Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 337 - Details of Overlord Body

"Overlord Body?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was a little bewildered. When he thought about it, he had never heard about this kind of constitution before, so he looked at Village Chief in doubt. Overlord Body sounded much better than Four Great Spirit Bodies, but could this world really have a constitution that above Four Great Spirit Bodies?

If so, why hadn't he heard about it before?

And from the looks of it, there seemed to be two of these Overlord Bodies in the world!

Village Chief's face muscles twitched as he felt his face about to fall off. It was loose so often that it looked like it was just waiting for the moment to drop. 'Overlord Body again! Mu'er this rascal really can't calm down…'

He couldn't help sighing ruefully. He had really gone old. A small lie like this could alarm him and make his heart tremble in fear of being exposed. However, who could expose him?

As the previous human emperor, he had merely said a white lie, so why did he have to subject himself to such torture? Why did he always have to think of how to cover up the lie?

'Ever since I made up this Overlord Body constitution, I've lied more than I did in the past eight hundred years!'

Village Chief roused his spirit and shook his head. "Mu'er, there can never be a second Overlord Body! This Xu Shenghua is definitely not an Ovelord Body!"

Qin Mu was puzzled, and so was Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor.

Cripple formed fists excitedly. 'As the only one who knows about the existence of Overlord Body, Village Chief usually don't breathe a word of it to anyone, but he's finally going to divulge some secrets!'

Village Chief's face was calm when he said at a speed that was neither fast nor slow, "It seems to have been the Will of Heaven that there would only be one Overlord Body in all the previous generations. Others that seemed to look like it were all pseudo Overlord Bodies, but never the real thing. It has been like this since the start of days. In one era, there can only be one person with the true Overlord Body! You need to remember this point!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor couldn't hide his astonishment. The only Overlord Body in the world? The rest were all pseudo Overlord Bodies?

The mysteries in this world were indeed deeper than what he had imagined!

Village Chief's words alerted and thrilled him. The Will of Heaven, the only Overlord Body, pseudo Overlord Bodies—there seemed to be an indescribable power controlling all of this!

Cripple didn't think much about it and said excitedly, "As I guessed, there's only one true Overlord Body in this world!"

Qin Mu was slightly excited, but then doubt assailed him. "But Xu Shenghua's cultivation and mine have no difference. To be on the same realm as me, he can only be an Overlord Body as well."

"There can only be one reason for this," Village Chief said with a solemn face. "That's because you aren't hard working enough! As the Overlord Body, you are actually going to be caught up by the Four Great Spirit Bodies or a pseudo Overlord Body. You should be ashamed and reflect on yourself!"

Qin Mu nodded heavily and said solemnly, "Grandpa Village Chief, don't worry, I will definitely work even harder! Come to think of it, I have indeed been slacking for the past few days. If I'm improving, Xu Shenghua is also improving, but if I slacken, he might really surpass me!"

Village Chief relaxed, thinking to himself, 'Mu'er is still too innocent, getting tricked by me just like this to work even harder. If this brat gets defeated by Xu Shenghua, he will definitely think that he hadn't been working hard enough, so next time I will have even more excuses.'

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's gaze flickered, and he asked sincerely, "Dao brother, you said there's an Overlord Body and also pseudo Overlord Bodies, so there seems to be some relation. Would you mind explaining it in detail?"

Village Chief's eyes instantly became big. Qin Mu was easy to trick, and Cripple was the same, since he only liked stealing and didn't know much about the martial world. But Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was a whole different kind of person.

"Cough, cough, between Overlord Body and pseudo Overlord Body is the struggle over fate," Village Chief said solemnly. "There's only one Overlord Body in this world and there can only be one however, there can be many pseudo Overlord Bodies. I have once heard of a legend, according to which, if a pseudo Overlord Body kills the Overlord Body, they can snatch its fate, becoming the true Overlord Body from a pseudo one. As for whether that is true, I don't know."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor went deep into thoughts before raising his head to said, "The struggle over fate between Overlord Body and pseudo Overlord Bodies is indeed extremely disturbing. However, how does a pseudo Overlord Body know the opponent is the true Overlord Body? If they don't know who the Overlord Body is, how do they kill it?

Village Chief was furious. Was this scoundrel done or not? How was he supposed to make up even more of the story?

"Overlord Body and pseudo Overlord Bodies have an unimaginable connection. When the two meet, they can sense each other." Village Chief stabilized his mind and said, "From the moment they meet each other, they will have a feeling of appreciation for each other's talent, yet they are natural enemies that will have to fight to their last breath..."

When he was out of ideas about how to continue from there, Qin Mu's eyes suddenly lit up and he clapped in surprise. "The moment I met Xu Shenghua, I had this kind of feeling. No wonder, no wonder! We met on the river, when he was sitting in a pleasure boat. At the time, he stopped the boat when he saw me to invite me over! So that was because of the connection between Overlord Body and pseudo Overlord Bodies."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor no longer doubted it and raised his head to look at the sky in a daze. "Xu Shenghua is from High Heavens, and the god I met which sent the disaster is also from High Heavens. What kind of place is it? To actually have gods and even an Overlord Body? Dao brother, you should know that place, right?"

"They are just fake gods."

Village Chief also raised his head to look at the azure sky. In their west was an incomparably fierce battlefield, but none of them looked at it, having no concern in regards to the situation there.

"High Heavens consists of nothing more than a bunch of lackeys, they are the eyes planted by gods to oversee this world," Village Chief said softly. "Your Eternal Peace Empire's snow disaster had left people in a terrible situation, and the land hadn't recovered even now. But High Heavens' disaster is merely an ordinary meteorological attack. If a real god sent a disaster your way, hehe…"

He retracted his gaze and said, "East Sea is thirty thousand yards deep and it had sunk in one night. The east of Great Ruins was originally a sea, but it had become land and mountains overnight."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's hair stood on end.

"I have pitted myself against High Heavens all my life, and they aren't easy to deal with; however, the existences behind High Heavens are even harder to deal with."

Village Chief looked at where his arms and legs were severed and fell into a daze. He mumbled, "You will meet them, Mu'er will also meet them…"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor looked at the places where the limbs were missing on the old man. The scars left by a sword may have seemed ordinary to other people's eyes, but in his eyes, those of the current generation's sword god, there was boundless marvel within them.

He knew well how terrifying was the person who had severed Village Chief's arms and legs!

"High Heavens will send disaster on Eternal Peace once more." Village Chief let out a shaky breath and said, "However, the main enemy of High Heavens is still the human emperor. I fought with them for several hundred years, but the current me only has some two-three years left, but there's also you who have comprehended the sword path, so you can now fight with them. In the future, there'll be Mu'er as well. Now that I've walked out of Great Ruins, there will be visitors coming to find me in the next few days. I'll fight them one more time."

He said it indifferently, but the three of listeners could hear a hint of resolution in his voice.

"Human Emperor can't die on the bed." Village Chief revealed a smile and said softly, "The bed is not my resting place."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor raised his head once again and said softly, "High Heavens… One day, the cavalry of my Eternal Peace will trample on that place! But first, we shall trample that Helan Pass!"

He stood up and said, "Everyone, please move to Helan Pass."

A treasured carriage rolled up and came to the top of the city. Qin Mu carried Village Chief up and placed him in the treasured carriage while Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor drove the carriage with a smile, "Let us continue our conversation at Helan Pass."

Cripple picked up the golden book on the table and threw it back to Qin Mu while saying, "Grandmaster's book, no idea what kind of harmful and evil techniques are recorded inside."

Qin Mu caught the golden book and shook his head. "This doesn't belong to Grandmaster, it's a book from my Qin Family that he stole."

Cripple snorted. "Mu'er, you are definitely not hardworking enough. How could you still be robbed by that brat after learning my Heaven Pilfering Sun Switching Hand? You are better off staying as the number two divine thief in the world."

"I said I wanted to be number two, you are the one that wanted to push me ahead." Qin Mu flipped open the golden book and said in astonishment, "Pangong Tso actually opened up the book! It was originally sealed. That's right, Grandpa Village Chief, I have finally met my father!"

Village Chief's mind was suddenly blown, and he cried out, "You have met visitors from Carefree Village?"

Qin Mu placed the golden book down with a hint of sorrow on his face. "I met him in the treasured ship at Ghost Valley, but he had already used a forbidden technique and become a tree man… He signed the Pact of Earth Count with Saturn Sovereign so he couldn't open his eyes to see me. He taught me a lot of stuff, but we still had to part ways…"

Qin Mu stared blankly in front of himself. He then shook his head and threw all the messy thoughts out. He told everyone about his encounters in Ghost Valley and Youdu world, making the three people dumbfounded. These kinds of weird encounters birthed a longing in them, but it was mixed with a sense of fear. The many frightening secrets hidden within the treasured ship stunned them.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was greatly shaken. Not only was Qin Mu the Overlord Body, he even had a father that was like a god!

"How do the people of Carefree Village become gods?"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor suddenly recalled that the divine bridges of the people of Carefree Village were connected to the celestial heavens!

The people of Little Jade Capital had told him before that the divine bridges of everyone in this world were broken, everyone except for the people of Carefree Village whose divine bridges was connected to the celestial heavens!

Didn't this mean that Qin Mu's divine bridge would also connect him to the celestial heavens?

He turned back to look at Qin Mu, but the youth didn't know what he was thinking about. He instead picked up the golden book again and flipped open to take a look.

Ahead of them, the fleet of flying ships had already crushed everything in its path and was about to reach Helan Pass. Duck Tongue Zone was filled with corpses of Barbarian Di Empire's divine arts practitioners that were killed by True Origin Cannons!

Sword Hall Master Jian Sansheng and General of Guide Commandery Yuyuan Chuyu used flying ships as swords. The two sword professionals controlled the flying ships to massacre the army of the prairie, and after the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, the army of the barbarians crumbled. With their will to fight crushed by the fourteen thousand True Origin Cannons, they escaped back to Helan Pass like a flood.

What followed after was a one-sided massacre. Even with the shaman kings and various khans doing their best, they couldn't stop the flood of the escapees that surged back into the pass.

Eternal Peace Imperial drove the carriage quite slowly. The time was calculated so that when Sword Hall Master took down Helan Pass, the carriage would enter the city.

Within it, Qin Mu looked at the first page of the golden book with a serious face. He suddenly rose and vital qi flew out from his fingertip, transforming into all kinds of rulers. There were circulars ones, square ones, triangular ones, and semicircular ones. They had all kinds of angles and metric systems to measure the blueprints on the first page.

"Mu'er, what are you doing?" Cripple asked curiously.

"Measuring the magpie bridge," Qin Mu said without even raising his head. "The technique in this golden book of my Qin Family is a little weird. If I wanted to cultivate it, I would need to calculate every corner of the vital qi on this blueprint flawlessly. This picture might be… It might be…"

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