Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 342 - Visitors from High Heavens, Feelings like Poems

The dragon qilin wagged his tail and fawned. "I'm more majestic than it."

Qin Mu was speechless. How was riding a huge meatball with a tail majestic?

He ate better than anyone, and it was still fine if he couldn't outrun the green bull, but now he couldn't even catch up to a dog!

"Cult Master, do you dislike me already?" The dragon qilin turned his head around with watery eyes. "You must dislike me, right?"

Qin Mu snorted and his brows softened. "No. Another few months, and it's New Year again, so how can I dislike you? How about I give you two buckets of Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills each day? You can eat more, plump yourself up."

The dragon qilin shuddered, and Xiong Qi'er climbed onto his head. She carefully grabbed a tuft of hair on the back of his ear so that she wouldn't fall off. She whispered in his ear, "Don't eat anymore, you will be slaughtered for New Year!"

The dragon qilin spoke in a sob to her, his voice soft, "I know! I just can't control myself…"

Little Jade Capital was in the sky far from Dao Sect. With the dragon qilin's speed, he would need to run for ten days to reach the place. Qin Mu made a rocking chair and secured it on the dragon qilin's wide back. He then placed Village Chief on it. The one good thing about the dragon qilin being fat was that he could run steadily, so there was no worry that Village Chief would fall off.

Xiong Xiyu sometimes drank tea with him, while Qin Mu would go down to buy spirit herbs when they passed by cities to continue with the treatment of her injuries. She also didn't break her promise and imparted the Ten Thousand Soul Nature Technique of True Heaven Palace to Qin Mu.

Ten Thousand Soul Nature Technique had the meaning of all things having spirit and soul. The cultivation method of West Earth's True Heaven Palace was different from the cultivation method of Middle Earth. Its way was slightly similar to that of Dao Sect, as they were both close to nature. However, Dao Sect studied mathematical reasoning thoroughly, one of Dao follows the nature, whereas True Heaven Palace focused more on the interaction with all things, materializing the soul.

The technique of True Heaven Palace cultivated an incomparably strong power of interaction, granting all things soul.

Qin Mu pondered for a moment and felt that this technique was more suitable for women to cultivate. Women's thoughts were more meticulous, and their perception was keener, so they naturally surpassed men in this. If he cultivated it, he could achieve something, but it wouldn't be of much use to him. The thing that was useful however was the method of creation that laid within it.

Granting all things soul was a kind of creation, and compared to the Seven Writings of Creation in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, Ten Thousand Soul Nature Technique was more direct and also more intricate. There were things he could derive from it.

"This technique from True Heaven Palace doesn't look like something from this era." When Xiong Xiyu had taught Qin Mu Ten Thousand Soul Nature Technique, Village Chief was also listening to it, analyzing what he heard. "Palace Master Xiong, your technique from True Heaven Palace seems a little ancient and is different from the techniques of Founding Emperor Era. When was True Heaven Palace founded?"

Xiong Xiyu shook her head. "I don't know about this. The moment I became the palace master, Yu Family rebelled and seized the power, so I didn't have the time to look at the records of my True Heaven Palace. However, I know that it's extremely ancient, and it goes back to the dim and distant past. I had once heard Nai Kui say that our True Heaven Palace is even older than the sacred grounds in Middle Earth…"

Her expression dimmed, but soon her spirits rose up again. "If both of you could assist me in taking back the control of True Heaven Palace, I would let the two of you read the books in the palace to your heart's' content!"

Village Chief yawned and closed his eyes to sleep. Xiong Xiyu looked at Qin Mu, but he was playing with Xiong Qi'er. He used his brush to draw a few birds, who then flew out. The birds circled around the little girl while chirping, making Xiong Qi'er giggle nonstop.

Xiong Xiyu sighed and didn't say anything else.

It was obvious that Qin Mu and Village Chief had no intention of helping her seize back the power. Going to True Heaven Palace was troublesome, and she couldn't take out anything of value, so the two of them were not interested.

'The only method left for me now is to assume the position of directorate in Eternal Peace Empire's Imperial College, hoping to discuss this with Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor in detail.'

Her gaze flickered as she pondered this. 'However, from the actions of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, after he conquers the prairie, he probably won't stop expanding. Even the icy plains in the north would find it hard to stop him. Could West Earth be one of his targets as well? If she discussed it with him, she would probably be asking the tiger for his skin…'

She was hesitant about it, but when she remembered how Xiong Family was left with only the two of them, she steeled her heart. 'Yu Family exterminated my Xiong Family, so I have to take revenge. And so what if I show the wolf into my house? I must take revenge!'

Qin Mu took a glance at her. Women were the ones in charge of West Earth, and from her methods, Xiong Xiyu was indeed not suitable to be the princess of True Heaven Palace. She didn't have enough boldness and capability.

The reason why Qin Mu didn't want to help her was because she lacked the ability, so even if she regained the control, she wouldn't have a firm seating. Since she was a strong practitioner who had opened Divine Bridge Divine Treasure, she had enough strength, but to control an entire sacred ground was not as simple as relying on one's personal strength.

The fall into ruin of Xiong Family and its extermination soon after Xion Xiyu ascended to the position of palace master was enough to prove that she was not qualified to be a palace master.

When Qin Mu had recommended for her to go teach at Imperial College, it was to give her the chance to meet Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, who had the ambition and capability. If Xiong Xiyu wanted his hand to take revenge, she would have to pay a price that was big enough.

But all of this was unrelated to Qin Mu.

Suddenly, Village Chief opened his eyes and looked into the distance in astonishment.

Qin Mu's heart moved slightly. "Village Chief, what's wrong?"

"Someone is inviting me to battle. An old opponent." Village Chief raised his eyebrows, but said, "Ignore them. We are almost at Little Jade Capital. We will talk when we get there."

"Inviting you to battle?" Qin Mu stared blankly. 'Inviting Village Chief to battle? Aren't they afraid of dying?'

At that moment, Xu Shenghua who was in Little Jade Capital suddenly rose and looked into the distance. An expression of doubt came onto his face. Old Dao Master and Old Rulai were also at this place, so they could all sense it when they looked in the direction of Qingmen Pass.

"These auras are quite strong," a blind man propping himself on a bamboo cane said in astonishment. "Old Butcher, can you sense it?"

Butcher was currently using a Pig Slaughtering Knife to cut his nails. He raised his eyebrows. "These people have some ability. Their origins make me very curious."

Yu Li and the rest of the girls didn't sense any peculiarity and asked in bewilderment, "Young master, what's wrong?"

"My masters came down," Xu Shenghua said in astonishment. "So many gods came down. Did something happen in High Heavens?"

Old Rulai smiled. "Young Master Xu, the aura that they are releasing seems to be challenging someone. It shouldn't be High Heavens that are in trouble."

Xu Shenghua pondered over it. "Challenging someone? That someone can only be an expert like Old Human Emperor or Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor. The latter may be known as the number one man under gods, but he still doesn't have the qualifications for it, so it can only be Old Human Emperor. Hermit Qing You, sorry for disturbing you over the past few days. Thank you for the hospitality, I shall take my leave now."

Hermit Qing You tried to have him stay. "Why doesn't Young Master Xu stay for a few more days? Even though our Little Jade Capital can't compare to your High Heavens, it's still considered a tranquil place that is hard to find."

"Seeing the ultimate arts of Little Jade Capital these few days has widened my horizons and allowed me to gain much benefit. However, since my masters have come forth to challenge Old Human Emperor, I cannot miss it," said Xu Shenghua.

Hermit Qing You didn't urge him to stay anymore.

Xu Shenghua brought Jing Yan, Yu Liu, and the rest of the girls down the mountain. They came to a pleasure boat, which they boarded swiftly. It sailed through the sky that was as smooth as a water mirror, creating ripples as it went into the distance. When it left Little Jade Capital, the sky that was like a water mirror disappeared, and the ripples also vanished without a trace, becoming a true sky.

The pleasure boat slowly sailed through the sky into the distance.

Butcher threw a glance at Blind, who smiled. "I can't see even if you throw glances at me; I'm a blind man. Senior Brother Qing You, Old Daoist, Old Monk, us brothers will be leaving the mountain too."

Hermit Qing You immediately said, "Senior brothers are also people who have achieved the Dao, so why not stay in Little Jade Capital? The world of mortals is muddy, so why do you have to get yourself dirtied?"

Butcher shook his Pig Slaughtering Knife, which expanded in the wind, transforming into a door-sized blade that leaned against his shoulder. He smiled. "I'm a butcher, and would you allow me to open a butchery here? If I can't sell meat and earn money, am I going to drink the northwest wind?"

Hermit Qing You's face froze, and Blind waved his hand. "With so much spring in the garden, how can it be contained? Meeting now, need we have known each other before? The most precious time is priceless! Senior Brother Qing You, no need to see me out!"

Hermit Qing You was stunned. While he tried to understand what those poem lines meant, Butcher and Blind walked out of Little Jade Capital.

Butcher's voice came from the water mirror sky. "Blind, your first sentence means that we are leaving, right? Which is why the spring can't be contained, which also means that Little Jade Capital can't hold us back. The second sentence should be a polite formula, saying how strangers coming together by chance, chatting through the night about path, skills, and divine arts end up as friends.

"The third sentence is even more remarkable. It means that we have urgent matters and have to go as soon as possible, therefore the most precious time is priceless. Is what I said right?"

Blind sounded proud. "Butcher, you're indeed my soulmate! This is indeed what my three poem lines meant. That guy Deaf keeps saying I'm frivolous, but how can he understand my brilliant expression of emotions?"

With great admiration, Butcher praised him, "You are indeed getting more and more talented. Your feelings are like poems, leaven Hermit Qing You stunned! Even the old Daoist and the eminent monk were dumbfounded!"

Hermit Qing You was dumbstruck. Old Dao Master and Old Rulai were also akin to wooden chicken.

Not long after Butcher and Blind left, a voice suddenly came from far away. "The current human emperor has come to visit Little Jade Capital!"

Hermit Qing You's heart trembled violently, and he dared not be negligent. He hurriedly beat the bronze gong, and the sound of it reverberated throughout Little Jade Capital. Sagely elders came out from the celestial mountains. They flew over with immortal breath rising in spirals as they came to Hermit Qing You's side.

Everyone looked at the water mirror in the sky and saw a black lump flying over, creating ripples on its way over.

Hermit Qing You trembled his sleeves as if he was shaking off dust, but Little Jade Capital was the sacred ground of immortals, so from where could there be dust?

Hermit Qing You took a step forward and raised his hands high above his head. The black lump that was plain and ordinary fell into his hand. Hermit Qing You then took a step back and placed his hands down. The other old immortals of Little Jade Capital immediately came forward to take a look with solemn expressions.

"Human Emperor's Seal! We are honored by your presence, Human Emperor, please!"

As they said that, they saw a dragon qilin dragging its huge tummy to carefully walk through the water mirror sky. The tummy created ripples as it touched the water surface.

An adorable and clever little girl was sprawled beside the ear of the dragon qilin. She said softly, "Fatty Dragon, suck in your tummy."

The dragon qilin did as asked and straightened himself to walk forward majestically. However, he only took a few steps before his tummy relaxed and smacked the water mirror with a boing.

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