Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 352 - Tofu Heart

Qin Mu struggled to get up when cracking sounds came from his legs. The bones there had fractured when he got smashed, and when he exerted force just then, they instantly broke.

His whole body convulsed from the pain, and his arms broke as well. Qin Mu then didn't dare to move anymore. Even twitching and taking in a deeper breath became something he didn't dare to do.

He was scared that more forceful inhale could shatter all his bones.

His magic power was completely exhausted, so he couldn't even retrieve the dragon saliva from his taotie sack to heal himself.

Pain flooded him, and beads of sweat continuously flowed out.

The sword-made wounds all over his body split open, and fresh blood flowed out. Qin Mu felt his body grow warmer, as if he was as scorching as lava; however, he knew this was actually an illusion. Because he had lost too much blood, his body gradually cooled down, creating an illusion in his brain.

He had learned about this from Apothecary.

If he continued to lose blood, he was bound to die.

An explosion came from the huge pit nearby, and Qin Mu felt decrepit. 'Could it be that I'm the pseudo Overlord Body… No, I'm just not working hard enough, I haven't unleashed all the abilities of the Overlord Body…"

He had bet almost his whole life to win by half a move, but this had exhausted him of all his battle power.

Suddenly, three streams of air currents burst forth from the huge pit and landed on Qin Mu like three long rainbows as they entered his body.

Qin Mu instantly felt his bones move and reconnect. The cracks sealed up while the wounds on his body recovered rapidly!

The few teeth he had lost from the fight earlier were also actually growing out!

Qin Mu was stunned, but then he heard a flood. The sound was coming from his body, and it originated from his surging vital qi. His cultivation was actually recovering rapidly!

His strength was also recovering, and the tears in his muscles repaired themselves. Soon, all of his injuries were more or less healed.

Not only that, he also felt the strange power coming from the three rainbows cause his Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure to undergo a drastic change. His vital qi seemed to liquify and embrace it, which made it look like the spirit embryo was soaking in a warm ocean that was incomparably comfortable.

'The last time I experienced such a comfortable feeling was probably when I was three years old or so. I had fallen asleep on granny's bed and tried so hard to find a latrine in my dreams. When I finally found it after much difficulty, I ended up wetting the whole bed. I was then lifted up by my leg and thrown into the snow by granny.'

Qin Mu blinked. What he felt had to be the so-called three aeons: heaven aeon, earth aeon, and water aeon.

The energy of the three aeons flooded over, and Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure underwent a huge change. It grew at a fast speed while the spirit platform under its feet became bigger as well. It was like a tiny land in the middle of the sea.

The vital qi breathed out from the spirit embryo's nose rose into the air and surging vital qi gathered alongside it, forming a bright red ball that hung in midair.

It didn't look like a sun.

The liquified vital qi gathered together into what seemed like a ball of water, but not the moon. His Spirit Embryo Divine Treasure still couldn't be compared to that of a god.

Qin Mu tried to executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique and felt that it was still difficult to circulate it. There had to be some hidden injuries that hadn't yet healed.

"Congratulations Human Emperor for succeeding in Three Aeons Breakthrough."

Suddenly, the mountains vanished and the sun and moon in the sky also disappeared without a trace. Qin Mu lay in a huge hall, ice cold floor beneath him.

He struggled to get up and saw five elders sitting in five positions. They were high on top and looked as ancient as three aeons elders.

He looked around, but it wasn't the Hall of Three Aeons that he saw. The place looked like another huge hall. The appearances of the five elders were also different from those of the three aeons elders.

Qin Mu composed himself as his muscles continued to ache and his arms and muscles shook, unable to stop.

"Where are the three old immortals from earlier?" Qin Mu asked in a trembling voice.

"Three aeons elders are not here."

One of the old wanderers may have been short, but his voice was extremely loud and clear. "We are Five Elements Wanderers, and this is Hall of Five Qi. We saw Human Emperor achieving Three Aeons Breakthrough from Hall of Five Qi and we really admire you. After Human Emperor broke through, you were sent to our Hall of Five Qi to face the test of five qi."

"I achieved Three Aeons Breakthrough?"

Qin Mu was surprised and delighted. However, his legs didn't listen to him and couldn't stop shaking.

"He's indeed the pseudo Overlord Body, while I'm the true Overlord Body!" The youth was pleased with himself.

Five Elements Wanderers heard what he said and were confused. They revealed expressions of doubt as they didn't know what was Overlord Body and its pseudo version.

Qin Mu tried his best to stand steadily, but his legs kept shaking badly. His arms also didn't listen to him.

One of the old wanderers frowned and said, "Human Emperor is the second person who has passed Three Aeons Breakthrough. Do you plan to challenge Five Qi Breakthrough?"

Qin Mu just sat down on the ground so that he wouldn't embarrass himself for not standing steadily. He asked, "How is Five Qi Breakthrough compared to Three Aeon Breakthrough?"

"It's slightly more difficult."

"When Human Emperor achieved Three Aeons Breakthrough, your foundation became even more firm, so Five Qi Breakthrough shouldn't be too difficult for you," an old woman said with a pleasant face.

"It's still slightly more difficult?" Qin Mu was frightened and shook his head. "Five seniors, could you get around the regulations and allow me to challenge another day?"

He was simply too weak to challenge Five Qi Breakthrough right then.

Even though he had achieved three aeons by defeating the young god and his injuries had mostly healed, the soreness in his corporeal body wasn't even close to fading away. Furthermore, the last strike when going down from the mountain that was several thousand yards high left an impact on him that was too large for his heart to withstand. Not only was his corporeal body trembling, his soul was also swaying to and fro, almost leaving his body.

The five wanderers could see that his condition wasn't good so they looked one another in the eyes. One of the elders said, "Our Little Jade Capital has never had this happen before. If someone passes the test of three aeons, they can enter our Hall of Five Qi and leave when they are defeated. Taking a break midway has never happened before."

An old woman then spoke up. "However, Three Aeons Breakthrough is too rare. The last person to break through is from seven thousand years ago. Since Human Emperor was able to reach this step, it would be truly too much if we didn't agree to let him challenge the hall another day."

The five elders discussed it for a time, then the elder in the lead said, "Since Human Emperor has asked, our Little Jade Capital is not that stubborn. When Human Emperor recovers, he can come and challenge our Hall of Five Qi."

"Many thanks!" Qin Mu struggled to get up and thank the five elders.

When he straightened his back, the sight in front of him changed and he appeared outside Hall of Three Aeons. The three aeons elders were talking to Hermit Qing You who had an expression of astonishment while Village Chief had an unpretentious look of pride.

"Human Emperor." The three aeons elders greeted him, and Heaven Aeon Spiritual Master asked in astonishment, "Why has Human Emperor come out before taking the test of five qi?"

Qin Mu's legs were still shaking, so he said, "Five Elements Wanderers knew that my condition wasn't good so they allowed me to come back later for the challenge. Immortal Qing You, can I get a few days before the test at Hall of Five Qi?"

Hermit Qing You's expression softened and he said firmly, "Human Emperor's condition now is indeed not suitable to continue fighting. There's Hall of Six Directions after Hall of Five Qi and Old Dao Master and Old Rulai still need some time to familiarize themselves with it. Oh well, Human Emperor can come to our Little Jade Capital another day to break through both halls."

Qin Mu probed, "In that case, about inviting the experts of Little Jade Capital to come down the mountain…"

Hermit Qing You smiled. "I had promised to come with you if you defeated the three disciples of my Little Jade Capital. Now that you achieved Three Aeons Breakthrough as well, you have already exceeded my expectation. Since I have promised you, I naturally can't go back on my word."

Qin Mu was astonished. Hermit Qing You didn't show him a single pleasant expression since he had come up the mountain, scorning him from the start, yet he was suddenly so easy to talk to?

Hermit Qing You looked at the three aeons elders and said, "Three senior brothers, I shall follow Human Emperor down the mountain to settle some worldly affairs. May senior brothers help me look after my duties during these days that I will not be on the mountain."

Water Aeon Spiritual Master said, "The worldly affairs are full of distractions and the hearts of immortals can be hard to calm. Be careful of disturbing your clear heart when you go down the mountain."

Hermit Qing You smiled. "I have already underwent an experience in the mortal world so my mortal heart is long dead. Don't worry, I'll definitely return."

He called Wang Muran, Mu Qingdai, and Long Yu over and said, "I'll be going down the mountain with Human Emperor, so come with me. There's no need to stay in Little Jade Capital for your entire lives, I know there's little joy in accompanying us old men and women."

The three were surprised and delighted. They had wanted to go down the mountain for a long time, but what could they do when Little Jade Capital had strict rules. Hermit Qing You would never allow them to go down the mountain under normal circumstances.

Hermit Qing You excused himself from Old Dao Master and Old Rulai, and the two elders smiled. "We have just freed ourselves from the worldly affairs and came to Little Jade Capital for peace. Yet now you are jumping into the mortal world. Immortal Qing You, I'm afraid you won't be able to jump up once you are tainted!"

"You guys are worrying too much. I'm just going down to keep my promise, and I'll return once I fulfill it. The worldly affairs won't hold me back," Hermit Qing You said solemnly.

"I sure hope so."

Hermit Qing You then invited two more old immortals over. "You Yun, You He, both of you senior brothers are proficient in algebra. Will you follow me down?"

The two old immortals smiled and said, "It's good to go down for a stroll."

Wang Muran rode a buck which was Wanderer Zhen's mount. This master had died under Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor's hand, but his mount had been kept by Wang Muran.

That buck was no inferior to the dragon qilin, and because the dragon qilin was fat, the buck seemed more muscular in comparison. He looked at the dragon qilin from the corner of its eyes and was full of disdain for the fat cat.

The dragon qilin was long used to it and didn't pay any attention. Yet Xiong Qi'er whispered to him, "Fatty Dragon, the buck is looking down on you."

"Even if he spits in my face, it will dry off by itself, even without wiping it away." The dragon qilin seemed to have long achieved enlightenment. "Let him think what he wants, it's merely a cool breeze brushing past a mountain."

Everyone left Little Jade Capital, and Hermit Qing You turned back to take a look. He sighed ruefully and said to Village Chief, "Many years ago, I had left this place with you. My heart was full of ambition and wanted to achieved a world-shaking feat with you. When I came back, my will was low and my great ambition was cleanly erased. I thought I would never leave again and never did I expect to be invited out of Little Jade Capital by your disciple. Fate truly makes a fool out of people."

"It's not Mu'er who invited you, but actually your heart that has moved," Village Chief said meaningfully. "Is it the wind moving or the banner moving? It's just the humane heart that's moving."

Hermit Qing You laughed. "You're wrong, my mortal heart is already dead. It won't come back to life!"

Village Chief shook his head with a smile. "Your mouth is like a blade, but your heart is like tofu. Mu'er, don't look at how this old fellow is always fierce with you, for he's actually the softest. If you make him sad, his tofu heart will cover the whole floor and no one will be able to piece it back together!"

Hermit Qing You sneered and said, "My heart can't be pieced back together? You were still sprawling on the floor and crying just moments ago!"

Village Chief was furious. "When Fairy Xue Qi left you back then, who was the one sprawling on the ground and bawling his eyes out?"

"You cried so miserably just now, needing Human Emperor to hug you."

"When you shamelessly cried for reconciliation, did you think how I would use it to scorn you now?"

"You even wiped your snot on Human Emperor's chest!"

Qin Mu stared with his eyes wide open. The two old men were almost one thousand and six hundred years old added together, yet they still fought non-stop, exposing the faults of each other and digging out the ugly past.

'They are becoming younger and younger, they're like old children.'

Qin Mu shook his head and thought to himself, 'Where has Grandpa Cripple gone to? If the experts of Dao Sect didn't catch up to him, he should have entered Little Jade Capital long ago. I was delayed for two-three days here, so it should have been enough for Grandpa Cripple to rummage through Little Jade Capital several times. Also, I wonder how's the battle on the prairie, did Imperial Preceptor reach Rolan's Golden Palace?'

On the large snow mountain outside Rolan's Golden Palace was a massacre.

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor had his hands behind his back, standing expressionless. His gaze moved to the majestic palace that was decorated with gold and jade in glorious splendor. Behind him, the army of Eternal Peace Army of tens of thousands of men was arranged in neat rows. The soldiers didn't make any sound, and even the strange beasts of the army were silent.

A general came forth and said as he bowed, "Imperial Preceptor, Khan Ruandi has come to surrender!"

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