Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 351 - The World Astonishing Sword

Village Chief blinked and probed, "Could his surname be Qin as well…"

Hermit Qing You sneered. "That's right, his surname is indeed Qin. Could Qin Chongming be an Overlord Body as well? Dao brother, you are making me slightly puzzled. Even we Little Jade Capital don't know about Overlord Body so how can you be so sure that there's such a thing as an Overlord Body in this world?"

Village Chief rose up and down. He didn't explain anything and just shook his head. "I wonder, why did a god from Carefree Village come to Little Jade Capital?"

"This senior is one of the founders of Little Jade Capital," Hermit Qing You explained. "I know from the records that he made a Pact of Earth Count with someone, but afterward, he decided to break it. There were some reasons because of which he had no choice but to do it, thus his primordial spirit was taken away by Earth Count while his body was left behind. Before he died, he transformed his divine treasures into seven divine halls. He gave a lot of thought to it, so that even after he died, he would leave seven divine halls to groom the future generations."

Village Chief looked at the Hall of Three Aeons and asked in suspicion, "Seven divine halls? Could there be Hall of Seven Stars, Hall of Celestial Being, Hall of Life and Death, and Hall of Divine Bridge besides the three halls? Why can't we see them?"

"The seven great divine treasures in the human body are one, so the seven divine halls are naturally one as well. All of the other halls are inside Hall of Three Aeons."

Hermit Qing You said, "You asked me to open Hall of Six Directions as well, since I had already opened the other two halls, but our Little Jade Capital actually doesn't have the ability to open Hall of Six Directions. The god from Carefree Village holds many secrets, and I can't be the judge if I can open Hall of Six Directions or not. We don't have enough manpower in Little Jade Capital, though now that Old Dao Master and Old Rulai are here, it might be enough. However, they just came to Little Jade Capital so they still need some time to familiarize themselves with Hall of Six Directions."

There were only over a dozen old immortals in Little Jade Capital and opening Hall of Six Directions required six top-notch practitioners. When it came to Hall of Seven Stars, they would need seven people of their level. For that, Little Jade Capital would be even more shorthanded.

"As I thought, even though you are stingy, there was no need to be this stingy to a person from Carefree Village. So that's the reason." Village Chief smiled.

Hermit Qing You snorted. "That god had cultivated everything to the god level. He had divine eyes, divine hands, divine legs, divine corporeal body, and not only that, his primordial spirit had also reached an extremely pure level. The density of his magic power was also at the level of a god. Same as his wisdom! Dao brother, if Human Emperor chose Three Aeons Breakthrough, I'm afraid he won't gain any benefit!"

Village Chief pondered over it, then said slowly, "His magic power is also at the level of a god? In that case, Mu'er has really met his opponent."

Hermit Qing You didn't understand what he meant.

"We, the geezers of Disabled Elderly Village, have our personal areas of expertise, and the nine of us have all reached the god realm in them. However, none of us reached the god realm in the area of magic power. However, Mu'er's vital qi is so dense that he has done so. Even though his cultivation realm hasn't caught up, the density of his magic power is something that others could never reach. If I was to say that there was someone in the world with a god-like magic power, then that person would not be Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, but only be Mu'er!" Village Chief said indifferently.

Hermit Qing You also knew how strong Qin Mu's cultivation was and said, "You said that his sword skill was still full of flaws and when he met someone with greater knowledge than him, he wouldn't even know he died. I think he has already met that person."

Village Chief's heart trembled violently. "This god is also a sword god?"

Hermit Qing You nodded and seemed to be smiling yet not smiling. "Dao brother, can you now tell me about Overlord Body?"

Village Chief smiled and said leisurely, "Overlord Body is unique and surpasses the four great spirit bodies; it's the rarest constitution in the world. As long as there is one Overlord Body that has appeared in the world, there can never be a second Overlord Body. However, there will be pseudo Overlord Bodies appearing to fight over for the fate of the Overlord Body…"

In Hall of Three Aeons, Qin Mu widened his steps to chase after the young god. His footsteps were heavy, but his speed was extremely fast. With his feet landing on the ground, the soil flew into the air while the land trembled in waves.

The soil and shattered rocks that floated upwards were melted in an instant. Some of them transformed into pottery swords while others into stone swords. Some of the rocks had metal hidden inside them, which was smelted and formed into sharp flying swords!

Incorporating forging treasures into battle was Qin Mu's ultimate art which Mute had not taught him. Applying what he had learned was Qin Mu's expertise.

Since he couldn't use the spirit weapons he had brought, he could only make them on the spot!

When the two of them were about three hundred yards apart, Qin Mu had a hundred flying swords around him. At that moment, he executed his sword skill.

The move he used was Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers!

Qin Mu recited the name with heroism in his chest. Could the gods be cut down? Say: Can!

His sword light burst forth, and the flying swords attacked the young god. Sword lights flashed, but since a hundred flying swords were too few, more sword lights burst forth from Qin Mu's body to make up for the lack.

He rushed forward at a quick speed, and Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers laid out mountains and rivers into the distance like a scroll unfurling. This sword skill used all kinds of stuff—Qin Mu's own comprehension, Village Chief's teaching, Imperial Preceptor's enlightenment, and Qin Hanzhen's guidance. He had incorporated everything he had learned into his sword!

The power of the sword light increased drastically.

This was Qin Mu's most powerful move. Even the second move, Sword of Founding Emperor Sea of Blood couldn't be compared to it in terms of power. This was because Qin Mu had put all his heart and mind into Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers, improving this move the most.

Compared to the Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers Village Chief had taught him, the power of this move had already increased by several times!

While he used his sword skill, there were also sword lights bursting forth from the palm of the young god. Countless sword lights flew over, and Qin Mu was slightly stunned. He immediately saw the mysterious principles behind the sword lights.

'Carefree Village's sword skills! He is from Carefree Village!'

Qin Mu didn't have time to think about it. The two sword skills collided, and countless sword lights drowned out both of them. The power contained in the majestic mountains and rivers was released, and the power of the sword skill from Carefree Sword also increased drastically!

The three aeons elders stood on top of the sun, moon, and high mountain, looking down. They saw the instant the mountains and rivers broke down, the boundless energy exploding like two snow-white ball expanding rapidly outwards.

"Remarkable," Heaven Aeon Spiritual Master who was in the sun exclaimed in admiration.

The power of the two moves exploded until nothing was left. Qin Mu and the god flew back and crashed onto the ground. Their bodies continued to tumble backward and rolled down the hills like ragdolls as they flailed their limbs helplessly.


Qin Mu smashed onto the cliff with sword wounds all over his body, painting blossom markings on the cliff with fresh blood.

"My sword skills…" Qin Mu coughed up blood and slid down from the cliff. He sat on the ground with a thud, unable to wipe away the astonishment on his face. "I've lost…"

It was the first time he had executed his refined sword skill and had cleanly lost after that. His sword skill had been broken by the opponent.

The young god smashed into a mountain with a bang as well, unsettling huge chunks of rock that fell to the ground. There were no sword wounds on the man, but the power of Qin Mu's move was too great, surpassing the limit he could withstand.

Purely on sword skills, his sword skills were indeed above those of Qin Mu. Even though Qin Mu had controlled around a hundred swords and several hundred sword lights with Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers, none of them had hit him.

Yet the massive power from Qin Mu's move had heavily injured him. When the power of the sword skill exploded, the terrifying energy overwhelmed him. Even though it didn't hit him directly, the crack of his ribs still could be heard.

The young god didn't seem to be able to feel any pain. He shook his arms and broke free from the mountain rock. He then slid several dozen yards forward and landed on the ground steadily.

Under his armpits, the broken ribs had already pierced through his skin and the bones were exposed outside, yet he seemed to have no feeling at all. He raised his hand to pull out the broken bones, throwing them on the ground.

Below the cliff, Qin Mu stood up while swaying. He roared and circulated Human King Creation Technique to seal up the wounds on his body.

He didn't choose to use the dragon saliva to heal his wounds because the opponent's sword will was hidden in his wounds. Without removing it, the dragon saliva wouldn't be able to cure his injuries.

Besides, the opponent didn't heal himself either, and he would rather have a fair fight!

'Overlord Body is unrivaled in this world. If I can't win against you, I'm not working hard enough!'

Qin Mu executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and suddenly transformed into a cow-headed human that stood on twin dragons. Bull's eyes grew out on his forehead and rolled around.

Flames blazed around his body, and the two dragons under his feet rushed toward the young god.

Using Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers had exhausted Qin Mu greatly, and if he continued to fight like that, he wouldn't be able to endure for much longer, thus he needed to change his style.

The body of the young god also transformed, but he chose the form of Venus Sovereign who was also standing on twin dragons. However, they were formed by gold qi while the dragons under Qin Mu's feet were formed by fire qi.

The twin dragons below their feet sprinted forward, and the two of them suddenly changed their directions to rush horizontally toward a mountain to the side. The huge dragons gripped their claws onto the cliff and moved as if they were flying to scale up the mountain. Meanwhile, on the dragons' backs, the two were in their transformed states. They unleashed their most powerful divine arts, attacking one another!

The huge mountain was extremely high, and it was the one on which Earth Aeon Spiritual Master was standing.

Even though it was three thousand yards high, Qin Mu and the young god fought their way up the mountain peak. The two of them changed their techniques over and over again, and the five great god transformation states of Five Elements Realm were all executed by the two of them. Sometimes they were the human-headed Jupiter Sovereign with the body of a bird while at other times they were the human-headed Saturn Sovereign with the body of a snake, or the scarlet-haired Mercury Sovereign as they fought each other with all their might.

Earth Aeon Spiritual Master raised his hands, and this huge mountain began to grow higher. The mountain range expanded to become larger and taller.

Qin Mu and the young god continued to go upwards as rocks to flew in all directions from their commotion.

'His magic power isn't any weaker than mine as well! He's definitely an Overlord Body!'

Qin Mu's was ineffably astonished. He had already subconsciously lost the upper hand and was only defending against the opponent's attacks while smelting rocks and stones to make stone, iron, and copper swords, in an attempt to take advantage of having weapons.

However, since he was distracted, he was being suppressed. Even though the young god was below him, he was forced to retreat upwards. The flying swords that Qin Mu had made were struck away continuously, until one could see the path they had taken from broken swords pieces scattered everywhere.

The two figures were nearly as flat as the ground while they continued to sprint upwards, showing no signs of their momentum slowing down.

'This mountain can't go any higher, if it continues to rise, it will crumble.'

Earth Aeon Spiritual Master frowned and was about to leave the mountaintop to let them fight to their hearts' content when Qin Mu suddenly mobilized all of his magic power.

"Human Emperor is still too young. He forged too many flying swords and exhausted quite a lot of magic power. Now that he's fighting the young god with his brute force, he might not be able to win."

As Earth Aeon Spiritual Master said this, the two were blown backward by the vibrations and left the mountain. Qin Mu was jolted high up while the young god was blown downwards.

Qin Mu tried to stop his body and the sores on his body instantly split open, spurting blood.

"The outcome is decided!" he shouted out and rushed downwards. Everywhere he passed by, the stone, iron, and copper swords would fly to attack the young god!

The whole mountain was filled with all kinds of swords he had forged, so at that moment, there were countless blades under Qin Mu's control.

The blades were all attacking the young god who had no time to avoid, so his vital qi burst forth as he executed his sword skill. The concentrated sword lights that were like a storm collided with the flying swords. His sword skill was indeed profound, but he had still lost the favorable position, thus he gotten sent to the bottom of the mountain by the power from above!

Meanwhile on the cliff, even more stone, iron, and copper swords flew out to converge into a flood of swords. The speed of each blade was different, and the way they moved was also different. They were sometimes slow and sometimes fast, sometimes advancing and sometimes retreating!

What Qin Mu had executed was still Sword Treading Mountains and River, the move which possessed the strongest power. The sword light of the young god would break through the sword rain from time to time, landing more and more blows on the youth's body.

Qin Mu seemed to feel no pain as he used his sword skill to pressure the young god to smash him down.

The ground came closer and closer.

"You've lost!"

Qin Mu revealed a smile as countless swords smashed the young god ruthlessly onto the ground!


The ground trembled violently, and wind swept chunks of mountain rocks which it threw in all directions. A huge and deep pit appeared on the ground, surrounded by broken blades.


Qin Mu fell down as well and created a huge pit that was only slightly smaller. His feeble voice then came from there, "You are… a pseudo Overlord Body, heh, hehe…"

At that moment, movement could be heard from the other pit, and Qin Mu's blood ran cold, "You're still alive?"

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