Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 346 - Super Fierce

"Human Emperor is fierce, eh," Hermit Qing You sneered. "You are like a hurt kitten brandishing his claws, putting on a bravado in an attempt to scare me. Yet you are actually hiding the fear in your heart. However, since you asked, the immortals of my Little Jade Capital will wait at Hall of Three Aeons and Hall of Five Qi for Human Emperor's teaching."

He then added indifferently, "However, if you want to challenge us, you will still need to defeat the three disciples of my Little Jade Capital to qualify to enter Hall of Three Aeons and Hall of Five Qi. If you can't defeat them, go down the mountain!"

Village Chief's eyes lit up. "Qing You, much thanks."

"What are you thanking me for? I'm just teaching you two to give up on your recklessness! That's right, before you guys, Xu Shenghua from High Heavens had come here. He used ten days to pass through Hall of Three Aeons and Hall of Five Qi. If you can't even match up to him, quickly go down the mountain, don't disgrace the previous human emperors and the saints of Heavenly Saint Cult!" Hermit Qing You said coldly.

Qin Mu's spirit was roused and he laughed. "Xu Shenghu is merely a pseudo Overlord Body, while I'm the true Overlord Body. If he can pass, why can't I?"

Hermit Qing You was stunned and shook his head, "I don't know where your sick confidence comes from."

Qin Mu's smile faded away, and he looked at the three figures closing in rapidly. He was suddenly reminded of something and asked in a low voice, "Village Chief, was I very fierce just now?"

Village Chief nodded, seemingly having walked out of the shadow of his beliefs being destroyed. He said, "Super fierce."

"Was I scary?"

"Especially scary."

Qin Mu executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Body and smiled. "I can be even scarier."

The vital qi in his body circulated, and a whooshing of gale could be heard. Village Chief and Hermit Qing You raised their eyebrows in astonishment.

Among the howling of the gale, there were also the sounds of huge waves crashing against a cliff. The rumblings came from Qin Mu's vital qi's rapid flow and crash against the cliff when turning around!

After them came the rumbling of thunder. It sounded like lightning was flashing in the depths of dark clouds. The thunder rolled rapidly from one point to another, created by Qin Mu's vital qi as it flowed through the sky in his divine treasures!

The three disciples of Little Jade Capital were still rushing over and were some three celestial islands away.

"Immortal Qing You."

Qin Mu's aura peaked with an uncomfortable pent-up feeling. He looked at Immortal Qing You with excitement and smiled. "Why don't we fight first before they arrive!"

Hermit Qing You shook his head. "If you don't defeat them, you don't have the right to challenge me…"


Qin Mu took a step, and his body instantly pressured his surroundings to explode with the sound of thunder. The air in front of the old immortal was compressed like a wall which then exploded from the pressure!

The corners of Hermit Qing You's eyes twitched, and he finally allowed anger to enter his face. He raised his palm, and green rays filled the entire sky.

Village Chief immediately said, "Qing You, Six Directions!"

"I know!"

Hermit Qing You shouted out, and loud sounds of the gates closing came from his body as he closed his divine bridge, life and death, celestial being, and seven stars divine treasures. His vital qi then burst forth, and he smiled in anger. "Little Human Emperor, I have long been annoyed with you! You're merely a brat that knows how to play with water and play with m—"

The palm and fist of the two people collided, and Hermit Qing You grunted before being sent backward. He crashed into a stone statue with a rumble. That stone statue was incomparably dense and, similar to the stone statues in Great Ruins, was unbreakable. Because of that, it didn't even move when he crashed into it.

"This cultivation…" The air in Hermit Qing You's chest was almost all pushed out. With a flushed face, he shouted out, "Old Dao brother, are you sure he's only on Six Directions Realm?"

Qin Mu rushed forth like a barbaric dragon, and when he moved, his body was heavy yet his speed was unbelievably fast. By combining a body that was as heavy as a mountain with speed, Qin Mu created something that should have been impossible to do at his age yet he did it anyway!

Hermit Qing You didn't have time to think about it. When he moved his hands, his green qi suddenly changed color, becoming black and white. Like two huge fish, they suddenly transformed into twin dragons to strike Qin Mu.

"It's Six Direction Realm." Village Chief also couldn't hide his astonishment. He first took the time to compose himself, then said, "But his cultivation is much stronger than before."

Qin Mu's cultivation of Spirit Embryo Realm had reached a height that Village Chief had never expected to see on that realm. After all, when Qin Mu reached Five Elements Realm and then Six Directions Realm, the gap between him and those on the same realm hadn't widened but stayed the same.

However, from the looks of it, after Qin Mu had traveled through Ghost Valley and returned from Youdu, his cultivation had quite a steep increase!

This kind of incomparably dense magic power astonished and shocked even Village Chief!

Upon hearing two loud bangs, Qin Mu clasped his hands and crushed the two huge dragons with brute force, his speed not decreasing in the least. Hermit Qing You rose into the air and gathered qi into sword. When he pointed down with a finger, tens of thousands of sword qi shot towards Qin Mu like meteors.

A Dot of Moving Starlight, Ten Thousand Swords Breaking Through the Sky!

Qin Mu leaped into the sky, and his sword lights burst forth. His vital qi was like a dragon whose body trembled, and ten thousand dragons burst forth.

Nine Dragons Monarch Technique!

The dragons and swords collided. Hermit Qing You grunted once more, and his feet tapped rapidly in the sky to disperse the overwhelming power from Qin Mu's divine art.

The dragons and swords crumbled and transformed into a meteor shower. Within it, a fist became larger and larger. Hermit Qing You moved irregularly, trying to avoid it.

Village Chief couldn't help shaking his head. 'How can you win by competing your footwork and body movements with those of Cripple…"

Hermit Qing You couldn't avoid the strike and had to face it head-on. With a loud rumble, he flew backward.

A cloud of dust rose from a celestial island. After a moment, the sound of Hermit Qing You crashing into the celestial mountain could be heard.

'When competing with fist skill against Old Ma, you can only lose, Qing You.' Village Chief shook his head once again.

Qin Mu was sprinting frantically in midair when the three disciples of Little Jade Capital came to the top of the celestial mountain. At that moment, they saw Qin Mu transforming into a trail of light as he crashed into the place where Hermit Qing You had landed. They couldn't help being dumbstruck by this sight, as they didn't know what had happened.

Village Chief took a glance at the three of them and smiled. "Immortal Qing You has already gone over, so let us go there too." When he finished saying this, he floated up and headed toward that celestial mountain.

The three people looked at one another and immediately followed after him.

On the other celestial mountains and celestial islands, old immortals walked out from their seclusion and looked at the mountain where the fight was happening with astonishment.

"What commotion is this?" Old Rulai and Old Dao Master were also alarmed and looked over in that direction.

Old Rulai's discerning eyes were matchless, and he said in astonishment, "It looks like Human Emperor Qin is beating Hermit Qing You who doesn't dare to fight back."

Old Dao Master smiled. "It's more like he can't fight back. He lost the key moment and is now suppressed by the magic power of Human Emperor."

On the celestial island, the mountains extended forever into the distance. Two people, one young and one old, fought their way from the bottom of the mountain to the top. Qin Mu's magic power was violent, transforming into a huge mudra to press down on his opponent. Hermit Qing You rolled and tumbled to dodge the attack as countless trees were flattened by Qin Mu's palm. A huge handprint that had an area of six ares instantly appeared on the ground!

Qin Mu unleashed all his big moves, beating Hermit Qing You all the way from the bottom of the mountain to the top. Up there was a hall that was built with green bricks and red tiles, as well as copper pillars that were as thick as a water cauldron.

Hermit Qing You was smashed into the hall's wall. Coming over with heavy footsteps, Qin Mu kicked a copper pillar. Village Chief shook his head and said in a heavy voice, "Mu'er, this is the Jade Capital of Founding Emperor Era, a palace that was constructed by gods. How can you demolish it so easily?"

Before he could finish saying that, the copper pillar was broken by Qin Mu's kick, stunning Village Chief.

A youth beside him explained softly, "Senior, this hall was built by Senior Uncle Qing You afterward. It isn't as sturdy as the original hall…"

Qin Mu dug his fingers into the copper pillar that was as thick as a water cauldron and lifted it up. Using it as a spear, he stabbed the hall's wall.

A loud rumble came from inside. Even though the copper pillar was thick, Qin Mu could utilize it as nimbly as he could a spear. It pierced the air with a whoosh. After just a few moves, the hall's wall was covered in thousands of holes while bricks flew in all directions.

Hermit Qing You was battered and left exhausted. His hands finally caught the bronze pillar, only to feel it become incomparably scorching as it was being smelted by Qin Mu's magic power, causing liquid bronze to flow down.

Liquid copper flowed down from the pillar and transformed into copper swords in the air. Ten thousand of them flew in unison, straight at Hermit Qing You.

The old immortal flew back and crashed into a celestial mountain on another celestial island.

Qin Mu exerted force as he roared, throwing the melting bronze pillar after his opponent. It smashed into Hermit Qing You's chest, securing him on the celestial mountain.

At the same time, Qin Mu's figure flashed forward like a shooting star. Raising his knee, he crashed into the bronze pillar.

The whole celestial mountain shook, and all the trees rustled.

Village Chief and the three disciples of Little Jade Capital immediately flew over. Just as they reached that celestial island, they saw Qin Mu pulling the copper pillar out from the cliff before grabbing Hermit Qing You out from a cave by the collar. He tossed this elder ruthlessly at the ground, which resulted in a loud bang as a deep pit was created.

"I've been long annoyed by your nagging. This is so satisfying! You even made Village Chief cry! I'll beat you to death!"

Qin Mu turned his head to look at the four people flying over and grinned at the three disciples of Little Jade Capital. "Don't be scared. I haven't fought for quite a few days so I'm just doing some stretches, and not looking for revenge or murder. Now that I've finished stretching, I feel much better!"

The three were too frightened to say anything. They just looked at Hermit Qing You sprawled at the bottom of the pit.

"Senior uncle…" a girl said shyly.

"I'm okay!" Hermit Qing You lay unmoving, but his voice was still full of vigor. "Don't need to care about me, just let me lie here for a while."

The trio relaxed, and one of them, a slightly older man, said, "Senior Uncle Qing You is fine."

Qin Mu looked toward the three people, one of whom was an old acquaintance. It was Wang Muran who he had met once before.

Wang Muran was the disciple of Wanderer Zhen who was one of the immortals of Little Jade Capital. He wanderer had been invited down the mountain by Eighth Imperial Uncle Ling Yinfeng to stop Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, but got killed by him instead.

Back then, Wang Muran was a mischievous youth, and when Qin Mu had first met him, Wanderer Zhen was fishing under a waterfall while he was throwing stones a bit farther away. Yue Qinghong even said that he should be Wanderer Zhen's own child or else he would have beaten him to death.

The Wang Muran back had been mischievous, but after the last two years, he had become much steadier.

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