Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 366 - True Dragon Lord

'Eternal Peace Empire is truly full of disasters. After the mutiny and rebel, there was the descent of a natural disaster, followed by the alliance of Barbarian Di Empire and Wolf Store Country to invade them. Now a Dragon Rearing Sovereign hops out who wants to take away the main dragon's vein.'

Qin Mu sighed ruefully in his heart. Emperor Yanfeng truly had a hard time being the emperor, pushing even him to clear up all the shit repeatedly.

'Sunshot Divine Cannon I forged could be used to kill this Dragon Rearing Sovereign. Although the battery is still at the capital and Emperor Yanfeng is not here…"

Qin Mu was suddenly stunned. He had never been part of Eternal Peace Empire, so why did he have to risk his life for it?

When he walked out of Great Ruins, it was for no other reason than to gain experience and improve. His goal hadn't been to protect Eternal Peace Empire, so when had his original intention changed without his awareness?

Not so long ago, he had still viewed Eternal Peace Empire as an enemy for treating the people of Great Ruins as abandoned and good only to be slaves. When had his views changed and he began to treat Eternal Peace Empire's matters as his own?

Wasn't what he was supposed to do to gain experience?

Wasn't he supposed to fight for the survival of Great Ruins' people?

When had he then started to treat Eternal Peace Empire like his second home? Subconsciously treating its matters as his own?

He looked deep into his heart and discovered the cruel and fascinating truth there. The complexity and changes of the human heart surpassed any reforms and changes in the paths, skills, and divine arts.

Qin Mu reflected on his own heart, which was calm. As the human emperor, he wasn't doing things for Eternal Peace Empire, but for the people of that land. If Emperor Yanfeng was unkind and incompetent, he would have him replaced. If Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor failed in his reform, he would then take it from his hands and proceed with it himself.

But even if Eternal Peace Empire's reform was good, if Emperor Yanfeng invaded Great Ruins and made the people of Great Ruins slaves, he would get rid of him.

Qin Mu blinked and felt that this was pure and simple.

"We're here!"

The two dragons under Dragon Rearing Sovereign's feet suddenly paused and stopped in their tracks. Qin Mu looked around, slightly stunned. There were huge volcanoes everywhere, and thick smoke was billowing from their mouths. However, there wasn't any lava spurting out.

Time and time again, qi cultivators would come up to the mountain to gather underground fire which was used for cultivating fire divine arts.

This was Volcano County of Eternal Peace Empire, named for the numerous volcanoes in its territory. Ninety percent of Eternal Peace Empire's volcanoes were gathered there. It also had the biggest volcano which was called Great White Mountain. It was extremely high, and its peak was covered with snow while the mouth was bubbling with lava.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign looked around, and his gaze landed on Great White Mountain. He smiled and said, "The dragon's eyes are there!"

The two dragons under his feet rose into the air, and he came to the peak of Great White Mountain. Located there was a sect who, unlike the three big sacred grounds of Eternal Peace Empire, had suffered from enormous pressure like the other sects. It had gone through a sharp drop in disciples due to the primary schools and colleges located everywhere.

The sect at the peak of Great White Mountain was called Great White Sword Sect. Their population was sparse, and there were only a hundred disciples on the mountain.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign brought Qin Mu and Long Jiaonan and descended directly on the mountain. He came to the hinterland of Great White Sword Sect which was the entrance to the volcano. The experts of the sect were alarmed and flooded out like bees. When they saw Dragon Rearing Sovereign and a bunch of dragons, they were dumbstruck and didn't dare to move.

A fire flood dragon under Dragon Rearing Sovereign flew out and tunneled into the volcano. After a moment, a passage was opened, and multicolored light burst into the sky, turning it golden.

Qin Mu looked inside the volcano and grew giddy. The interior of the volcano was actually not made of lava, but dragon scales that were shining in a radiant gold color. It stretched down from the inside the mountain and went down all the way to the unknown depths.

The people of Great White Sword Sect were also stunned. Great White Sword Sect had occupied that land for a few thousand years, yet they didn't know that there was another completely different world inside the volcano.

However, they still didn't dare to move.


The sect leader of Great White Sword Sect mustered his courage to go forward, but just as he was about to say a word, the huge dragons under Dragon Rearing Sovereign's feet carried him, Qin Mu and Long Jiaonan into the volcano.

"Sect Leader, those people barged into the forbidden ground of our sword sect!" a middle-aged man shouted out. "What do we do now?"

The face of the sect leader of Great White Sword Sect changed between dark and clear. He said, "I recognized that youth just now, it's Heavenly Devil Cult Master. That old devil actually brought such a terrifying expert who has actually raised so many dragons! The sacred ground of the devil path has a truly justified reputation; their foundation is indeed deep. Our Great White Sword Sect is not their opponent so what can we do? Of course, we shall file a complaint to the imperial court!

Everyone in the sword sect was stunned. File a complaint to the imperial court? Wouldn't this be too embarrassing?

"If we file a complaint to the imperial court, the emperor and Imperial Preceptor won't ignore it." The sect leader rose and said, "I shall head to the capital to file an imperial appeal and will definitely have the emperor make Heavenly Devil Cult give us Great White Sword Sect an answer!"

In the volcano, Qin Mu and Long Jiaonan followed behind Dragon Rearing Sovereign, looking around at the spacious underground space. The walls were all made of radiant dragon scales. Qin Mu stretched out his hand to touch one and felt that it was scorching. It was akin to magma, but not it.

"Maybe this will be the main dragon's vein. The dragon qi that has gathered in this underground is about to transform into a divine dragon and fly away!" Dragon Rearing Sovereign then added in astonishment, "This dragon's vein seems to be slightly better than the nine mountain veins in Eternal Peace Capital City."

Qin Mu asked curiously, "Dragon Sovereign visited the nine dragon's veins in the capital? What's the situation there?"

Even though Qin Mu had gone to the capital numerous times, he had never gone to see the mountain there. The capital was surrounded by nine dragons and the dragon qi there was thick and extraordinary. People living there usually had longer lifespans and could cultivate twice as fast. Especially in Imperial College and the imperial palace. Those were the places in which the dragon qi was concentrated.

"The dragon's veins at Eternal Peace Capital City are nine yellow dragons. I went into the interior of the mountain and saw that they had hollowed out the center of the mountain. They had already transformed into qi which had scales and claws," Dragon Rearing Sovereign said. "However, they are still qi and have not formed their bodies yet. Meanwhile, the fire dragon here is almost taking shape."

Qin Mu was puzzled. Long Jiaonan touched the dragon scales and asked, "What Founder means is that the dragon scales of this dragon's vein are true dragon scales and not marks?"

"Of course they are true dragon scales," Dragon Rearing Sovereign said. "Flood dragons are not considered true dragons; they are merely huge snakes that had absorbed the dragon qi and transformed. True dragons are born from qi and transformed from dragon's veins. All things in the world are born from egg or the womb; however, true dragons are born from qi.

"Qi gives birth to a true dragon which then gives birth to eggs or fetus. You have been to Great Ruins, right? There are numerous ruins of dragon kings there, so why are there so many dragon kings in Great Ruins? It was all because back then, there were hundreds of dragon's veins, and their fate was prosperous, to the extent that they transformed into true dragons!"

Qin Mu's heart trembled. Hundreds of dragon's veins, prosperous fate, dragon's veins transforming into true dragons!

He had indeed seen a Dragon King Temple in the basin of East Sea! Not only that, there was also a Dragon King Temple in Surging River, and even a temple for dragon kings such as Well Dragon King!

Could those dragon kings had all been true dragons?

"True dragons transformed from the dragon's veins of Great Ruins surrendered and paid their allegiance to the— hehe!" Dragon Rearing Sovereign seemed to be afraid of the consequences of finishing his thought and didn't continue. Instead, he said, "Eternal Peace Empire now is still considered small, with only ten to twenty dragon's veins. However, in order to prevent trouble in the future, I have to find the main dragon's vein.

"Otherwise, if Eternal Peace Empire is allowed to continue growing, it might just be able to bring another calamity. Finding the main dragon's vein and killing it as soon as possible is thus the proper thing to do."

They looked toward the depths and suddenly heard a dull roar of a dragon. Qin Mu's spirit was roused. 'Is this fire dragon's vein really going to transform into a true dragon?'

When he came to the front, only then did he notice the roar wasn't from a true dragon. Instead, it came from an underground magma river that was dozens of miles wide. The four walls around it were all covered with dragon scales that were shining a brilliant gold, dazzling their eyes!

Qin Mu felt an extremely strong dragon qi.

He had cultivated Ling family's Nine Dragons Monarch Technique and his attainments were quite high, so he immediately knew that the dragon qi here wouldn't lose that in the capital!

There was the dragon qi of the nine dragon's veins gathered together over there, while there was only a fire dragon's vein here, yet the dragon qi was just as strong. Could then this really be the place where the main dragon's vein of Eternal Peace Empire laid?

"Strange…" Dragon Rearing Sovereign frowned and examined the upstream and downstream of the magma river. "Weird… the path of the dragon's vein here seems wrong…"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign walked down from the backs of the two flood dragons. Qin Mu took a look at his legs and saw that they weren't human feet. Instead, they were two dragon claws.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign took out a small and delicate golden cauldron. Or it was so to him, but to Qin Mu, it was large enough to cook two or three humans without a problem.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign scooped out magma with it before taking out some golden power to scatter it inside the cauldron. He then waited silently.

Qin Mu went forward to take a look and saw the golden powder fusing with magma, gradually changing.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign tossed him a golden book and a taotie sack while saying, "The dragon's vein here is weird; it doesn't seem to just be a simple dragon's vein. I want to cast a spell to investigate something the fishiness here. You shall refine a few furnaces of pills to feed the dragons. There are prescriptions in this book, so don't mess up."

Qin Mu understood and took the golden book which was called Dragon Rearing Scripture. he flipped through, noticing that it recorded all the methods for raising a dragon. It also listed all dragon types, their habits, and properties, the methods to control them, and finally what each type of dragon ate.

Qin Mu didn't care about the spirit pills recorded inside. What made him curious was the method to refine them. Apothecary had taught him numerous kinds of hand techniques to refine pills yet there were many inside Dragon Rearing Scripture that he'd never seen before.

'As expected of the god who raises dragons, there are so many methods to refining pills. From the prescriptions and the methods for refining the pills, Dragon Rearing Sovereign's ability in the path of pill refinement might just be slightly weaker than mine."

Qin Mu became alert in his heart. If he wanted to refine a deadly poison for Dragon Rearing Sovereign, it probably wouldn't be easy.

He secretly banished that thought and continued to study the book. Dragons of different attributes consumed different spirit pills. For example, the dragon qilin was of fire attribute, so Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills were very suitable for him. However, after Qin Mu checked, he found out that Scarlet Fire Spirit wasn't the most suitable for the dragon qilin. It was simply that its taste for him was the best.

For a dragon qilin, Fire Element Divine Vitality Pill was the best. It could help them grow, increasing their sprinting speed drastically.

However, Divine Vitality Pill didn't have a nice taste as it was a little spicy.

"No wonder that glutton always wants to eat Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills, and even so many of them!"

Qin Mu's face turned dark, and he took a glance at the dragon qilin who was looking around curiously. With an unpleasant face, he said, "Maid, come over, help me refine pills."

Long Jiaonan gritted her teeth and walked forward, wishing she could swallow him in one mouthful.

Qin Mu kicked the dragon qilin. "Fatty Dragon, have you heard of Fire Element Divine Vitality Pill?"

"I've never heard of it before," the dragon qilin said with some guilt.

Qin Mu snorted and opened up Dragon Rearing Sovereign's taotie sack. Inside it was all kinds of spirit herbs. Qin Mu differentiate them before throwing them to Long Jiaonan, asking her to take out the herbs according to the prescription. He then ordered the dragon qilin to spew fire while he executed a pill refinement technique. He executed all kinds of hand techniques and dazzled people's eyes. Like that, he soon refined batches of spirit pills.

The numerous small dragons on Dragon Rearing Sovereign's body smelled the fragrance and immediately ran down his body to surround Qin Mu. The big ones were three yards long, while the smallest ones were not even an inch. There were dragons of all sizes, color, and even species raising their heads to look at him.

Qin Mu's scalp started crawling. He didn't dare to move at all. Most of these dragons were flood dragons, but every single one of them was incomparably powerful. Getting rid of him would be extremely simple and as easy as blowing off dust for them!

Dragon Rearing Sovereign was currently casting a spell and spewed out a mouthful of vital qi into the golden cauldron, causing the golden powder that was fusing with the magma to undergo a change. He said, "Place the spirit pills in the basin, they will eat by themselves."

Qin Mu looked at Long Jiaonan who immediately rummaged through the taotie sack and took out a huge basin. It had the diameter of thirty yards, so how was that still a basin, it was clearly a small pond!

Qin Mu poured all the spirit pills into the basin, and dozens of dragons instantly pounced inside. They swam around in the spirit pills, frolicking and playing around.

The dragon qilin could only look at Qin Mu impatiently, swishing his tail. Qin Mu took out a huge basin and poured in some Scarlet Fire Spirit Pills which had over a dozen Fire Element Divine Vitality Pills mixed among them.

The dragon qilin was overjoyed and immediately went forward to eat. Qin Mu then saw him picking out Fire Element Divine Vitality Pills secretly and sneakily throwing them into the magma river next to him.

Qin Mu was furious and shouted, "Maid, this fellow is picky about his food, beat him for me!"

Long Jiaonan was furious and knocked Qin Mu down with a punch. She sat down on him and started beating him up. "I have tolerated you long enough! I'll beat you to death!"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign flicked with his finger and smacked Long Jiaonan away. She crashed into the dragon scales and vomited blood from the jolt. Dragon Rearing Sovereign shook his head and said, "You are the master so how can you get beaten by your maid? What will come next?"

Qin Mu crawled up and said with some shame, "I still am on Six Directions Realm while she's on Seven Stars Realm. Dragon Sovereign even granted her a dragon bead so she's filled with brute force now. I can't defeat her."

"So I see." Dragon Rearing Sovereign took out a dragon bead and threw it to him. He said, "I cannot do anything regarding your cultivation realm, but I have plenty of dragon beads with me. I'll give you an even better one. The dragon bead I gave her is merely a small toy, coming from a mixed blood dragon of Divine Bridge Realm. Although this dragon bead is also from Divine Bridge Realm beast, its bloodline is much purer and closer to a true dragon. If she wants to beat you again, you can blast her off with one punch."

Qin Mu grabbed onto the dragon bead and felt a savage force instantly filling his entire body. His strength increased frantically, and he couldn't help becoming delighted.

Long Jiaonan's expression turned ashen. Was this still her founder? He was siding with an outsider so much that he seemed to be Qin Mu's founder instead!

"The shenanigan in the dragon's vein has already been discovered by me." Long Jiaonan picked the golden cauldron with a grim face. "This isn't the main dragon's vein, merely a branch of it, having come here to guard the other dragons. On top of that, this main dragon's vein seems to be related to the dragon's veins in Great Ruins…"

Qin Mu went forward and saw golden dragons swimming around in the magma in the golden cauldron. A bunch of them were surrounding the center where a menacing, huge dragon was coiled upon itself as it slept!

"The dregs of Great Ruins indeed have exceptionally talented methods!" Dragon Rearing Sovereign sneered. "They transferred the fate of Great Ruins over to Eternal Peace Empire, wanting to use the fate of two dynasties to give birth to a true dragon lord! Hehe, I shall take away this vein of the true dragon lord, destroying their master plan of tens of thousands of years in one day and see how they cry to the heaven and earth!"

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