Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 375 - Right and Proper

"Not this smile." Dragon Rearing Sovereign stared at Qin Mu's face and shook his head. "In the past, your smile was of the kind that could make anyone let down their guard. Even if a knife was in your hand and you stabbed someone in the heart, they would still be unable to put their guard up. Whereas now, you are merely giving me a forced smile, a fake smile; this isn't the honest smile from your heart."

Listening to his words, Wang Muran, Mu Qingdai, and Long Yu who were at Qin Mu's side shuddered. Even the huge buck's eyes popped out in fear.

They didn't have much interaction with Qin Mu, but they were still considered friends. When they were together with him, it was easy for them to forget that he still had another identity besides that of the human emperor. He was the Heavenly Devil Cult Master!

The number one devil of Heavenly Devil Cult!

It was simply that it was just too easy to forget about his identities when being around him. No matter if he was Heavenly Devil Cult Master or Human Emperor, they just felt that he was a friend worth making.

However, listening to Dragon Rearing Sovereign's words, they felt chills run down their back.

'As expected of Heavenly Devil Cult Master, no wonder people call him old devil…' Long Yu thought to himself. 'The human emperor of this generation is truly hard to pin down, even a god like Dragon Rearing Sovereign was at a disadvantage in his hands.'

Qin Mu shook his head and said, "Dragon Sovereign, you made me out to be too scary. I never scheme against my friends."

His expression was so sincere that anyone who saw him would find him a reliable person. When Wang Muran and the rest saw that expression, the uneasiness in their hearts vanished.

"This is the right one." Dragon Rearing Sovereign sneered and said, "The sincerity from the depths of your heart! You can still reveal this kind of sincere smile which is even slightly bashful! What a joke, stealing my dragons in the blink of an eye!"

His aura suddenly burst forth frantically, raising currents of air to smash forth in all directions. When they hit the walls, loud bangs rang out like raging waves splitting the shore!

Qin Mu was astonished. He circulated Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique, and his corporeal body became incomparably tense. At the same time, his sword sheath burst open, and Carefree Sword rushed in a blocking position in front of his chest.

The next moment, there was a loud bang, and Qin Mu flew backward with Carefree Sword. His feet moved rapidly in the air as he executed Cripple's Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs to get rid of the powerful after effects. However, the strength of Dragon Rearing Sovereign was simply too great. Even a wondrous technique like Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs wasn't enough to completely get rid of its force. Qin Mu, in the end, couldn't move back anymore and smashed into the wall behind him!

Wang Muran, Mu Qingdai, and Long Yu didn't hesitate anymore, and they all made their moves, unleashing their strongest attacks toward Dragon Rearing Sovereign.

The three of them were all disciples of Little Jade Capital, and it used the most traditional way of choosing their disciples. They would first walk through the human world to choose the youths with the best aptitude before observing their character as well as patience, comprehension, adaptability, and other abilities. They would then have to pass numerous tests before being taken in as disciples.

The three of them were brought to Little Jade Capital like that, and what they learned were the best techniques and divine arts, thus their cultivation was naturally extremely strong. It could be said that every step they took was extremely solid, and they had nearly no flaws in any realm. On Six Directions Realm, there were few that could surpass them!

What Long Yu executed was Heavenly Eyes Sword Heart, and two trails of sword light shot out from his eyes. One went in a horizontal manner and the other vertical when they slashed toward Dragon Rearing Sovereign.

Mu Qingdai executed Strange Dao Strict Jia Scriptures. It was a kind of technique that cultivated both Daoism and buddhism. It was quiet like a bodhisattva tree and moved like an immortal traveling. When she raised her hand, ten thousand rays would form a huge palm which would retain its gracefulness.

The two of them were skilled in cultivating the techniques of Little Jade Capital, and they had put in a lot of hard work on one technique. Wang Muran, however, had taken a totally different route. Because of his master Wanderer Zhen's death, he pondered about the painful experience and always wanted to take revenge on Eternal Peace Empire. He treated Imperial Preceptor as the enemy in his mind, so he cultivated numerous techniques.

He knew that with just Wanderer Zhen's technique alone, he could never surpass Wanderer Zhen no matter how well he cultivated. Yet his master had still died in the hands of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, so he could only open up another path. Only then could he have a chance to surpass Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor.

Wanderer Qing You and the rest also knew what he was thinking, so they took good care of him. They taught him personally and imparted their ultimate arts to him. Thus, even though Wang Muran was the youngest disciple in Little Jade Capital, his abilities were the highest.

However, the divine arts from the three of them couldn't touch Dragon Rearing Sovereign.

The god's speed was simply too fast. What they hit was the afterimage left behind after he had already moved. Once the afterimage shattered, only then did they know that their divine arts had missed.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign paid no attention to the three of them and sprinted straight at Qin Mu who was flying away. His speed was so fast that the trio simply couldn't catch up to him!

The buck's footsteps were extremely fast, and its four hooves brought him in front of Dragon Rearing Sovereign. It waved its horns like they were spirit weapons.

"Be gone, animal!"

After a loud shout, the body of the buck flew away and crashed through a wall into the heavy rain outside.

"Open your eyes!" Wang Muran shouted sternly.

Mu Qingdai and Long Yu instantly came to a realization. Dragon Rearing Sovereign's speed was too fast, to the point that their naked eyes could no longer capture his trace. Only by activating pupil divine arts could they only capture his figure.

When Dragon Rearing Sovereign was blocked by the huge buck, his speed had been slightly slowed. But soon, it was raised once again, and the air in the hall was compressed into a wall with his movement.

Behind him, Wang Muran and his friends felt a strong suction force pulling them forward, so they just used that force to rush toward Dragon Rearing Sovereign.

Meanwhile, in front of him, Qin Mu swallowed the blood that had come up in his throat. Countless flying swords flew out from his taotie sack and rushed into the sky. In that instant, he used Sword Treading Mountains and Rivers!

The first move that Village Chief had imparted flashed with sword lights. The power of that move had yet to be completely unleashed when the mountains and rivers were shattered.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign tore through with brute force.

Qin Mu's eyes lit up, and Carefree Sword stabbed forward.

He had been waiting for that chance!

He was merely on Six Directions Realm, and Wang Muran and the rest were the same. The huge buck couldn't defeat the dragon qilin, while the dragon qilin and the rest of the flood dragons were afraid of the aura of Dragon Rearing Sovereign so they didn't dare to move. Thus, the youths were no match for Dragon Rearing Sovereign.

In that case, the only chance to kill Dragon Rearing Sovereign was by using Sword Picture to block his vision and having Carefree Sword attack from behind it in an ambush.

The instant Dragon Rearing Sovereign broke through Sword Picture, it was the time for Carefree Sword to stab him to death!

Qin Mu couldn't defeat him in an open fight, so he could only scheme!

The moment Dragon Rearing Sovereign destroyed the first move of Sword Picture, he saw a cold light coming his way. He hurriedly raised his hand to block the heart of his brows, but Carefree Sword pierced through his palm. It went past his forehead and sliced through his brain.

Carefree Sword, the divine sword of Qin Hanzhen—just the sharpness of the sword was something that one couldn't defend against.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign was stunned, and Carefree Sword behind him changed direction to stab his heart from the back, until its tip came out from his chest.

Qin Mu burst forth with all his magic power. He guided the divine energy inside the sword and shouted at the same time. Eight thousand swords rose into the sky and fell toward Carefree Sword.

In an instant, Dragon Rearing Sovereign vanished, replaced by a huge, round sword pellet. The sword handles interlocked with each other, making it airtight. They seemed like a huge golden ball that was so round it was flawless.

Qin Mu let out a sigh and spat out the blood in his mouth.

Wang Muran and the other two reached him and saw the huge round ball, then also sighed in relief.

At that moment, the circular ball suddenly moved, and cracks appeared on its sides. It was caused by the sword handles loosening, and it was a sign that the sword pellet was breaking apart.

"Quickly dodge!" Qin Mu shouted out and ran out of the hall frantically. Wang Muran and the rest immediately turned when they saw the situation. Behind them, the huge sword pellet burst open with a loud clang as the flying swords shot off in all directions!

The imposing figure of Dragon Rearing Sovereign appeared in the center of all the flying swords, his gaze freezing cold. There was only a small pool of spoiled blood from when the divine blood was hit by the divine energy hidden inside Carefree Sword to mark the earlier attack.

The strike from Qin Mu had been pretty sinister and terrifying. If Dragon Rearing Sovereign hadn't covered his body with a pool of blood, he would have died right there and then, under the sword of the crafty brat.

The bodies of Qin Mu and the rest flashed as they tried to avoid the sword lights that were shooting over from behind them. The swords were concentrated and there were as many as eight thousand of them, and the sword lights were rushing many times faster than when Qin Mu had executed his sword with his full power.


Mu Qingdai was pierced by the sword lights and nailed to a bronze pillar. Even though she was a proud disciple of Little Jade Capital, had extremely powerful cultivation, and cultivated body techniques, she couldn't help it when there were that many flying swords and the swords light were that fast. She didn't manage to avoid all of them completely.

Luckily, those swords were Qin Mu's, and Dragon Rearing Sovereign only had the strength of the corporeal body. There was no magic power in his body, so he couldn't execute the power of Qin Mu's flying swords to fatally injure the group.

Even so, Mu Qingdai was severely injured.

Just when she got hit, Long Yu and Wang Muran's cries could be heard. One of them was nailed to the wall while the other to the ground.

Qin Mu grunted as a sword light pierced through his chest. He moved his heart and the sword missed his vitals by a narrow margin. He got nailed to the beam of the palace's door and hung high in the air.

Outside the hall, the buck rushed in and got hit by dozens of swords in a split second, which threw it back.

"Don't you just want the true dragon lord? I'll give it to you!"

Blood was leaking out from the corners of Qin Mu's mouth when he gritted his teeth to circulate his vital qi. The Emperor's Disk flew out of his taotie sack, and he threw it to Dragon Rearing Sovereign while shouting sternly, "You can kill me, but let my three friends go!"

The disciples of Little Jade Capital were moved. Long Yu thought to himself, 'I held prejudice against Human Emperor when he is so loyal to his friends... I only thought about how he is Heavenly Devil Cult Master…"

That Emperor's Disk flew toward Dragon Rearing Sovereign, having already transformed into the shape of a dragon jade. Numerous writings, runes, and pictures flowed and transformed on its body continuously, creating a marvelous image.

"True dragon lord…" Dragon Rearing Sovereign became excited, and he raised his hand to catch the Emperor's Disk. He sneered, "True dragon lord was originally mine, so even if you didn't hand it over, I could have still gotten it after I killed you… Hmm?"

His face changed, and he immediately shook his hand to throw the Emperor's Disk away. He shouted sternly, "You poisoned it!"

His body began to dissolve, becoming shorter rapidly, like an ice cube which had landed on a hot plate. Below his feet was a pool of spoiled blood which was quickly growing.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign cried out as his body started to blister. Those blisters popped and out came the heads of tiny flood dragons which opened their mouths to shriek. They struggled to escape, and a few actually managed to do it. However, some of them did it with half of their bodies, the other half having dissolved.

Wang Muran and the rest were in a daze. Their minds went blank from the revelation.

Qin Mu pulled at the sword holding him nailed with force, but the door beam was too hard, so he couldn't even budge the blade. When he realized it, he immediately gave up on the action and stretched his hand to smack the beam. With a chi sound, the sword penetrated through his body, and he dropped to the ground.

Qin Mu stood up, and his eyes brimmed with tears form the pain. He hurriedly poured some bottles of dragon saliva on his wounds and said in a just and forceful manner, "If I can't win, of course I will use poison!"

Wang Muran and the rest were stunned once again. Qin Mu said those words as though using poison when he couldn't defeat an enemy was right and proper. He made it sound as if it was as simple and obvious as eating and sleeping.

'The people who taught this human emperor don't seem to have been good people…' Long Yu thought.

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