Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 363 - Heaven Alliance

Measuring out the height and thickness of the sky may have dealt a severe blow to Qin Mu and the rest but Dao Master Lin Xuan had suffered the greatest blow.

Dao Sect's teachings, techniques, and divine arts were all built on the foundation of Dao follows the nature. To search for the essence of all living things through nature was the origin of their techniques, divine arts, and even frame of mind.

And then Dao Master Lin Xuan discovered that the astronomical phenomenon of nature was fake. With that kind of situation, it was no wonder his frame of mind would collapse!

What kind of great Dao could be comprehended by comprehending a fake nature?

The legs of Dao Master Lin Xuan who was walking forward by himself suddenly went soft and he knelt onto the ground with a thump. His expression was stupefied, and his eyes were blank.

A few Daoists immediately went forward to help him up only to hear their Dao Master mutter, "The fourteenth writing of Dao Sword had never been cultivated before, and master used his whole life to comprehend it, only then was his talent and learning enough, but he still couldn't succeed in cultivating it… It turns out it was not that he couldn't do it, it was because all the nature is fake. How could he succeed in cultivating it if the nature he comprehended was fake… Cough, cough!"

He coughed violently and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. He was devastated. Dao follows the nature was the teaching of Dao Sect, yet the nature was fake. The impact he received from learning this could be imagined.

Qin Mu looked at Xu Shenghua and asked, "Is the sky in your High Heavens the same as this sky?"

Xu Shenghua raised his head to look at the sky before nodding.

The same sky, the same stars—High Heavens was no exception.

Qin Mu saying that he was an abandoned person wasn't false at all.

The sky was a cage and no matter if it was High Heavens or Great Ruins, they were all birds that didn't know they were in a cage.

Qin Mu composed his heart and walked to Dao Master Lin Xuan's side to help him up. He said in a low voice, "The truth is cold and hard to accept, so it's best to not make it public. Chase after the few Daoists that had run away and don't let them talk nonsense. You need to protect some of their hope."

Dao Master Lin Xuan looked at him, straight in the eyes, with a weird expression. He asked in a hoarse voice, "Do you think people will believe what they say?

Qin Mu smiled and said, "People will believe you."

"You are asking me not to say?" Dao Master Lin Xuan filled with scorn, and he chuckled. "Our previous Dao Masters and countless other Daoists had all wanted to solve the fourteenth writing of Dao Sword. They spent immeasurable effort comprehending the nature of heaven and earth yet the fourteenth writing of Dao Sect seemed to be an insurmountable peak, an impossible to solve conjecture. But in the end, it all comes to the astronomical phenomenon being wrong. Hehe, how mocking, truly f*cking mocking!"

Even though he was the Dao Master of Dao Sect, a sacred ground, he was still a youth in his nature, so he couldn't help spitting out a few vulgarities.

"The previous Dao Masters of Dao Sect didn't know where the mistake was, so they couldn't succeed in cultivating the fourteenth sword, but now you know. Maybe Dao Master Lin Xuan can be the first person to succeed in cultivating the fourteenth sword!" Qin Mu said meaningfully.

Dao Master Lin Xuan's heart trembled slightly, and he turned to look at him.

"Crisis. Danger lies together with opportunity. The situation now is a danger and an opportunity at the same time." Qin Mu smiled and added, "Ordinary people can only see the danger, but wise people can see the opportunity that lies with the danger. However, only those with the abilities can be able to grasp this opportunity! Which kind of person is Dao Master?"

Dao Master Lin Xuan's chest heaved up and down.

He'd seen that the sky was fake and the astronomical phenomenon was also fake earlier. That had halted the progress of Dao Sect's path, skills, and divine arts, causing everyone to not be able to comprehend the final marvel of Dao Sword.

However, Qin Mu's words made him see the opportunity. Since he knew what was fake, he should go and see the real thing. In that case, there would be a possibility of cultivating the fourteenth writing of Dao Sword!

"I accept wholeheartedly you being the human emperor." Dao Master composed himself and said, "I feel that the debate between the teachings of Dao Sect and Heavenly Devil Cult can finally be put to a rest."

Qin Mu nodded. "I was thinking the same thing. I think we can form an alliance, and when our abilities grow enough, we will be able to pierce through this sky!"

Wang Muran walked over and stretched out his palm while saying, "Wang Muran of Little Jade Capital is willing to form an alliance with Human Emperor and Dao Sect!"

Qin Mu and Daoist Lin Xuan stretched out their palms as well. Qin Mu turned around to look at Xu Shenghua who walked over and stretched out his palm as well. "Xu Shenghua of High Heavens is willing to form an alliance with Human Emperor, Dao Sect, and Little Jade Capital. Now, shouldn't our alliance have a name?"

Wang Muran smiled and said, "Why don't we call it Heaven Alliance!"

The three of them said in unison, "Great! Heaven Alliance it shall be!"

The four of them pulled back their palms, and Dao Master Lin Xuan nodded to everyone before bringing all the experts of Dao Sect to leave.

"Lord Qin, should we tell this to the emperor?" Huo Shanling went forward to ask with a low voice.

"Of course, the emperor has to know," Qin Mu said. "However, only tell the emperor, don't spread it to others, be careful of your head falling off."

Huo Shanling immediately nodded and called the other officials of Department of Sky Supervision before hurrying away.

Wang Muran let out a shaky breath and said, "Human Emperor, please forgive me, I will have to tell this to Senior Uncle Qing You!"

Qin Mu nodded and said, "Immortal Qing You knows what to say and what not to say. Feel free to tell him."

"Senior Sister, find Senior Brother Long Yu, I shall go find senior uncle!" Wang Muran said to Mu Qingdai.

The two of them then immediately split ways.

Now only Qin Mu, Xu Shenghua, and Jing Yan were left. Qin Mu glanced at Xu Shenghua and said, "Brother Xu seemed to not be astonished in the least. Even Dao Master couldn't help his surprise, and his face lost color once his mind was shaken to the core. Yet Brother Xu still looked as usual; I'm really impressed. Even I had lost my composure just now, so my cultivation of frame of mind is still slightly inferior to that of Brother Xu."

Xu Shenghua's expression remained the same when he said, "I'm astonished and I'm still in shock. I had originally thought High Heavens was high above, far from the mortal world. Never did I expect us to be in the same cage as well. The blow of that is extreme."

Qin Mu examined him, but couldn't see any expression of shock. He asked suspiciously, "Really?"

"Cult Master Qin, my young master looks like this when he is shocked; he at most reveals a slight frown," Jing Yan said in a low voice.

Qin Mu frowned. "And when he's not astonished?"

"He's also like this."

Qin Mu was flabbergasted. Xu Shenghua raised his head to look at the sky and suddenly said, "Brother Qin, what do you think is beyond the sky?"

"I don't know."

Qin Mu chose to walk back to the capital and said, "When we have the ability, we will take a look."

Xu Shenghua followed him, and the three of them entered the city. Xu Shenghua and Jing Yan returned to their smithy, while Qin Mu went to Imperial College. Numerous algebra experts in Imperial College had already confirmed the space algebra model of the golden book. Dao Sect had made a copy and the palace also had a copy. Hermit Qing You had also made a copy while another copy was left in Imperial College. Of course, Heavenly Devil Cult also got a copy.

Establishing the golden book meant that the experts of cult master level who were stuck on Divine Bridge Realm had the possibility for a breakthrough. This would result in a huge batch of gods. Of course, not everyone would be able to connect the divine bridge. In order to cultivate the techniques in the golden book, one needed to have very high attainments in algebra.

If their attainments weren't high, they still wouldn't be able to patch the divine bridge even if they had received the techniques and space algebra model of the golden book,

Qin Mu returned to his residence and saw Hermit Qing You, Village Chief, and the rest with grim faces. Wang Muran was at the side, so it was obvious that he had already told them about what Qin Mu and the others had found out.

"I've thought of a person." Village Chief raised his head to look at the sky and suddenly said in a daze, "Maybe he would know some details. Dao Friend Qing You, do you know who I'm talking about?"

"I know, the person who raised his knives at Heaven." Hermit Qing You's gaze flickered. "Heaven Knife."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. "Grandpa Butcher?"

"Rumors say that Heaven Knife raised his knives at Heaven, and many people had seen that scene. His knife sliced open the sky and gods appeared. He fought with the gods until his corpse fell back into the mortal world. He was known as the craziest martial maniac, and if it wasn't for that battle, Heaven Knife wouldn't have vanished without a trace."

Hermit Qing You then added, "If Heaven Knife didn't leave back then, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor wouldn't have been able to use his sword skill school to defeat battle technique school. He wouldn't have been known as Sword God. The god that had fought with Heaven Knife wasn't from High Heavens, but had actually come from outer space. I didn't think of it before, but now that I do, Heaven Knife should know many things. Some time ago, Heaven Knife and Spear God came to my Little Jade Capital as guests, but they left immediately after they sensed the auras of the gods from High Heavens. It's a pity we have no idea where they went after."

Village Chief pondered it over and said, "That maniac must have gone to find the fake gods of High Heavens. Ever since his waist was reattached, he has always been in a half-crazed state. If Blind wasn't with him, who knows what trouble he would have caused. He knows many secrets, so we shall go and find him. Mu'er, let's go and find Butcher."

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment. "Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor still owes me a hundred treasures, and he is returning to the capital soon…"

Village Chief shook his head. "The treasures in Rolan's Golden Palace are worthy to look at? Grandmaster of Rolan's Golden Palace is none other than a rag and bone man. Cripple wouldn't even look at the treasures that guy had collected in his past lifetimes."

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment, then called Hu Ling'er over and instructed her, "Ling'er, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor owes me a hundred treasures, so after he returns to the capital, help me collect them."

Hu Ling'er's eyes instantly shone, and she smiled. "Young Master, what treasures?"

"He will bring treasures back from Rolan's Golden Palace, and we can choose any hundred of them!" Qin Mu said.

Hu Ling'er was overjoyed, but she hesitated and said, "Young Master, my judgment isn't as good as yours. I'm afraid I won't be able to choose the good ones."

"I shall teach you Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill so you can awaken your eyes and see what treasures are worth it."


Qin Mu taught Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill to Hu Ling'er before waking the dragon qilin. He placed Village Chief on its back and said, "Village Chief, how can we find Grandpa Butcher?"

"Very simple, I'll just have to let out my aura and I will be able to alarm the visitors from High Heavens. I can also alarm Butcher and Blind as well. In this way, they will know about us. The visitors from High Heavens will definitely release their auras to challenge me. After we go over, we will be able to see Butcher and Blind," Village Chief said indifferently.

He then added softly, "It's time to settle our deals with the visitors of High Heavens."

He was about to release his aura when he suddenly revealed an astonished expression. Hermit Qing You and the rest of the strong practitioners of Little Jade Capital also looked over in the same direction with shock.

Qin Mu was about to ask when he also felt terrifying pulses emanating over.

"It's those fellows from High Heavens. Weird, I haven't even let out my aura and they already revealed their location… Not right, they have started fighting!" Village Chief muttered. He then cried out, "The four sovereigns of High Heavens are massacring each other! Mu'er, I shall go ahead first!"


A huge bang came from the rocking chair, and Village Chief disappeared from the dragon qilin's back. A few more tremors swept over as Qing You, You He, and You Yun—the three old immortals—also vanished into thin air.

"Muran, after Qingdai finds Long Yu, you guys shall hurry over!" Immortal Qing You's voice said from the distance.

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