Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 365 - Skilled in a Specialized Area

Long Jiaonan pounced forward and shouted, "Rascal, it's all because of you that I'm like this!"

Buddha rays burst forth from Qin Mu's hand as he collided with her. Their bodies trembled violently, and Long Jiaonan's beautiful hair suddenly fell to the ground, revealing bald patches. The skin of her face also suddenly turned loose.

Qin Mu's qi and blood fluctuated. He was about to make another move when he was suddenly stunned. He didn't continue to attack.

On the east sea, Long Jiaonan had almost died under the combined attacks of Ling Yuxiu and Si Yunxiang. She tried her best to shed her skin, but she had exhausted her lifespan for that. Even though she was taken away by Dao Master, she had yet to recover.

When clashing with Qin Mu, the wig on her head had fallen apart, and the pulled tight skin had also turned loose.

Long Jiaonan noticed her hair falling off and cried out in astonishment. She immediately grabbed here and there to pick up her hair. Every time she caught a lock, she would try to stick it back on her head, but since the wig had already fallen apart, how could she stick it back together?

"Sister Long, you don't have much of your lifespan left. If you don't fight with your life, you can still live like an ordinary person for dozens of years. But if you make a move on me, I won't even need to kill you. A severe injury will be enough to make sure you'll have no chance at survival."

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "It's impossible for you to take revenge on me in this life anymore, so what is this for?"

"You are the one who reduced me to this state and you are still being sarcastic!" Long Jiaonan shouted out.

"You are the one who harmed yourself and your father, and the dragon king is also someone who harmed you. I'm not responsible for it. Pushing the blame on me is nothing more than you trying to find someone to vent your anger on."

Qin Mu examined the thick and sturdy legs beside him and raised his head to take a look. The god was currently looking down, but not at them. Instead, he was surveying the terrain of Eternal Peace Empire.

It was obvious that the god paid no attention to them and felt that they posed no threat to him. Their only use was to help him raise his dragons.

Qin Mu composed himself and calculated his chances of escaping if he executed Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs. Then he immediately banished the thought. Even though Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs were fast and he could surpass the speed of sound by four times and more if he exerted his full force, he could only maintain that state for a very short time. His vital qi would be completely exhausted in seven minutes, and so would his body.

Based on the speed of the two flood dragons under the god's feet, he could create a distance between them, but they wouldn't find it hard to catch up to him once he faltered.

Besides, the rubbish that was the dragon qilin was paralyzed and couldn't stand up no matter what. If Qin Mu had to carry the dragon qilin on his, the distance he could cover would be limited.

The dragon qilin was simply too fat and too heavy!

'Isn't it just raising a dragon? I'm raising Fatty Dragon every day, so it'll be simple to me!'

Qin Mu sat down, the body of a flood dragon under his buttocks. With skill in his hands, he was not afraid. If he could even raise Fatty Dragon, how could he not raise flood dragons?

"How do we address senior?" Qin Mu asked loudly.

"You can call me Dragon Rearing Sovereign." The god's voice boomed like thunder when he spoke while looking around. "I'm a god from High Heavens, and as long as you serve my dragons well, I will spare your lives. Not only that, I will even bring you away from this mortal world to High Heavens to enjoy life as you raise my dragons."

Long Jiaonan's eyes lit up, and she said loudly, "Founder, I'm a disciple of Dragon Rider Sect, Dragon Rider Sect is the sect that you founded!"

Qin Mu suddenly shuddered. 'Crap! This Dragon Rearing Sovereign is the founder of Dragon Rider Sect!'

He couldn't help regretting asking the god how to address him. Now that Long Jiaonan had established their relationship, he was going to die!

He wanted to flee, but, no matter how much he kicked the dragon qilin, the fatty just lay on the limply, unable to get up.

'I'm skilled in a specialized area, I'm skilled in a specialized area!' Qin Mu consoled himself while trying to regain his composure.

"Dragon Rider Sect?" The two dragons below Dragon Rearing Sovereign's feet paused, and the god lowered his head to look at Long Jiaonan. With bewilderment, he said, "I indeed founded this sect, but that was something long ago. Founding Dragon Rider Sect was just something I found interesting at that time, that's why I didn't bother myself with it after going to High Heavens. You are the disciple of Dragon Rider Sect? Who was the idiot who called you his son just now?"

Long Jiaonan was both surprised and delighted. She immediately knelt down and kowtowed, "That's disciple's father, the current Dragon Rider Sect Master!"

"His cultivation is so weak, to actually be flicked off by me. He won't die, though."

The two dragons under Dragon Rearing Sovereign's feet started to descend, and he said, "Since you are a disciple of Dragon Rider Sect, I won't make things difficult for you. You seem to have damaged your vital qi, so here's a dragon bead for you to nurse yourself. Even though it won't return your beauty to what it was, it can still replenish your vitality and extend your lifespan."

A bright orange bead flew down from above, and Long Jiaonan grabbed it. She then kowtowed repeatedly while saying sternly, "Founder, that man is a nemesis of our Dragon Rider Sect, the one person that eradicated it!"

Qin Mu shrunk his neck back and shook his head. "Maiden Long, please do not accuse my innocence person. Look at my cultivation, how could I eradicate your Dragon Rider Sect? It's such a big sacred ground with as many experts as a cow has hair. Each and every one of them has remarkable abilities and are extraordinary. On top of that, the dragons they raise are all powerful beings, so how would I have the ability to eradicate them?"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign examined him. He was clearly a very honest youth and looked much more reliable than Long Jiaonan. "This honest child that's as weak as a chicken can eradicate a sect that I founded? Are you guys that weak?"

Long Jiaonan gritted her teeth and shouted, "This brat summoned a devil god which killed my entire sect!"

With an honest face, Qin Mu stuttered as he tried to defend himself. "When did I do that? I learned the art of healing when I was young and am acclaimed as the divine physician. Every day, I prescribe medicine and raise a dragon qilin, feeding him until he got so plump. How could I summon a devil god to harm people? Not only are you slandering me, yo- you are even insulting me!"

Long Jiaonan was furious and jumped over to choke him. She screeched, "You are the Heavenly Devil Cult Master and your mind is full of evil ideas to harm people. You are the devil among the devils!"

Qin Mu couldn't take a breath and his eyes rolled upward.

Suddenly, Dragon Rearing Sovereign gave a flick and made Long Jiaonan tumble back a few times.

She crashed to the ground, and only then did she notice that they had already descended. The two flood dragons under Dragon Rearing Sovereign's feet had brought them to Gold River.

"Are you the one who fed this dragon of the qilin breed until he got so plump?" Dragon Rearing Sovereign lifted Qin Mu up in his palm and examined him up and down. He smiled and said, "You have fed him well. Not bad, I like you very much."

When Qin Mu faced him, his heart shuddered. Dragon Rearing Sovereign was too huge and just his face alone was much taller than Qin Mu's whole body. He was covered with dragon scales and only his brow ridge that was raised was free of them. Instead, there were two eyebrows that were shaped like feathers.

"Senior…" Qin Mu gathered his courage and said, "I've learned the art of healing ever since I was young and my medical techniques are passable. I feed my dragon qilin half a bucket of Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills every day."

"Half a bucket of Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills?" Dragon Rearing Sovereign chuckled. "Looks like your pill refinement technique is truly extraordinary, to actually refine so many spirit pills daily. How could a young'un with a child body like him need to eat half a bucket every day? All he needs is a bowl of Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills and that's enough."

Qin Mu's face instantly turned black.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign then added, "However, all the pills he ate were not wasted. They turned into dragon and qilin vitality which are stored in his body. Once that power is activated, he will be able to cultivate his dragon bead and qilin fire, both of which are quite extraordinary. Only then could he be considered as just having become an adult. I see that even though you know how to refine pills, you don't know how to raise dragons. Are you willing to learn from me?"

"Disciple is willing to!"

Long Jiaonan was furious. The black-hearted scum was taking this opportunity to actually climb above her head to become a disciple of her founder!

"I asked if you want to learn from me and not if you want to be my disciple. You are just a small boy." Dragon Rearing Sovereign smiled and said, "Don't be in a hurry to pay your respects, since I'm not taking in disciples. But as long as you serve my dragons well, it won't be impossible for me to take you in as my disciple in the future. Now, refine a furnace of Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills for me to take a look."

Qin Mu immediately burst forth with vital qi and took out some herbs from his taotie sack to refine the pills in midair. While Dragon Rearing Sovereign was talking, he finished refining one pill of Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign revealed an astonished expression which turned into great delight. He laughed and said, "I'll take you in; it'll free me from numerous mundane tasks. From today onwards, you will be in charge of refining pills. I can then relax."

He raised his leg to give the dragon qilin a kick and said, "Little thing, I shall teach you the technique to cultivate the dragon bead and the qilin fire, so you can help start the fire to refine the pills."

The dragon qilin could finally stand. He was surprised and delighted.

Qin Mu's mood swiftly lifted. 'Grandpa Deaf frequently said that each and every variety of studying is the highest thing to be sought, while Grandpa Apothecary's art of healing is useless. One might have to pay the patient until bankruptcy in case of misdiagnosis. In comparison, studying and painting can help you make a living anywhere. Yet in the end, Grandpa Deaf almost starved to death while selling his paintings on the streets, and Grandpa Apothecary's medical expertise make my life easy wherever I go…"

"Little girl, come over."

Long Jiaonan lowered her head and walk forward so Dragon Rearing Sovereign could examine her up and down. He shook his head and said, "You also know some skills on how to raise a dragon, so you shall be his attendant and help me raise my dragons. Remember, don't slander him anymore or I won't forgive you!"

Long Jiaonan was seething with anger, but had no choice other than to nod in agreement.

Pleased with that, Qin Mu asked, "What is Dragon Sovereign doing here at Gold River?"

"Searching for the main dragon's vein of Eternal Peace Empire."

An earring on Dragon Rearing Sovereign's ear swayed and slithered down, transforming into a yellow flood dragon. Its body became longer and longer when it slithered into the river with an aura that was growing more and more terrifying.

The current of Gold River was rapid, and the moment the flood dragon swam in, it started to stir up havoc. The water instantly rose into the sky, creating a flowing river in the sky.

"This is where Gold River Dragon's abdomen lies, its claws are nearby as well."

Dragon Rearing Sovereign looked at the bottom of the river and revealed an expression of disappointment as he shook his head. "This place isn't the main dragon's vein."

Qin Mu also looked down at the bottom of the river and was slightly stunned. He saw that the current had actually washed out stones that looked like pieces of dragon scales. From their path, he could faintly see that they actually had the shape of claws!

"River has the river qi which will gather to form a dragon's vein, it will be water. When mountain qi will gather to form a dragon's vein, it will be the land. If fire qi like magma will gather to form a dragon's vein, it will be fire. These are the dragon's veins that people generally know. However, there's also a fourth kind of dragon's vein which is wind. The wind blows tens of thousands of miles and carves out traces of a dragon among the mountains and land."

Dragon Rearing Sovereign raised his head to look up and said in a low voice, "I have checked the wind veins and the mountain veins, Mud River and Gold River are also both checked. If I continue forward, I will have to check the three veins of the fire dragon that are underground. With Eternal Peace Empire having so many dragon's veins, I'm afraid a big dragon is coming. But if I take away the main dragon's vein, all the dragons will have no leader and, keke, the world will fall into utter chaos…"

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