Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 364 - Dragon Rearing Sovereign

Wang Muran rode his buck over and shook his head. "The old people are really worrisome."

Qin Mu was astonished. "Your side as well?"

Wang Muran nodded and said, "There are thirteen such elders in Little Jade Capital. Including the newly arrived old Daoist and old monk, we have fifteen of them now."

Qin Mu smiled and said, "My village only has eight and a half, so I can be said to be slightly luckier."

"Luckily I have Senior Sister Qingdai and Senior Brother Long Yu to help me share the burden," Wang Muran said.

Qin Mu's face blackened. He was the only young person in their village. Granny Si was also young of course; however, she always liked to act old.

The two of them walked forward at a steady pace while waiting for Mu Qingdai to find Long Yu. Not long later, she dragged Long Yu back, who looked slipshod. He had removed all of his clothing and when Mu Qingdai found him, he was sprinting around in the capital city only in his underpants, dancing and singing while babbling nonsense.

At that time, Mu Qingdai gave this big senior brother three slaps to wake him up. Long Yu then spat out a few mouthfuls of blood that had clotted his heart and followed her with his head held low.

Wang Muran let the two of them sit on the back of the buck. Even though Long Yu was no longer crazy, he had still crumbled.

Qin Mu smiled and said, "Senior Brother Long Yu, what's the difference between knowing and not knowing how high and thick is the sky? The sky is there, no matter if you know about it or don't. It is still there. Maintain your heart as usual and work hard to cultivate. You should focus on going breaking the sky and going outside once you have gained enough strength."

"I understand what Human Emperor is trying to convey, but whenever I think that all of this is fake, I can't help losing my fighting spirit," Long Yu said sorrowfully.

Qin Mu understood this kind of feeling. Not everyone could walk out of the shadow as fast as Dao Master Lin Xuan.

The astronomical phenomenon was fake, and this incident dealt the greatest blow to Dao Master Lin Xuan. However, Long Yu didn't have the position and the responsibility of Dao Master Lin Xuan, so his ability to handle shock was slightly inferior.

However, given enough time, Long Yu would also walk out of the shadow.

"Since Senior Brother Long Yu is here, let us hurry on our way."

Wang Muran gave an order, and clouds immediately grew under the buck's feet as it rose into to leave. The dragon qilin immediately followed after, and the buck looked back with a disdainful glance, increasing its speed.

The dragon qilin was furious and tried his best to keep up. After a hundred miles of running, the dragon qilin started to pant heavily with his eyes rolling backward. "There's no need for me to stoop to the level of a dumb buck, right? Cult Master, I'm right, aren't I? We are not competing in speed, but in endurance!"

Qin Mu acknowledged it with a black face.

The dragon qilin slowed down and looked at the buck bringing Wang Muran and the rest to disappear into the distance.

The dragon qilin ran five thousand miles and was so tired that he couldn't catch his breath. He whined for a break, so Qin Mu allowed him a stop. He made a fire to cook a meal while the dragon qilin snored while sprawled on the ground.

Once Qin Mu finished eating and drinking, he called the dragon qilin for quite some time before he slowly crawled up and hurried along unwillingly. He ran from day to night and night to day yet still couldn't see the buck, nor Wang Muran and the rest.

"That dumb buck's endurance isn't bad as well…" Fatty Dragon said ashamedly.

Qin Mu acknowledged it with a black face and threw over one Scarlet Fire Spirit Pill. "Your rations for today."

The dragon qilin was aware of his own incompetence and carefully licked the pill. He didn't dare to eat it in one mouthful. After licking it for over a dozen times, he finally finished it. In the end, Qin Mu couldn't bear to be so cruel and grabbed some more for him.

The dragon qilin was elated, and he immediately ate all of them. He said, "Cult Master, don't worry, I will run with all my life and will definitely catch up to that dumb buck!"

"That buck isn't dumb, my dragon qilin is the dumb one," Qin Mu criticized.

The dragon qilin sprinted through the sky. Not long later, lingering notes of a flute reached them, and Qin Mu looked around in astonishment. The dragon qilin was running in midair, and even though his speed couldn't be compared to that of the buck from Little Jade Capital, it wasn't slow. Wind howled past them as he moved.

For the sound of the flute to be able to reach them, it couldn't have been played by an ordinary person.

As Qin Mu thought that, the dragon qilin suddenly swayed his head to follow the sound of the flute as though he was drunk. He sprinted down from the sky.

The sound of the flute was very charming. It played a style of folk song that was sometimes high and sometimes low, sounding very cheerful and lighthearted, thus the dragon qilin also danced around in the sky, skipping here and there in glee. His big tail whooshed as he swept it around.

Another long note came from the flute, and the dragon qilin sprinted straight downwards, into a forest.

"Fatty Dragon, stop!" Qin Mu immediately shouted, but what could it help when the dragon qilin seemed to be entranced. He totally couldn't hear those words and seemed to not have any control of his own body as he rushed straight down.

Qin Mu hurriedly rose into the sky and flashed to the front of the dragon qilin. He pressed his two hands on the dragon qilin's head and pushed with force as he shouted, "Fatty Dragon, wake up!"

He used the incantations of buddhism, and his voice boomed like thunder. However, the dragon qilin continued to rush forward as though he heard nothing.

Qin Mu erupted with all his strength, but he still couldn't fight against the strength of the dragon qilin. He got pushed into the forest, and cold sweat started to drip from Qin Mu's forehead. The sound of the flute was becoming clearer and louder.

He turned back to take a look and saw a huge red flood dragon coiled around the mountain with its huge head lying on the ground. Its mouth was wide open like a gigantic cave while its teeth were like sharp stalactites that were dripping with saliva.

The sound of the flute was coming from the head of the red dragon where a girl in a long dress was sitting. Even though the song was cheerful, the girl's face was ice cold.

"Long Jiaonan!"

Qin Mu was astonished and looked around in a hurry. The flood dragon should belong to the dragon king, and since it was there with the girl, did it mean that the dragon king was nearby as well?

The melodious sound of the flute meandered, and the dragon qilin ran happily toward the mouth of the flood dragon.

A cold gaze flashed across Qin Mu's eyes as Carefree Sword rose into the air. Eight thousand swords instantly flew out and shot towards Long Jiaonan without any explanation.

She sneered at him, and the tail of the red flood dragon swept over. Countless swords clanked as they hit the tail, bouncing backward.

Qin Mu's heart sunk. This flood dragon was an existence of cult master level; in other words, way too strong. It would be hard for him to escape.

At that moment, a huge hand suddenly stretched down from the sky as a voice that boomed like thunder rang out, "What luck, to be able to pick up a flood dragon just by coming down to the mortal world to take a stroll."

The hand, which was covered in rough scales, grabbed toward the red flood dragon. The large creature filled with terror, its expression betraying it, and actually turned limp.

The dragon qilin also collapsed on the ground, not daring to move. Long Jiaonan immediately gathered her vital qi to play the flute, but the red flood dragon just shrunk into itself and didn't move at all.

Long Jiaonan immediately flew up and avoided the hand, but that hand did not mind her. It picked the red flood dragon of the dragon king with a gently grasp before pulling it into the clouds.

The voice in the sky laughed then. "There's also a dragon of the qilin breed, but a pity it's too young, I shall come back for it after letting it grow for a few more years. Coming down to the mortal world is truly good, got a flood dragon."

Qin Mu's mind was blown as he raised his head to look up. In the clouds, there was a giant that flying in the sky while stepping on two flood dragons, one green and one red. On his ears hung two yellow flood dragons as well.


Qin Mu shook his head and found it hard to compose himself. When he looked over once more, the green and red flood dragons had slithered forward, carrying the god toward the south.

"My father's dragon!" Long Jiaonan screeched and sprinted to the south frantically. Qin Mu suppressed the astonishment in his heart and raised his hand to summon Carefree Sword back. With a stab, eight thousand swords transformed into a sword cloud which suddenly rained down, covering the entire mountain mound.

Long Jiaonan grunted and slithered around like a huge snake to avoid the sword lights. However, there was some that she couldn't avoid and was stabbed.

"Long Jiaonan, do you still remember? I said if you lay your hands on me again, I will not show you mercy anymore!"

Qin Mu woke up the dragon qilin with a kick while he rushed forward. With his sword lights whooshing up like a tidal wave, he attacked Long Jiaonan. Her body moved like a spirit snake, at an extremely fast speed, but the next moment, Qin Mu's speed burst forth as he rose into the air, rushing forward with his sword cloud.

Long Jiaonan hissed continuously as she circulated her magic power to execute divine arts to take on the sword lights.

The dragon qilin woke up and hurriedly rushed forward. When he roared, the vibrations confused Long Jiaonan.

Even though she was a strong practitioner of Seven Stars Realm, she was still lacking when faced with the dragon qilin. Her aura dispersed from the roar, and Qin Mu immediately took that chance. With his sword fingers stabbing down, countless flying swords circled around Carefree Sword and went toward Long Jiaonan like a single huge treasure sword!

"Who dares to bully my son?"

Suddenly, a thick and heavy voice rang out, and Qin Mu's heart trembled violently. 'The dragon king is here!'

He hurriedly recalled his swords, wishing to escape as a dragon-shaped dark cloud rushed toward them at a rapid speed, but Long Jiaonan raised her head to shout, "Father, it's the Heavenly Devil Cult Master!"

Qin Mu rushed to the front of the dragon qilin and shouted, "Fatty Dragon, I've raised you for a thousand days to be all paid back in this hour, quickly run!"

The dragon qilin was about to exert all his force to sprint when his four limbs turned numb again, making him sprawl over on the ground. He shouted, "Cult Master, it's back!"

"What's back?"

Qin Mu raised both of his hands and picked the dragon qilin up. He was about to run away when the sky turned dark again, and a thunderous voice rang out, "I'm still lacking a virgin male and a virgin female to raise the dragons, and it just so happens that I can take the two of you…"

The dragon qilin was completely limp as though he was dead. He was totally paralyzed.

Only then did Qin Mu understand what was back. His world started to spin, and his body landed on the cloud against his wishes. With him was Long Jiaonan who was also still in shock.

"Where's sorcerer from, place my son down!" The sound of the dragon king came from a distance, closing in rapidly.

Qin Mu saw two thick and sturdy legs beside him in the cloud, covered in rough scales. In the cloud under those two legs, there were two flood dragons flying forward, carrying them to the south.

He raised his head to take a look and saw a giant that was over thirty yards in height. His clothes fluttered in the wind, revealing his face covered in scales. His brow ridge was high and there were horns on his head.

"Noisy bug."

The god gave a flick, and the dragon king of Dragon Rider Sect flew backward, spewing blood in the air. He crashed into a huge mountain and his life and death were unknown.

"Virgin male and virgin female, serve my dragons well." The god lowered his head to look at the two of them in the clouds and grinned to show his mouth which was full of sharp teeth. "Otherwise I will use you two as toothpicks."

Qin Mu placed the dragon qilin down and said bravely, "Senior, my primordial yang is long discharged, and I'm no longer a virgin male…"

Long Jiaonan immediately said as well, "My primordial yin is also long discharged, and I'm also not a virgin female!"

That god sneered and said, "In that case, there's no use keeping you alive, I shall eat then!"

"I'm a virgin male!" Qin Mu said righteously. "But this naughty girl is no longer a virgin female, so may senior please kill her!"

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