Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 338 - Broad Mindset

"What is it?" Cripple asked in bewilderment.

Qin Mu stroked his chin and plucked out a beard hair while saying, "I think the techniques in this book detail the method to connect the divine bridge."

Cripple didn't hear clearly and asked, "What bridge?"

"Divine bridge." Qin Mu continued to take measurements while saying, "Divine treasures aren't like the meridians in the human body, who are right there so one can execute the technique just with one look. Divine treasures are empty spaces, so when vital qi need to move around there, each and every millimeter possesses a different dimension. Thus, I need to measure the specific dimensions. It's hard to determine the coordinates in space, and any carelessness would result in a mistake.

Cripple's face was blank as he stared at Qin Mu changing a scale to continue measuring the picture in the golden book.

Qin Mu took out brush and paper to write down the data of his measurements. Without even raising his head, he continued, "If there's a mistake in the dimensions… The smallest mistake at the digits of Mo Hu is no different from a mistake of a thousand miles. My calculations have to be accurate and reach all the way to the digits behind Mo Hu. Furthermore, the size of the human body in the painting is different from the size of a real human body. The size of the divine treasure here is also different from the divine treasures of a real human, so let me calculate the underlying numerical values first. The size of everyone's Divine Bridge Divine Treasure is different, but with the underlying numerical values, one will be able to cultivate using ratio. In that case, they will be able to cultivate the Secrets of Magpie Bridge…"

Cripple blurted out again, "What bridge?"

Bewildered, Qin Mu smiled, "Magpie bridge. Grandpa Cripple, you seem to be in a daze. I shan't talk to you anymore, this part here is troublesome to calculate and is also very difficult. I will need to spend a very long time…"

Suddenly, Village Chief's head popped over, and he asked with excitement, "What bridge?"

Qin Mu was then even more bewildered. "Village Chief, you are also in a daze? Magpie bridge!"

"That's not it!" Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor turned back and said quickly, "That's not it! Before magpie bridge you had clearly said divine bridge!"

"That's right!" Cripple immediately said. "I've also heard divine bridge!"

Village Chief nodded repeatedly. "It was divine bridge!"

Qin Mu came to a realization and smiled. "The divine bridge of this man in the painting is broken, and the technique he uses to repair it is called magpie bridge. I was just calculating the mathematical reasoning needed in Secrets of Magpie Bridge. This technique is very difficult to cultivate and there are way too many things that need to be measured here…"

"Technique used to repair the divine bridge!"

The aura of the three men suddenly erupted, and the carriage that was flying in midair was shattered into pieces. The broken fragments then turned into powder from the vibrations caused by the terrifying aura!

Qin Mu immediately rose into the sky while holding the golden book and the data he'd measured next to his chest, his clothes dyed dark from the spilled ink.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, Village Chief, and Cripple nearly grabbed for the golden book. But once they saw Qin Mu hugging it to his chest, they paused and pulled back their hands, barely able to contain the excitement in their hearts.

"Luckily this is golden book is not afraid of being stained by ink. Otherwise, your sins would be huge," Qin Mu grumbled.

Village Chief immediately said, "Land on the ground first!"

The four of them dropped down, and everywhere around them was corpses. Some places were even blazing with fire and billowing with smoke. Those were traces left behind by fire divine arts. In the meantime, the army of Barbarian Di Empire banged on the gates of Helan Pass in hopes to escape, but the guards kept the city gate tightly shut, unwilling to open it to let them in. This was to prevent Eternal Peace Empire from taking the chance to invade.

The defeated army was actually bashing against Helan Pass frantically. The high wall crumbled continuously from being bashed by the numerous strong practitioners, and shattered rocks began to fly around. However, what they broke through was the outer city wall since it was wide enough, but the inner wall still stood strong.

The soldiers guarding the city executed their divine arts and spirit weapons at the ground below, attacking both friend or foe, killing the comrades with whom not long ago they had been fighting on the same side. All kinds of vulgarities were hurled from below the city wall, turning the situation outside too horrible to see. The corpses below the city piled up into a mountain.

In front of Helan Pass, the fleet led by Sword Hall Master and Yuyuan Chuyun stopped sixty miles away and didn't move forward anymore. True Origin Cannons shot continuously, smashing the city tower and gate into pieces.

Instantly, countless escapees poured into the city like a flood.

The hands and feet of Pangong Tso who was in the city turned ice cold.

The city gate was destroyed, and the defeated army rushed into the city. Helan Pass no longer had any chance of stopping the enemy's advance. The defeated army fell onto the guards inside the pass who found it hard to form formations, so they decided to make a run for it as well. If the enemy took this chance to rush in and massacre them in an orderly manner, the prairie would definitely suffer a complete loss!

"Bring me away immediately!" Pangong Tso steeled his heart and ordered the shaman king beside him, "Abandon the city, retreat out of Helan Pass!"

That shaman king immediately picked him up and flew out of Helan Pass. On the way, Pangong Tso said sternly, "Have the disciples of our Rolan's Golden Palace all leave the battlefield!"

The heart of that shaman king trembled, and he asked in a trembling voice, "Grandmaster, if our disciples of Rolan's Golden Palace retreat, the army won't have any way to survive!"

"But Rolan's Golden Palace will survive." Pangong Tso was extremely calm. "By defending, the disciples of our Rolan's Golden Palace will only die in this city. We have to preserve our strength. The true battlefield is on the prairie. The reputation of our Rolan's Golden Palace is not due to the respect and worship of the tribes. If Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor wants to take over the prairie, he will have to pay a big price!"

The shaman king immediately gathered his vital qi and transformed it into a world-shaking shout that spread throughout the battlefield. It ordered the disciples of Rolan's Golden Palace to retreat.

After that, the situation became even more disorderly. The heart of the army was totally gone, and everyone wanted to just escape for their lives. They poured through the city gate with people squeezing past one another, trampling on the fallen. There were some who had cultivated flying divine arts, so they flew up into midair and were shot down by the True Origin Cannons.

Yuyuan Chuyun controlled the sky so that no divine arts practitioners of Barbarian Di Empire could escape in this way. Sword Hall Master in the meantime controlled the ground, but he didn't block the people from escaping back into the pass. Instead, he wiped out all the enemies on the land in front of him, forcing the rest to escape even more frantically.

Below the flying ships, the army of Eternal Peace Empire poured forward to clean up the remnants on the battlefield.

Pangong Tso turned back to take a look at Helan Pass which was already starting to crumble. Fire blazed in the city, and thick smoke billowed up into the sky. The soldiers of Barbarian Di Empire were all escaping for their lives. Some of them tried to scale Helan Mountain when they couldn't get out of the city, but most of them fell and became meat paste.

Numerous great shamans and shaman kings flew back and gathered around Pangong Tso. There were fear and despair on everyone's faces, but Pangong Tso was calm as he instructed, "Immediately disperse and poison all the water sources in the prairie with shaman poison to have the plague wreck havoc on the land. If the army of Eternal Peace Empire kills its way in, they will all die miserably!"

"Grandmaster!" The hearts of all the great shamans and shaman kings trembled violently, and one shaman king said with a sob, "All the tribesmen on the prairie will be poisoned to death as well!"

Pangong Tso was indifferent. "The prairie is big enough. As long as we don't poison all the big cities, we can still preserve a portion of the tribesmen."

"But there are so many nomadic small tribes…"

Pangong Tso was expressionless. "Those are all poor and lowly people. For them to die along with the divine arts practitioners of Eternal Peace Empire, it's worth it. Immediately disperse and poison the water. There can be no delay. Otherwise, when the army of Eternal Peace Empire reaches here, their first target will be Rolan's Golden Palace!"

Most of the great shamans and shaman kings fell into a daze before dispersing in all directions.

Pangong Tso overlooked Helan Pass where smoke rose from the fires of war, shrouding the crumbling once impregnable pass. He turned around and walked toward the golden palace while muttering, "It's been so many years, about seven or eight thousand years, right? My heart is already as calm as an old well, without a single ripple. This is the first time, right? The first time I have the feeling of wanting to struggle with all my might like in my first lifetime… Eternal Peace Empire, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, Heavenly Devil Cult Master, you guys have once again lit up my fighting spirit!"

In the battlefield, Qin Mu moved a few corpses to one side and opened up the golden book to let Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, Village Chief, and Cripple see its contents.

The three heads gathered together and looked nervously at the writings and pictures on the page while frantically calculating and memorizing everything.

"Marvelous, truly marvelous! How did the people of Carefree Village think of such an intricate method to actually connect the divine bridge like this?"

"How immense of a calculation ability is required to calculate such precise markings before transforming them into a technique?"

The trio exclaimed endlessly, until Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor said, "Brothers, can I flip the page? Magpie bridge shouldn't be all there is; there are definitely other techniques on the next page! However, the calculations there will be even more intricate and require the result of the calculation on magpie bridge as a basis."

The golden book was flipped to the next page, and there was another wave of exclamations.

"It's indeed the next technique that's calculated off the basis of magpie bridge. Secrets of Mysterious Guide is truly remarkable. It's literally building a pavilion in the air! To be able to calculate to this step, this is definitely a godly calculation!"

"This is not what one person could calculate. This is a technique which had probably gathered the wisdom of everyone in Carefree Village in order to be calculated!"

"Quick, quick, quick, flip to the next page… What are you looking at me for? I have no hands!"


After the three of them looked at it for quite some time, loud explosions and cheers suddenly came from far away. Qin Mu raised his head to look over and gave a cough. "Helan Pass has been conquered."

Without saying anything, the trio continued to read the golden book. Qin Mu shook his head. "Shouldn't we be going over? The sky is going to turn dark soon. If we stay at Duck Tongue Zone, we will be in danger when the darkness invades at night. This is Great Ruins after all.

The trio remained silent.

Qin Mu was bored to death, and after waiting for a moment more, he couldn't resist saying, "No matter for how long you guys look at it, if you can't calculate the mathematical reasoning in the technique, any hasty cultivations will end up for naught."

The trio then finally lifted their head. They reluctantly pulled their gazes away from the golden book, and Qin Mu immediately asked, "Grandpa Village Chief, do you have confidence in patching your divine bridge?"

Village Chief shook his head and said, "I don't have much lifespan left, so it will depend on my fate whether I can patch my divine bridge before I die from old age. From the three kinds of techniques in this book, patching the divine bridge is no easy task."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor nodded. "Before that, we first need to calculate the mathematical reasoning inside these three techniques. This point is very important and we must build the algebra model as soon as possible. Once that is done, we will be able to spread this knowledge."

Cripple sneered. "Imperial Preceptor, you want to spread this technique that could make people become gods and devils, but have you asked permission from the person from Carefree Village's Qin family? After all, these three techniques don't belong to you!"

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was stunned for a moment, then said apologetically, "I only thought if this technique can or cannot be spread, but I forgot to ask the owner. Cult Master Qin…"

Qin Mu smiled. "I didn't plan to keep it to myself. I was just thinking that we should spread it out as well, since there's no need to keep it only for myself."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor looked into his eyes in an attempt to know his true intention, but he could only see Qin Mu's incomparably clear gaze. He suddenly sighed. "Old Human Emperor, I finally understand why you chose him as your successor. He indeed has the quality and the breadth of mind to be the human emperor. He may be young, but his mindset is broad enough!"

"Mu'er has been taught by us, so of course his mindset is broad enough!" Village Chief said calmly.

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