Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 37 - So Loud That Even Deaf Could Hear

Old Ma’s chest moved up and down. Apparently, he was not in a calm mood and he retorted coldly, "I severed my arm and sent it to Great Thunderclap Monastery, returning the divine arts back so why did the monastery have to hunt me down and cause my family to be wrenched apart? Since the monastery is keen on my death, why can’t I impart away the Great Thunderclap Monastery’s divine art?"

The old monk shook his head, "Junior brother, an arm doesn’t represent all the divine arts."

Old Ma chuckled softly, "The divine arts I have doesn’t all come from the Great Thunderclap Monastery either. Do you also want to depose my other divine arts as well? I may have been originally from the Great Thunderclap Monastery but I relied on my hands to fight my way out. At that time, none of you dared to stop me. You waited until I had a wife and a son, then you came for me. I was willing to sacrifice an arm for the safety of my wife and son and returned you the divine arts of your Great Thunderclap Monastery!"

His face turned gloomy, "But what happened afterward? All of you continued to hunt me down and tore my family apart!"

The old monk’s white eyebrows shrugged, "Rules are rules, what can be changed aren’t rules. The vulgar world of mortals had disrupted your cultivation. Junior brother, our aim wasn’t to kill you but to save you from the abyss of worldly sufferings and return to the Great Thunderclap Monastery to continue cultivation, to achieve Buddhahood through your efforts and insight. If you hadn’t moved your mortal heart back then and fought your way out of Great Thunderclap Monastery, the Rulai spot of Great Thunderclap Monastery would have been yours. If you are willing to return with me, Old Rulai would definitely be gratified. The Rulai spot will still be yours."


Old Ma was stupefied, "Since I had slaughtered my way out back then, if I was to go back, I would naturally have to slaughter my way back!"

The old monk’s expression sank and he sighed, "Rulai would be very disappointed. The youth on the arena is your disciple? You imparted Thunderclap Eight Strikes to him and yet you didn’t impart the cultivation method of Great Thunderclap Monastery, the Rulai’s Mahayana Sutra."

Looking at Qin Mu who was fighting against another young man on the arena, he stated, "Rulai’s Mahayana Sutra is the technique to subdue devils. Without cultivating this cultivation method, no matter how strong his Thunderclap Eight Strikes becomes, it would just look impressive but is worthless. Today I have brought my disciple forward, come and meet your senior uncle, Ming Xin!"

Behind him, a lanky young monk came forward with buddhist prayer bead on his hand while he put his palms together, "Senior uncle."

The white eyebrows of the old monk fluttered upwards as he continued, "Ming Xin is also a Spirit Embryo Realm practitioner. With my monk staff as a wager, would junior brother match my gamble?"

Granny Si raised her eyebrows and was about to say something when Old Ma replied with an expressionless face, "All the rules and monastic discipline are bullshit. I will match your gamble. How is my head worth to your khakkhara monk staff?"

Old monk nodded his head and replied, "They’re worth about the same."

Blind, Granny Si and Apothecary knitted their brows, wanting to persuade Old Ma not doing it. But he was resolute, "If Mu’er loses, you’ll take my head back to Great Thunderclap Monastery to meet Rulai. If Mu’er wins, you will leave your monk staff here and scram as far as possible."


Old monk faced the young monk, Ming Xin and told him, "Today, your master I will be retrieving back the divine arts of Great Thunderclap Monastery from the traitor. If you win, it would be your merit."

Ming Xin nodded and walked towards the arena.

On the arena, the young man who was fighting against Qin Mu was an expert at sword skills and walked a similar path to Senior Brother Qu of the Li River’s Five Disciples. His treasure sword was no further than three feets away from his body, however what was different was that his sword wasn’t as big. It was more like a small dagger that was eight inches long however it was much more dangerous!

This small sword would always fly out from weird places like under the armpits and crotch. Sometimes it would even fly into the opponent’s clothes and shoot out from the sleeves when Qin Mu clashed face to face with him.

With his sword control techniques reaching this high level, he was no weaker than Li River’s disciple, Qian Qiu and was actually much stronger than Senior Brother Qu.

Furthermore, this person also had a great attainment in battle techniques. His palm skills were very intricate and his bearing was like a towering mountain. With the force surging out from his palm, there would be mountain veins appearing from his palm.

However, the victory was already decided on the arena. With Qin Mu’s great strength and agile footwork, the young man had already suffered a disadvantage during their first clash: Qin Mu’s dense vital qi had directly crushed his vital qi!

Qin Mu had executed Tempest Of The Nine Dragons and even though only three layers of force had burst forth, it had already damaged the bottom of his opponent’s heart, thus no matter how exquisite his sword mastery was, the outcome was already set in stone.

Qin Mu sprinted disorderly, just like thousands of snakes slithering randomly in the grass. He was suddenly east and suddenly west, sometimes forward and sometimes backward, confusing the young man as to where his attack would be coming from. In the next instant, the man felt a pain at the back of his heart as he got smacked away by Qin Mu.

As the young man landed on the ground, he was stumped for a while before bowing towards Qin Mu who was on the arena and expressed his gratitude, "Thank you, little brother, for being lenient on me."

Although Qin Mu’s palm had pressed onto the back of his heart with a great force just now, the force wasn’t violent and hadn’t injured his heart. Otherwise, with Qin Mu’s strength, he could have easily shattered all his organs!

"Does junior brother need to rest?" Ming Xin who had been quietly waiting there asked only after Qin Mu had defeated this young man.

Qin Mu’s gaze fell upon his body. The monk was very young and was wearing white buddhist robe which was free from even a speck of dust. Even the shoes on his feet were also white while he was also very clean. Despite having his hair shaved off, he still looked rather handsome, making people have a favorable impression when looking at him.

Just as he was about to reply that he did not, Granny Si’s voice suddenly rang out, "Rest, you definitely need to rest!"

Qin Mu didn’t understand Granny Si’s reason for that but he still heeded what granny had said and sat down to rest, nursing himself back to tip-top condition. His Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique was suitable to cultivate while running, so despite facing over a dozen practitioners, his vital qi wasn't depleted much and was still at its peak, however his body had slight fatigue.

Granny Si brought up a cup of water and gave it to Qin Mu as she whispered to him, "Mu’er, no matter what method you use, you must win and definitely can’t lose! Your Grandpa Ma had bet his own life against that old baldy!"

Qin Mu’s heart skipped a beat and immediately looked at Old Ma. Old Ma had an indifferent face and his voice traveled over, "Mu’er, the unrivaled Overlord Body will never lose! I believe in you."

Despite Ma's saying that, Qin Mu was still slightly panicky. Everyone in the village was his family but Old Ma was the closest to him next to Granny Si. It was Old Ma back then who had used one arm to carry the stone statue out with Granny Si to pick him up from the river, saving his life!

If he had lost, wouldn’t he be the one who cause Old Ma to die?

At this moment, Apothecary also frowned. Old Ma believed that Qin Mu was the unrivaled Overlord Body and trusted him but Qin Mu wasn’t an Overlord Body after all.

Now he was starting to regret helping Village Chief to cover up the white lie. If he had told them the truth earlier, Old Ma wouldn’t have gambled his life.

Simply because Old Ma trusted Qin Mu would he gamble his life with that old monk!

Suddenly, Apothecary revealed a menacing gaze, "If Mu’er lost, we would just have to kill the old baldy and the young baldy. We can’t let Old Ma die just like that!"

On the arena, Qin Mu tried his best to stabilize his emotions but when this battle concerned the life of his closest kin, how could he calm his emotions down?

Mute gave a few hand signs and sounds while Blind propped himself on his crutch, saying hurriedly, "There’s no need to remind him. This temple fair is a test. Once it’s over, he would have grown up. If he doesn’t pass it, he will still be a small child."

After a moment, Qin Mu slowly rose up and looked at the lanky young monk in front of him, "Monk, does Buddha exist in your heart?"

Ming Xin put his palms together and replied solemnly, "Buddha is always in my heart."


Qin Mu let out a murky breath. His vital qi became overbearing and intense. It actually had an undisciplined and out of control spirit emanating from his little body.


He took a step forward and the spirit flowing out from his body gave people a heroic feeling like a towering god. His voice was so loud that even the deaf could hear, "Have no God, no Buddha and no Devil in my heart! I am God, Buddha, and Devil!"

Once he had said that, the old monk sitting in front of Old Ma revealed an astonished expression and turned his head to look at Qin Mu!

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