Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 347 - Human Killing Machine

Qin Mu looked at the other two people. Both the woman and man had graceful bearings, but he remembered Wang Muran having said that there weren't many people of his age in Little Jade Capital. Based on that, these to should have grown up with Wang Muran, even if they were slightly older.

The girl was around seventeen or eighteen, and she was already lovely, gentle, refined, and elegant. She was dressed in cyan clothes, her collar and sleeves embroidered with a darker blue. Her sashes were green and white, and on her forehead, there was a thin chain strung together by jade beads. One side hung on her forehead while the other side was tethered to her hair bun.

She had to like jade a lot since even her head accessories were decorated with it.

It had to say whether if it was the wind in the mountain or her vital qi that caused her sashes to flutter behind her. They were very long and slithered in the air like green and white spirit snakes.

'She's a little skinny, and she's not as pretty as Yuxiu, Yuxiu's chest is a lot plumper than hers.'

Qin Mu pulled his gaze away and looked at the man. He seemed a bit more mature than the jade girl. He didn't pay as much attention to his clothes and appearance, wearing a long gown with long sleeves and a jade pendant around his waist. However, he also had a distinct style of being sage-like.

His gaze was very deep. Sometimes it was like starlight while at other times it would transform into a blazing sun full of bursting flames.

'Little Jade Capital is the head of the sacred grounds in the world. The techniques they cultivate seem to be different from one another, and each one of them isn't any inferior to that of Great Thunderclap Monastery or Dao Sect,' Qin Mu thought to himself.

"Senior Brother Qin."

When Wang Muran saw him, his jet black eyes burst forth with a hint of vigor which dimmed straight afterward. It was obvious that Qin Mu had reminded him of his own master, Wanderer Zhen.

When he had come to Eternal Peace Empire with Wanderer Zhen back then to intercept Imperial Preceptor from quelling the rebellion in the south, he had met Qin Mu. Since their ages, as well as those of Chen Wanyun, Yue Qinghong, and the rest, were close, his impression of them had been deeply etched into his mind even though they had only interacted for a short while.

After Wanderer Zhen was killed by Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, Wang Muran brought the corpse back to Little Jade Capital and they had never met again after that.

"Brother Muran." Qin Mu greeted him and asked, "The senior brother and sister are?"

"This is my Senior Sister Mu Qingdai, and this is my Senior Brother Long Yu," Wang Muran introduced. "Senior Sister Mu is the disciple of Wanderer Ding Xi, and Long Yu is the disciple of Hermit Tian Yun."

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly. There were many inheritances in Little Jade Capital, and they could probably even take out over a dozen techniques like Rulai's Mahayana Sutra of Great Thunderclap Monastery or Precelestial Supreme Mystery Technique of Dao Sect.

The so-called immortals of Little Jade Capital were all proficient in one or several techniques, but could there be any ultimate arts in Little Jade Capital that could be above these techniques?

If there wasn't, no matter how many top-notch techniques they had, there was still a limit to one's energy. It was impossible for anyone to cultivate every single technique to its extreme; after all, not everyone was an Overlord Body like him.

Suddenly, Hermit Qing You spoke again. "Xu Shenghua's abilities are extraordinary, and Mu Qingdai was defeated by him in twenty-seven moves. Long Yu lost to him in twenty-four moves, while Wang Muran was defeated in twenty-three moves. However, you mustn't think that Wang Muran's is the weakest. As a matter of fact, Wang Muran's abilities are the strongest among the three of them. However, when fighting with Xu Shenghua, the stronger ones will fall even faster."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. He lowered his head to see that Hermit Qing You was no longer in the pit.

At this moment, Hermit Qing You was standing beside Village Chief as if nothing had happened. There were no injuries on his body and his clothes were not dirtied or wrinkled. It looked as if he hadn't been the one who got beaten up by Qin Mu earlier."

"Old Immortal sure is extraordinary, your speed is too fast," praised Qin Mu. "I didn't even see when you got up and tidied up your clothes." Hermit Qing You's face turned slightly green, but Qin Mu did not pay attention to it. "Why did Immortal Qing You say that when fighting with Xu Shenghua, the stronger ones fall faster?"

Hermit Qing You looked at Wang Muran and said, "Muran, you shall explain."

Wang Muran acknowledged and said, "Xu Shenghua's technique is weird; it becomes stronger when facing a strong technique, and his divine arts were also very weird. They should belong to an adaptable type. Many of his divine arts seemed to have been adapted on the spot, being created at the last moment. The stronger the opponent's abilities are, the stronger his abilities become. The more intricate his opponent's divine arts are, the more intricate his divine arts become."

Qin Mu's expression became grim. "He has already jumped out of technique and reached the realm of skill?"

"I can't see through it. It looked like it might be related to his technique yet it also looked like he had already entered this kind of realm," Wang Muran said.

Qin Mu went into a daze. If there was this kind of technique, it would be something interesting. Techniques that developed creativity were rarely seen, but when his Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique wasn't complete in the past, he had been required to develop his creativity. Woodcutter's teachings were also a method for developing creativity.

However, the true Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique was preserved in the Qin Family of Carefree Village. When Qin Mu received the complete technique from his father Qin Hanzhen, there was no longer any need for creativity.

If Xu Shenghua's technique could really develop creativity, it would be on another level.

With such a person, how many moves would it take to determine victory or defeat?

One move?

Or would it take hundreds of moves?

"He's indeed a terrifying opponent, no doubt a pseudo Overlord Body," muttered Qin Mu.

Hermit Qing You's expression froze, and he looked towards Village Chief. He asked in a low voice, "Dao brother, never mind Overlord Body, where did this pseudo Overlord Body come from?"

Village Chief's expression darkened a bit, and he snorted. "Your knowledge is shallow, it's best if you don't ask."

Hermit Qing You snorted and looked at Wang Muran and the rest. "Human Emperor Qin is the Heavenly Saint Cult Master and also the human emperor, holding two great inheritances simultaneously. Furthermore, his technique and divine arts are both extremely weird. His magic power is beyond dense so don't contest him in magic power alone. Otherwise, you will be suppressed by him."

When he said this, he couldn't help feeling slightly ashamed. He had tried to fight Qin Mu with magic power earlier, which ended up in him being overwhelmed by the youth. He didn't have the time to execute any intricate moves.

Wang Muran, Mu Qingdao, and Long Yu immediately memorized his advice to the last word.

"His attacks have many variations, his body movements and footwork are bizarre, his speed is also extremely fast, so don't get caught by him, or else it'll be hard to break free."

Hermit Qing You continued to give pointers to the three. He said, "His fist skills are Great Thunderclap Monastery's Thunderclap Eight Strikes. It's a fist divine art on Sakra Realm and has an extremely high power. If you fight with fist skills against him, you will be suppressed by his magic power and strength, so you need to be careful. He has also cultivated Ling Family's Nine Dragons Monarch Technique, so his divine arts aren't weak as well. Furthermore, he has also incorporated the skill of forging treasures into his fighting method, thus the three of you must be careful!"

That was what made his heart ache the most. Qin Mu had plucked the bronze pillar up and used it as a spear to attack with an overbearing offense. Then, he even used his vital qi to melt the bronze pillar, shaping the bronze into swords.

That attack had completely defeated him.

And what Qin Mu had used was nothing else but the method to forge treasures.

Hermit Qing You had never met anyone who would forge treasures in battle and use them to attack!

Mu Qingdai revealed a troubled expression. "Senior uncle, how are we to fight then?"

Hermit Qing You was stunned. He also suddenly realized the problem. With the Little Human Emperor being so fierce, how were they supposed to fight against his dense magic power, his ever-changing body movements and footwork, his fast speed, his superb fist skills, his powerful divine arts, and even the incorporation of forging treasures into the battle?

The three disciples of Little Jade Capital had no chance of victory!

"Defeat him in sword skills!" Long Yu said solemnly.

Hermit Qing You took a glance at the 'old human rod' beside him which was full of smiles. He was that close to bursting out in laughter.

Barely holding his mirth back, Village Chief gave them a slight warning. "As for sword skills, Mu'er has already reached the realm of skill."

Hermit Qing You gritted his teeth. It was the first time his head ached so much. When Xu Shenghua came to Little Jade Capital, he had asked to see the techniques and divine arts, which was actually him trying to challenge Little Jade Capital, but Hermit Qing You hadn't felt this much of a headache that time.

Qin Mu was clearly a human killing machine that scored full marks in all aspects. He could crush any challenger on the same realm in his peak state at any time.

Furthermore, this fellow's confidence was also at a sick level. With condescension, he thought that he was the marvelous 'Overlord Body' which no one could match.

With great confidence in addition to the powerful abilities, the three disciples were indeed in an overwhelming situation.

'I wonder how is his endurance?' The corners of Hermit Qing You's eyes twitched. 'If his endurance isn't good, we can drag the battle out to exhaust his energy…'

However, when he looked at Qin Mu's physique, it was obvious that the youth was a well-built cowherd boy. After beating Hermit Qing You up, he said that he'd only been stretching. He was still filled with an unbelievably vigorous energy.

'How's is his battle experience?'

Hermit Qing You thought until here and shook his head again. Qin Mu's battle experience could be said to be top notch. His battle methods were wild and he could even incorporate the skill of forging treasures into his moves. He was clearly a battle maniac! Because of that, his fighting experience was obviously abundant. Little Jade Capital, in the meantime, stood aloof from worldly affairs, so the battle experience of his disciples would definitely be incomparable to that of Qin Mu.

'What about his ability to adapt on the spot? If he can't do that, he will fail even with a high cultivation… Wait a minute! For this brat to be so arrogant, not yet having been beaten to death, his ability to adapt on the spot should also be top-notch!'

Hermit Qing You looked at the 'old human rod' beside him who had already walked out from the shadow of his beliefs crumbling. He had a pleased expression on his face as he prepared to see Little Jade Capital make a joke of itself.

Hermit Qing You gritted his teeth and said to Wang Muran and the rest, "Adapt to the situation!"

The three of them looked at one another and grumbled in their hearts, 'Senior uncle said so much, but it's the same as if he'd said nothing. Instead, he put a lot of mental pressure on us. It would have been much better had he not said anything!'

Long Yu's gaze flickered, and he walked forward while saying, "Little Human Emperor, I want to challenge you with a sword."

Hermit Qing You almost spat out a mouthful of black blood. Of all things Long Yu, this rascal decided to challenge him in sword skills!

The 'old human rod' beside him had already said that Qin Mu's sword skills had reached the realm of skill. Doing this meant that he was starting to create sword skills. His comprehension of the sword had already reached the realm of grandmaster or was on the borders of it.

Of course, if his horizons were low, his starting point would be low as well, and the sword skills he founded would be poor and ordinary. However, the crucial thing was that the starting point of Qin Mu's sword skills was not low. Not only was it not low, Little Jade Capital's sword skills could never match the teacher of his sword skills!

Yet once Long Yu spoke, Hermit Qing You couldn't stop him anymore.

Qin Mu revealed an astonished expression and said, "Senior Brother Long Yu, I have learned about Dao Sect's skills, so how is the sword skills of your Little Jade Capital compared to those?"

Long Yu smiled. "Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword might not be able to match up to the sword skills of my Little Jade Capital."

Qin Mu left out a sigh of relief. Since he was not inferior to Dao Sword, he wouldn't be killed by his sword in one move.

"My sword is pretty heavy and I sometimes even like to use the sword pellet's weight to scheme against others. However, since we are competing in sword skills, I shan't use the weight of my sword pellet to scheme against Senior Brother Long Yu." Qin Mu kindly reminded him then, "Senior brother, be careful."


Sword rain filled the sky as eight thousand swords rushed out from the taotie sack and stabbed themselves into the ground.

"Please." Qin Mu smiled.

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