Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 371 - Mute’s Chest

"The treasure of our Great White Sword Sect is actually so astonishing by just coming out from the ground!"

Nearly everyone in Great White Sword Sect was escaping off the mountain. However, the three elders didn't retreat and advanced toward the mouth of the volcano instead. They shouted, "Heavenly Devil Cult Master can't take the treasure in the mountain, so he's merely diverting our attention until he could! Everyone, don't run!"

"This is the blessing of the founding master to strengthen our Great White Sword Sect, conferring the treasure in Great White Mountain to us. This is a sign that our Great White is going to prosper!" another old woman cried out.

"Heaven pitied us!" A white-haired elder raised his head to the sky and let out a long sigh. He said loudly, "The founding master of our Great White Sword Sect said that this was a place where dragons prospered and we were bound to flourish and prosper with them, and the prophecy has indeed come true today. All disciples, listen up, today is the day when our Great White Sword Sect will prosper and surpass the three big sacred grounds. Come back and let us fight together to subdue this treasure!"

Numerous disciples of Great White Sword Sect heard his words and stopped immediately. They no longer ran, but turned back.

Great White Sword Sect had never had many people. There was the sect leader who had gone to the capital to file an imperial appeal and besides him, only three elders and over a dozen middle-ranking personnels were left behind on the mountain. They were all in charge of teaching the hundred disciples.

At that moment, numerous people of the sword sect chose to stay behind and retrieved the sword cases that had been blown away. The black-colored sword cases thumped as they landed around Great White Mountain that was almost crumbling. The huge sword cases that were twenty yards tall opened up, and countless flying swords flew out like streams from a long river.

In midair, Qin Mu stood on two dragons who exerted all their strength to sprint away. Numerous other dragons followed beside him and flew into the distance. Qin Mu turned back to take a look and saw flying swords transforming into clouds above Great White Mountain with their tips pointed downwards. All of them shot toward the volcano which was spewing lava.

Qin Mu was dumbfounded. He immediately shouted, "Why aren't you guys running, are you seeking death?"

On the peak, the three elders sneered at him as one. "You want to lie to us to swallow the treasure by yourself? Heavenly Devil Cult Master's heart is indeed so evil that it's frightening. If we didn't know Great White Mountain is a place where dragons prosper, we might have just been fooled by you."

Qin Mu sighed and rushed away.

'Great White Mountain Range is built on the dragon's eye of the dragon's vein; however, this dragon's vein is merely the auxiliary dragon's vein of the true dragon lord. Not only is it not a place where dragons prosper, it's a place that seizes all fates there. Great White Sword Sect had their fate seized by the dragon's vein for so many years so their time is probably up,' Qin Mu thought to himself. 'Luckily there are only a hundred people in this sword sect, so there won't be a huge disaster…'

Just as he thought that, Great White Mountain exploded with a bang. The huge volcano was shattered into pieces.

The instant it happened, Hundred Cases Sword Formation crumbled and countless flying swords were melted in the sky, turning into molten iron. The disciples of Great White Sword Sect were also vaporized before they could even grunt in pain.

The cultivation of the three elders was extremely high, but under such a terrifying power, it was completely useless. They vomited blood from the shockwave and stumbled backward, only to look at the flying swords which had turned into molten iron falling toward them at a speed that was even faster than before.

Despair filled the elders' faces. The molten iron would pierce their bodies and put an end to their lives.

Moments before it, they saw a behemoth rising from the debris of the collapsed Great White Mountain.

"As the Heavenly Devil Cult Master, he actually didn't lie to us. There's really a big one in the mountain…"

The three elders raised their heads to look at the god which was incomparably sturdy. He gradually stood up, and two azure and scarlet dragons under his feet let out world-shaking roars.

Pssh, pssh, pssh!

The bodies of the three elders burned as they got rained on by the molten iron. Their corpses fell from the sky along with the debris of Great White Mountain, and even the disciples of Great White Sword Sect were deeply buried.

The founding master of Great White Sword Sect should have never chosen to found his sect in that place.

At that moment, Dragon Rearing Sovereign's body was dozens of times larger than before, like a huge coiling dragon with solid muscles. Under his claws were two huge dragons which carried him as fast as lightning in the direction of Qin Mu. However, there were no signs of the youth in the sky.

There were still a few flood dragons hanging on the god's ears, and they crawled into his clothes to hide their heads.

Those flood dragons were left behind because they had assisted him in refining the dragon nest, only due to that was he able to refine the dragon nest at such a fast speed.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's flames torrented into the sky as he looked around, but he still couldn't spot Qin Mu. Flipping his palm over, he took out a jade artifact that was a big as a table. He sneered and said, "Little thing, do you think you can run?"

The base of the jade artifact was like a huge round table which had been sliced smoothly. However, on the top of the table, there was a semi-circular domed roof. Under it, the surface was separated into nine levels. Each level had numerous jade pillars and jade canine teeth that seemed to be intertwined. On the ninth level, there was a ring-shaped notch that had a gap.

This was none other than the dragon nest of the true dragon lord!

When Qin Mu had come to the dragon nest, most of its parts had been submerged in the scalding magma. What was revealed in front of their eyes was merely the tip of the iceberg.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign had exhausted quite a huge amount of strength to dig out the dragon nest and refine it so that he could bring it away.

He then activated the treasure then, borrowing its borrow to determine Qin Mu's direction. However, the youth seemed to have vanished, and even the dragon nest couldn't sense the true dragon lord.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign was astonished. He increased his magic power and activated the dragon nest again, but he still couldn't sense where was the Emperor's Disk.

'He has managed to hide the true dragon lord? No, no, no matter where he hides, it's impossible to block the connection between the true dragon lord and the dragon nest!'

He activated the dragon nest repeatedly, but he still couldn't sense Qin Mu's position.

Beads of sweat formed on Dragon Rearing Sovereign's forehead. Qin Mu had 'kidnapped' over a dozen of his dragons, and they were all extremely powerful. The red flood dragon that the dragon king had raised was merely a child compared to his own. They had been raised with meticulous care, and the battle prowess of every single one of them was astounding!

If they were truly kidnapped by Qin Mu, his losses would not need to be said.

In addition, the purpose of his journey was to find the main dragon's vein of Eternal Peace Empire. If it wasn't gotten rid of, how could he still have the face to return to High Heavens?

"Seems like I can only take out my Golden Dragon Cauldron to cast spell to look for my dragons!"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign stretched his hand for his taotie sack, but found nothing there. His face instantly turned charcoal black.

He had handed his taotie sack to Qin Mu so he could feed the dragons, thus his taotie sack was naturally in the youth's hands!

His Golden Dragon Cauldron was in that taotie sack!

"That honest-looking brat…" Dragon Rearing Sovereign's teeth creaked from the grinding, and sparks even jumped from his mouth. "If I ever meet another honest-looking person, I will definitely tear them to pieces right away! Do you think I won't be able to find you just because you took away my taotie sack? You are too naive!"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign raised his hand and pulled out a bunch of hair from his head. Every strand was wavy, not a single one straight.

Not only that, his hair even branched out. On every single strand, there were four branches which were separated near the two centers of the hair.

On top of that, when the hair was plucked out from his scalp, the root seemed to give off yawns as though it was a young dragon opening its mouth to breath with sleepy eyes.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign chanted for a moment, then he opened his palm to blow the hair away. They floated up from his hand and actually came to life, transforming into small dragons as they landed on their feet.

They grew in the wind, and in the blink of an eye, they had all transformed into black flood dragons that were ten yards long. They had slim bodies, thighs, necks, and their four limbs were all very slender. They sprinted away covering the mountains and the plains.

"Since you aren't in the sky, you won't be able to run far."

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's face was flickering between dark and clear. He plucked out another bunch of hair and did the exact same thing again, sending hundreds of slender black flood dragons into the distance.

He plucked a few more times, pulling out almost all of the hair on his head before stopping.

The speed of several thousand black flood dragons was extremely fast. With each one responsible for a radius of a mile, they quickly formed a search area of several thousand miles wide.

The black flood dragons could smell dragons, so no matter how the youth hid the Emperor's Disk, it would be useless. As long as there were still flood dragons beside him, even the dragon qilin, the black flood dragons would be able to smell them and find his traces!

"No one has ever fooled me like this. Upon finding you, I'll make you suffer a fate worse than death!"

In River Shade Country, Qin Mu looked at the wooden chest, still slightly uneasy. He asked, "Can Dragon Rearing Sovereign really not sense anything if Emperor's Disk is placed inside here? He refined the dragon nest, and Emperor's Disk is the true dragon lord that was nurtured in that place, so it's very strange!"

"Aba! Ah, ah, ah?"

The person carrying the wooden chest was a well-built old man who looked travel-worn. He waved his hands and grinned. There was no tongue in his mouth.

Qin Mu nodded and said, "I know, how would I dare to doubt Grandpa Mute's abilities? I'm just worried that even if this chest will be able to block off the dragon nest, Dragon Rearing Sovereign will still find his way over. He is a god of High Heavens who raises dragons well, so they are all extremely powerful!"

When he was escaping earlier, he had encountered a silver boat flying through the sky like a silver shooting star. He immediately shouted for Grandpa Mute, and he saw the silver boat flying back. Sure enough, Mute had been in it.

Qin Mu quickly explained everything to him, and Mute put away his flying boat. It transformed into a pile of silver pellets which landed in a wooden chest. He also made Qin Mu put the Emperor's Disk inside.

"Ah," Mute said with concern.

"Grandpa Mute, don't underestimate him." Qin Mu's expression became grim as he felt Mute was slightly underestimating the enemy. "That's right, Village Chief said you went to chase after a ship. What ship was it? Did you manage to catch up to it? I also met a ship and even saw my father on it."

The smile on Mute's face vanished, and he seemed to become slightly dejected. He carried the wooden chest without a word.

Qin Mu immediately followed after him and said, "Grandpa Mute didn't manage to find that ship?"

Grandpa Mute was still dejected. He signaled that the ship had gone to a world in which he couldn't follow. He was beaten back by the strong practitioners of that world.

After a moment, a surprised and delighted voice suddenly sounded out. "Human Emperor Qin, why are you here? Your dragon qilin is indeed remarkable, to actually run ahead of us!"

Qin Mu looked toward the source of the voice and was slightly stunned. He saw Wang Muran, Long Yu, and Mu Qingdai sitting on a huge buck, hurrying over while looking travel-worn.

The dragon qilin was pleased and his tail instantly rose straight up like a flagpole. He gave the huge buck of Little Jade Capital a disdainful glance.

The huge buck stared with its eyes wide-open and its mouth agape. Its little tail that had been sticking straight up immediately fell. With its butt clenching its tail, the huge buck revealed a look of reverence.

It then saw the flood dragons of all sizes beside Qin Mu all following the dragon qilin, and the look of reverence on its face grew even stronger.

Qin Mu was astonished. "You guys only came here after three days?"

He had gone from the capital to Great White Sword Sect before crossing eighty or ninety thousand miles to the center of Great Ruins before running back in the same three days!

However, if he said so, he reckoned that the three people wouldn't believe him.

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