Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 376 - Fight to the Death

Using poison when one couldn't win was a despicable thing in most people's eyes. This was the main reason why Jade Face Poison King had infuriated numerous people back in the day.

However, this kind of thing had no psychological effect on Qin Mu. In his eyes, poisoning someone when one couldn't defeat them was something that was right and proper. Poisoning the opponent was also an ability. His logic went along the lines of 'if I can't fight you yet you still come to beat me, poisoning you is a fitting answer'.

For example, what they faced was not a fair fight from the start. Dragon Rearing Sovereign was a god of High Heavens that was high above, so the clone that was formed by his fresh blood also had extremely high abilities. Even strong practitioners of Celestial Being Realm wouldn't be a match for it, let alone Qin Mu and his companions.

The opponent was a god, so poisoning him was a normal fight back method.

The poison Qin Mu had used was the Three Break Powder he had created when he fought with Poisoner Mu Yingxue of West Earth, who had given the poison its name. It was lucky that he had good habits. Every time he refined a poison or a medicine, he would usually make more so that he would still have half left to keep after putting it to use. Who knew if he might come to need it in the future?

Thus, what Qin Mu had spread on the Emperor's Disk was none other than Three Break Powder. It flipped the five phases and messed up the yin and the yang, causing the body to break down, along with the spirit and soul. That was why the poison was called Three Break Powder. By using great supplement to nourish itself, it created an incomparably marvelous poison.

That kind of poison had been used specifically to deal with the blood of a god and devil in Lonely Mountain Ridge Root Demon. Therefore, it was only right to use it to deal with Dragon Rearing Sovereign's body of blood as well.

Back then, Lonely Mountain Ridge Root Demon had been fixed in place by the Green Dragon Bead and couldn't move, so it was easily poisoned. However, Dragon Rearing Sovereign was free to move, so Qin Mu had spread Three Break Powder on the Emperor's Disk. As long as Dragon Rearing Sovereign touched it, he would be poisoned.

Numerous pocket-sized blood flood dragons squirmed in all directions to avoid the Emperor's Disk and the spoiled blood, then tried to gather back together.

Qin Mu immediately rushed to them while shouting, "If we don't get rid of this god's blood cleanly, none of us will live!"

His eight thousand flying swords filled the hall, but with his cultivation, he couldn't summon all of them back. His vital qi instead transformed into a thread to sweep up Carefree Sword which was nailed in the pillar, pulling it out.

Carefree Sword was a divine sword that was incomparably sharp. Even though it was embedded deep into the pillar, it could still be pulled out, unlike the other swords.

Qin Mu gathered his remaining vital qi and executed all kinds of basic sword forms toward the blood flood dragons that were running around on the ground.

Long Yu grunted. He couldn't pull out the flying sword in his chest, either, so having learned from Qin Mu's demonstration, he smacked the handle forcefully, and the flying sword went through his chest.

Long Yu let out a blood-curdling scream from the pain, then gritted his teeth. But right then, two jade bottles flew over; Qin Mu had thrown him some dragon saliva.

The youth caught them in a hurry and didn't even have the patience to open the corks. He crushed the two jade bottles with force so the dragon saliva would flow out, then used his vital qi to send it to his wound.

The effect of the dragon saliva was swift, as the flesh on his chest started to grow back. It felt painful and itchy.

Long Yu didn't have the time to care about the immense pain in his chest. He pounced forward to kill the small blood flood dragons that were running randomly in all directions.

Wang Muran and Mu Qingdai also did the same thing to break free, losing flesh and blood in the process.

Qin Mu threw two bottles of dragon saliva to each of them as well, and the two of them immediately poured them onto their wounds. If it was under normal circumstances, they would have used their vital qi to force out the clotted blood to prevent any hidden damage, but they had no time to care about that. They controlled their spirit weapons to slaughter the small and delicate blood flood dragons.

"Don't step on the spoiled blood!" Qin Mu shouted out to them in warning. "The poison I had refined is too strong, so even I can't detox it!"

The three were frightened and immediately became more careful, avoiding the spoiled blood on the ground.

The four leaped up like rabbits and soared down like falcons as they cut the blood flood dragons one by one. However, their power was still not enough to eradicate all of them, as they were formed by a god's blood. After the dragons were killed, they would instantly reconstruct themselves. Only Qin Mu's Carefree Sword was able to eradicate a portion of the god's blood.

"Lend me your magic power and let's activate this sword together!"

Wang Muran and the rest immediately roused their vital qi and transformed it into threads that flew toward Carefree Sword. With their magic power pouring in, its power instantly rose drastically. Qin Mu controlled Carefree Sword, and his sword skills burst forth, slicing off the heads of all the flood dragons that were running around. The sword light then suddenly changed to Drill Sword Form as it traveled on the ground like a silver dragon, shredding all the headless bodies!

A few of the creatures hugged themselves and rolled on the ground, avoiding the sword light. When the small and delicate dragons stopped, they vanished, and in their place stood Dragon Rearing Sovereign who was only a foot tall.

"Dragon Rearing Sovereign, serves you right!"

The four were both surprised and delighted. They couldn't help laughing out loud. Suddenly, the small and compact Dragon Rearing Sovereign took a step forward, and his body vanished. The tibia bone of Long Yu's left leg cracked from the kick of the small Dragon Rearing Sovereign!

"Eyes awaken!" Wang Muran shouted out and awakened his divine eyes, but he could only see the small Dragon Rearing Sovereign moving rapidly. He flashed around like a phantom, to the point it was nearly impossible to capture his figure.

Qin Mu executed Carefree Sword to stab over and over again, but his sword kept missing the back of the little one by a narrow margin. It was completely impossible to hit him!

"Senior sister, be careful!"

Just as Wang Muran called out his warning Dragon Rearing Sovereign appeared beside Mu Qingdai like a phantom and punched her. Mu Qingdai shouted loudly, and her sashes coiled around the arm of the small Dragon Rearing Sovereign while she retaliated with a palm strike.

Qin Mu arrived and executed Overlord Body Three Elixir Technique while circulating Nine Transformation Three Conditions Mystery Technique. His body rapidly shrunk, and he became a small human that was one foot tall. Carefree Sword had also become three inches long, and he controlled it to attack Dragon Rearing Sovereign. "Don't clash with him head-on; his strength is immense!"


Fresh blood burst out from Mu Qingdai's palm, which got mangled. Qin Mu moved rapidly in the air and used qi to control his sword to attack Dragon Rearing Sovereign. The small god avoided Carefree Sword with phantom-like speed. Wang Muran gathered his qi into a net and tried to capture the small Dragon Rearing Sovereign, but was blasted away.

Long Yu stood up on one leg and hopped to Mu Qingdai's side, allying himself with Qin Mu and the rest to attack Dragon Rearing Sovereign.

"His body is too small, which makes it hard to attack, shrink your bodies!" shouted Qin Mu.

Mu Qingdai executed a technique from Strange Dao Strict Jia Technique, and her body instantly shrunk. She became a one-foot girl whose hair dragged behind her. On the other side, Wang Muran also shrunk his body and became a tiny thing. Only Long Yu did not cultivate any such techniques, so he could only stand on one leg and put his guard up.

He executed Heavenly Eyes Sword Heart, and sword lights shot out from his gaze. They moved as the four tiny ones moved, but even though his sword eyes were fast, it was still hard for them to capture Dragon Rearing Sovereign's small and delicate body. He could only see four tiny things rushing around in the sky, flashing here and there.

'Too fast… This is bad!"

Long Yu saw Dragon Rearing Sovereign rushing toward him and hurriedly hopped up with a single leg. The instant he did so, he heard a crisp sound and looked down to see his other leg bending at an unimaginable angle. 'Crap,' he thought.


Long Yu fell to ground in a kneeling position, the pain almost making him faint. Dragon Rearing Sovereign's body appeared behind his head, and the tip of his foot was aimed straight for the undefended target before it. If he managed to land the kick, Long Yu's head was definitely going to explode!

But at that moment, Carefree Sword that was three inches long flashed past and pierced Dragon Rearing Sovereign's foot, and the kick missed.

Long Yu let out a sigh of relief and ruthlessly turned his neck a hundred and eighty degrees backward. Sword lights burst forth from his eyes and stabbed Dragon Rearing Sovereign's body, blowing him away!

"I've tried my best!" Long Yu shouted. He collapsed on the ground, almost breaking his neck from the twist.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign flew backward as his feet tapped repeatedly in the air to get rid of the power of the two swords. His body was made of fresh blood, so he didn't have any magic power and could only rely on the strength of the corporeal body to deal with Qin Mu and the rest. However, the exhaustion of the god's blood was also quite astonishing. He had no choice but to use the moves of corporeal body divine arts to win.

Suddenly, a huge black figure appeared at the door of the hall. The buck which was covered in swords climbed up and shook its head. Its horns flew off the head, and one of the small branches stabbed into the back of Dragon Rearing Sovereign's heart.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign's body exploded, countless balls of blood rolling away, and the god became even smaller than he was before. He jumped up from the horns and landed on the bare head of the buck. He punched down, trying to smash in the head of the huge buck.

Qin Mu sent his sword over. Dragon Rearing Sovereign avoided it, but saw three small humans land one after another on the buck's head.

The huge buck blinked eyes and revealed a look of terror. With the four small humans scuttling here and there on his body, his bones crackled as though they were going to be broken.

"You you—" the huge buck cried out in astonishment and hurriedly rushed toward the dragon qilin who was lying in the corner of the huge hall. He tried to push the trouble onto the dragon qilin's body.

There were also over a dozen flying swords stabbed into the dragon qilin's body, but his muscles and bones were limp. He had a natural fear of Dragon Rearing Sovereign which was why he hadn't moved for the whole time. The other flood dragons were sprawled beside him, and some of them were hit by the swords as well; however, they all lay still not daring to move.

It was good that the dragon qilin's skin was rough and his flesh was thick. With fat surrounding his whole body, there wasn't much of a problem even if he was stabbed by over a dozen swords.

"Don't come over…" groaned the dragon qilin weakly.

The huge buck was about to reach him when cracking sounds came from his body. It twisted, and his limbs snapped, causing him to collapse to the ground and slide forward.

The dragon qilin exhausted all of his strength to turn his body around and crawl away from the buck. The other flood dragons also shifted on the floor and crawled in the other direction with difficulty.

The intimidation of Dragon Rearing Sovereign was simply too strong, making them unable to resist.

Suddenly, Mu Qingdai flew backward and crashed into the dragon qilin who was crawling away with all his strength. She fainted. Dragon Rearing Sovereign rushed over, wanting to claim Mu Qingdai's life, and the dragon qilin went totally limp, paralyzed on the ground.

Qin Mu grabbed Carefree Sword and shouted loudly, "Brother Muran!"

Wang Muran puked out fresh blood as he exerted all his strength to lift Qin Mu up and toss him over. Qin Mu's footsteps tapped repeatedly as he rushed over as fast as lightning. The sword light of the three inches sword in his hand rose drastically, and a piece of small and delicate green mountains and blue water poured out from the sword light, drowning Dragon Rearing Sovereign.

Clanging sounds rang non-stop, and Sword Treading Mountains and River suddenly fell apart. Only the figure of Qin Mu wielding his sword and pouncing over was left.

The body of Dragon Rearing Sovereign was even smaller, and beneath his feet was even more spoiled blood. He alternated between his fingers and palms to smack Carefree Sword continuously, and powerful jolts traveled through Qin Mu's body, forcing him to puke blood repeatedly. He thus transformed into a shadow to move along the floor, but Dragon Rearing Sovereign gave a punch and blew him out from the ground.

Wang Muran shouted loudly, and his hair fluttered in the wind as he rushed over. Two small humans fought fiercely, and among the sparks, the sound of bones breaking could be heard as Wang Muran flew backward.

Qin Mu lay on the ground and used the last of his strength to raise his sword to stab downwards. Dragon Rearing Sovereign who was two inches tall clasped his hands about Carefree Sword, using all his strength to withstand it.

Qin Mu's sword instantly couldn't continue, and he shouted fiercely, "Fatty Dragon, do you still want to eat? If I die, you will have to starve to death!"

The dragon qilin's eyes were filled with fear when he looked at the tiny Dragon Rearing Sovereign in a daze. But when he heard the sentence, he suddenly gave a fierce roar and raised his claw to smack down the sword's hilt.


The sword light pierced through Dragon Rearing Sovereign, and he who was two inches tall was split into half. The fresh blood was still squirming and wanted to flow together, but the dragon qilin gave a furious roar. With magic power flooding into the sword, the sword light increased sharply and exploded in all direction. The last of the god's blood withered into spoiled blood and fell lifeless to the ground.

Qin Mu was stunned. The strength of his body withdrew like a tide, and his hands that were holding onto the sword loosened. He collapsed on the ground.

The dragon qilin continued to roar fiercely. He raised his claws, wanting to smack once more the sword again, but Qin Mu said weakly, "Stop smacking… If you smack some more, I might just die as well…"

He coughed violently. His magic power was completely exhausted, and his corporeal body gradually returned back to its normal size. He wanted to crawl up to treat his own injuries, but he couldn't move at all.

The dragon qilin climbed to his feet and looked at the bloodstains on the ground. He then looked at the surroundings and saw the flood dragons that were incomparably powerful not daring to look him in the eyes. Their heads were lowered, their eyes filled with fear.

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