Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 377 - A God Has Fallen

Qin Mu, Wang Muran, Mu Qingdai, and Long Yu were all severely injured and couldn't move. Long Yu's legs were broken, Mu Qingdai had fainted from severe injuries, Wang Muran nearly had all his bones shattered, and Qin Mu's most severe injury was the punch he received when he was a shadow. It had nearly shattered him when he was in the shadow form.

The four of them just lay on the ground. Long Yu's tongue was stuck, his neck crooked. He had twisted it himself, and it had nearly broken it.

He could only look helplessly at the dragon qilin walking over and stretching out his long tongue to slobber all over him. The dragon qilin flipped him over and licked him once more. Long Yu got turned over, but his tongue still didn't retract.

The dragon qilin licked him again, covering the whole person in drool.

His body became itchy. It was the itch of broken bones growing back, his tendons reconnecting, and his flesh growing back. He executed his vital qi and used it to adjust the bones to prevent them from reattaching themselves in a crooked way.

If he didn't do that, he'd end up with problems in moving even if his injuries were healed.

Wang Muran who had collapsed a bit farther away couldn't help giggling when he saw how his senior brother was covered in drool. The huge tongue of the dragon qilin kept flipping him over and over as though he was scared of the man being burnt.

The youth laughed until his wounds opened up. The pain made tears roll down his face.

The dragon qilin walked over to him and stretched out his long tongue; and Wang Muran could no longer laugh. He saw the dragon qilin's tongue cover his face like a slimy carpet. It then flipped him over and over again.

After the dragon qilin was done with Wang Muran. He also licked Mu Qingdai who was unconscious and made the girl all wet. Mu Qingdai woke up from the licking and could only remain acting unconscious to spare herself the embarrassment.

The dragon qilin walked towards Qin Mu, but he said weakly, "Don't lick me. Senior Brother Long Yu, how are your injuries? There are some jade bottles in my taotie sack that contain dragon's saliva. It will be fine if you just take them out and spread it over my wounds…"

"Lick him! Big f— dragon, you must lick him!" Long Yu immediately shouted.

Wang Muran nodded repeatedly and added in a shout, "We all got licked so how could we let him off? Big dragon, lick!"

Mu Qingdai also opened her eyes in a hurry, no longer acting like she was sleeping. She smiled and said, "To enjoy blessings and endure misfortune together, Boss Dragon, lick!"

Qin Mu's expression changed drastically. He wanted to crawl away, but the dragon qilin raised his claw to press down on the corner of his pants. Qin Mu couldn't move and became furious, "Fatty Dragon, there's poison on my body! If you lick me, you will die by bleeding from all your orifices!"

The dragon qilin hesitated for a moment, and the three disciples of Little Jade Capital laughed. "Who will apply poison on their body? Fatty Dragon, just lick him to your heart's content. We will bury you if you die from poison!"

The dragon qilin was finally at ease. He licked Qin Mu until he was upside down and totally drenched him. The youth was his meal master, so he naturally had to be more attentive. He licked Qin Mu more carefully than the others.

Qin Mu's face was black when he got flipped around. He didn't move nor struggle, seemingly having accepted his fate.

The dragon qilin pulled back his tongue. When he saw Qin Mu's hairstyle that was messed up by him, he hurriedly licked it smooth for Qin Mu until it was slick and shiny.

"Enough, Fatty Dragon…" Great Cult Master Qin said sternly, "Enough, stop licking… It's fine now, it's very smooth already… Stop licking!"

The dragon qilin saw that he was furious and pulled his tongue back reluctantly. His front claws rested on his hind legs as he squatted nearby.

Qin Mu had a stubborn strand of hair that hung down to the corner of his left eye. The dragon qilin hesitated for a moment, then took a glance at Qin Mu's face—it was black as charcoal. But the dragon qilin couldn't resist it and quickly stretched out his tongue to lick the strand of hair back in place.

Qin Mu went into a frenzy.

The huge buck on the ground laid with all his legs shattered. When Qin Mu and the rest transformed into small humans to fight with Dragon Rearing Sovereign, they had tormented the buck quite a bit. Luckily, its life hadn't been endangered; it's just that his injuries were quite heavy.

When the buck saw the dragon qilin curing Qin Mu's injuries, he immediately pouted and shouted, "Hey, hey! Fatty, lick me, lick me!"

"Bah!" The dragon qilin spat a mouthful of dragon saliva in front of the huge buck and said arrogantly, "Rub it on yourself!"

The huge buck was furious, but healing himself was more important. He could only move his body with difficulty to rub the dragon saliva on his wounds. All throughout it, he kept twitching from pain.

The dragon qilin looked at him rubbing himself in his saliva and felt delighted. 'This damned buck keeps putting me down in front of my meal master, not leaving me any face. Now I shall let him know how powerful I am and humiliate him in front of his meal master!"

Fatty Dragon instantly felt that the happiest moment in his life wasn't when he had hugged the young patriarch's leg to beg for a meal, but the one right then.

Qin Mu and the rest gradually recovered some strength and all sat up to mobilize their vital qi. They forced the clotted blood in their bodies out to prevent any hidden injuries from being left behind.

The three from Little Jade Capital had also learned the art of healing before, and their abilities weren't weak. It was only when compared to Qin Mu that they were lacking. There were many places in which they weren't meticulous.

Qin Mu pushed the clotted blood out from his body and mobilized his vital qi to squeeze his shattered bones bit by bit out of his body. With a low shout, his primordial spirit flew out to check on his limbs and bones, examining the situation of his body as well as the injuries on his divine treasures.

He examined them in incomparably fine detail, and his primordial spirit returned back to his body. He consumed a few Spirit Buddha Pills to quickly replenish his spirit and raise his vital qi. He then took medication according to his symptoms and refined pills to cure his hidden injuries.

"Primordial spirit!" Mu Qingdai gasped, and astonishment spread across her face.

Wang Muran and Long Yu's mind were also blown. Primordial spirit was not something that could be cultivated at Qin Mu's realm, so they would have never thought to see Qin Mu actually execute it!

Even though Qin Mu's primordial spirit was still weak and small, looking like a faint shadow, it was indeed his primordial spirit!

Qin Mu cultivating the primordial spirit on Six Directions Realm meant that he held an advantage in cultivation. His speed would be much faster than that of the others. Primordial spirit was also one of the more important battle methods after Celestial Being Realm. Since he was already in contact with it, the raising of his abilities was really important!

Just then, Qin Mu had awakened the eyes of his primordial spirit to check on his own body. What puzzled the group though was that they didn't know how he had cultivated it.

"Human Emperor is truly powerful, I'm completely won over." Long Yu sighed and said, "To be able to cultivate primordial spirit on Six Directions Realm and even make his primordial spirit leave his body, Human Emperor's aptitude and comprehension are indeed the first in this world!"

Qin Mu shook his head and walked toward Mu Qingdai to examine her body. "My comprehension and aptitude aren't the first in the world. Cultivating a primordial spirit on Six Directions Realm isn't anything remarkable, either; Sister Yuxiu has also cultivated it. It's actually not hard to cultivate the primordial spirit. Sister Yuxiu and I cultivated it carelessly and our primordial spirits just left our bodies," he said.

Speechless, Long Yu shook his head.

"The sixth princess of Eternal Peace Empire has also cultivated the primordial spirit? Eternal Peace Empire is truly not to be underestimated; there are truly many experts in the younger generation. If I shut myself in Little Jade Capital, I may just fall behind times!" Wang Muran said with awe.

He began to worry. There were many divine techniques in Little Jade Capital, and any of the ultimate arts would be enough to start a sect if taken out, but with Eternal Peace Empire's reform blazing like wildfire, the skills changed, and the paths also changed. Divine arts would evolve accordingly too. If Little Jade Capital didn't catch up with the reform, they would definitely be eliminated.

Qin Mu and Sixth Princess Ling Yuxiu cultivating their primordial spirits on Six Directions Realm together was just one of the signs of the reform.

Qin Mu and Ling Yuxiu did not know how great of an impact this act of theirs would have on other cultivators. If they could find the way to cultivate the primordial spirit so early and spread it, they would be acclaimed as grandmasters, gaining high positions in the history of cultivation. They would definitely be placed on the same level as Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor and may even surpass him!

Imperial Preceptor founding the three other basic sword forms was also one of the signs of reform, and it established his accomplishments of a grandmaster.

On top of that, the importance of cultivating the primordial spirit on Six Directions Realm was even greater than that of the three basic sword forms. It would benefit all divine arts practitioners from Six Directions Realm and upwards, allowing their cultivation on every realm to increase drastically!

Wang Muran told Qin Mu his idea, and Qin Mu was stunned. He said, "I had not thought about this… However, what you said is very logical. When I'll return to the capital, I will discuss this with Sister Yuxiu. We might just be able to discover how it came to be."

He used Cyan Heaven's Eyes to examine the ins and outs of Mu Qingdai's body and checked on all the hidden injuries. He then refined spirit pills for her.

Mu Qingdai was slightly bashful from his penetrating gaze. 'He's a divine physician, he's a divine physician…' she kept repeating to herself in her head.

She then heard Divine Physician Qin muttered softly, "The structure of a woman's body seems to be different from that of a man. If they don't have that thing, how do they pee…"

Mu Qingdai's face went red, and she glared at him.

Qin Mu hurriedly went over to check on Long Yu's injuries, and after some time, he finished treating the injuries of his companions.

The dragon qilin wobbled over and mumbled, "Cult Master, look at the swords in my body…"

There were still over a dozen flying swords stuck in his body.

Qin Mu took a glance at him and sneered. "Is my hair still messy?"

"All the strands are neat! Wait a minute, this strand of hair is messy…"

Just as the dragon qilin stretched his tongue out, Qin Mu raised his arm and signaled with his fingers. The dozen or more flying swords flew out of the dragon qilin's body at once, and pillars of blood spurted out.

The dragon qilin screamed miserably.

"Try licking again!" Qin Mu told him ruthlessly.

Even though he said so, he still took out bottles of dragon's saliva to quickly pour it on the wounds. He used his vital qi to help squeeze out the clotted blood, then sealed his wounds.

The dragon qilin tried to curry favor and said, "Cult Master, now that I've done a great merit, my rations…"

Qin Mu ignored him and went to the huge buck, which was in a much worse shape than the dragon qilin. There three times as many swords in its body, and it still had to roll around in the saliva on the ground.

Qin Mu shook his head and helped the huge buck set his bones back in place. He then took over a dozen bottles of dragon's saliva to help him stop the bleeding before pulling out the flying swords.

Wang Muran's injuries were much better, he picked up the buck's horns back and ran over to stab them back into its head.

"Young master, the horns are inserted wrongly," the buck told him.


Wang Muran immediately pulled the horns out again, causing blood to spurt. The buck exhaled in pain, and Wang Muran immediately turned the horns around to stab them back in. He asked Qin Mu for a bottle of dragon's saliva to pour on the wound.

Qin Mu then treated the injuries of the flood dragons. After being busy for half a day, the sky outside suddenly turned snow white. The next moment though, it became pitch black with lighting flashing again.

Everyone looked outside in a hurry and saw that the heavy rain had stopped. A tear could be seen in the sky as though a huge sword had sliced it open.

"This is…" Qin Mu's heart trembled violently as he muttered, "Sunshot Divine Cannon…"

Trails of red lines came down from the torn sky, and Qin Mu raised his hand to catch one. However, his complexion changed suddenly, and he hurriedly avoided it.

The trails of red lines pitter-pattered on the palaces in front of them. Wherever they landed, flowers bloomed throughout the mountains while the grass and trees grew frantically.

God's blood fell from the sky as though heaven was griefing.

A god had fallen.

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