Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 370 - Abandon the Mountain and Run for Your Lives

Refining pills for the flood dragons was a walk in the park for Qin Mu. The spirit pills that each type of flood dragon ate were different and he had to refine numerous types of them. However, Qin Mu still managed to refine enough spirit pills to feed those bum beetles until they were full.

He had thought that the flood dragons would disperse after they were full, but they actually continued to follow him.

His intention had been to just control one dragon to get out while letting the others run around. In this way, Dragon Rearing Sovereign might chase after his brood which could delay him for a short period of time.

However, the flood dragons already recognize Qin Mu as their meal person, so they were reluctant to part with him. He was driven mad but helpless at the same time.

'Dragon Rearing Sovereign only recorded how to subdue dragons and not how to chase them away.'

Qin Mu blinked and could only submit to his fate.

The fire flood dragon under his feet followed the underground dragon vein while sprinting at full speed. It was twice, maybe even three times faster when compared to when they were coming there. It couldn't be denied that a dragon was a strong lifeform even if it was just flood dragon. Their corporeal bodies were much stronger than those of humans, and their endurance was even more astounding. After running for twenty-thirty thousand miles, there was still no decrease in their speed.

'Dragons are really strong. Of course, other than Fatty Dragon, that glutton is a disgrace to dragons.'

Qin Mu exclaimed in admiration. Chancellor Ba Shan's green bull also had the bloodline of the green dragon and his endurance was also terrifyingly strong. He had once carried him and Ling Yuxiu out of Rolan's Golden Palace to the capital, and that was truly an astonishing endurance.

Qin Mu took another glance at the round dragon qilin beside him and was absolutely sure that he was a disgrace to dragons. The dragon qilin would start to pant heavily after running with all his strength for two-three hundred miles. Running leisurely for five thousand miles would completely exhaust him, which would result in him lying down on the ground to snore heavily like a dead pig.

'According to this speed, I will be able to return to Eternal Peace in a short while!'

Qin Mu was full of confidence. If he returned to Eternal Peace Empire, he could either go to the capital to activate Sunshot Divine Cannon or find Blind, Butcher, Village Chief, and the rest. At that time, there would be no need for him to be afraid of Dragon Rearing Sovereign.

At that moment, Dragon Rearing Sovereign's voice blasted beside his ear, "Little thing, where are you rushing with my kidnapped dragons?"

Qin Mu's hair stood up on ends, and his sweat flowed down like a waterfall. He hurriedly turned back to look, but he didn't see Dragon Rearing Sovereign.

'He's transmitting his voice!'

Goosebumps formed on Qin Mu's body. Could Dragon Rearing Sovereign had already taken the dragon nest away?

'How could he take such a huge dragon nest so quickly? Moving such a huge thing isn't difficult for a god, but it is difficult to refine it into becoming so small that it can be put away easily.'

Qin Mu's scalp crawled. To refine the dragon nest into the size of a jade pendant in a short time required incomparably dense cultivation. To a divine arts practitioners of Six Directions Realm like him, this was something that was completely impossible to even imagine.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign was no doubt a god of High Heavens. To take away the dragon nest in such a short time required the densest magic power Qin Mu had ever encountered!

'He must have only taken the dragon nest when he discovered that I ran away with the dragons, so that's why he transmitted his voice. It isn't because he's already behind me, so I still have the possibility to reach Eternal Peace.'

Qin Mu composed himself. The speed of the fire flood dragon under his feet had already started to slow down. The beast had already sprinted for twenty-thirty thousand miles, so even if its speed had slightly slowed, it was still extremely astonishing and its endurance could be said to be long-lasting.

Qin Mu immediately made a decision, and the sound of his flute changed. He had another flood dragon come close and jumped on it.

The dragon qilin also jumped over on the other dragon's back. The golden dragon immediately exerted its strength to sprint faster, and their speed was boosted once again.

"Hehehe, little thing…"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's voice continued to travel over. He was using magic power to have his words reach an extremely far off place. Qin Mu had once seen this kind of great divine art used by Chancellor Ba Shan. However, Chancellor Ba Shan had transmitted his voice from a thousand miles away, while Dragon Rearing Sovereign could probably transmit it even farther than twenty-thirty thousand miles.

Qin Mu could feel his voice coming over at an extremely fast speed. It was obvious that Dragon Rearing Sovereign was transmitting it while running. Between his sentences, he had already gotten a thousand miles closer!

"I don't blame you for kidnapping my dragons, so I'll still treat you well and continue to let you be my dragon-raising boy. You should know that I admire you very much, that's why I like your talent… wait a minute! Weird!"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's voice had a hint of astonishment as he cried out, "I can sense through the dragon nest the true dragon lord moving rapidly!"

The Emperor's Disk on Qin Mu's chest became warm, and the dragon jade started to stretch out and squirm continuously. It seemed to be able to sense the dragon nest as well!

"Hehehe, little thing. The true dragon lord is running in the same direction as you, so no wonder you would run away. The true dragon lord is on your body!"

His voice was both delighted and furious. "So the true dragon lord was always right under my nose! How daring of you, to bounce around under my nose for so long. If you were able to escape, wouldn't my reputation as Dragon Rearing Sovereign be ruined by you?"

"Where was I bouncing around? I was clearly very honestly by your side…" Qin Mu said resentfully.

Suddenly, a strange whistle could be heard. It was sharp, piercing through the space from twenty thousand miles away. The dragons of all sizes that were sprinting with Qin Mu paused in their footsteps, slightly hesitant.

The gold flood dragon under Qin Mu's feet also slowed down. It turned its body, thinking to run back in the direction of the whistle.

Qin Mu immediately executed the golden flute and used it to control the golden dragon, but it wasn't moving at all. Qin Mu gritted his teeth and jumped off the dragon's back. He landed on the dragon qilin and shouted, "Fatty Dragon, go!"

The dragon qilin immediately rushed forward, and the whistle suddenly changed. The dragon qilin also paused in his footsteps. The other flood dragons surrounded them, and it was obvious that Dragon Rearing Sovereign had used his whistle to control them. Even the dragon qilin was ordered around and ready to attack Qin Mu.

The flood dragons surrounded him so tightly that even a drop of water couldn't trickle through. They all raised their heads to look at him, but they didn't make a move. Suddenly, a flood dragon stretched out its long tongue to lick Qin Mu's stiff body, his palm to be exact.

The whistling suddenly became fiercer, and from the sound of it, Qin Mu could well imagine that Dragon Rearing Sovereign was definitely furious. He was executing Secrets of Dragon Control to urge the flood dragon to beat up Qin Mu.

However, none of the flood dragons lay their claws on him.

The whistle from Dragon Rearing Sovereign became even more urgent, but the flood dragons still didn't listen to its orders.

Cold sweat rolled down Qin Mu's forehead, and he tried to move his shoulder. The dozen flood dragon surrounding him lowered their heads, and their dragon whiskers swayed around slightly.

"Ma zu sha—"

Strange dragon roars came from the mouths of the flood dragons as they became docile and obedient.

Qin Mu was slightly stunned and lowered his head to take a look. He saw that the Emperor's Disk had popped out from under his clothes, and it looked like an extremely fine dragon who had popped its head out and was leaning on his collar.

'Emperor's Disk, the true dragon lord!'

Qin Mu came to an enlightenment. Dragon Rearing Sovereign's cultivation surpassed his by far, and his attainments in Secrets of Dragon Control were also much higher. However, it had to be the effect of the Emperor's Disk that the flood dragons weren't didn't go under Dragon Rearing Sovereign's control.

Qin Mu jumped onto the back of a flood dragon and shouted, "Collapse this dragon's vein for me!"

Dragon roars sounded out as over a dozen dragons trembled their bodies. They expanded drastically as they all revealed their true forms. In an instant, all kinds of savage and wild auras burst forth.

Over a dozen flood dragons opened their mouths, and an incomparably terrifying throbbing sound exploded. Instantly, there was a world-shaking boom, and the dragon scales and stone walls of the dragon vein were destroyed. Crumbling walls collapsed, and the debris blocked off the entire passageway.

The lava would then continue to rise higher and higher until it totally flooded the dragon's vein. Soon, the magma would completely fill up the passageway.

Qin Mu shouted a command, and the group of flood dragons immediately went with him to rush out at a lightning fast speed. Behind them, lava continued to pour down. The middle section of the dragon's vein had been ruined, so it would soon crumble in its entirety!

In time, Qin Mu managed to rush out of the passageway and entered another dragon's vein before the previous one had completely crumbled. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief.

'The ruined dragon's vein can block Dragon Rearing Sovereign off for a period of time, but not for long.'

He hurried the group of dragons to move forward through the dragon's vein, heading them toward Eternal Peace Empire through the underground.

In Great White Mountain, numerous disciples of Great White Sword Sect guarded the volcano closely. They had even brought the sect legacy treasure which was Hundred Cases Sword Formation. There was a hundred sword cases, each one twenty yards in length, surrounding the entrance of the volcano.

Hundred Cases Sword Formation had quite a high reputation among the sword technique school. It was a precious treasure that the founding master of Great White Sword Sect had left behind. Ever since the sect had been founded, the hundred sword cases were smelted every day in the volcano, thus their power grew stronger and stronger.

They were like a hundred huge and black stone tablets that were standing upright. The sword formation was ready to burst forth at any moment.

On the mountaintop, snow fell continuously. Even though the place was a volcano, it was still very cold. Only the places near the mouth were warmer.

A few disciples of the sword sect rubbed their hands to feel warm while they breathed out white vapors from their nostrils. A female disciple asked, "How does Heavenly Devil Cult Master, that old devil, knows that there's an unusual treasure in the mountains of our Great White Sword Sect? We lived here so long, and we still didn't even discover anything, yet that old devil knew the moment he arrived."

"How would I know?" The male disciple beside her leaned on a huge sword case to avoid the cold wind and shook his head. "However, the people of Heavenly Devil Cult are all very crafty, so they must have found about the treasure in our Great White Sword Sect and thus came to take it. But they are underestimating our Great White Sword Sect too much, not even greeting us at all, truly arrogant."

An elder of the sword sect said, "Isn't the devil path always like that? What kind of person is this current Heavenly Devil Cult Master? He brought the emperor and Imperial Preceptor to the temple by killing his way through, then slew the crown prince in the emperor's face. So what else would he not dare to do?

"However, since Sect Leader has gone to the capital to submit an imperial appeal, we will definitely win! The treasure will belong to our Great White Sword Sect! But now that Sect Leader isn't around, we need to buckle up and guard this place to prevent that old devil from bringing the treasure out and escaping."

The numerous disciples that were stationed at the entrance of the volcano laughed. "Even though the treasure is below, there will definitely be numerous dangers. That old devil risks his life to find the treasure, not expecting that whatever he'll find will have to be handed over to us, the Great White Sword Sect!"

Just as they were saying that, the volcano suddenly rumbled, and the elder of the sect immediately shouted loudly, "All disciples, the old devil is coming out, execute Hundred Cases Sword Formation to trap that old devi—"


Dragon roars came from the volcano which suddenly erupted. Lava spurted out from its mouth and shot straight into the sky.

Before everyone in Great White Sword Sect could execute the sword formation, they saw the entire peak exploding from the impact. The sword cases which were like black stone tablets flew out in all directions.

Everyone was dumbstruck, not knowing what to do. They could only watch the lava spewing out from the volcano as Qin Mu brought out a dozen flood dragons.

"Disciples of Great White Sword Sect, quickly abandon the mountain and run for your lives!" Qin Mu's voice came from above. "The big one is coming!"

"What big one?" Everyone in the sword sect was furious. An even more violent tremor came from the depths of the volcano, and Great White Mountain gave off loud splitting sounds as huge cracks spread through its body. Lava started to pour out from the cracks.

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