Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 369 - Revenge in Afterlife

In front of the gate that had the reliefs of a thousand dragons, numerous flood dragons of all sizes followed closely behind Qin Mu, waiting for him to feed them.

Long Jiaonan was also following behind with her gaze flickering. Time and time again, her gaze would fall on the body of a red flood dragon. That time, among the dragons that Dragon Rearing Sovereign had let Qin Mu feed, the red flood dragon from Dragon Rider Sect was also present.

The red flood dragon of the dragon king was an entity of the cult master level, and it was very familiar with Long Jiaonan. Even though it was snatched by Dragon Rearing Sovereign, as long as Long Jiaonan blew the jade flute, she could still control it.

Qin Mu's eyes were still, but his brain was moving at a lightning fast speed as he thought of ways to escape.

If Dragon Rearing Sovereign took away that huge dragon nest, he and the Emperor's Disk might just fly over to squat there obediently upon the nest's activation. How would he then explain the origin of his pendant then?

Getting torn apart and eaten by a dragon was an acceptable ending, but what if he didn't die?

If he ran away right then, he wouldn't be able to escape all the flood dragons following behind him. Furthermore, Long Jiaonan was also around, so if he tried to run, he would definitely be killed by that woman.

"Maid, fetch the herbs to refine pills."

Qin Mu threw the taotie sack to Long Jiaonan, his face flickering between dark and clear.

Even though he was slightly farther away from the dragon nest, Emperor's Disk around his neck was still squirming as though it was going to come to life. There was an indescribable connection between it and the nest. On top of that, the Emperor's Disk became more and more scalding as if it would transform into a dragon to fly back to the nest.

Long Jiaonan held back her anger and opened up the taotie sack to separate the spirit herbs. Qin Mu took out the dragon bead and held it in his hand to absorb its energy. Instantly, a terrifying energy swept through his whole body and flooded his limbs, causing his strength to rise up drastically!

'No matter what, I will have to leave. Otherwise, after Dragon Rearing Sovereign takes the dragon nest away, I won't have any chance to leave!'

Qin Mu stretched his hand, and a trail of flowing magma flew up from the river nearby, coming to his side.

'Since you want me to feed the dragons, I shall feed! Not only shall I feed them, I shall even kidnap them! I can't run away from Dragon Rearing Sovereign by myself, but if I ride on a dragon, who knows!'

His vital qi transformed into Black Tortoise Vital Qi, and the temperature of the magma fell; however, it didn't solidify. Numerous shiny metals dropped down from the trail of magma and clanked on the floor.

What had solidified in the magma was the black gold essence. It required a higher temperature to be liquid than magma.

Using this method, Qin Mu could extract black gold essence at a quick speed. The purity was also extremely high.

Soon, he managed to collect enough black gold essence to forge a golden flute. In the meantime, Long Jiaonan was still separating the spirit herbs. She had yet to finish.

Qin Mu placed the golden flute at his mouth and used Secrets of Dragon Control which was spoken about in Dragon Rearing Scripture. Once he gathered his vital qi to blow the golden flute, a couple of notes left it.

It was the first time he cultivated Secrets of Dragon Control, so the melody of the flute was slightly clumsy. However, after testing out the tones for a few times, Qin Mu became more skilled. The flood dragons which had lower cultivations flew to and fro according to the sound of his flute, seeming to be enjoying it.

Qin Mu walked forward, and a few more flood dragons moved along with his music. Gradually, he could feel the immense consciousness of the seven flood dragons connecting with his through the melody of the flute.


His mind exploded, and he felt his consciousness and thoughts link together with the consciousness of the seven flood dragons which were as vast as the sea!

The corner of Long Jiaonan's eyes twitched, and she immediately stopped separating the herbs. With her eyes flickering, she took out her jade flute and also began to play it. She tried to fight for the control of those flood dragons.

"Maid, seeking death?"

Qin Mu was furious and suddenly let go of the golden flute. He used his vital qi to play a melody with the flute while he himself sent a punch toward Long Jiaonan. He was completely infuriated. That woman just kept causing trouble for him! If he didn't kill her, it would be hard for him to leave!

"I've also tolerated you for long enough!"

Long Jiaonan couldn't help becoming furious when she heard the word maid. She also let go of her jade flute to let her vital qi blow it. She stretched her hand out to face Qin Mu head on as well.

'This woman isn't that dumb. She clearly knows that Dragon Rearing Sovereign gave me an even better dragon bead yet she still dares to face me head on. There's definitely something wrong!"

Qin Mu immediately used the force, and at the instant their two palms collided, a red flood dragon came barrelling toward Qin Mu. It was none other than the fire flood dragon of Dragon Rider Sect!

Once Dragon Rearing Sovereign was trying to take the dragon nest, all his attention was placed on it. This caused the control he had on the dragons he raised to weaken, and Long Jiaonan could instantly connect with the red flood dragon, ordering it to attack.

Qin Mu had expected the danger, so he immediately moved backward. A green-colored flood dragon instantly brandished its claws to collide with the red flood dragon. Terrifying waves of air in the dragon's vein blasted out, sending both Qin Mu and Long Jiaonan flying!

Qin Mu landed on the scalding magma river. It instantly rumbled, and two fire flood dragons rose and carried him over.

Long Jiaonan was smacked into a wall by the blast, and the melodious music of her flute immediately controlled another flood dragon. Its fire grew brighter and brighter, blazing in its throat. When it opened its mouth, a beam of surging Li fire shot out, rushing toward Qin Mu like a fire dragon!

It was the type of fire which could smelt everything and even vaporize magma!

Qin Mu's flute immediately controlled a water flood dragon to pounce on the head of the fire flood dragon. His pet spewed out Kan water which suppressed the Li fire, and the two flood dragons instantly tangled each other in a fight!

Qin Mu put his fingers together to stab forward, and Carefree Sword came out of its sheath to pierce through the layers of flames, going for the heart of Long Jiaonan's brows in a flash.

Long Jiaonan was astonished, but she didn't have time to dodge, so she just tilted her head to the side. Carefree Sword brushed across her face and stabbed into the dragon scales behind her.

'So close!'

Before she could even take in a breath, thousands of sword lights passed through the flames!

Right at that moment, the red flood dragon suddenly coiled its body around her to protect her. Countless sword lights clanked against the dragon scales as Qin Mu's flying swords were all blocked by the flood dragon of the cult master level.

In the dragon's vein, the flood dragons sunk into a panic, and they all gave off deep dragon roars. The reverberation of it almost exploded Qin Mu and Long Jiaonan's eardrums.

Qin Mu's vital qi blew toward the golden flute as he tried to take control of more flood dragons. Long Jiaonan also immediately roused her vital qi to fight with him.

The flood dragons were controlled by the sounds of their flutes, and their consciousness was connected with them, making them fight one another. The cultivations of the flood dragons were equivalent to experts that were near god level, and every single one of them was matchless. They used few divine arts and mostly clashed with their corporeal bodies.

Only then did Qin Mu see how terrifying were the corporeal bodies of the dragon race. When they moved, thousands of muscles were mobilized, and when their tendons stretched tautly and became loose afterward, they gave off loud bangs which were like thunder from a clear sky!

This was a strength that could shift mountains and fill seas, and it was within the body of a dragon. Their explosive force surpassed that of the human race countless times!

But it wasn't even all. If the flood dragons executed their divine arts and exploded with their real might, they would be even scarier.

However, Qin Mu and Long Jiaonan were both self-aware. The both of them had almost died in the dragon's vein when the two flood dragons had spewed fire and water, so it was best to not let them execute their divine arts and just fight with their corporeal bodies.

Even though their cultivations were different, with Long Jiaonan being on the Seven Stars Realm which far surpassed Qin Mu on the Six Directions Realm, Qin Mu was no inferior to her in terms vital qi density.

The number of flood dragons their flutes could control was three. Any more than that, and their vital qi wouldn't be enough. Their consciousness also wouldn't be able to handle it.

Qin Mu had just begun cultivating Secrets of Dragon Control, but it was one that was complete. Long Jiaonan had cultivated that technique for thirty-forty years, but it was from an incomplete copy. Due to that, their power with Secrets of Dragon Control was about identical.

However, Long Jiaonan still possessed an advantage. The red flood dragon of the dragon king was familiar with her, so it was much easier to control. It was also the fiercest in fights, listening to every word of hers.

Qin Mu, on the other hand, had just established his connection with the three flood dragons, so he couldn't control them as he wished.

That bit of difference determined the outcome of their fight!

Long Jiaonan controlled the red flood dragon to bite on the neck of a yellow flood dragon, smashing it against the stone wall heavily. The limbs of the red flood dragon touched the floor, and he slithered forward, passing through the other flood dragons that were fighting to pounce straight at Qin Mu.

"Rascal, I want to take revenge for everyone in Dragon Rider Sect!" Long Jiaonan shouted furiously.

Qin Mu's eyes lighted up, and he moved backward quickly. He suddenly transformed into a shadow that stuck to the wall and moved along the wall of the dragon's vein, avoiding the red flood dragon by going over its head.

"Sister Long, I'm sorry." His voice came from the wall as he rapidly closed in on her.

Astonished, Long Jiaonan saw a huge shadow appear behind her. The dragon qilin had long been waiting for the moment the red flood dragon would leave her side. When his mouth opened, blazing true fire spewed out.

Long Jiaonan hurriedly turned herself around and grabbed the dragon bead to welcome the qilin fire. When the two touched, the bead burst forth with multicolored lights and blocked the qilin fire!

The abilities of the dragon qilin were comparable to an expert of Celestial Being Realm, and his qilin fire was incomparably fierce, charring the hand which Long Jiaonan used to hold the dragon bead. However, Long Jiaonan herself was safe and sound.

At that moment, the shadow in which Qin Mu had transformed descended from above and materialized as he punched the back of Long Jiaonan's heart.


Long Jiaonan was blown away and crashed into the wall of the dragon's vein, all the bones in her body shattering.

"If there's afterlife, find me for revenge!"

Qin Mu flicked his finger, and Carefree Sword stabbed the heart of Long Jiaonan's brows. She'd been sliding down from the wall, but the sword nailed her still.


Eight thousand swords arrived all together and filled the stone wall.

Qin Mu's sword finger pointed back, and Carefree Sword returned back into the sheath. The other swords also returned into his taotie sack, but Long Jiaonan could no longer be found on the stone wall. Only a pile of minced meat was left behind.

She couldn't shed her skin to rebirth anymore.

Qin Mu's vital qi played the sound of the flute, and a fire flood dragon rushed over. Qin Mu leaped one its back and shouted, "Fatty Dragon!"

The dragon qilin immediately jumped onto the back of the dragon and wagged his tail to fawn at him. Only then did Qin Mu saw him carrying Dragon Rearing Sovereign's taotie sack in his mouth.

"Well done!"

Qin Mu gave a rare praise which made the dragon qilin's heart bloom with joy. The sound of the flute became hurried, and the fire flood dragon immediately turned direction, running back the way from which they had come.

"With the speed of this fire flood dragon, if it continues running at full speed, it can probably run out of Great Ruins in less than a day and reach Eternal Peace Empire!"

Qin Mu was excited. But when he turned his head back, his face turned black. Even though the fire flood dragon ran very fast, the other flood dragons followed behind him like shadows. Some were flying, some were running, and some were even swimming. All of them raised their heads to look at him, waiting for him to feed them.

"I've only fed you guys once, don't keep following me!" Qin Mu pleaded them. "I beg you! You guys are free, go wherever you want to go, don't follow me!"

The flood dragons of various colors still continued to follow him with their heads raised up to look at him, waiting for him to feed them.

"All of your conducts are like those of Fatty Dragon!"

Qin Mu was speechless from anger. He could only take the taotie sack of Dragon Rearing Sovereign and refine pills to feed those bum beetles.

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