Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 343 - Secret of Little Jade Capital

"This water mirror sky of Little Jade Capital is indeed extraordinary."

Qin Mu examined the water mirror sky under the dragon qilin's feet and exclaimed in admiration. This thing was very marvelous. When looking from the bottom, one could see an azure blue sky during the day, and a starry sky during the night. However, when one came above the water mirror, they would see another world.

The water mirror sky lifted Little Jade Capital up and separated it from the world. When standing above and looking down, one could see the clouds floating past mountains, sometimes revealing their terrain and long rivers that looked like dragons.

'What is this water mirror sky made out of?'

Qin Mu suddenly jumped down from the dragon qilin's back and stretched out his hand. What he touched was actually like a real world. He scooped up some water with his hands, and he could actually hold it in his hands. It would even flow out from the crevices between his fingers.

Qin Mu stood up and stamped his feet. The surface of the water mirror then rippled outwards.

'Weird, this isn't water nor is it air, what exactly is this made out of?' He was becoming more and more astonished. 'Could there still be materials I don't know about in this world? No, I have to get to the bottom of this!'

He was full of excitement. After having learned to forge from Mute for so many years, it was already a habit for Qin Mu to study a material he hadn't seen before upon encountering it.

He opened Cyan Heaven's Eyes to study the structure of the water mirror sky in detail, trying to find how it was formed by the rune markings. However, to his disappointment, he couldn't find them.

'This is impossible! Water mirror sky is clearly a treasure, and since it's a treasure, it requires rune markings to increase its power. It's impossible for there to not be a single rune marking!'

Qin Mu was stunned. He had seen the sealing techniques of gods before, for example, the beehive seals in the underground space of Ghost Valley. Within them, there had been flickering rune markings. Could the forging technique of this water mirror sky surpass the methods of gods? How could he not see any rune markings?

The dragon qilin had already reached Little Jade Capital and ascended onto a flying island. Xiong Xiyu turned back to take a look, only to see Qin Mu still 'playing with water' on the water mirror sky. She couldn't help smiling. 'This Cult Master and Human Emperor Qin may seem mature, but he is still a kid at heart.'

Hermit Qing You immediately came forward and raised Human Emperor's Seal high up in the air. He looked towards the dragon qilin's back and saw a mother and daughter as well as Village Chief who was like a human stick. Everyone hesitated for a moment.

Hermit Qing You smiled. "Human Emperor, please take back your precious seal!"

Village Chief flew down from the dragon qilin's back with the rocking chair, but he didn't take the Human Emperor's Seal. He shook his head. "I'm no longer the human emperor. I have abdicated and passed the responsibilities to the next generation."

Hermit Qing You hurriedly looked at that mother and daughter, hesitating for a moment. "The current human emperor is a woman? It's no wonder then that this woman doesn't look weak and is already cult master level. It's extraordinary. However, she doesn't look like a person of Middle Earth, but like she comes from West Earth…"

There was no lack of women among the previous human emperors, but Xiong Xiyu was from a tribe in West Earth, and this made him feel strange. However, the tribes in West Earth were also human, so they could also become human emperors.

Wanderer Qing You and the old immortals of Little Jade Capital greeted Xiong Xiyu and Xiong Xiyu, who immediately smiled. "I'm not the human emperor, fellow seniors. Don't scare me, I can't handle this!"

Hermit Qing You looked at Xiong Xiyu and revealed a troubled expression.

Xiong Xiyu knew why they were mistaken and smiled again. "The human emperor is behind."

Hermit Qing You and the rest of the old immortals of Little Jade Capital looked toward the water mirror sky and saw a youth that was 'playing with water'. Their faces couldn't help turning black.

"For this youth to be the human emperor, this little girl might be better off…"

Qin Mu examined the water over and over again, but he still couldn't see its structure. He then sneakily took out a small jade bottle to store some of the water. He stuffed the cork back into the bottle and put it inside his taotie sack, ready to study it in detail when he had the time. This method of forging a treasure was not as simple as striking metal. It was somewhat similar to Mute's treasure, a forging method that left no fixed shape and was thus worthy to be studied.

Mute's treasure has no fixed shape, and he could forge black gold and black iron into treasured that had no fixed shape or state, reaching the level where he could transform them at will. Qin Mu was still far from this realm.

'No one should notice that a little water is missing.'

The youth raised his head and saw a bunch old sage-like elders looking at him with a dumbstruck expression. Qin Mu's expression froze, and he instantly laughed loudly, beaming up at them. He clasped his hands in a greeting. "The current human emperor pays his respects to fellow senior brothers and sisters. Sorry to disturb the peace of seniors, I feel bad about it."

The old immortals all returned the greeting.

Hermit Qing You rose and said, "Please take Human Emperor's Seal back. That's right, the water mirror sky of our Little Jade Capital, could Human Emperor please…"

"Old Dao Master, Old Rulai, both of you senior bothers are actually here as well!" Qin Mu caught the Human Emperor's Seal and stuffed it into his taotie sack. While laughing loudly, he walked over to Old Dao Master and Old Rulai, "Senior brothers have also come here to become immortal? That's good, that's good, you can be free from your worries."

Old Dao Master and Old Rulai immediately returned his greeting. Old Rulai smiled. "Old Daoist and I are now free from our burdens and don't have much time left. Coming to this peaceful land to spend our final years is also a good thing."

Old Dao Master smiled. "Could Human Emperor Qin also want to be an immortal that ignores the world affairs? If you are willing, it would be the fortune of the world."

Qin Mu shook his head. "I'm duty bound so how can I dare to shirk my responsibilities?"

Old Dao Master and Old Rulai greeted Village Chief with a smile as well. "Senior brother has abdicated the position of human emperor and even left Great Ruins, could you be wanting to become a carefree immortal in Little Jade Capital as well?"

Village Chief shook his head and said bleakly, "Mu'er is just afraid I will be lonely in the village by myself, so he's bringing me wherever he goes."

Hermit Qing You came forward with a smile. "Old Human Emperor, New Human Emperor, and also three Dao friends, this way please."

Qin Mu followed him to a celestial mountain, where the scenery here was magnificent and beautiful, having a different kind of flavor to it. The celestial mountains that were floating in the sky were connected by rope bridges which seemed to form a kind of wonderful formation that made the mountains float.

'Borrowing the law of heaven and earth, this kind of method doesn't seem to be from the mortal realm!' Qin Mu's heart was greatly shaken.

This kind of array belonged to a borrowing law whose degree of superiority reached an inconceivable extent!

Even though Qin Mu wasn't a formation expert, he knew that all the formations in the world were required to abide by the law of behavior and have a source of energy to operate them. For example, Qin Mu had once thought of creating Nine Heavens True Origin Cannons with Fire Heaven's Eyes to protect Saint Arrival Mountain; however, the medicinal stones that would be needed to maintain such formations would be massive, and so he could only drop the thought.

The formation of the celestial mountains and rope bridges, in the meantime, borrowed the law from heaven and earth. It took the energy from heaven and earth, so there was no need for medicinal stones or pill furnace to provide it.

In the attainments regarding formations, Little Jade Capital could be said be thousands of miles ahead of Eternal Peace Empire.

Qin Mu wanted to study the formation of Little Jade Capital, but after how he had provoked those old immortals by stealing a bottle of water mirror sky, it wasn't a good time to strike right then.

'This Little Jade Capital is a little similar to my Heavenly Saint Cult. The two of them use the same formation, so could they be related?'

Qin Mu's gaze flickered. Heavenly Saint Cult's Saint Arrival Mountain was also floating in the sky and had formations protecting it that borrowed the law from heaven and earth. Heavenly Saint Cult's Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures were extraordinary, but they still couldn't surpass Eternal Peace Empire in the path, skills, and divine arts. However, their teleportation technique was akin to a legendary divine art. It was something to which Eternal Peace Empire's spell divine arts had no hope of catching up!

Little Jade Capital's water mirror sky showed that their method of forging had also reached an astonishing degree, being as marvelous as Mute's treasure with no fixed shape.

It was obvious that Little Jade Capital had many techniques and ultimate arts that far surpassed those of the mortal realm. It was no doubt the number one sacred ground in the world!

Hermit Qing You toasted Village Chief and said, "Dao brother went into seclusion in Great Ruins and disappeared for a few hundred years, and many people thought that you died. Now that the world is at peace, why does Dao brother have to come out again? Once you come out, people are going to be in a terrible situation again! If you didn't want to come out, how could Human Emperor have asked you out?"

"The people of our generation have mostly died of old age. Even though some people were outstanding and had world-shaking cultivations, they were willing to bury their talent and die quietly of old age in this fake paradise. However, I don't want to die of old age like this. If I die, I want to die like a human emperor should, dying vigorously," Village Chief said indifferently.

Hermit Qing You drank a sip of tea and smiled. "Dao brother, so what if we were outstanding? You were the number one in the world back then, one sword lighting up how many mountains and rivers? In regards to outstanding, how could we be compared to you, Dao brother? But what happened then? What did you become?"

Village Chief's eyes became sharp.

Hermit Qing You was not frightened at all and placed down his cup. He said, "Old Rulai, Old Dao Master, me, Ling Jing, and these immortals all admired you back then! We admired you greatly and felt that your exploits could shake the world. But what a pity, even the outstanding you were forced to such a state."

Village Chief was silent.

Hermit Qing You sighed. "Your lofty aspiration was obliterated with your limbs, but not everyone is like you. We feel that staying here is pretty good as well. You are not a fish, so how can you know the happiness of a fish? I'm also not you, so I can't share your emotions."

Village Chief lifted up the teacup with his vital qi and slowly drank his tea.

Hermit Qing You looked at Qin Mu and smiled. "Human Emperor Qin, Hermit has heard of your name before. You are also the sacred cult master of Heavenly Saint Cult."

Qin Mu's heart stirred, and he said, "Since you guys are immortals that stand aloof from worldly affairs, why do you still have to scout out the worldly affairs?"

Hermit Qing You smiled and didn't explain. He had a feeling to try to keep him a thousand miles distant from himself. "After Human Emperor finishes his tea, please leave Little Jade Capital."

Qin Mu didn't drink the tea, but took out the golden book. "May Immortal please take a look at this book. I wonder if Immortal's heart will be moved?"

Hermit Qing You flipped open the golden book, and his face changed. His aura suddenly rose drastically before becoming calm once again. He flipped to the second page and then to the third page.

After a moment, Hermit Qing You closed the book and pushed the golden book back to Qin Mu with a smile. "It indeed moved my heart. Human Emperor Qin, please leave."

Qin Mu was stunned. Anyone who saw this golden book would find it hard to stay calm, much less return the book to him. Yet this Hermit Qing You actually seemed to be unmoved, making everything he wanted to say useless!

"Immortal Qing Y—"

Just as Qin Mu said until this, Hermit Qing You gave him a deep look and said, "All the previous human emperors were like this; it's hard to make a human emperor give up. In that case, let Hermit make things clear to Human Emperor."

He stood up and asked, "Does Human Emperor Qin have a sense of familiarity when looking at Little Jade Capital? Does it look like Heavenly Saint Cult's Saint Arrival Mountain?"

Qin Mu was stunned and couldn't help standing up as well. He indeed had a sense of familiarity. The thing that he felt was the most familiar was the formation Little Jade Capital used to borrow the law of heaven and earth. It was nearly the same as the one used in Saint Arrival Mountain!

"This is because Little Jade Capital and Saint Arrival Mountain come from the same source."

Hermit Qing You looked at the majestic celestial mountains of Little Jade Capital and said softly, "Heavenly Saint Cult's saint and the founder of our Little Jade Capital were both people from the same generation. They walked out from the same place. Not only Heavenly Saint Cult and Little Jade Capital…"

He turned back to look at Village Chief while putting emphasis on each word he voiced. "The First Generation Human Emperor from Hall of Human Emperors also came from there! Furthermore, Little Jade Capital, Saint Arrival Mountain, and Hall of Human Emperors are fragments from the same place! Dao brother who has gone to Hall of Human Emperors before should know very well what kind of place that is, right?"

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