Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 350 - God and God

Outside Hall of Three Aeons, Village Chief floated calmly in the air. Hermit Qing You took a glance at him. "Dao brother sure is calm, you don't seem to be worried about whether your disciple will be able to clear the test of the three aeons. You quite confident in him."

Village Chief had been reminiscing about the rocking chair that Qin Mu had made for him. He smiled. "I'm confident in Mu'er's abilities. Even though the test of Hall of Three Aeons is very difficult, there have been many people who had entered it, and a good number of them had passed. Mu'er is not weaker than them."

Hermit Qing You's gaze flickered. "Hall of Three Aeons tests the three aeons of the god, and Dao brother should know the pros and cons of that. After all, you were one of those who had entered back then."

"Aren't you the same?" Village Chief reminiscenced about the past and sighed. "I had chosen Heaven Aeon Breakthrough, what did you choose?"

"Water Aeon Breakthrough," Hermit Qing You said. "I had lost while you had won. That was the reason you surpassed me."

"The reason I surpassed you wasn't because I had achieved Heaven Aeon Breakthrough. My ability to struggle was just stronger than yours."

Village Chief looked at him and said with a serious expression, "My fighting spirit is stronger than yours, and your ability to receive setbacks is also inferior to mine. Just a small difference in personality caused the gap between you and I to slowly increase. The inheritance of Little Jade Capital is actually not inferior to that of Hall of Human Emperor. If your fighting spirit had been stronger, your attainments wouldn't have been inferior to mine."

Hermit Qing You snorted, not feeling too comfortable. He said, "Heaven Aeon Breakthrough, Earth Aeon Breakthrough, and Water Aeon Breakthrough, what do you think Human Emperor will choose?"

Village Chief didn't think twice and said, "He will choose the strongest one."

Hermit Qing You's body trembled, and he revealed a look of disbelief. "Three Aeons Breakthrough?"

Village Chief nodded and said leisurely, "His belief is stronger than mine was back then, and his fighting spirit is even greater. He possesses a matchless belief in himself and a fighting spirit that has no equal in this world, so he will definitely choose Three Aeons Breakthrough!"

"Yet you aren't the slightest bit worried?" Hermit Qing You cried out. "You have experienced this kind of test before, so you should know how frightening Three Aeons Breakthrough is! He has no chance to win!"

"Actually…" Village Chief smiled, and his face wrinkled up like a dried mandarin. His smile was ugly yet full of happiness. "Mu'er is already stronger than I was back then, he just hasn't realized it himself. And it's not just by a little bit! He should be able to pass Three Aeons Breakthrough."

Hermit Qing You's face suddenly turned cold, and he sneered, "Dao brother, I don't think his confidence is invincible, it's just your confidence in him that is invincible! However, you are not from our Little Jade Capital so you don't know how terrifying Three Aeons Breakthrough is. He will have to face a young god on the same realm as him!"

"Overlord Body has never lost to any divine arts practitioner on the same realm!" Village Chief said solemnly.

Hermit Qing You went into a frenzy. Overlord Body again!

"In the history, there has been only one person who passed Three Aeons Breakthrough! He was the saint that appears once every five hundred years and was acclaimed by Heavenly Saint Cult. Only he passed Three Aeons Breakthrough."

Hermit Qing You then sneered and added, "And then he died. He was beaten to death by Dao Sect and Rolan's Golden Palace along with all the righteous Daoists in the world! After that, there were a few others that were acclaimed as saints that had entered Hall of Three Aeons. Want to try guessing if they passed the test? No! They got beaten up like dead pigs and got hauled out from Hall of Three Aeons without even having entered Hall of Five Qi behind!"

Village Chief was astonished. "There are such useless saints?"

Hermit Qing You was displeased and rolled his eyes at him. He said, "This god isn't one of those fake gods in High Heavens; it's a true god. Otherwise, Xu Shenghua of High Heavens wouldn't have stayed so long in our Little Jade Capital. There are quite a lot of the so-called gods in High Heavens. Do you know the difference between fake gods and true gods? A true god reaches the god realm in every aspect whereas you only possess the aspect of a sword god!"

Village Chief was silent. He suddenly smiled and said, "Mu'er has never lost before so losing once would also be good for him. If he can't win, it just means that he isn't working hard enough to bring out the fullest potential of Overlord Body."

Hermit Qing You was driven completely mad. Was there such a teacher in this world?

"I would like to know the origin of this god very much." Village Chief's gaze sparkled, and he asked, "I wonder if Dao friend can tell me about it?"

In Hall of Three Aeons, Qin Mu's expression was grim. There were three young gods and if any of them would be placed in Eternal Peace Empire, they would be the greatest in Six Directions Realm. They might even be stronger than people like Daozi and Fozi.

The most crucial thing was that no matter if it was experience or the breadth of the horizon, the young gods would far surpass them. That was the most terrifying point.

Each young god represented one aeon, and when the three of them merged together, their ability would be nearly equal to a young god at Six Directions Realm. His abilities had soared up in a straight line!

It wasn't like the three old immortals hadn't met people who dared to challenge the three aeons. After all, geniuses naturally had strong confidence.

But confidence was just confidence. There weren't many who could complete the test of the three aeons.

However, since Qin Mu had chosen it, his end result would depend on his luck.

The young god in front of him was expressionless and looked like an emotionless machine. Suddenly, his strength burst forth, and he reached Qin Mu in a single step.

'There's no difference when compared to my speed!'

Qin Mu was astonished as rumblings of thunder came from beside his ears. This sound reached him only after the young god had reached him. The rumblings of the thunder were left in his wake!


The young god sent a punch, and a thunderclap exploded from the vibration of the space. This wasn't the power of a divine art, but was the abnormal occurrence caused by unleashing the pure strength of the corporeal body to its extremes.

Corporeal body divine arts didn't rely on divine arts, but instead on the powerful corporeal body.

Qin Mu didn't avoid, but threw his own punch forward. Just as their punches were about to strike each other, they moved through the air and flashed past mirages as they avoided the other's attack.

Qin Mu's pupils shrank. Cripple's Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs had met their first opponent.

Since he was the number one divine thief in the world, his escaping speed naturally had to be fast, so fast that his enemies and pursuers could not catch up to him. Thus, Cripple had trained his legs to their extremes.

If one was to say a part of him had already become a god, then it would be his legs.

Ever since he was young, Qin Mu had cultivated alongside Cripple and trained his legs to their extremes in Six Directions Realm. When talking purely about speed, even Pangong Tso was inferior to him.

Yet the speed of the young god was no slower than his!

Suddenly, a loud bang rang out as their fists collided. In a split second, Qin Mu executed the eight form of Thunderclap Eight Strikes, Thousand-Armed Buddha. He was like a huge buddha with a thousand arms smashing countless fists onto his opponent. His fists were so quick that they dazzled the eyes and couldn't be caught with normal gazes!

Old Ma's fists were acclaimed as the fists of the buddha!

The realm of the buddha was also the realm of the god. Old Ma's cultivation was focused on his fists who were overbearing and steady. However, they also had a multitude of changes, so even though he was only left with an arm, it could still be like a thousand arms!

Even if he didn't use magic power, the strength of his corporeal body could make his moves even more powerful than divine arts!

The period when Qin Mu had followed Old Ma to cultivate was when he had suffered the most. Thunderclap Eight Strikes was also the fist skill in which he had put in the most effort, yet the young god was able to block his attacks. Not only that, he could even retaliate!

Qin Mu shouted out, and his aura suddenly turned wild and overbearing. The youth from Great Ruins had naturally inherited the wild and overbearing nature of Great Ruins. With fierceness and savagery, knife skills appeared among Qin Mu's fist skills. With his hands as knives, he hacked and slashed at all the obstacles in front of him, splitting apart all the injustice that stood in his way!

Butcher's knives, the knives of frenzy!

Heaven Knife was a maniac that dared to raise his knives at the heavens. His knife skills were the knife skills of a maniac. With overflowing murderous aura and two blades in hand, he dared to slaughter all royalty including the emperor, to point his knives at the heavens, to slash at the gods!

Two rapidly moving figures streaked across the sky as clanging sounds rang out like rain. Qin Mu unleashed his skills frantically, seemingly reenacting the scene when Butcher went crazy as he scolded the heavens and pointed his knives at them!

Heaven Knife, his god liked knives were blocked down.

Qin Mu's heart sank. Formation markings swirled frantically in his eyes, and four heavens appeared. Nine Heavens Eye Awakening Skill!

On Six Directions Realm, his magic power was only enough to execute his eyes to the level of Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes, but this was enough. Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes, Cyan Heaven's Eyes, Green Heaven's Eyes, and Heaven's Eyes—with the effects of these four heaven's eyes overlapping one another, five colors burst forth from his eyes. The black pupils in the center became even deeper, and each and every movement of the opponent could be clearly captured in his eyes.

Blind's eyes were the eyes of a god!

They could see through all fabrication, all moves, and all divine arts. They could capture each and every movement of the opponent and predict their next move. From there, they could see through the marvel of the opponent's divine arts and solve them to aim at the opponent's weak points.

At that moment, Qin Mu saw the other's eyes. They used a different eye awakening skill compared to his Nine Heavens Eye Awakening Skill, since the forehead of the young god split open and revealed a third eye. Five stars appeared in it.

"No way…"

Qin Mu could see rays of light starting to shine in the opponent's divine eye. It was the give away when a divine eye was activating its power!

The opponent was also proficient in divine eyes, but his divine eye had a corresponding divine arts, whereas Blind hadn't imparted any pupil divine arts to Qin Mu when he taught him!

Vital qi started to gather in Qin Mu's eyes, and the formation markings of the heaven's eyes became Heaven's Eyes Ring, Green Heaven's Eyes Ring, Cyan Heaven's Eyes Ring, and Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes Ring.

It wasn't the first time he had used his eyes as True Origin Cannon. When he was at Qingmen Pass, he had already tried out the power of it!

"Are you an Overlord Body as well?" Qin Mu's eyes blazed. "In that case, let's see whose divine eyes are more powerful!"

Their divine eyes burst forth with light, and five resplendent rays rushed at each other. The speed was so fast that neither could dodge!

Before the divine eyes of the young god had activated, Qin Mu had determined their attributes. What burst forth was a five-colored light that was different from Long Yu's sword eyes. It was like a five-colored divine sword that came straight at him.

The young god had three eyes, and their order was different. The three beams of five-colored light definitely possessed no ordinary power!


Two figures fell from the sky. Both of them were hit by the other's divine light and crashed to the ground.

Two mushroom clouds poofed up.

Qin Mu leaped up and sucked in a deep and cold breath. He had used the body refinement and qi refinement techniques in Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, Nine Transformation Three Conditions Mystery Technique to block the attack. This technique was extremely dangerous, and when Qin Mu had cultivated it, all his energy had been drained. Soon, his body had become like a matchstick and he had almost died.

The cultivation of that mystery technique required him to have enough spirit pills to replenish his energy. Ever since that encounter, he had carefully used the technique to cultivate his corporeal body and refine his vital qi for the past two years. He had already cultivated to the fourth transformation and second condition.

The first condition was bones that were inseparably close, while the second condition was body like iron.

His vital qi was on the fourth transformation. The first transformation was qi like rainbow, the second transformation was like lead and mercury, the third transformation was like a fire dragon, and the fourth transformation was opening the great furnace.

It was as if he had hidden a huge and round pill furnace in his body. The vital qi within it was like a blazing fire that protected his body. When it combined with his corporeal body that was like steel and iron, he was able to block the strike.

"I have Great Educational Heavenly Devil Scriptures, techniques from my ancestors!"

Qin Mu leaped up from the pit, his moves quick. In a few steps, he scaled up a mountain and looked toward where that young god had landed. He said in a low voice, "I don't believe you can take my divine eyes!"

Suddenly, his pupils contracted, for he saw a figure slowly walking out from the dust permeating inside of the pit. The figure slowly became clearer.

"Still not dead?" Qin Mu released a long hiss and executed Carefree Sword, but then discovered that he couldn't use it here. His vital qi then burst forth afterward as he sprinted toward the young god. "If I can't use my spirit weapon, I shall make one!"

Outside Hall of Three Aeons, Hermit Qing You revealed a smile as he said leisurely, "The god is called Chongming, and come to think of it, what a coincidence, he's also from Carefree Village. Try and guess what his surname could be."

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