Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 380 - Forced Love Will Surely Last

Butcher couldn't resist saying, "Damned Blind, you are making decisions on your own. Have you asked Qin Mu about his opinion?"

"I have no need to ask! He was raised by me, so I can make decisions on my own!"

After Blind said that, he pulled onto Qin Mu's hand and walked out of the huge hall. The flood dragons immediately followed after them. Village Chief frowned and said, "Old Butcher, no need to chase after them. Blind will think things through."

Butcher shook his head and said, "That old fellow's temper is even more explosive than mine; he was actually furious."

In the hall, Hermit Qing You sighed ruefully. He said to Wang Muran and the rest, "Human Emperor invited us down the mountain to calculate the space algebra model of patching the divine bridge and now that it's done, we have no need to remain in Eternal Peace Empire, this place of troubles. Will you guys follow me back to Little Jade Capital?"

Long Yu and Mu Qingdai were somewhat hesitant. Long Yu wanted to return to Little Jade Capital, but he wasn't certain about it. His gaze subconsciously went to Wang Muran. Among the three disciples of Little Jade Capital, Wang Muran had the most ideas. Mu Qingdai had a playful heart, and the wonderful and brilliant encounters during the past few months made her want to stay.

Wang Muran was silent for a moment, then said, "Disciple had met Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor just now." Hermit Qing You raised his eyebrows, and Wang Muran continued, "He no longer recognizes me."

Hermit Qing You sighed and said, "He is Imperial Preceptor, so he naturally won't remember you."

"Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor is working on the reform to change the world, creating a completely new structure. His path, skills, and divine arts see new development every day, and the speed of their improvement is godly. If I remain in Little Jade Capital to cultivate diligently, no matter if I work a hundred times harder than him, I will never be able to surpass him in this life. Besides, he is also extremely hard working."

"You want to stay here?" Hermit Qing You asked.

Wang Muran bowed. "Disciple would like to enter the change of an era brought by the reform which has already shown numerous things. The three sword forms of Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor, Six Directions Primordial Spirit of Human Emperor Qin, and also Sunshot Divine Cannon as well as meteorological divine arts. This shows that the paths, skills, and divine arts are already changing. If I stay in Little Jade Capital and miss out on this era, Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor will never remember me. When I seek revenge on him, he will also not remember who I am even after killing me in one attack."

Hermit Qing You sighed in his heart. "In that case, you shall remain here. Qingdai, Long Yu, what about the two of you?"

Mu Qingdai smiled and said, "I'm also staying in case Little Junior Brother doesn't have someone to look after him."

Long Yu hesitated for a moment, then said, "Since junior brother and junior sister have both decided to stay, as the senior brother, I should stay behind and look after them."

Hermit Qing You's head started to ache. "Alright then. Senior Brother You He, let us return to Little Jade Capital."

The three old immortals of Little Jade Capital rose and gestured to Village Chief, Mute, and Butcher before bidding farewell and leaving.

When the three of them rose into the sky, Hermit Qing You said to You He and You Yun, "I'm worried about these three disciples, so you guys shall return to Little Jade Capital first. I will look over them in the dark."

"The emperor killed a god of High Heavens, drawing unpredictable consequences. If you stay, you might also be dragged into it. This place of troubles is not a good place to stay!" You He immediately said.

Hermit Qing You smiled and said, "Don't worry, I understand. My mortal heart is long gone and I won't be tied down by the teeming world." When he said that, he went into hiding.

Qin Mu sat down on the back of the dragon qilin and went on a journey with Blind at a steady pace. He let Blind come up, but he didn't want to. He just continued walking toward Great Ruins with his walking cane.

After some time, Blind suddenly stopped walking.

Qin Mu made the dragon qilin stop and the numerous dragons beside him also stopped.

After a moment, Blind sighed with frustration and disappointment. "Mu'er, Old Butcher wanted me to ask for your opinion, but I didn't do so. Now I ask you, are you willing to return to Great Ruins?"

Qin Mu smiled and said, "Since Grandpa Blind wants me to go back, I shall go back. If I said I wanted to stay, would Grandpa Blind allow me to stay?"

"Of course not!"

Qin Mu changed the topic and asked, "Did Village Chief ask Grandpa Butcher about how the sun, moon, and stars are all fake?"

"Ask the pig slaughterer yourself!"

Qin Mu didn't talk anymore. The two of them continued on their way until the sky gradually turned dark. Qin Mu started a fire to make dinner, and after the two of them had finished their dinner, Blind raised his bamboo cane and drew a circle around Qin Mu. He said, "Wait inside here and don't walk out of it… You can't walk out anyway! I shall go steal a wife for you and you shall get married and make babies when we get back to the village!"

Qin Mu jumped in shock. Blind took his bamboo cane and leaped into the sky, vanishing without a trace.

'Steal a wife? Make babies?'

Qin Mu's mind was blown. He immediately tried walking out of the circle, but he suddenly heard a hum as the circle Blind drew burst forth with light, bouncing him backward.

'Grandpa Blind's restriction is very powerful, but Grandpa Cripple taught me Heavenly Pilfering Divine Legs which aren't afraid of any restrictions!'

Qin Mu exerted strength beneath his feet, but just as he executed Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs, he was bounced back again. The circle Blind had drawn was very marvelous. The size of the circle was precisely to counter Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs. Cripple's technique required extreme speed to break through the restraint of space, only then would one be able to ignore all restrictions.

'Grandpa Blind taught me Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill, and isn't it just so that it can be used to break restrictions? Eyes awaken!"

Layers of formation swirled in Qin Mu's eyes when he opened Cyan Heaven's Eyes. Focusing his gaze at the circle, he couldn't help feeling decrepit.

He couldn't understand what he was seeing.

As the founder of Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Skill, Blind was known as Divine Eye Spear God. Because of his powerful divine eyes, he had extremely high attainments in the path of formations.

Even if Qin Mu awakened all nine heavens of his Heaven's Eyes, he still wouldn't be able to break free.

'I still have two huge eyeballs here, Sun and Moon Jade Eyes. Maybe they can break open Grandpa Blind's restriction! However…"

His expression became troubled. The circle Blind had drawn was so small that the two eyes couldn't be placed inside.

Qin Mu took a look at the dragon qilin and the dozens of flood dragons. He immediately took out the Emperor's Disk and executed Secrets of Dragon Control with the flute. The flood dragons then snarled and attacked the circle.

Even with their numbers, they still weren't able to break the circle. The light screen kept on breaking down and reassembling itself, changing continuously to keep its victim trapped inside.

Qin Mu also didn't dare to let the flood dragons use their full power. If the circle couldn't withstand the attacks and broke, he might be blown to pieces as well.

He was completely out of ideas. He could only wait in the circle until Blind stole a wife for him.

Sunshot Divine Cannon was still flying in the sky and floating back to the capital city. On the battery, Emperor Yanfeng looked at the burning pill furnace with an aching heart. In his eyes, what was burning weren't medicinal stones but bags and bags of great abundance coins. The amount burned made even him feel pangs of pain!

At that moment, a human figure suddenly flashed past the battery and disappeared.

"What a fast speed!" Emperor Yanfeng exclaimed in admiration

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor walked over. He looked into the distance and said, "Seems to be that blind old man who fought with the gods of High Heavens. He should be the spear god from back then."

"It's a pity he can't be employed by me." Emperor Yanfeng sighed.

When it came to midnight, that figure hurriedly sprinted back, passing by the battery again. Emperor Yanfeng took a look at him and asked suspiciously, "Why is the spear god carrying a huge sack?"

"I have no idea."

Eternal Peace Imperial Preceptor was also slightly puzzled. "The experts outside the mortal world all have some weird hobbies. The elders in Cult Master Qin's family all have some weird addictions that are hard to understand."

When the sun was high up in the sky, they came to the outskirts of the capital and lowered the battery down. The guards in the palace immediately rushed out and knelt on the floor. "Your Majesty, we have a problem! The sixth princess was kidnapped last night by an old man with a walking cane!"

Emperor Yanfeng was in a daze. "Old man with a walking cane? Imperial Preceptor, was that spear god an old man with…"

Qin Mu woke up when the sky was already bright. Blind also returned at that time. He placed down a huge burlap sack, and there was a girl's voice coming from inside it.

"Fatty Pig, come over, reveal your true form!"

Blind brought the dragon qilin over and had him transform into a huge behemoth that was a hundred and twenty yards long. Blind placed the burlap sack on his back and walked over, erasing the circle with his bamboo cane. He smiled and said, "Mu'er, return to the village to get married!"

"Grandpa Blind, forced love does not last!" Qin Mu immediately said.

"It will definitely last." Blind brought him to the dragon qilin's back. He said while beaming at him, "If it doesn't last, I will just return it and change to a lasting one. You are in for a treat, boy! Fatty Pig, stop in the town in front and buy some phoenix coronets and bridal gowns."

The dragon qilin acknowledged his command. His true form was extremely wide, and when he ran, it was as steady as a huge ship.

Qin Mu undid the burlap sack and beautiful black hair flowed out from inside. A familiar fragrance assaulted his nostrils.

The burlap sack squirmed, and Ling Yuxiu raised her head up. A cloth was stuffed in her mouth, and she cried out while nudging forward. Blind stood to the side and smiled proudly.

Qin Mu immediately pulled the girl out from the burlap sack and saw that her arms and legs were tied firmly by golden ropes. She couldn't move at all.

He pulled out the cloth from her mouth and was about to untie the golden rope when the burlap sack suddenly squirmed again. There was another maiden inside, and she popped her small head out.

Qin Mu was shocked and immediately went forward to bring the other maiden out from the burlap sack. It was Si Yunxiang who looked flustered, her beautiful hair messed up.

Qin Mu's mind was blown and he stuttered, "G-grandpa Blind, you kidnapped two…"

There was still something moving in the burlap sack, and Qin Mu's face couldn't help turning black. A small girl popped her head out and looked helplessly at him.

Qin Mu was completely speechless. "Why have you even kidnapped Ling'er?" He went forward in a hurry to pull the little girl that was around six or seven years old out.


"When I went to kidnap the princess and the saintess, I picked her up on the way." Blind was still beaming at him. "They were all living in Imperial College's Divine Arts Residence, right next door. There's no time like the present, so you shall marry and consummate tonight! Who do you like? Choose freely!"

Qin Mu pulled out the cloths in Si Yunxiang and Hu Ling'er's mouths. Hu Ling'er was overjoyed and asked bashfully, "Are we getting married tonight? I'm still not prepared…"

Blind smiled and said, "No matter if it is the princess or the saintess or even the little demon fox, it's all fine. If you want to marry all three at once, that is also alright, I can get to carry babies sooner. Say, who do you pick?"

The three girls looked nervously at Qin Mu who didn't say a word. He went to undo the golden rope, but it suddenly revealed a head. It opened its mouth and almost bit him.

Qin Mu jumped back in shock and immediately pulled his hand away.

"This is dragon's tendon and not any ordinary rope, you can't undo it." Blind sneered and said, "This dragon's tendon is the tendon of a real dragon and not something of those flood dragons."

Qin Mu sighed and said, "Grandpa Blind, you are messing around again… Granny, why are you here?"

Blind immediately turned back, and Qin Mu exploded with Heaven Pilfering Divine Legs to run away at full speed.

Blind raised his bamboo cane to tap at the void. The next moment, Qin Mu lost all his strength in midair and fell from the sky.


A heavy object landed in the distance.

"Truly worrisome."

Blind shook his head and took out another golden rope. It flew out and firmly tied Qin Mu up, flying him back to the dragon qilin's back.

"Grandpa Blind, forced love doesn't— Uwu!"

Blind stuffed a cloth in his mouth and put him with the three girls while muttering to himself, "One day one girl, it will surely last!"

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