Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 358 - Exhausted to Death

It wasn't only cultivation, divine arts, and techniques that influenced life and death battles. The mind and knowledge also affected them.

Regarding this point, Qin Mu was well experienced.

There were numerous experts in Dao Sect who would usually calm their hearts down, burn incenses, and take a bath before their life and death battle. Some would even meditate for three days to get rid of all the distracting thoughts in their mind, to not let any thoughts affect their thoughts in battle. They would let them flow naturally.

Even though Xu Shenghua said that he had beat the entire High Heavens and had no opponents on the same realm, the fights in High Heavens were usually not those of life and death battle.

He had too little experience in this field and could be said to be a blank piece of paper. Even though the mortal world was 'tainted' to him, it had numerous life and death battles. No matter if it was Dao Master Lin Xuan, a person that was high up like Pangong Tso, young experts like Ling Yuxiu, Si Yunxiang, Chen Wanyun, or even reputable people like Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and Emperor Yanfeng, all of them had risen above others through the grind of life and death battles.

In terms of knowledge in battles, they surpassed Xu Shenghua by miles.

If it was Qin Mu, he would never go and check the components of enemy Sunshot Divine Cannon before a life and death battle. It was because that would deplete his brain power too much.

To design Sunshot Divine Canon, Qin Mu had invited hundreds of algebra experts and even professionals and talents in forging treasures. He literally redesigned the manufacturing factory and gathered the knowledge of all those people he brought over to forge Sunshot Divine Cannon. If Xu Shenghua wanted to understand its marvels, he would have to memorize all their knowledge in a short time. The exhaustion to the mind from that could be easily imagined.

His mind's exhaustion would definitely bring exhaustion to his abilities as well. His adaptability in battle would lessen greatly.

To an expert like Qin Mu, it didn't matter if Xu Shenghua's ability to adapt would slow down only by a millisecond. That would be enough to determine victory or defeat!

Xu Shenghua examined the markings on the components in the manufacturing factory and calculated the shape and power of Sunshot Divine Cannon. There were tens of thousands of components, and the runes on each and every one of them was different, and the same went for formations markings. Without going in order, he would have to rely on his strong brain to piece them together, and this exhausted his mind even more.

Suddenly, he felt slightly giddy and came to a realization. He hurriedly closed his eyes, only opening them to look at Qin Mu after a moment.

Qin Mu revealed a smile and nodded at him.

His smile was as radiant as the sunshine, and he looked like a big boy that did not even know what scheming meant. However, in Xu Shenghua's eyes, that radiant smile seemed incomparably evil.

"Many thanks, Brother Qin. I've learned a new move."

Xu Shenghua composed himself and walked over. As he did so, he tried his best to forget all the runes he had memorized earlier. Even though it was a last minute effort, it was better than not doing anything.

Qin Mu gave a slight smile as he walked out of the manufacturing factory. He said leisurely, "Brother Xu, do you still think it's good for you to stay in High Heavens?"

Xu Shenghua shook his head. "While staying in High Heavens, I never experienced true battles and that did slow my growth. The mortal world is indeed a place for people to grow, and since Brother Qin grew up here, you are truly the most terrifying opponent I've met."

The two of them walked side by side up the Mud River.

Behind them, Hu Ling'er, Ling Yuxiu, Yu Liu, and Jing Yang followed and stepped onto the river surface. At that moment, numerous Daoists walked out from the manufacturing factory, led by Dao Master Lin Xuan. They followed them step for step and came to the river.

Dao Master Lin Xuan looked over with astonishment. He ignored the four girls, his gaze falling on Qin Mu and Xu Shenghua who were walking on the river.

"Dao Master, those two youths are both very strong!" an old Daoist said in a low voice. "We all know Cult Master Qin, his methods are profound, but what's the origin of the other youth?"

"High Heavens Xu Shenghua, I met him when I followed master to Little Jade Capital." Dao Master Lin Xuan's gaze flickered. "He defeated me in five moves."

The hearts of numerous Daoists of Dao Sect trembled. Even Qin Mu could not say to be able to defeat Dao Master Lin Xuan in five moves. Over the years, Dao Master Lin Xuan had cultivated along Old Dao Master and his attainments in algebra had gotten even deeper. His comprehension of Dao Sword had also become higher and higher.

His ability was definitely not inferior to that of Old Dao Master back then and might even surpass his!

Dao Master Lin Xuan's footsteps didn't stop as he brought everyone forward. He said softly, "His technique becomes stronger when he meets stronger opponents. The most terrifying thing is that the stronger his opponent is, the more power would be aroused from his technique and divine arts. In Little Jade Capital, he defeated many people. I would like to know if there's someone who can receive his divine arts, someone who can force him to break through the limits of his technique and divine arts, to reach the limit!"

"Human Emperor might be such a person." Dao Master's fighting spirit suddenly became vigorous, but he controlled it so that it wouldn't interfere with the two fighters.

The river water surged.

Qin Mu and Xu Shenghua didn't stop in their footsteps and continued to walk forward. Soon, they crossed to the opposite shore of the river, but their feet didn't stop.

'He's giving me a chance to rest.' Xu Shenghua learned another move, and his heart slightly trembled. 'He brought me to the manufacturing factory to make me exhaust my brain power and get the upper hand. Now he's giving me the chance to rest, which shows that he doesn't care if my brain power is exhausted or not, since from the start he was the one standing higher! I exhausted my brain power moments ago, and now he is putting pressure on the mental level. He's making me feel like I'm inferior to him!"

Even though Xu Shenghua understood Qin Mu's way of thinking, he had already sunk into the trap and couldn't break free.

When he met with Qin Mu and drank wine with him in Rain Listening Pavilion, the battle had already begun!

From then on, he had fallen into Qin Mu's tempo, and the other's plan had worked without a hitch. If the two of them made a move, one could imagine how overbearing and unrestrained Qin Mu's attack would be!

'Overlord Body is indeed extraordinary.' Xu Shenghua composed himself, his gaze flickering. 'However, I'm also an Overlord Body! As a fellow Overlord Body, I won't be weaker than him!"

Their footsteps gradually became matched, but one walked first while the other second. Whenever Qin Mu took a step forward, Xu Shenghua would do so as well. He was like a shadow, giving people a weird feeling.

The four girls following after them saw this sight. The two big boys were walking one after another, with the one in front revealing the back of his heart to the one in the back yet the one there following step for step, but not taking the chance to land a fatal blow. Instead, he looked like he had been roped in and was walking forward unwillingly.

'Young Master is in a disadvantageous position!'

The hearts of Yu Liu and Jing Yan trembled slightly. It was their first time seeing Xu Shenghua in a disadvantageous position before the fight had even started.

In High Heavens, Xu Shenghua was beyond outstanding and had astonished all the gods there. He was praised as the person with the highest aptitude in five hundred years.

And when Xu Shenghua came to the mortal world, he was worthy of his reputation.

Pangong Tso of Rolan's Golden Palace had avoided the battle, Great Thunderclap Monastery didn't want to fight, Daozi Lin Xuan had been challenged and defeated along with the experts of Little Jade Capital, while the Hall of Three Aeons and Hall of Five Qi's tests were passed successfully.

Yet right then, Xu Shenghua had met the most terrifying opponent!

Qin Mu brought Xu Shenghua for a hundred miles, but he was also slightly shocked. Until then, Xu Shenghua's footsteps were still not in order, and there were no flaws in his movements!

This was something that was nearly impossible. Even Pangong Tso, that old monster which had lived for ten thousand years, couldn't remain walking this steadily!

Pangong Tso was skilled in the techniques and divine arts of Great Thunderclap Monastery, Dao Sect, Little Jade Capital, and Heavenly Devil Cult. But if he was suppressed by Qin Mu and got led by him, he would start to wobble when after ten miles, changing his body movement to ensure he wouldn't reveal any flaw.

When it would come to twenty miles, Pangong Tso would start to reveal his flaws and find it hard to change. When it would come to twenty-one miles, Pangong Tso would attack Qin Mu first, trying to take the key moment or else he would definitely die!

If Pangong Tso continued to follow Qin Mu's footsteps and did not attack, he would die at twenty-four miles. He would definitely be killed by Qin Mu in one strike!

Yet Xu Shenghua could always match Qin Mu's footsteps, and even if he was led, his footsteps and body movements did not falter, thus he was invulnerable!

From Mud River to over a hundred miles away, he didn't reveal any flaws!

'Wang Muran said his techniques and divine arts are very strange, becoming stronger when meeting stronger opponents. The stronger the opponent is, the faster they would lose at his hands! His divine arts are all adapted on the spot and created in battle. This kind of technique is definitely extremely high level. It must have surpassed technique and entered straight into the level of skill upon being mastered!'

Qin Mu became more and more excited. He didn't turn back, but instead continued to walk forward at an increasing speed!

Xu Shenghua's technique was very mystical, allowing him to surpass technique and go straight into the level of creating divine arts.

Qin Mu wanted to test the limits of that techniques and see how it fared when compared to Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique!

His footsteps became faster and faster while his aura became stronger and stronger. He flew forward as fast as lightning, but his footsteps were still as calm as before. There was no sense of hurry.

Xu Shenghua followed after, and his footsteps were still steady, without any sign of a mistake.

Their speed became faster and faster. Suddenly, Xu Shenghua's face turned pale and his complexion slowly began to whiten. He was brought by Qin Mu to run another hundred miles, and he couldn't endure it any longer. He vomited a mouth of fresh blood.

Qin Mu continued to move forward, and Xu Shenghua continued to run with him while puking another mouthful of blood.

But even if he did so, there were still no flaws in his movements. However, if he continued to vomit blood like this, he would use up all of it and die!

From the beginning to the end, Qin Mu had never made a move on him. He was the one who had injured himself.

When Qin Mu walked, their auras, body techniques, and divine arts were actually in battle. Even though it looked like there was no danger, the battle had already started and there was no room for mistakes.

Xu Shenghua's technique and divine arts relied on adapting on the spot and creation, thus they had an extremely high requirement for mental strength.

He had exhausted his mind in the manufacturing factory, and even though Qin Mu had given him time to rest, the brainpower that was exhausted couldn't be replenished that easily.

From the moment he vomited blood from exhaustion, the strain on his brain would only grow larger as he continued. There was no need for Qin Mu to make his move, for he would push himself to being exhausted to death!

If he continued walking, his brain would definitely tire itself out.

Xu Shenghua's hair black strands of hair began to turn whitish gray. As he coughed blood, he followed in Qin Mu's footstep. The exhaustion of his brain power had already affected his body. If nothing changed, he would soon exhaust himself to death!

Suddenly, Qin Mu stopped and smiled. "If I kill you like this, you will definitely not be willing to accept it, and I won't feel the pleasure of the battle as well. Brother Xu, nurse your injuries and replenish your vital qi. We shall determine our life and death next time."

Xu Shenghua stopped in his footsteps and opened his mouth. He wanted to say something, but he suddenly collapsed on the ground and fainted.

"Truly a respectable and terrifying opponent," praised Qin Mu. He left Xu Shenghua who had fainted there and turned to leave.

Blood leaked out from the corner of Qin Mu's mouth, but he immediately swallowed what had risen up his throat. He had almost exhausted Xu Shenghua to death, but he had almost not been able to endure it himself as well. However, the people of the village had said that one can lose a battle, but not their bearing.

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