call myself number one in heavenly works, I'm just number two."

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