Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 348 - Full of Flaws

The corners of Long Yu's eyes twitched furiously. The entire mountain and wilderness were covered with Qin Mu's sword, so how was he going to fight?

Just the weight of those swords alone could squash him to death!

Long Yu looked at Hermit Qing You who appeared to not notice anything. Taking out eight thousand swords may look like a simple task, but it would exhaust the cultivation of most Six Directions Realm's divine arts practitioners. Only Qin Mu, this fellow with unbelievably dense cultivation could execute that many flying swords in one go, right?

On top of that, controlling so many flying swords needed extremely high attainments in algebra and calculation. A brain with good reaction speed was necessary in order to control each of the flying swords so that they wouldn't interfere with each other.

Just the calculation of the routes for the eight thousand swords required a sick level of attainment in algebra!

It was obvious that Qin Mu had already fused Dao Sect's Dao Sword with Village Chief's sword skills, that's why he was able to control so many flying swords.

'Could this world really have Overlord Body?'

Hermit Qing You was in doubt. If there was an Overlord Body, it would definitely exist in the records of Little Jade Capital. Ever since he had dragged his disheartened self back to Little Jade Capital, he had read most of the books, and there were no records even related to something like an Overlord Body!

The books collected in Little Jade Capital were all-inclusive, tracing all the way back to the eras of long ago. This was something that other sects and sacred grounds could not imagine.

There were no records of Overlord Body in Little Jade Capital, so Overlord Body couldn't exist!

Because of that, Hermit Qing You was sure that Village Chief was lying. However, when he saw Qin Mu's performance, his confidence was shaken.

"Senior Brother Long Yu, please," Qin Mu said again.

Long Yu composed himself and said solemnly, "Human Emperor, please!"

Fire blazed in his eyes as he thought to himself, 'This Human Emperor needs to control that many flying swords, which is definitely exhausting to him. One or two moves with all of them will probably exhaust all of his cultivation. I just need to withstand a move or two and I'll be able to turn defeat into victory!'

Yet he soon discovered that he had overthought the matter.

Qin Mu didn't give him any chance to withstand an attack. He immediately used the fourth writing of Dao Sword, Turning Heavenly Cycle Silently, Meeting Every Manifestation of Nature Shifting!

Eight thousand swords instantly circulated the heavenly cycle stars and executed the manifestation of nature!

When Dao Master Lin Xuan tested Qin Mu on his attainments in algebra, he had used the calculation of heavenly cycle stars heaven chess transformation. The mathematical reasoning in there was the fourth writing of Dao Sword!

Qin Mu executed that Turning Heavenly Cycle Silently, Meeting Every Manifestation of Nature Shifting, causing the starry sky and a galaxy to operate vividly above them!

Each move of Fourteen Writings of Dao Sword was stronger than the last, and when it came to the fourth writing, the eight thousand swords transformed into heavenly stars that filled the sky. Right away, Long Yu was trapped in the sword formation.

He didn't have the time to think. Flames burst forth from his eyes, and as they opened and closed, two trails of snow white sword lights flew out from them!

His sword skill was different from the common paths and was a kind of ultimate art in Little Jade Capital. Long Yu mainly cultivated his eyes, but different from other eye skills, he cultivated sword skills in them. His eyes and his sword became one, which came from the art called Secrets of Heavenly Eyes Sword Heart.

The strength of this kind of sword skills lay in the fact that there was no need to cultivate spirit weapons or spirit swords. Instead, by treating one's eyes as sword pellets, the sword would point towards what the eyes saw. It was much more direct and straightforward.

In addition, this art possessed a unique technique. When the eyes transformed into huge blazing suns, the sword lights could conquer every obstacle. When they began to shine with starlight that was as brilliant as the galaxy, no enemy would be able to guard against them.

If Long Yu managed to succeed in cultivating the sword heart, then with the heart and sword as one, he'd become even scarier than with the sword eyes. The moment his heart thought of a move, the sword would execute it.

Long Yu hadn't reached this realm yet, but his sword eyes were already extraordinary.

Yet the next moment, the countless flying swords crumbled his two trails of sword lights. They were made out of vital qi, while Qin Mu's swords were treasures made from the stuff scourged in Heavenly Devil Cult. Their quality far surpassed that of the sword lights Long Yu had cultivated, and due to Qin Mu's incomparably dense cultivation, the sword lights were overwhelmed!

Starlight burst forth from Long Yu's eyes, flowing like they were out in the galaxy, colliding head-on with the transformation of the fourth writing of Dao Sword. The sword skills of the two people may have seemed similar, but there were differences in their essence.

Dao Sword used mathematical reasoning to construct the heavenly stars and had the composition of mathematical reasoning on transformation. Secrets of Heavenly Eyes Sword Heart, however, did whatever they pleased, changing along with the heart. Its intricacy wasn't comparable to that of Dao Sword, but it surpassed Dao Sect in transformation.

However, when comparing the two swords, Long Yu's sword light was far inferior.

Long Yu grunted, and the galaxy that had burst forth from his eyes was extinguished. The eight thousand swords transformed into sword rain that shredded the galaxy. When they came shooting down, Long Yu heard Hermit Qing You's shout out, "Spare him!"

The next moment, he saw the flying swords surround him as if he had become a huge sword pellet. He was situated inside it, and the swaying sword tips were pointed at every part of his body. This raised a certain question in his head, if they were to descend, would he even have a corpse afterward?

The sword pellet split open and gathered into a long river made from sword light as the swords went back into the taotie sack on Qin Mu's back.

Long Yu hurriedly touched all over his body and discovered that he was still complete. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief. He wanted to thank Qin Mu yet all his limbs had gone numb at some point. His throat was also parched, unable to make a sound.

Mu Qingdai immediately came forward and brought him clean water. Long Yu drank a mouthful and only then was able to speak. "Much thanks for sparing me, Human Emperor. However, I didn't lose in sword skills! You overwhelmed me with your treasure!"

Qin Mu didn't deny and said humbly, "Senior Brother Long Yu is right. I haven't cultivated Dao Sword diligently, only worked on it for ten days. I'm actually not that good at it."

Long Yu's expression instantly turned black, and his throat became parched again. He croaked, "Not good at Dao Sword?"

Qin Mu took a look at Village Chief and said, "I learned sword skills from Grandpa Village Chief, but what he taught me is too powerful, I'm scared that I couldn't hold my power back. My attainments in Dao Sword aren't high, so you could still block my attack."

Long Yu immediately drank a few mouthfuls of water, but his throat was still slightly dry.

Mu Qingdai's gaze flickered, and she asked, "In that case, can Human Emperor Qin execute his strongest sword skill?"

Wang Muran's gaze also sparkled, as he revealed a look of anticipation.

If what they just saw were Qin Mu's attainments in Dao Sect's skills, then how strong would his strongest sword skill be?

Qin Mu revealed a troubled expression. He looked at Village Chief and said in shame, "There are some flaws in my sword skill… No, I can't say some, there are flaws everywhere! Especially recently, they've been increasing all the time!"

Long Yu, Mu Qingdai, and Wang Muran were all dumbfounded. Hermit Qing You was also astonished. 'There are still times he is actually humble?'

Qin Mu's face was full of shame. "My strongest sword skill was defeated by Grandpa Village Chief, and I have never won against him before. I then met my father, and I never won against him either… When Imperial Preceptor was comprehending the path earlier, I peeked at him, and the number of flaws in my skills have increased once again."

The few months on Qin Hanzhen's treasured ship was the time when Qin Mu had suffered the greatest setback. Qin Hanzhen in the painting had fed him moves and beat him down over and over again.

If Qin Mu hadn't beaten Pangong Tso up once in a while to feel better, his confidence wouldn't have recovered.

When Imperial Preceptor was comprehending the path, Qin Mu had peeked into his Dao heart to observe the entire process. It had then shocked him to the extreme.

However, this had resulted in another consequence as well. His horizons had expanded drastically and reached a height that he'd never imagined before. When Qin Mu thought about the sword skill he had improved, he realized that there were even more flaws in it when he saw before!

Village Chief revealed an astonished expression and said, "Mu'er, execute your sword skill that's full of flaws, I'd like to take a look."

Qin Mu hesitated, then said, "In that case, I shall embarrass myself."

He took in a breath with deep concentration, and Carefree Sword hummed as it came out of the sheath.

Qin Mu held it in his hand, and the blade flashed with sword light. Instantly, countless flying swords flew out of the taotie sack on his back. They flew into Carefree Sword one after another.

Three thousand swords merged together.

Carefree Sword was the mother sword, and the rest of the swords were the child swords which could enter it. As a professional in forging treasures, Qin Mu knew that there were two types of shapes to a sword pellet. Child swords entering the mother sword was one of them, but because his magic power and strength were limited, he could only fuse three thousand swords. If he added any more, it wouldn't be as easy to use Carefree Sword, and it would restrict him from using any skills.

Qin Mu's gaze was focused on the tip of the sword as if there was nothing else in the world. He then executed his sword skill, and Carefree Sword started to move clumsily in his hand.


The surging of wind rang out. Qin Mu's Carefree Sword moved very slowly, but it gave off a sound of an unimaginably heavy object crushing the air!

He executed his sword skill. As Carefree Sword moved, child swords started to fly out from it as though they were its afterimages. Sword lights continued to break up continuously, and every child sword that flew out executed a different sword move. The seventeen basic sword moves were displayed through the trajectories of those flying swords, and when the disorderly sword moves overlapped each other, the sword skill also became messy and irregular.

What Qin Mu had executed was Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers. However, it was completely different from the one Village Chief had taught him.

His sword skill was very clumsy and didn't have the feeling of agility. Only when the movement of Carefree Sword gradually grew faster did it gain it. The child swords in the air slowly increased in speed, while the sword skill also became faster and faster, dancing with Carefree Sword!

The expression on Hermit Qing You's face became grimmer and grimmer, while Long Yu, Mu Qingdai, and Wang Muran started to realize that they couldn't understand what they were seeing.

The sword reasoning that was involved in Qin Mu's sword skill became more and more complicated, more and more profound. In the sky above the celestial mountain, the three thousand flying swords would gather and disperse like clouds from time to time, transforming into majestic mountains that dispersed the water vapor and even transformed into a long river in the sky, or tens of thousands of trees that overflowed with green. They were so detailed, that even the vein lines on the leaves could be seen!

After a moment, all of the sword lights vanished.

Qin Mu shook his Carefree Sword, and all the flying swords flew out from it to go back into the taotie sack on his back.

"There's no need to compete!" Mu Qingdai came to her senses and immediately said, "My cultivation is a line inferior to that of Senior Brother Long Yu, so let's not compete!"

Wang Muran shook his head as well. "I also won't be able to take this attack, so there's no need to compete, I admit defeat."

Long Yu's expression was pale white and his mouth was agape. He realized that his throat was dry again, and he immediately gulped two mouthfuls of water. He said, "Your sword skill, I don't understand it."

Hermit Qing You fell into a daze. He looked at Qin Mu before looking at Village Chief, then sighed. "Old Dao brother, you have taken in a good disciple. His sword skills have already entered the path."

Village Chief shook his head and said, "I didn't teach him to cultivate sword this way; he comprehend it himself. Mu'er, your sword skill really has many flaws, it's like a broken sieve that's leaking air everywhere. You need to continue working harder. If you meet someone whose knowledge is higher than yours, you won't even know how you died!"

Qin Mu's hair stood on end, and he muttered, "I also see too many flaws, but it's just that I can't improve it anymore."

'Who teaches their disciple this way?' Hermit Qing You didn't know whether to laugh or cry. 'This sword skill could clearly be considered one of the most powerful in this world, right? Those that can surpass him would be people that reached the sword path!'

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