Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 333 - Divine Eyes Reappear

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor seemed to be smiling yet not smiling. "Sacred Cult Master sure isn't humble."

Qin Mu was slightly bewildered. He was clearly humble, but he was realistic as well, admitting he was number two and not number one. He never bragged, so how could this not be humble?

Assistant Minister Shan Youxin is the Heavenly Works Hall Master of Heavenly Devil Cult and his treasure forging methods were top notch in the world. Even if other sects had capable people who were proficient in forging treasures, they couldn't match Shan Youxin.

Yet Shan Youxin was inferior to Qin Mu, so since Qin Mu felt that he was still inferior to Mute, admitting himself to be number two was being humble and telling the truth. Old Ma had taught him not to be arrogant or hot-tempered, not be servile or overbearing, so he was just following these requirements.

It's just that to others, being the world's second best in heavenly works at such a young age was simply too shocking. Besides, when such a youth admitted that he was the number two divine physician as well, it was simply too shocking.

Qin Mu pondered the situation for a moment, then wrote down a list of materials before handing it over to Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. These were the rough estimations for materials needed to create such a battery. If it wasn't enough, he could always ask for more.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor picked the list and took a moment to look through it before asking, "Sacred Cult Master wants to empty the empire's treasury?"

"Why does Imperial Preceptor say so?" he asked in bewilderment.

"The black gold and black copper on your list are fine. Even if you use up more than several mines worth, they can still be provided. However, where do you want me to find divine gold and other divine materials?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor flicked the list away, revealed a very sincere look. "Is Cult Master coveting the treasures in the empire's treasury? If that's the case, there's a place for Cult Master at the entrance of the marketplace."

"Imperial Preceptor, what you want to make is a thing to slaughter gods, something that's greater than a cult legacy treasure that can kill a few cult masters! Also, if you hadn't said it, I would have forgotten, salaries will have to be paid since the cult followers of our Heavenly Saint Cult will be helping out with the forging of the treasure."

Qin Mu pondered over it, then wrote down the salaries as well as how many manufacturing factories he would need. Some of the names of the first ranking high officials in the imperial court were also listed by him.

"To forge such a divine cannon, I will also require all the divine arts practitioners that are great in algebra. It'd be best to invite the experts of Dao Sect!"

Qin Mu wrote down Dao Sect on the list and said, "Every component of this divine cannon requires extreme precision, so there will be a lot of calculations to be done. With just the scholars of Imperial College, I'm afraid it will take us several hundred years to finish calculating everything, and there may even be errors. The experts of Dao Sect are strong in this field, so we definitely need them."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's face changed slightly as he felt the list in his hands becoming heavier.

Even with the power of the entire empire, he reckoned they would only be able to forge one Sunshot Divine Cannon!

The hardest part in all of this was going to be inviting the experts of Dao Sect. Old Dao Master had once attempted to assassinate Emperor Yanfeng and almost succeeded. They even assisted the previous crown prince in the rebellion and almost crowned him the new emperor. After the rebellion was quelled, Emperor Yanfeng and Crown Prince Ling Yushu had ruthlessly beaten down on Dao Sect, so the two sides weren't on friendly terms. They were like fire and water.

To ask the experts of Dao Sect to help was going to be very difficult.

However, this kind of divine cannon had to be forged. Otherwise, when the next disaster struck, there would be no way for them to defend against it!

With Imperial Preceptor yet to recover to his peak state, who knew if the next disaster would arrive before that could happen?

"The empire's treasury is empty, we don't have that much money. Could Sacred Cult Master give a discount?" Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor probed.

Qin Mu calculated it and said, "After Rolan's Golden Palace is conquered, Imperial Preceptor shall allow me to choose a hundred treasures, then I'll pay the salaries of the cult followers myself."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor still wanted to bargain when Qin Mu smiled. "Heavenly King, I didn't ask for my own salary. It's not a small price to invite the number two in heavenly works in the world to undertake this! What's more, I'm still the Heavenly Saint Cult Master!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor sighed. "I shouldn't have agreed to be the heavenly king of Heavenly Saint Cult, now my hands are tied and I can't even bargain. I need to report this to the emperor and ask him to make a decision. Over the years, Eternal Peace Empire has annexed many countries and eradicated numerous sects, so there are some divine gold and divine materials in the empire's treasury. We just need the emperor to nod his head. Wait for a dozen days, and the emperor's decree will come."

Qin Mu turned around to help forge Heaven's Rings. He wasn't too worried about the divine gold or divine materials since he didn't find them valuable as he had many of them when he was refining his sword pellet. They had come from the treasury of Heavenly Devil Cult, while he had transferred all kinds of cult legacy treasures there in return.

He, Ministry of Works, and the scholars of Imperial College forged Heaven's Rings together, their speed extremely fast. Speed was a crucial asset in war, and even if they only forged Heaven's Rings, they still needed over seventeen thousand of them, which turned it into a huge project.

Once the Heaven's Rings were connected to the formation markings, they could concentrate the true origin light in the center of the barrel, not allowing it to come into contact with the walls. This gathered true origin light would become as thick as a bowl's opening, so the barrel wouldn't heat up, eliminating the weariness of the black gold and thermal decay.

The cannon beam of True Origin Cannon was originally as thick as a water barrel, but now it had become as thick as a bowl's opening. The attack's surface might have become smaller, but the range was drastically increased. The shooters could also fire them as long as they liked, without worrying that the cannon would explode. This turned the flying ships into battleships.

Actually, Heaven's Eyes wasn't the greatest improvement that could be done to True Origin Cannon. Among Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill, Heaven's Eyes was the most basic pupil skill. The other eight kinds of pupil skills were much stronger.

The strongest was the ninth heaven, Fire Heaven's Eyes.

However, the formation of Heaven's Eyes was the simplest and the easiest to learn. It was easiest to make and required the least amount of materials, so Qin Mu chose this skill to impart to everyone.

If it was Fire Heaven's Eyes, even Qin Mu would need ten to fifteen days to refine one ring. The formation markings of Fire Heaven's Ring were too complicated, and if he used them, the true origin light might be concentrated into a beam of light that was even finer than a needle, and the range would once again be drastically increased. However, activating such a True Origin Cannon would require an extremely large amount of energy, one that even the empire's treasury might not be able to handle.

'If Fire Heaven's Rings could be forged to concentrate light into a thread, there would be no stronghold it couldn't overcome. Even an army with ten thousand men and horses wouldn't be able to break through if it was used to guard a sacred ground!"

Qin Mu calculated how much would such a guarding formation cost and was instantly disappointed. Heavenly Saint Cult would be able to forge it, but they wouldn't be able to use it, activating the formation and maintaining it required too many medicinal stones.

His thoughts started wandering again. Even though Fire Heaven's Eyes wasn't as crazily strong as Sunshot Divine Eyes, Blind's Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill and his divine eyes contained the formation markings of nine layers of heavens, which was equivalent to the power of nine layers of heaven accumulating together. Now that was terrifying!

'When Grandpa Blind's eyes were still around, wouldn't everyone have just died from one look?'

Qin Mu couldn't help becoming fascinated. Blind was short and was always chattering away while propping himself up by his bamboo cane to show off his literary excellence. It was hard to imagine how terrifying his gaze would have been when his eyes were still around.

Then again, what kind of person could have dug out Blind's divine eyes?

Since the spear god back then had such terrifying divine eyes, who was the one that was able to take his eyes and reduce such a godly existence to that kind of state?

'Dao Sect? Great Thunderclap Monastery? Li Tianxing? Or is it Little Jade Capital?'

Qin Mu wondered about it when he suddenly remembered the youth called Xu Shenghua, which stirred his heart. 'Could it be that place called High Heavens from which Xu Shenghua came?'

Blind was known as Spear God, but his strength lay in his divine eyes. But they were dug out.

Butcher was known as Heaven Knife and had once slaughtered his way up to the sky. Legend said that a god had appeared and severed him from the waist.

Village Chief was known as Sword God, but his limbs had been severed by a sword.

Were any of these related?

Cripple was the Thief God, and his leg had been chopped off by Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor when he went to steal from the imperial palace, so it was different from Blind, Butcher, and the rest. Mute's tongue was cut off, but without Mute saying anything, no one knew the story behind it.

Apothecary's face was sliced off by himself, parting over the dispute of love. Deaf's ears had been cut off by himself as he hated himself for not using them to pay attention to outside matters. Granny Si's heart devil was Li Tianxing. They were master and disciple fighting over a divine beauty. Old Ma's arm had been severed by himself as a compensation for his master's kindness. All these were not related.

Only Butcher and Village Chief's disability had similar reasons.

A god.

Meanwhile, the person who dug out Blind's eyes was unknown.

'Where could Grandpa Blind's eyes be?'

Qin Mu fell into a daze, but then shook his head to throw this matter to the back of his mind. He thought to himself, 'According to the theory of True Origin Cannon, I can make use of Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Technique to create a pupil divine art. Grandpa Blind only taught me pupil skills, without teaching me divine arts, but I can create one myself! When I succeed in cultivating my divine eyes, I would like to see who will come to dig out my eyes!'

He immediately put what he thought into action and executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique. Mobilizing the Seven Writings of Creation in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, he utilized Human King Creation Technique and Earth Aeon Creation Technique. Instantly, fire energy from his vital qi started to gather in his eyes.

Layers of formations gathered in his pupils, and Cyan Heaven's Eyes appeared. When he executed the technique, two beams instantly shot out.

Qin Mu's eyes blazed with fire, and the light became more and more intense. His gaze focused on the cannon battery in front of him, slicing it into three parts!

Everyone on the ship looked over, and Qin Mu immediately retracted his gaze, dispersing the formation in his eyes. With a smile, he said, "Don't panic, I just felt that this battery was useless so I decided to reforge it."

The astonishment on everyone's face didn't fade away, while Qin Mu's heart pounded violently as his hands formed into tight fists, 'Divine eyes are truly powerful, whoever I look at will die…'

Cripple and Village Chief sat at the gate of the city lord's manor, basking in the sun. When they saw the two beams, Cripple couldn't help shaking his head. "Mu'er, this rascal, playing around again. He's totally not afraid of spoiling his eyes with the heat. Blind is also too big-hearted, to even teach him such a dangerous thing."

Village Chief beamed at him while saying, "You can see how strong Blind's divine eyes were by looking at Qin Mu. The person who dug his eyes out is no ordinary person. With someone able to do this around, you should be careful as well, maybe someone will take a liking to your legs."

Cripple trembled, then looked over while asking in a low voice, "What you mean is that someone is trying to gather all the things that had reached the realm of god? What does he want all of them for?"

"To piece together a god." Village Chief sighed and said, "There are more people from my generation than just me. You may meet someone like this."

Cripple shrunk his head back. "I'm timid so don't scare me, can't I just run away?"

Village Chief looked at Qin Mu who was on the ship and said in a low voice, "I wish I could cut down the obstacles for Mu'er to grow peacefully; however, I don't know if I'll live that long… Mu'er is still too innocent. If only he could be a little more crafty…"

In Rolan Golden Palace, strong corporeal bodies sat in the shrines around Pangong Tso, each of them executing shaman spell divine arts to continuously bombard an ancient book in the middle. They were trying to undo its seal.

This book was, of course, one of those that he had scavenged from Qin Hanzhen's treasure ship.


A huge explosion rang out, and the seal on the book was finally broken. Pangong Tso couldn't hide the excitement in his heart and hurried over to flip open the ancient book. But his face turned black the moment he read the first few lines, and he threw the ancient book to the ground. "Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures again! Is this god from Carefree Village part of Heavenly Devil Cult?"

Beside him, books were strewn all over the floor. There was only one that hadn't yet been opened.

Pangong Tso composed himself and used up all his energy to mobilize his previous bodies to open up the final scripture.

When he flipped open the first page, golden light burst forth and lighted up the entire sacred hall.

Pangong Tso became wild with joy.

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