Tales of Herding Gods

Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapter 382 - Vein of the Fierce Dragon

Besides the group's ship, there were fishing and treasure ships transporting ores, black gold, black iron, and black copper. There were also merchant ships carrying goods and transport ships ferrying passengers.

Surging River was flourishing, and the fish were plump and delicious, thus there were many ships in the river as well as at the port.

Yet the mountains on both sides vanished below the river and only ships were left on its surface. All of them stopped, and countless people stretched their heads out to look outside, not knowing what had happened.

Divine arts practitioners flew up from their ship, looking at Surging River in a daze.

Surging River floated in midair, its water stretching tens of thousands of miles in length. It continued to flow in the sky and gave off multicolored rays from the sun shining on it.


A merchant ship that was transporting goods didn't manage to stop and sailed out of the river, falling from the sky. It fell toward the mountains helplessly and became smaller and smaller. After a moment, it crashed into a forest, but it took quite a while for the sound to reach the people on the river, which was a very dull thud.

The owner of the merchant ship had hurriedly jumped out when the ship was falling and numerous divine arts practitioners had helped to save the crew, so there weren't too many casualties.

There were Eternal Peace Empire's officials on a government cargo ship, and they immediately ordered divine arts practitioners to save people first, carry away the commoners on the other ships and send them to the land below. Some soldiers were also sent away to seek assistance from the city, invite people to save everyone on Surging River.

"It's not my fault, don't look at me, I didn't do it." Qin Mu and the rest looked at Blind who was shaking his head with a grim expression. "To have Surging River rise like that, his magic power is much stronger than mine. I have yet to see a person with such dense magic power… take a look below!"

Qin Mu and the rest immediately looked downwards.

Surging River had been raised and floated in the sky, its water separated from the land. The current, which was somewhat muddy, couldn't be seen. All the sand and the mud in the river had vanished. When Surging River had risen into the sky, only the water had been moved; the mud and sand weren't touched. Because of that, the river water had become incomparably clear, so they could see the land below through it.

The group saw the marvelous sight of huge fish swimming about.

Because Surging River originated in Great Ruins, there were numerous fish monsters and water monsters that usually remained in its depths, growing in all kinds of shape and sizes. Qin Mu had lived beside the river since he was young and had seen all kinds of fish and water monsters; however, he still noticed numerous fish and water monsters he had never seen before. They had to have been hidden deep at the bottom and rarely rose to the surface, so it was hard to see them.

Yet the river was see-through right then.

And the hair of everyone stood up on end. An incomparably huge and long satiny body brushed past the bottom of the group's ship. The creature moved along with the current and swam toward the west.

Huge scales grazed the hull of the ship. It shook for a moment before becoming steady again.

When the huge body swam past, it didn't raise any waves at all. When the scales grazed the hull of the ship, they didn't damage it. There was only some turbulence as though rapid currents had hit the bottom of the ship.

That creature was a sapphire blue flood dragon that was incomparably huge.

On the ship, the flood dragons became excited. Some of them climb onto Qin Mu's neck while others poked their heads out from under his armpits and looked around.

"Ma ha! Ma ha!" cried the dozen more flood dragons.


A huge head rose from the water and looked at them curiously before diving back in to swim away. Wherever it passed, the water monsters of Surging River avoided it.

Some huge fish were so frightened that they escaped too quickly and left the water, flapping their fins as they fell from the sky. The clouds rained fish, which would give the commoners something to discuss for days.

However, what would give them even more stuff to ponder about was that Surging River had risen into the sky!

'That flood dragon is so huge…'

Qin Mu's heart trembled violently. The sapphire blue flood dragon was much bigger than the complete forms of the little dragons around him; it was over ten times larger!

The sapphire blue flood dragon could be even stronger than Dragon Rearing Sovereign. Qin Mu didn't know,, however, if it was a dragon raised by Dragon Rearing Sovereign or one that's been called over from somewhere.

"This is a water flood dragon that has cultivated to the god realm. His power to control water is very powerful, terrifyingly powerful."

Blind had a grim expression as he looked to the west. He said in a hoarse voice, "I saw a man that had scales all over its body and looked very weird. He instructed this divine flood dragon king to raise Surging River."

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. "Could Dragon Rearing Sovereign of High Heavens have come to take the dragon vein? I once saw his ability to move rivers."

Blind gripped his bamboo cane tightly, his face slightly nervous. "Such a dense magic power is truly powerful. This fellow should have borrowed the power of divine flood dragon king to raise his magic power to its extreme… No, that's not right, it would still not be enough to raise Surging River up… He is borrowing the power of Surging River as well!"

Qin Mu executed Nine Heavens Eyes Awakening Technique and looked upstream. He could only awaken until the level of Cinnabar Heaven's Eyes so he couldn't see the middle section of Surging River where Dragon Rearing Sovereign should be. If he wanted to raise Surging River, the middle section was the best place to exert force.

According to Qin Mu's understanding of Dragon Rearing Sovereign, he shouldn't have the power to raise Surging River. It had to have been borrowed from the divine flood dragon king.

He had most likely invited him to raise Surging River at the estuary while he placed flood dragons at the other places to stir up havoc, raising all of Surging River.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign was knowledgeable about dragon veins and was skilled in directing their power. Other than inviting the divine flood dragon king over, he had even called other flood dragons, but the most crucial thing was that he had probably mobilized the power of the dragon vein as well. With Surging River's own power, he had raised the giant body of water that stretched across tens of thousands of miles into the sky.

Surging River was very ancient, and it was a dragon vein since Founding Emperor Era that was filled with many secrets. Due to that, it might soon mature and transform into a dragon.

The power of Surging River's dragon vein was extremely great. If Dragon Rearing Sovereign was able to mobilize it, there was a good chance he could raise the river up!

"Does he plan on taking away Surging River's dragon vein?" Qin Mu muttered.

Blind shook his head. "It's not that. He plans to change the path of the dragon vein so it would become a fierce dragon. With that, the fate of Eternal Peace Empire will be changed completely as well.

Qin Mu was slightly stunned. He immediately took out Dragon Rearing Scripture and flipped to one of the pages.

It introduced all kinds of dragon veins, and one paragraph mentioned how to change the path of the dragon vein to change fate and destiny. It detailed how to change the fate of an entire country!

"He's planning to guide Great Ruins to Eternal Peace Empire!" Qin Mu cried out.

From what was recorded inside Dragon Rearing Scripture, the consequences of Dragon Rearing Sovereign's action would be no small matter. Just by changing the path of Surging River, he would force the dangers of Great Ruins to flow into Eternal Peace!

If he succeeded, Eternal Peace Empire would be gradually transformed into a place that was like Great Ruins, one that was invaded by darkness at night!

"A very remarkable fellow."

Blind's eye sockets were empty, but he seemed to be able to see where Dragon Rearing Sovereign was located. He gripped his bamboo cane tightly and tapped on the river surface while saying, "An ant hole may cause the collapse of a great dike, so he just needs to change the path of the dragon vein slightly to borrow its power to guide the darkness from Great Ruins into Eternal Peace Empire, spoiling its fate. His studies on dragons are extremely profound and his attainments are astounding."

His bamboo cane tapped gently on the river surface, and the ship below their feet shot forward like an arrow that had left the bow. They sailed straight for the middle stream of Surging River, their speed so fast that the ship started creaking, unable to handle the pressure. It was about to break apart at any moment.


This ship broke apart and countless wooden shards flew in all directions. Qin Mu and the others all executed their magic power to run on the river surface. However, the water under their feet churned. Fierce dragons roars could be heard as water dragons rose up, carrying their bodies forward at a rapid pace!

Blind held onto his bamboo cane while sitting on a dragon's head. Qin Mu and the rest looked nervously at both sides, seeing ten thousand dragons roaring while flying forward!

"This Surging River is the territory of Old Blind!" Under their feet, Surging River rushed forward, and Blind's clothes fluttered in the wind as he overflowed with murderous intent. "Have you asked this dragon king before moving it?"

The water dragons surged toward the west. The youths didn't know how far they had traveled when Blind suddenly raised his bamboo cane and tapped with on the dragon's head heavily. The water in a few hundred mile radius trembled violently, and Surging River looked like a long dragon whose waist had been severely injured, because of which it uncontrollably fell to the ground!

At the riverbed below, Dragon Rearing Sovereign's feet moved like those of a dragon, slithering around as he raised his hands up high. Violent magic power flooded out and raised up hte faltering sections of Surging River.

At the same time, a huge stone beast that was dozens of yards tall at the bottom of the river got wrapped by his magic power and flung out to the foothills.

Dragon Chasing Technique from Dragon Rearing Scriptures.

Dragon Rearing Sovereign had hurried up from downstream, and along the way he'd seen numerous stone creatures which were River Suppression Beasts. They had been forged by the officials of Eternal Peace Empire, and all kinds of runes were imprinted on them. They were used to suppress the dragon vein in case its tremors caused water hazards.

There were quite a number of extraordinary people in Eternal Peace Empire who could recognize dragon veins so they had ordered skilled blacksmiths to forge River Suppression Beasts to suppress the dragon vein.

Usually, because of them, Surging River's dragon vein would be obedient. But once they were pulled out one by one, the power of the dragon vein was completely activated.

Other than River Suppression Beasts, there were also a lot of strange items that had been brought downstream, each one of them more bizarre than the other. Dragon Rearing Sovereign tried to avoid them as much as possible so that he wouldn't meet unnecessary trouble.

The closer he got to Great Ruins, the more and more of those strange items were in his way. Surging River in there actually also had stone statues suppressing it, so it was definitely impossible for Dragon Rearing Sovereign to lift it there.

But his aim wasn't to take away Surging River, so there was no need to trouble himself with that. He just needed to change the path of the dragon vein and its origin so would become a fierce dragon.

But at that moment, Surging River that was in midair suddenly came crashing down.

Shocked, Dragon Rearing Sovereign stood still, his hands frozen above his head. Suddenly, the river water above transformed into a huge pillar which came stabbing down!

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