Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 334 - The Sacred Hands That Court Disaster

"What technique is this?"

That book was a golden one that was extremely difficult to destroy. There weren't many words on it, and the bits and pieces of them were all very short. For example, there were words like 'Magpie Bridge', 'Mysterious Guide', "God Crossing' whose meanings were unknown.

Pangong Tso's gaze landed on the first page, and on the picture, there was splendid celestial heaven, which was a dazzling sight. What had lighted up the entire hall with golden light were the rays that came from that picture.

Even though it was a painting, it was way too realistic. It seemed like the celestial heavens in the book was real.

In front of it was a broken bridge, and whose end stood a god-like figure.

Pangong Tso was slightly stunned. This sight looked a little familiar. He then looked at the surroundings in the picture and noticed a sun and moon as well as the five elements. "This is Divine Bridge Divine Treasure! That figure of a god should be the primordial spirit! What's this picture doing in the golden book? Isn't the divine bridge of Carefree Village complete? Then why is it broken in this picture?"

The others pages had different pictures which portrayed different circulation paths: the circulation method of vital qi in the spirit embryo, how to control the five qi of Five Elements Divine Treasure, how to determine six directions to stabilize the heaven and earth, how to link the seven stars, how to combine the soul and vital qi as one to strengthen the primordial spirit, how to open up life and death to see Youdu.

When it came to the eight diagram, it was Divine Bridge Divine Treasure again. Pangong Tso's heart suddenly pounded violently a few times. He saw the first seven pictures as a bedcover that was spread out for the vital qi in the eighth picture, so there would be a fantastic transformation at the time. Most of the vital qi seemed to have been drawn over by an indescribable force. It looked like magpies were laying out the way forward from the broken bridge.

"Magpie Bridge!"

Pangong Tso's heart throbbed. This was the cultivation method of Magpie Bridge which could reconnect the broken bridge!

He hurriedly flipped open the next page and saw that the primordial spirit there had come to the end of Magpie Bridge; however, there was still an impassable distance to the celestial heavens in front of it.

At this moment, the circulation path of vital qi had a miraculous transformation and gained an indescribable feeling of intersecting with the celestial heavens. It was drawn in its direction, and a bridge was slowly growing out from there.

"Secrets of Mysterious Guide!"

Pangong Tso's eyes sparkled from excitement, but he immediately stabilized his heart. He then turned the next page while suppressing his urge to cheer.

The methods recorded in the golden book were simply too complicated. If it was him, he wouldn't be able to come up with even the first step for such a complicated and intricate technique to reconnect the divine bridge. Yet the people of Carefree Village could actually create it, which was simply unimaginable!

"This is a golden book that surpasses the knowledge I accumulated throughout all of my lives! So what if the Qin brat stole a portion of my previous wealth? With this golden book, I will be able to break through Divine Bridge Realm to become a god!"

Pangong Tso rose, feeling giddy. He knew he was too excited, which resulted in his Dao heart getting bombarded. Even though he was an old monster which had lived for over ten thousand years, blood still rushed to his head from happiness, making it hard for his Dao heart to calm down.

"As long as I cultivate to Divine Bridge Realm and awaken Divine Bridge Divine Treasure, I'll be able to become a god. I have to quickly raise my cultivation!"

At that moment, Grand Shaman of Rolan's Golden Palace came to report. "Grandmaster, the frontlines are being hard-pressed. Khan Ruandi sent word that Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor has reached the frontlines and he has also called over the Heavenly Devil Cult Master. He showed off his sword skill divine art, which resulted in the sword lights that were like sea, controlling the entire battlefield of several hundred miles in radius."

Astonished, Pangong Tso broke into a laughing fit. "Is Ruandi crazy? Heavenly Devil Cult Master is the Qin brat, so where would he get such a great ability? Controlling several hundred miles with sword lights? Even in my previous lifetimes, I didn't have that kind of skill! I doubt that even Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor would be able to do that, and he's even injured now. Nonsense, pure nonsense."

"Khan Ruandi's intention is to invite Grandmaster to mobilize the experts of the golden palace to assist," Grand Shaman said.

Pangong Tso's was in quite a good mood, so he smiled. "Ruandi that brat is a little too timid. I have already sent orders to the entire prairie. There were a hundred tribes on the prairie and a hundred khans to support him. The abilities and cultivations of these khans are all not weak. In addition, Wolf Store Country is attacking Winter Iron Pass in the north to disperse the army of Eternal Peace, yet he actually still wants to borrow the power of our Rolan's Golden Palace?"

Grand Shaman immediately said, "Grandmaster, how do we reply to Khan Ruandi? The sea of sword light didn't seem to be fake."

Pangong Tso rose and walked to and fro while mumbling, "Sea of sword light, sea of sword light… I've seen this kind of sword skill before! Hehe, looks like that one has arrived. Old Human Emperor can't even sit still before he dies."

Grand Shaman shuddered. "Old Human Emperor?"

"Since Old Human Emperor made an appearance, things will be much easier." Pangong Tso smiled. "This is a chance for our Rolan's Golden Palace to show our face. Go to the divine mountain in West Earth and invite the people of High Heavens with incenses. Tell them that their Old Human Emperor has walked out of Great Ruins. In the meantime, I shall bring the experts of Rolan's Golden Palace to assist them at the border station."

Grand Shaman's expression changed drastically as he cried out, "Think thrice, Grandmaster! Old Human Emperor has arrived and his sword skills have reached perfection. I'm afraid our Rolan's Golden Palace…"

"Our Rolan's Golden Palace is a sacred ground, so how can we be scared of this old fart? Now that Imperial Preceptor and Emperor Yanfeng are both useless, Dao Master and Rulai are old, Dao Sect and Great Thunderclap Monastery don't have anyone in charge anymore. That Qin brat who is the cult master of Heavenly Devil Cult is still small and serves no purpose, so Eternal Peace deserves to be eradicated," Pangong Tso said leisurely.

Grand Shaman was slightly stunned. He then immediately said, "Grandmaster, Eternal Peace Empire can't be underestimated."

Pangong Tso hid the golden book in his clothes and walked over with a smile. "You're overestimating them. Our Rolan's Golden Palace is not to be trifled with, since we have over a dozen experts of the cult master level. In addition, there are also over a hundred khans in the prairie, so we don't need to be afraid of Eternal Peace. Actually, now that Old Human Emperor appeared, the fate of Eternal Peace Empire is already determined. High Heavens will definitely be very willing to help us eradicate Eternal Peace. Old Human Emperor has caused a huge problem this time!"

Laughing, Pangong Tso walked out of the sacred hall. After summoning all the strong practitioners in the golden palace that was on Celestial Being Realm, Life and Death Realm as well as Divine Bridge Realm, he left for the border station.

Grand Shaman didn't dare to hesitate. He immediately rushed toward West Earth.

Pangong Tso brought all experts that had cultivated a primordial spirit. They boarded a treasure ship while some of the shaman kings on Celestial Being Realm grew bird wings to drag the treasured ship through the sky. The speed at which they moved was as fast as lightning.

Even so, they still took almost six days to reach the border station.

Behind it, there were cows and goats roaming over the mountains while the khans from all over the prairie brought their troops to kill the livestock for meat.

Eternal Peace Empire was weakened by the principle of taking their own lives when they were weak, so Pangong Tso personally ordered the entire prairie to unify. With Khan Ruandi as the leader, they began an invasion. At the same time, they allied with Wolf Store Country, which would attack from the north. When they conquered Eternal Peace, they agreed to split the lands equally.

With the prairie army in a deadlock, more and more troops came to reinforce it. Plenty of experts showed up, but Qingmen Pass was also being reinforced by people hurrying over to the battlefield. This caused the situation to stayed in the deadlock.

When Qin Mu and the rest arrived, it was the crucial moment for the fight over Duck Tongue Zone. However, Village Chief had quelled the battle with the Sword of Founding Emperor Sea of Blood.

When Khan Ruandi heard that Pangong Tso was coming with the strong practitioners of Rolan's Golden Palace, he immediately led most of the khans of the prairie to welcome him. Even though Pangong Tso was his son in name, his true identity was that of the Grandmaster. Even though this made him sad, he was also delighted.

After Pangong Tso had taken over the body, the attitude of Rolan's Golden Palace in regards to him had changed for the better. Everyone fully supported him to become the overlord of the prairie.

"We pay our respects to Grandmaster!" Khan Ruandi shouted out while leading all the khans.

Pangong Tso immediately came forward to personally help him up with a smile. "You're my father in this generation, so there's no need to be too formal. For that sea of sword lights that you mentioned, I've already got an idea about who caused it. I've come this time to put you at ease."

While maintaining the bowing posture, Khan Ruandi shuddered at the memory of the sword lights that had covered the sky and earth like a vast sea. "Heavenly Devil Cult Master's abilities are extraordinary and his sword skills are invincible. Him being in Qingmen Pass is making it hard for the elites of our prairie to make a move! Grandmaster…"

"Heavenly Devil Cult Master?" Pangong Tso laughed aloud and stamped his feet, only then did he manage to stifle his mirth. "Heavenly Devil Cult Master is merely a sixteen-year-old brat! His abilities are very superficial, so how is he worth you attaching importance to him? Don't worry about him, since he's on the opposite side, let me meet him and put you be at ease."

Khan Ruandi let out a sigh of relief. "If we could get the help of Grandmaster and the shaman kings, we would definitely win a victory in raising the flag and conquering Middle Earth!"

Pangong Tso led everyone into the pass, and the city gate in front of him opened up to allow them out of the impregnable pass and toward Duck Tongue Zone. Once they were between the two impregnable passes, Pangong Tso ordered someone to shout, "Heavenly Devil Cult Master Qin Mu, Grandmaster has come forth to talk with you. Do you dare to come out of the city?"

The person who had shouted out was a shaman king of the cult master level. His voice resounded throughout the whole Qingmen Pass.

Qin Mu was forging Heaven's Rings with everyone, so he was caught off guard by the words. 'Pangong Tso that rogue still dares to appear? Once I kill him, his shaman spell of paying respect to the soul will disappear! It's a pity Grandpa Butcher is not here or he would be more than willing to kill him."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had already come to Qin Mu's side and beside him was Cripple and Village Chief as well as numerous generals of Eternal Peace Empire's army. Qin Mu took out his painting of Pangong Tso paying respect to the soul, revealing the vividly drawn devil.

"I've never seen it before." Village Chief shook his head.

Cripple also shook his head, followed by the generals of the army. "This devil is weird, we have never seen its kind before."

Qin Mu looked at Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor who pondered for a bit before saying, "When I and my wife were invited to Little Jade Capital, I seem to have seen a similar sculpture; however, I didn't ask about it."

While they talked, shouts continued to ring outside.

Qin Mu put away the painting and rose with a smile. "If we kill Pangong Tso, there will be no need to go to Little Jade Capital! Grandpa Village Chief, come with me to get rid of him without a word!"

Village Chief shook his head. "I'm the human emperor, so I can't meddle with the struggles of the mortal world; otherwise, no one would listen to the words of the human emperor."

"Then what's the use of that Human Emperor's Seal?"

Qin Mu hated the Human Emperor's Seal so much that he wanted to throw it away. This thing was absolutely useless and yet still managed to have so many restrictions. However, if he were to throw it away, Village Chief would be hurt. In addition, he hadn't yet been able to defeat Village Chief on the same realm, so he could only abide by his promise and keep it.

'Pangong Tso, that beast, actually dared to steal the stuff of my Qin Family and now even comes to show off in front of me. Isn't he dancing on the graves of my ancestors by doing this?'

Qin Mu was filled with anger and said ruthlessly, "Grandpa Cripple, come with me! Let's steal until he becomes bankrupt!"

Cripple's eyes lit up and he chuckled. "Let us go and see who is the thief god with sacred hands!"

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