Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 372 - Set Fire

Wang Muran and the rest were very puzzled. When Qin Mu rode the dragon qilin, the creature had obviously run very slowly, so they never expected him to get ahead of them. Could the dragon qilin, that glutton, have hidden his abilities and only be pretending to be weak?

The three stepped forward and exchanged greetings. Long Yu looked much better than a few days earlier. He was no longer cracked and his complexion was better.

"This is our blacksmith, Grandpa Mute," Qin Mu introduced Mute to everyone.

Mute grinned. He handed the wooden chest to Wang Muran, but Qin Mu immediately shouted, "Don't take it!"

Wang Muran was stunned. He didn't stretch his hands out, and Mute pouted. He babbled and grumbled about Qin Mu not understanding how to respect the elderly.

Qin Mu didn't explain, for he knew very well how heavy Mute's chest was. If Wang Muran took it, he would definitely be crushed.

If Qin Mu had to choose the most mischievous elder in the village, he would definitely vote for Mute!

Even though Cripple had scammed of his hawthorn candies ever since he was young, Cripple was only playing with him and would usually return it back to the tearful him after biting a mouthful or two.

Mute was thus the most mischievous in the village, his belly overflowing with evil tricks. From young to old, Qin Mu had been tricked countless times by him.

"The battle that happened two days ago has stopped, but we are not sure what happened," Wang Muran said. "We were hurrying on our way and could feel the auras of those gods clashing. Based on the direction from where they came, the location should be in the center of Relax Prefecture and Bazhou."

He took out a map of Eternal Peace Empire and found Relax Prefecture and Bazhou. He drew a mark at the spot in the center.

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. That was where Granny Si was staying!

'The place where those gods fought wasn't far from granny, so she is probably in danger!'

His heart was slightly uneasy, but Village Chief and Hermit Qing You had gone there first. Their speed was faster and they should have long arrived at the place.

"We aren't far from there anymore. There are only about a thousand miles, so we can reach it in half a day or less!" Mu Qingdai said.

Qin Mu took out his golden flute and used his vital qi to play it. He said, "There's no need for half a day."

A flood dragon's consciousness linked with Qin Mu and it immediately shook its body to transform into a behemoth that was dozens of yards long. Qin Mu jumped on its back and the dragon qilin came after.

"Come on up, we'll take an hour at most to reach there," Qin Mu said.

Wang Muran and the rest were bewildered, but they still jumped onto the back of the flood dragon. The buck also came on and looked at the flood dragon suspiciously before looking at the dragon qilin who was on its back as well.

The dragon qilin looked down his own nose and paid no attention to the disdainful gaze of the buck.

Mute also jumped up with his chest, and the flood dragon which had been awe-inspiring moments ago was instantly crushed on the ground. It flailed around like a dead snake, its four claws struggling to push it up, digging deep gorges in the ground. But it couldn't get up no matter what.

"Grandpa Mute, go down, go down!" Qin Mu immediately shouted out. "You're about to squash it to death!"

Mute jumped down resentfully and signaled with his hand. Qin Mu's face blushed. "Grandpa Mute, why are you scolding me? I'm not being disrespectful to you, it's your chest that's too heavy… Look, you're scolding me again!"

Wang Muran and the rest looked at each other in dismay.

Qin Mu played the golden flute, and over a dozen flood dragons flew over to lift Mute up. Only then was the old man satisfied. The flood dragons were all extremely strong, equivalent to top-notch existences of the cult master level, so their speed was naturally not slow.

Everyone hurried forward at an extremely fast speed, the trees in their passing unable to be seen, just flashing past like shadows. Even mountains passed by them quickly. On the back of the dragon, the buck continued to look at the dragon qilin with stronger and stronger disdain. It couldn't resist giving a loud sneeze which seemed to be scorning the glutton.

The dragon qilin's tail drooped down as he lowered his head to look at his snout.

Qin Mu was rather gratified. 'Fatty Dragon still knows shame, so it's not that he can't be taught. I shall feed him Fire Element Divine Vitality Pill tomorrow, and he shouldn't pick them out this time.'

Suddenly, a few black-colored slender flood dragons showed up. Some were climbing on tree tops and some were flying in the sky. They raised their heads to look at the flood dragons, then the group they were carrying.

Qin Mu swept his gaze around, startled.

"Strange beasts such as flood dragons are extremely low in number so why are they everywhere now?" Mu Qingdai asked in bewilderment.

Those black flood dragons flew up and raised their heads to roar, giving off weird sounds like "maha, maha". Everyone looked back and saw a swarm of their kin, some good thousand of them flying over. They were a dense mass which covered the whole mountain peak.

What happened next was that those thousands of black flood dragons jumped, slithered, and flew over in pursuit of them.

Qin Mu turned away from them.

'For someone to use such an ability, it naturally has to be Dragon Rearing Sovereign! Most of his flood dragons are with me, so where did these black flood dragons come from? They don't look too real.'

He opened Dragon Rearing Sovereign's taotie sack and took out Dragon Rearing Scripture. After examining it in detail, he saw a sentence which mentioned using dragon qi to nourish one's body.

'Absorb the dragon qi, refine body into that of a dragon, then circulate the technique to transform. Muscles, hair and skin—there's nothing that can't be transformed.'

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. He turned back to look at the black flood dragons that were chasing after them frantically. 'In that case, these black flood dragons should be part of Dragon Rearing Sovereign, and since there's such a large number of them, it can only be his hair. As expected of the gods of High Heavens, able to even refine one's hair into dragons. Since they are hair, they must be scared of fire…'

Qin Mu blinked, and the sound of the flute slightly changed. One of the fire dragons carrying Mute slowed down and suddenly lowered its body as it went into the forest below.

Qin Mu controlled the other dragons to hurry on their way why the densely packed black flood dragons chased after frantically like a piece of huge black cloud.

When the black cloud flew above the fire flood dragon, terrifying true fire swept up from below and instantly covered the radius of several dozens of miles. Countless black flood dragons squirmed as they burned in the true fire. Thick black smoke billowed in the sky, and not long later, the creatures that were Dragon Rearing Sovereign's hair were completely incinerated.

After the fire flood dragon burned all of the black flood dragons, it quickly chased after the group while nodding and wagging its tail. It soon caught up to them and continued to carry the elderly.

Mute revealed a look of admiration and gave Qin Mu a thumbs up. The youth smiled bashfully and waved his hand. "Grandpa Mute, don't praise me like this…"

Wang Muran, Mu Qingdai, and Long Yu stared with their eyes wide open at the thousands of black flood dragons that had been reduced to ashes. Every one of them shuddered.

"Muran, you are a good child, leave the human emperor," Long Yu said secretly. "This person is too demonic!"

Wang Muran hesitated. "Big senior brother, when you were crazy, he and I already formed an alliance and founded Heaven Alliance. I'm one of the four great leaders there, so the two of us are on the same ship as of now…"

Long Yu stared with his eyes wide open and sighed after a while. "You will be brought astray by him."

After a moment, Dragon Rearing Sovereign finally came to the place were Qin Mu had burned his black flood dragons and his face went black when he saw the ashes that filled the mountain. He was so angry that his hands trembled uncontrollably. "Honest-looking brat, honest-looking brat…"

There were only a few strands of curly hair left of his head, and they seemed to come to life on their own as they started shivering from fear.

"I will definitely not let you off! Even if you go up to heaven or down to hell, I will find you! I will mince your corpse! I will chop you into fine pieces!"

He plucked out the remaining strands of hair which squirmed in his hand as they struggled to go back into his scalp. It was obvious that the end of their comrades had made them afraid.

With a black face, Dragon Rearing Sovereign blew a breath of dragon qi to transform the strands of hair. They took the shapes of black dragons and sniffed their surroundings. They could smell the scent left behind by the other flood dragons, but they didn't dare to give chase.

"What's the use of having you guys!"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign was furious. He shook his head, and the black flood dragons transformed back into hair and returned to his scalp.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign sliced his wrist and spilled some fresh blood. The droplets instantly transformed into blood flood dragons to continue searching for Qin Mu's trail.

'In front is the place where granny lives in seclusion.'

Qin Mu stopped playing his flute and looked ahead. At the sight, he couldn't help being stunned.

Granny Si stayed under the foothill that was in the center of Bazhou and Relax Prefecture. Beside the house, there was a clear lake, and it was a very serene place. However, the surroundings were barren and desolate. Because Li Tianxing liked to come out and play around, granny chose a place that was far from the worldly affairs.

However, what appeared in front of Qin Mu and the rest's eyes wasn't a wild and mountainous land. Instead, it was an incomparably luxurious community of palaces that were constructed from gold and jade.

The celestial palaces situated near one after another transformed the once wild and mountainous land into a sacred ground for immortals. There were marble pillars carved with dragons and phoenixes, smooth white jade that was laid out on the floor, and incomparably thick golden pillars holding up the roofs that had extraordinary style!

The mountains in the surroundings had also went through a transformation. There were strange rocks and weird pines, spirit grass that spread throughout the land, brightly colored flowers, and all kinds of strange and weird strange beasts as well as flying creatures loitering around. Gardens of all sizes were everywhere, and they had spirit herbs that even Qin Mu didn't recognize.

Spirit springs, flying waterfalls, crooked footpaths, streams, and brooks also helped to construct the beauty of mountains and rivers that could usually only be seen in ink paintings.

Even though everyone in the group was from reputable and big sects and were used to seeing luxury, walking into such a sacred ground still made them feel slightly wretched. They were afraid of dirtying the floor and spoiling the arrangements.

Mute revealed a look of suspicion and signaled twice. Qin Mu said in a daze, "I also don't know. It wasn't like this when I was here las… Granny! Granny!"

He called out twice, but no one replied. Only a few huge fish leaped out of the water, transforming in beautiful women who had human upper bodies and fish lower bodies. They leaned against the fake mountains and sang a soothing song with their charming and gentle voices.

Mute gave two ahs and Qin Mu nodded. "It's indeed too luxurious. I also don't know how granny managed to get all of it…"

They came to a divine hall whose decorations were simply too exquisite. After entering, they immediately walked out in fear of dirtying the place. Mute walked a couple more steps, then placed down his wooden chest.

"Granny isn't here," Qin Mu said to Wang Muran and the rest in bewilderment. "Granny must have left home, so let's just wait here for a moment. If granny doesn't come back before the sky turns dark, we'll have to leave immediately. We can't stay for even one minute! When the sky turns dark, it's definitely not granny that would come back. It would be the old demon!"

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