Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 357 - True and Fake Overlord Bodies

"Young Master Xu, have you drank the tribute wine of the imperial palace?"

In Rain Listening Pavilion of the capital city, Qin Mu poured some wine for Xu Shenghua while girls were playing instruments and dancing along to the music. He smiled and said, "This is the imperial wine that the sixth princess brought. I rarely drink wine so I don't know if it's good or bad, but what do you think of the taste?"

Dressed in a male getup, Ling Yuxiu looked around with her beautiful eyes while slightly excited in her heart. 'The one who herds cows actually brought me to a cathouse. If father learned about this, he would definitely execute him! This is the most famous cathouse in the capital, Rain Listening Pavilion… But it doesn't seem like that erotic place from the legends…'

Hu Ling'er and the girls of Rain Listening Pavilion were very familiar, so she had long run away to gossip with her friends.

Even though Xu Shenghua had stepped into a place of hardships, he still looked untainted as he enjoyed the fine wine. "The wine of the imperial court may be good, but it still can't be compared to the fine wine of my High Heavens. It should be the time in the cellar that's not long enough. If Cult Master Qin drank the fine wine of my High Heavens before drinking this wine, he would definitely be able to taste the difference."

Ling Yuxiu looked at the youth in front of Qin Mu with curiosity. Xu Shenghua was exquisite as if he was made of jade. He didn't look like a real human.

There were no faults to point out in his appearance, dressing, actions, or even words.

On the other hand, Qin Mu, who was sitting in front of him, had numerous small faults.

His appearance wasn't too beautiful. Even though he didn't look bad, he couldn't be compared to Xu Shenghua. Qin Mu was slightly robust and gave people the feeling that he was full of vigor. Even when he was busy and had no time to sleep, he still seemed to be in high spirits.

Xu Shenghua, on the other hand, seemed reserved and steady. He gave off a presence as if he wouldn't be alarmed even if the sky fell, his heart as still as water.

Qin Mu was sometimes overly humble and was sometimes overly arrogant. Even though his heart was kind, it was also evil. Sometimes he was dense, yet at other times he could pluck on other people's heartstrings like flowers blooming in spring.

Qin Mu was careful when doing things at times, to the point that not one drop of water could leak out, but at other times, he was rough and rushed into things headlong with brute force. He would frequently cause trouble like that.

Sometimes he was very clever yet so stupid that he would make people grit their teeth in anger.

However, all of this couldn't be used to describe Xu Shenghua. He was like a perfect person that had no flaws. It may be overboard to describe a man as beautiful, but it wasn't the case for him.

He was such a person. No matter if it was his enemy or his friend, they would have a feeling of being bathed in the spring wind when facing him.

'He's so fake that there's nothing true about him.'

Ling Yuxiu took a glance at the two girls behind him and felt pity for them. She could see their fiery gazes when they looked at him, but it was obvious that they had developed feelings for the wrong guy.

For such a perfect person like Xu Shenghua, it was impossible to love them. Even if he did so, they wouldn't dare to accept because they themselves weren't perfect. They would always feel inferior.

This kind of love wouldn't last long. It would merely be an unrealistic dream.

"When we first met, I didn't know you and I would be enemies." Qin Mu placed his wine cup and said, "When I learned of it, I was very upset. We could have become friends, but it's going to be fine as is, I need an enemy like you."

He revealed a smile. "There aren't many outstanding people like you and me in this world. If we were all friends, that would be disappointing."

Ling Yuxiu stretched out a finger to poke him and said in a low voice, "The one who herds cows, be a little more humble…"

Qin Mu smiled and said, "I'm just speaking the truth."

Behind Xu Shenghua, Yu Liu smiled. "Human Emperor is truly not humble. High Heavens is not the world of mortals. Xu Shenghua of High Heavens isn't a mortal of your mortal world so how could you be compared with him?"

Xu Shenghua shook his head and said, "Human Emperor has the right. As the successor of the Hall of Human Emperors who had fought against High Heavens for twenty thousand years, why couldn't he be compared to me? If you insult him, you're insulting me as well."

Yu Liu's face turned red.

"I came down the mountain to get rid of the new human emperor, but I thought Brother Qin was Daozi of Dao Sect when I first met you. Never would I have expected you to be that human emperor I was looking for. Only afterward did I learn that I had missed a meeting with you. After coming to the mortal world, I have met numerous outstanding people from the younger generation, and even consulted them, but they were all not to my expectation. Thinking back, it's still Brother Qin who stunned me the most," Xu Shenghua said.

Qin Mu poured wine for him and smiled. "I promised you a drink, and after it, no matter if it's you beating me to death or me beating you to death, it will still be a pleasant and fortunate event. No regrets will be left behind."

Xu Shenghua raised his cup to toast him, and the two of them touched their cups from a distance before drinking everything in one go.

Qin Mu sighed ruefully. "As Overlord Bodies, we still have the difference between genuine and pseudo. For you to be able to find me, it's not just a coincidence. Instead, it's the connection between the genuine and the pseudo. You and I are destined to be enemies and not friends."

"Overlord Body?" Xu Shenghua was at a loss.

"So Brother Xu doesn't know about Overlord Body." Qin Mu pointed at himself and smiled. "I'm the Overlord Body, you are the pseudo Overlord Body. Between you and I, there's a connection in the unseen world. It's not because you are the disciple of High Heavens and I'm the disciple of Human Emperor that we have to fight to the death. It's because both you and I are Overlord Bodies. You are the pseudo Overlord Body and I'm the true Overlord Body, so you have to kill me to snatch my fate and become the true Overlord Body."

Xu Shenghua was left at even more of a loss.

"It's also no wonder that Brother Xu doesn't know about the details," Qin Mu said seriously. "Regarding the Overlord Body, it's a hidden secret and not many people know about this. Look, as one of the most outstanding people in this world, you became the disciple of High Heavens and I became the human emperor of all things. Do you think this is a coincidence? No!"

The youth tightened his hands into fists and said with strength, "This is the work of fate between the Overlord Bodies!"

Xu Shenghua was flabbergasted. After a moment, he said, "I'm an Overlord Body? My master Jade Sovereign never mentioned this."

"Overlord Body is the strongest physique! Do you find learning everything simple and master anything when you just learn it for the first time? Before the other four great spirit bodies can even begin to learn something, you have already mastered it," Qin Mu said with a grim face

Xu Shenghua nodded and said in astonishment, "So this is the Overlord Body."

"That's right!" Qin Mu placed the wine cup down and said with agitation, "Do you feel that the other people's cultivation isn't as dense as yours? Even with the same divine arts, the power of their divine arts is not as strong as yours?"

Xu Shenghua nodded again and said, "When I was fourteen years old, I had no opponents in High Heavens anymore. Even when my master sealed his divine treasures, his magic power wasn't as dense as mine."

"This is Overlord Body!" Qin Mu said with a sincere gaze.

Xu Shenghua muttered to himself for a moment. "So this is Overlord Body… However, why does Brother Qin say that he's the true and I'm the pseudo Overlord Body? What's the difference between them?"

His expression was very serious.

Qin Mu poured wine for him once again and smiled. "You can't defeat me so you're the pseudo Overlord Body. Come, as fellow Overlord Bodies, let's have a toast!"

The two people drank their cup in one go, and Xu Shenghua shook his head. "How can we know who would win or lose if we haven't fought before? I might be the true one and you the fake one. Maybe the destiny in the unseen world has brought you to snatch my fate to become the true Overlord Body."

Qin Mu was astonished and scratched his head while saying, "There's this possibility too. Come, let's have another toast for true Overlord Body!"

He pushed one jar of wine to the front of Xu Shenghua while he brought a jar for himself to gulp down with his head up high.

Xu Shenghua frowned. Even though he had drunk wine before, he always had his limits, stopping after a taste. He would never let loose and drink to his heart's content. However, Qin Mu had already hugged the jar and downed the wine, so he could only raise his own jar to drink with him.

Ling Yuxiu took her finger to prod Qin Mu and said softly, "The one who herds cows, you are almost drunk, stop drinking!"

Qin Mu took a long swallow, already somewhat drunk. He smiled and said, "It's rare to meet a person on the same path, so it's natural to get drunk. Sister, fetch some wine from the imperial palace."

"There's no more, I took the last three jars of wine. All the tribute wine was sold by father to get money to fill the treasury." Ling Yuxiu shook her head and added, "Even some of my accessories and clothes were also sold by father."

Qin Mu laughed out loud. He smacked the jar on the table and rose up while saying, "I planned to drink until we were drunk and fight with Brother Xu after we sobered up, but I didn't consider that the wine might run out before we got really drunk. Brother Xu, let's go."

Xu Shenghua placed the wine jar down and stood up. Jing Yan immediately fetched a wet towel for him to wipe his hands and mouth. "Let's go."

The two of them walked out. On the way, Qin Mu turned back to say, "Sister Yun'er, put it on my tab."

Fu Qingyun chuckled and said, "Cult Master is joking. Rain Listening Pavilion is Cult Master's property, so what tab is there?"

Ling Yuxiu's face turned black. 'So the one who herds cows actually opened a cathouse! I thought why this fellow would actually bring me to visit a cathouse, but it was because he had opened it himself!'

She walked out with quick steps, and Hu Ling'er immediately followed. Beside her followed Yu Liu and Jing Yan who were carrying a pipa and a jade vase.

Clanking came from outside the capital, the sound of the manufacturing factory forging the components of Sunshot Divine Cannon. Qin Mu and Xu Shenghua walked side by side as they came out of the city near the origin of the noise.

Yu Liu and Jing Yan felt uneasy. It was all Qin Mu's men over there, and they couldn't help worrying that he would suddenly give an order for those experts to get rid of Xu Shenghua!

Qin Mu led Xu Shenghua over and said, "How does Brother Xu view Eternal Peace Empire's atmosphere?"

"Very extraordinary." Xu Shenghua examined the pill furnaces and mechanical giants in the factory and couldn't help but praise, "Superb craftsmanship!"

Qin Mu fetched a large piece over and gently stroked the markings on it. He observed the flawless craftsmanship and said, "I've spent much care on this divine cannon. I found countless algebra experts and used up all the treasure in the treasury of Eternal Peace Empire. In two or so months, the cannon will be done. If you will be still alive by then, you must come and take a look. This divine cannon is used to kill High Heavens."

Xu Shenghua's heart trembled slightly, and he carefully examined the markings. With a grim face, he then went to check markings on other components.

Qin Mu let him walk around freely as he waited quietly with his hands behind his back. He thought to himself, 'Your heart got messed up before the fight even began, so you have already lost. Brother Xu, you've still had too few life and death experiences!'

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