Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 373 - Heavenly Creator

"Could it be that this place will be invaded by the darkness? Why else must we leave before the sky turns dark?" Mu Qingdai asked.

Qin Mu shook his head, but didn't explain in detail.

Everyone was waiting outside the divine hall when the sky suddenly turned dim and thunder could be faintly heard. Qin Mu raised his head to look and the sky that was still clear a moment ago. By then, it was covered with densely packed dark clouds.

It was winter season and the weather was cold, so there would rarely be thunder and much less lightning. Yet there were dark clouds and thunder above their heads.

The dark clouds became thicker and thicker, slowly covering the entire sky. A heavy shower then started, and everyone hurried to hide under the roof of the divine hall to avoid the icy cold rainwater.

The rain shouldn't have been this heavy in the winter season, yet it was pouring heavily over them.

The dozen flood dragon also squeezed in under the roof and coiled around the bronze pillars to avoid the heavy rain. The dragon qilin was taking a nap at the entrance, since he could avoid the rain there.

The buck went to the dragon qilin's side and lowered its head. With its horns, it flung the dragon qilin out of the hall and took his spot.

The dragon qilin was furious when he got drenched by the rain. He walked back with his mouth opened wide, and the buck jumped up and shook its huge horns, readying itself to fight anytime.

Steaming water vapor suddenly rose from the ground, and Long Yu stretched his hands out and caught a handful of rainwater. "The water is hot!" he said in astonishment.

Qin Mu's heart stirred slightly, and he stretched his hands out as well. The rain coming down from the sky was indeed hot. It was as scalding as boiling water!

He immediately walked out of the divine hall, and his vital burst forth to split the rainwater to the sides so it didn't land on his body.

He raised his head to take a look and saw that the sky had become very dark. In the pitch black above, there was lightning moving through the dark clouds from time to time, and the rumblings of thunder could be heard from a thousand miles away. It was rolling above them at an extremely fast speed before leaving into the distance. In a split second, the thunder had rolled two thousand miles forward!

It didn't sound like a thunderclap that could be produced by lightning!

Wang Muran and the rest also walked out from the divine hall and raised their heads to look. They saw more and more lightning, and when the bolts crossed each other while slicing through the pitch black clouds, it was very terrifying.

The rain falling from the sky became hotter and hotter.

"There seems to be something happening in the sky… Fatty Dragon, put that buck down!"

Qin Mu turned back and shouted out. The dragon qilin loosed the grip of his jaws and let go off of the buck's neck. The buck was furious and wanted to attack, but it got squashed by the dragon qilin sitting on top of it, which felt like an immovable mountain rather than a living creature.

The thunder in the sky became more and more frequent as though there was a giant beating onto a war drum. The lightning in the meantime transformed into balls that rolled around, lighting up the darkness.

Layers of heavens opened up in Qin Mu's eyes as he looked at the clouds. Suddenly, he could faintly see figures flashing in the sky. Those figures leaped around through the clouds and fought each other!

Wang Muran, Long Yu, and Mu Qingdao from Little Jade Capital had also learned spells like the third eye or divine eye. They all executed their spells to look up and couldn't help crying out in astonishment.

Suddenly, the thick and heavy dark clouds were torn apart as a tall and imposing figure appeared in the darkness. He wielded two huge knives, and the lightning flashing next to him made him look even more fierce than usual, both excited and sinister!

"Grandpa Butcher!" Qin Mu cried out in astonishment.

He had seen Butcher's crazy side before, since Butcher frequently went crazy in Disabled Elderly Village. He could even slash Village Chief when in that mood. He would only reveal a slight tenderness when facing Qin Mu.

As his cry of astonishment rang out, a few more figures appeared in the tear in the dark clouds, going straight for Butcher!

'The dark cloud had been torn by Grandpa Butcher's knives!'

While Qin Mu realized that, the dark cloud closed and thunder rumbled again. But the constant booming actually didn't come from thunder—it was the loud bangs created from the rapidly moving bodies!

Butcher's knives split open the sky, and since they were incomparably hot, they raised the temperature of the clouds to boiling. Thus, the rain coming down became more and more scorching!

At that moment, Qin Mu saw a majestic piece of land descend from the sky while passing through the clouds. It had mountains and rivers, and was just opposite to the land they were on. It looked like it was going to collide with Eternal Peace Empire, and the sight was astonishing.

"Aba!" Mute said solemnly.

"That's right, it's Village Chief!" Qin Mu nodded repeatedly. "Village Chief is also above, so who are they fighting?"

The land in the sky seemed to have met its nemesis as it flew back into the clouds. The mountains and rivers suddenly crumbled to pieces.

Qin Mu was stunned. Village Chief's sword skill was broken!


The sky trembled violently. A pillar that was dozens of yards thick descended from the sky and pierced through the clouds. It seemed like something from heaven coming straight for earth.

However, it wasn't a pillar. Instead, it was a frantically swirling current that was like a spear formed by huge water dragons coiling around one another. Someone was gathering water as a spear!

"Grandpa Blind's spear skill!"

Qin Mu's mind was blown. The incomparably thick water dragon spear was nothing else but Blind's spear. Blind rarely used a weapon. Even when faced with existences of the cult master level, he usually used a bamboo cane to finish the battle.

A bamboo cane was enough for him to break all spells and divine arts in the world.

Yet at that moment he had gathered water into a spear so he should have met a strong enemy which caused him some trouble!

With a solemn expression, Mute turned around to walk back into the divine hall. He carried his wooden chest out and pointed at Qin Mu. "Ah ah, ah ah ah!"

Qin Mu nodded solemnly and said, "Grandpa Mute, don't worry, I will definitely not run around. However, I can also help, I have many powerful flood dragons under me."

Mute raised his eyebrows and revealed an expression that looked like he was smiling yet not smiling.

Qin Mu blushed and said in a low voice, "They are still powerful though…"

Mute jumped up, but then he paused ten yards in the sky and floated motionlessly.

Among the heavy rain, blood flood dragons crawled over from all directions and encircled the immortal sacred ground layer after layer.


Mute's feet landed on the ground, and two deep footsteps were left behind. The surroundings of the footprints crackled, and the stone slabs exploded, while the farther ones cracked.

Mute placed the chest down on the ground, and its lid automatically opened, revealing a chest filled with silver pellets that were the size of a thumb.

On Mute's back was a huge furnace which he often used. Yet even after placing the chest, the huge cylinder furnace was not removed. He was still carrying it.

The furnace had long been extinguished and was jet black.

Mute clasped his hands tightly, and his vital qi burst forth. The furnace behind his back suddenly blazed fiercely with flames.

The blood flood dragons stopped in their footsteps. Some of them had been climbing up the railings while others were squatting on stone lions' heads, some stopped at the stone stairs while others were on the roofs of the halls behind Qin Mu and the rest.

The surroundings were under the cover of darkness, but incomparably heavy footsteps could be heard from it. There was also a heavy breathing that was steady yet frantic.

The chest before Mute's feet rattled and trembled continuously. The Emperor's Disk suddenly flew out and landed in Qin Mu's hand. Mute didn't even turn his head back. He just raised his hand, and his five fingers moved as he did a few hand signals.

Qin Mu hung the Emperor's Disk on his chest and said solemnly, "Grandpa Mute asked us to retreat into the divine hall! Fatty Dragon, quickly get up, don't sit on that buck until it dies!"

The dragon qilin immediately stood up from the buck who was sprawled out on all four. It gasped for breath, its tongue stretched long before it.

"Pah!" The dragon qilin spat a mouth of dragon saliva at the buck.

'This glutton is truly wasteful, that's a few bottles of dragon saliva!' Qin Mu was furious.

The footsteps in the darkness came closer and closer. Two huge flood dragons came into their view first, their heads as huge as small mountains. Their long necks then showed up, followed by their sharps claws, and then a pair of feet that were standing on the backs of the two flood dragons.

The heavy rain filled the air, and the boiling rainwater came down in waterfalls, drenching the gigantic body that was walking out from the darkness. The rainwater cleaned the scales, turning them bright and clear as they reflected the bolts of lightning in the sky.

The two flood dragons stopped, and a bolt of lightning tore through the darkness, lighting up the gigantic figure.

It was Dragon Rearing Sovereign.

The Dragon Rearing Sovereign whose head was only left with a few hairs and whose face was as black as charcoal!

"You want to block me?'

His eyes tore through the darkness like lightning, as if they were two beams of light shining on the body of Mute, who carried a blazing furnace of his back. It seemed like he was trying to see everything about Mute. His voice then exploded like thunder. "Just you alone want to stop me? Hand over that honest-looking brat who burned all of my hair, and I will grant you an intact corpse!"

Mute was stunned and scratched his head.

"Grandpa Mute, he meant me!" Qin Mu popped his head out of the divine hall and said honestly and sincerely, "Dragon Sovereign, I was the one who burned your hair, but I didn't do it on purpose. You asked me to feed the dragons, so I fed them well, and they followed me when I left. Afterward, when I saw your hair giving chase, I found it ugly and insulting to your image so I took the liberty to burn your three thousand worries."

The corner of Dragon Rearing Sovereign's eyes twitched, but he didn't move his gaze away from Mute. He wanted to do it, but he realized that the instant he looked away, it was highly possible he could receive a fatal blow.

"So it's a remnant of Founding Emperor Era." His gaze landed on the furnace behind Mute and he sneered. "You are a descendant of the Heavenly Creator of the fake Celestial Heavens during Founding Emperor Era, right? The fake Celestial Heavens conferred your ancestor the title of Heavenly Creator and let your heavenly workers create Carefree Village.

"He then had all of you create Paramita Ark to head to Carefree Village, but it didn't manage to sail there. Hehe, we heavenly gods sealed all of you up, thinking you remnants would die within, but never would I have expected that there would be someone who would manage to escape! Why are you not talking?"

Mute was expressionless. He gave a hand signal.

Qin Mu popped his head out of the hall and shouted loudly, "Dragon Sovereign, he is calling you a slut. It's not me scolding you though, it's him!"

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's face turned even darker. The two flood dragons on his ears stretched their bodies secretly and jumped onto his shoulders. They slid down his arms, growing larger and larger. Their scales were like incomparably intricate mechanisms as they flowed and covered his arms.

In his clothes, there were three more flood dragons slowly growing larger as they coiled around his waist and thighs.


Dragon Rearing Sovereign jumped down from the back of the dragon, and two thick dragon claws gripped the ground firmly. The two flood dragons that were originally under his feet suddenly shrunk and transformed into two truncheons that he grabbed from the ground.

"Remnant from the Ministry of Works of the fake Celestial Heavens!" Dragon Rearing Sovereign shouted loudly. His body contorted, and his weird barbaric dragon strength burst forth from his body. With razor sharp teeth clenched tightly, he swung his truncheons to smash them at Mute. "Prepare to die!"

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